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The OGIL Birthday Ride
Oct 30, 2014, 2:23 pm

Yesterday having been the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dylan Thomas I should, perhaps, “Begin at the beginning”.
It was not, however, “Spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible-black”, but a misty late October morning that turned to rain by the time I joined Nigel, Bernie and Richard 2 at Reunion Corner. It was too wet to entice Admiral from his bed so off we set, with a quickly agreed destination of Porthtowan.
Chris, Simon and Phil3 were waiting with Fred near Halvasso turn, a record turnout of recent weeks, and we were soon on our way again, stopping only briefly to compare and discuss rear lights at Longdowns weighbridge. “Left, Right and down passed Jim’s” suggested Fred, so it was right, left and down to the Greek Church, before pulling back to Stithians and across to Burncoose, etc.
There would be no “new road” bleeps from Mr Garmin today. Though the rain had lessened the mist remained and we each attempted not to cycle directly behind Richard 2 on his Big Unfriendly Giant – no mudguards, and keep a look out for leaves and mud, either of which could lead to an untimely downfall. (you blind old git: it’s a SCOTT …..Ed.).

We were welcomed to the Porthtowan Beach Café by a group of locals, standing outside to enjoy the misty views. One woman in particular seemed pleased to see us arrive. I am not sure what she was on but she was, apparently, impressed by this group of lycra clad sportsters, who, as Richard 2 told her, had cycled from Plymouth and were on their way to Lands End. So much so that she announced it was her birthday and called for a group photo.

Richard, who had been complaining all morning that he was wet, moved in for a birthday hug, she did not mention whether this made her feel the same, and the rest of us assembled either side of the birthday girl. Of course, I could not take a picture and be in the line-up so my apologies to anyone who is not included in my cameraphone shot.

It was thought best to sit outside, to allow Richard to cool off before the ride home, and so 8 of us managed to break the record for how many can sit around a table and bench set designed for 4. Whilst Nigel stuck with the wheelers staple diet of cake, the others chose bacon and or eggs. I went for the meatless, or should I say pointless, “fakon” sandwich. At least the bread was good. Encouraged by caffeine the conversation was light and stimulating but we were brought sadly back to reality by the onset of rain once more; so bidding the ladies farewell we swept majestically away, only to dismount a few yards further on to navigate the high curb.

There is rarely appetite for extra miles after a good OGIL bonding session so the route home was predictable; up to Wheal Rose and Scorrier, Mount Ambrose, Lanner, Stithians etc. Chris and Simon were the first to peel off, followed by Bernie, Nigel, Fred, Phil3 and Richard, in that order. Falmouth was as misty on my return as it had been, 43 miles earlier.    Dean



The Lay in Ride
Oct 26, 2014, 5:41 pm

Another hour in bed “yippee” but still the dawn was a grey shade of grey ...... ugh!

Anyway, Steve turned up on his Track bike and we all introduced ourselves to Martin, who had not ridden with us before. So 13 riders set off for Perranporth. Steve left us at reunion corner so 12 made their way thru the lower regions of Penryn and up to Treluswell thru Carclew towards Bissoe Valley.
Just past Champs place Bernie had a very noisy blow out from his rear (tyre).
After a debate (since he and Dave S were not going all the way) 10 of us continued on our way. Bissoe; past Truro international Airport to Shortlanes End; to Goonhavern and thus to Healey's café, Perranporth.

Over a cyclists breakfast various discussions took place about how to improve the world ........ you are all safe nothing sensible was agreed upon (now there’s a surprise )!!
The usual route was followed home after the customary look at the Sea - it was a long way out.
At the crossing near Chiverton Richard 1 and Nigel left us to go their own way home (I think Richard was doing a book signing at Ricci’s).  Chris left us above Lanner and at Stithians we parted ways as Ian, Amanda and N/Z Dave had an unquenchable thirst so needed to visit an inn.  Martin headed off towards Helston and Dean, Richard2 and I parted at the bottom of Halvasso.

A very enjoyable 50 miler with good company, we even saw the Sun very briefly. Fred

Timmy or Scamper
Oct 25, 2014, 5:47 pm


Anyone who things the OGIL ride is just a bunch of sad old farts passing away their idle hours, is very much mistaken. On an OGIL ride one has the opportunity to broaden the mind as well as the behind. Take this week’s ride, for instance. My gentle reminder on Facebook stirred the conscious of six wheelers, two waiting patiently at Reunion Corner and another four at (near) Halvasso turn. The remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo had passed over and it was a clear sunny sky that greeted us. Where else to go on such a day but the award winning Poldhu café?

A fair pace took us to Gweek and the customary left hand turn up through the woods, but whilst 3 continued up to the roundabout at Garras, 4 of us turned left to meet the challenge of Ponstantual Hill. Both Pontstantual and substantial. Regrouping at the top, we continued through the Trelowarren Estate and on to cross the Goonhilly road, Mullion and down to the Cove. The excitement of the morning was Richard 2 swallowing a wasp. The wasp was not too impressed by this and just managed to plant its sting in his tongue before being spat out. I have often witnessed someone talking with a lisp, but this was the first time I have heard someone talk with a wasp. Whilst Simon feigned the sympathy and concern expected of a Chairman, we tried out a few non-PC jokes to reflect the situation.

The Beach Café was this year awarded a Cornwall Today award for the best café culture, but to reassure customers the Good Hygiene certificate is also displayed.

Whilst Chris and Richard 2 inspected the seascape, the rest reserved one of the larger outside tables and awaited our orders. Wasp stings do not, apparently, affect one’s appetite.

A cold wind disrupted the conversation and after queuing at the one remaining open toilet we applied cold legs to the hill up to the golf club. The route home caused no dissent, Phil3 turning off at Culdrose and Chris at Wendron school. Now reduced from the Secret Seven to the Famous Five, which prompted the question about the youngster’s canine friend, we continued down Jim’s hidden lanes and dropped down to Wendron Cricket Club. Shortly after we came across Sonjia and her friend, Ann, out for an YGIL ride. Whilst chins wagged, Kath and Richard pressed on and shortly after I left Simon to follow them, through Halvasso and home, a little short of 45 miles.   Dean


The Pathfinder Tour around St Ives............pt.2
Oct 24, 2014, 11:14 am


Robin has asked if I would write something for the newsletter about the pathfinder tour last week, so here it is. 

I awoke on the Sunday morning to grey skies, but so what, I had had a lie in as Blackrock is far nearer than HQ for me. I rode there and chatted to a couple of P.W. who were out early followed by a Tri-Logic cyclist who I knew.
Soon Ian arrived, said a quick hello and then shot off to the meeting point, next came Richard 1, who did the same, followed by Robin, Helston Trevor, Amanda and a few others. After a quick update on my other bike disaster we headed down to Praze, then Leedstown, Hayle and on to the Tyringham Arms to meet the rest. Is it me, or do more members turn up for an organised ride, rather than a Sunday club ride, because there must have been at least 25 riders there.

The route from then on must be unique, down to Lelant, through some stone boulders and a little gravel pathway, more boulders and then on up to West Cornwall Golf Club, the next part is a bit of a blur as I cannot remember if on our way to Knill's Monument we went through some tiny back road and housing estates or after the photo shoot, where some unsuspecting soul was commandeered into becoming David Bailey for a brief moment, we couldn't as the climb, both on the road and then up to it, had us knackered. Still, back to the back road and housing estate, why? I can only assume that both Ian and Robin, who had ridden this route the week before, must be embarking on some cat burglaries and this is their chosen 'manor'. 

Coffee time in St Ives with the sun shining and then a hill climb by the Tate, which turned out to be good fun, next on to Zennor and the B3306 road, now this road is bad enough with all its hill's, so why do we always have to stand in the middle of it for another photo shoot? This time I became David Bailey. 

A very fine lunch at the Engine Inn and then we went different ways to arrive back at the meeting point or home. A great ride out with even better company, thanks to Ian and Robin, leader and co-leader, for a well thought out ride. Chris


Wheelers Fun Time Trial 12th October 2014
Oct 23, 2014, 11:28 am

With the clubs fun time trial being a month later than usual it wasn’t surprising that after riding the previous year’s 10 mile course we found parts to be far too slippery so Shane and I decided that we would offer a shorter approximately 6.5 mile out & back course this year starting at the old travellers camp near to Traboe Cross with the turn at Mawgan roundabout. 

With Shane & Jan controlling the roundabout Raymond was the first away with others leaving at minute intervals with Ian the last away, the late but not late enough to get away with not joining in Trevarno Dave was sent on his way four minutes later to make the number of contestants up to fourteen a few down on previous years. 

Unfortunately only thirteen riders returned to the start to set a time with pre race favourite Chris having a major disaster with his rear mech leaving Robin to take the overall best time of the day by nearly 2 minutes from his nearest rival with Amanda the fastest lady for the third year, with all riders and helpers back at the start it was decided to go to the Polpeor cafe on the Lizard and not the advertised cafe stop so apologies to anyone who went to Roskillys expecting to find us. 

A big thank you from Shane and me for everybody who turned up and took part, next year we hope to return to a full ten mile route starting nearer to St Keverne with the same turn as this year but we would like to see some more ladies taking part and challenging Amanda.

Trevor 2


Robin Snelson                    17.10

Peter Lacey                        19.08

Ian Murrels                        19.09              

Raymond Tucker                 19.14

Phil Eagles                          19:40            

Phil Conroy                         20.53

Dave Gibson                        21.14

Richard Mace                       21.22                     

Amanda Hudson                  21.29

Steve Hudson                      21.35

Richard Fuller                      22.25

Dean Evans                         24.15

Clare Lowry                         24.28

CAR BACK! Chris                  DNF    

P.S.     While at the cafe we heard a rumour that their speciality was a very, very expensive carrot cake with the powers to mask the blatant use of real ale and other performance improving alcoholic substances being left undetected in UCI anti-doping tested cyclists which just might explain the winning time difference between riders on a recent local time trial.

St Ives Pathfinder Sunday 19th Oct 2014
Oct 20, 2014, 5:58 pm

Were the Gods going to be kind to us today or would those ominous clouds dump a dose of the wet stuff on us?

Richard 2, Amanda and myself, later joined by Victor, scooped up the Helston single speeders in Treverva for the ride over; and our leader for the day, Ian, met us in Halvasso. Under darkening skies we headed to Black Rock where we met Chris; and Ian forged ahead to be sure of receiving the other riders at the Tyringham Arms  ....................  we arrived later, bang on 10 o'clock!

The sun had kept its promise and 25 happy souls left the car park for the long descent to Lelant - in glorious sunshine! A bit of downhill is always good to raise the spirits and it was with good humour that half an hour later we tackled the first challenge of the day – the hugely steep incline to Knill's monument where we arranged ourselves for the first photo shoot of the day.

Though only a few miles into the ride we just had to stop for coffee in St Ives and enjoy the sunshine. To take the sting out of the next steep climb at Porthmeor, we organised a little hill climb and all but a few wanted to test themselves against the clock.

However, the hills were proving to be too much for Chris (Mama C) who decided to leave the ride at the top of St Ives having had enough fresh air, sun and ice cream! She had understandably no appetite for the head wind that accompanied the next short coastal section of the ride and we dragged ourselves up the gruelling climb for the day’s second photo shoot.

From here the ride just got a lot easier and we headed through the valley to Towednack and it wasn't long before we were sitting in front of pints and roast dinners in the “Engine Inn” at Cripplesease. Another excellent pint and a pudding later and I was able to announce the winners of the hill climb – Phil E and Amanda – and it was with some reluctance that we dragged ourselves away from this fine hostelry.

The mainly downhill route now led us through the valley to Crowlas with views of St Michaels Mount popping up in the odd gateway. Crossing the always busy main road we enjoyed a pleasant ride along the rolling country lane to St Erth and the short cut back to the cars via the aptly named Splattenridden Farm.

Thanks to Ian for another wonderful St Ives pathfinder.



The OGIL Grand Reunion
Oct 15, 2014, 5:30 pm

The Grand Union Canal is a marvel of Victorian enterprise, linking London to the industrial areas of England, draining goods and wealth into the Capital. Even today, with little industry and even less commercial traffic, the Grand Union Canal is still a pleasant place to sit beside on a warm summer day. The OGIL Grand Reunion, on the other hand, went off like a wet squib. Fred had returned from Spain, Bernie and Richard 2 were back from Croatia, Chris had returned from his robot wars in the Midlands, Phil3 had by now beached his boat for the winter. At least one of the ladies was guaranteed to show up. The plans were drawn up, the table booked at the Gurnards Head Hotel. Yet just one little bit of planning, one tiny detail, and all fell apart. Not fell apart as Chris’s bike had done during the time trial, but fell apart it did. That insignificant factor, the weather forecast, once again, loomed out of the morning mist, to put a damper on the day. Richard was first to cry off. Without even poking his head outside he texted to say that he was a FWOGIL and would wait until the afternoon ...... ( not true I fully immersed myself in a watery dawn)………. I don’t know the full acronym but I think the word “Wimp” fits in somewhere. So I did not expect a repeat of last year’s magnificent reunion as I navigated the school run traffic towards Union Corner. Ok, it was raining, but we have had worse. The second to arrive was Chris, having dug another bike out of the coal shed and cycled over from 4 Lanes. The second to arrive was also the last, and, a few minutes late, we, in the company of Mr Garmin, set off towards Halvasso.

Halvasso turn was as deserted as, well, as a desert, but much wetter. So, it was just the two Coventry kids who chose to visit Miss Molly’s café. Coventry kids are, clearly, made of sterner stuff, or just soft in the head, for we headed out via Bolenowe and dog and duck farm. Even the goats had the sense to stay indoors in the dry.

Miss Molly’s was as inviting as ever, and we sat and dripped whilst we waited our breakfast and chatted, as you do, about the joys of old age and the medical conditions that seem to accompany it.

The rain was still waiting for us when we left and I felt obliged to accompany Chris right back to his gate; shortly after which, the sun came out. With the sun glistening off the drops of water that dripped from my helmet on to my goggles. I continued homewards, via Halvasso, of course.
A mere 30 miles in total and home in plenty of time to dry out before Spinning.


The Wheel(er)s have fallen off.
Oct 10, 2014, 4:22 pm

We know that Fred is in France, and that Jim needs a new thingy to control the what do you call it. And that Bernie was in Croatia, which by some chance is where, I think, Richard 2 is; – just saying; but where was Kath, where was Ian, Trevor, Admiral? And where was Simon? And Paula said that she “might” be out with us today. By us I mean Mr Garmin and Billy no mates, as it was just us two waiting at Union Corner this morning.

Perhaps you were all put off by the weather forecast, and if I shaded the screen of my phone from the sun I could just make out that it said it was raining lightly. Maybe, and I find this hard to believe, you just had something more important, more interesting, or more fun, than joining a Wednesday OGIL ride.

There was one advantage; I could choose where to go, but there was the disadvantage that I would have to know how to get there. One thing was certain - no Halvasso, and I kept repeating this to myself all the way to Treverva, where I turned off around the back of Argal and through to Mabe.

I had already let Trevarno Dave know that I would be heading Truro way so that was plan enough to start with.  From Mabe it was a bit of main road, to Treluswell, then off across to Carclew, back again to Norway Inn and through Suicide alley. The roads were remarkably quiet this morning. Perhaps the other OGIL were wherever the car drivers had all gone. Even Truro was quiet, enabling a quick transition and out to Idless. Mr Garmin was suggesting it was coming up to café time so a left turn, and a hilly lane, took us to Shortlanesend, and the Penrose Water Gardens. Deciding not to stop just then, I carried on the normal, and pleasant, route home, out to Langarth, across onto the Chacewater road and down, that’s a nice word when you are cycling, down to see my friend Jenny at Chacewater Garden Centre. The café at the garden centre has been revamped, you would have liked it, and it was also quiet; a chance to read “What’s on in Chacewater”, which didn’t take too long, and neither did the egg on toast.

It started raining around Crosslanes, very heavily, but only lasted long enough to get thoroughly soaked. By Devoran it had cleared leaving the usual dash along the A39 before tackling Hangman’s Hill and on home. 35 lonely miles.

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