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Fun Hill Climb - 24th September
Nov 15, 2014, 12:59 am

Fun Hill Climb

Rather belatedly (the Chairman has been off on his wanderings recently and overlooked this vital report) here are the results of the fun hill climb held at Cusgarne Hill on 24th September. Somewhat reminiscent of this year’s Tour de France some of the club’s top riders (girls and boys) were absent for various reasons but this does not detract from the quality of the effort of those who were there. It was good to see that a third of the field were girls. Some technical glitches were experienced by the hard- pressed timekeepers (or was it the impatience of the riders to attack the hill?) but a pleasant evening of effort and Teresa’s organic beef burgers, salad and apple cake with cream was rounded off with the mandatory pint in the Cornish Arms.

  1. Robin Snelson          2:59 1st man
  2. Theo                       3:23
  3. Ian Murrells             3:32
  4. Raymond Tucker      4:28
  5. Martyn Aldis            4:30
  6. Amanda Hudson      4:31   1st woman
  7. Kath Key                4:39
  8. Richard Fuller          5:16
  9. Margaret Aldis         5:56

The course record still stands from 2013 at 2:50 held by Hermann.


What a difference a day makes.
Nov 13, 2014, 6:17 pm

Tuesday started wet, as did Thursday, but with the addition of high winds that mockingly tried to blow the rain under the front door. But on Wednesday, the Gods smiled down on the OGIL, all but Nigel that is who was scat off his bike as he made his way to Reunion Corner. Mr Garmin bleeped with impatience as I donned helmet and gloves. “Where are we going today?” – as if I would know.

As I arrived at the rendezvous Admiral was telling Bernie about Nigel’s mishap. He had seen a cyclist on the ground as he cycled up past the Roselyn Hotel, but as the ambulance had arrived and Nigel appeared to be in good shape, or at least in good hands, he checked over the mangled bike for anything worth having and dumped the rest in an adjacent garden before carrying on. He could collect it and deliver back to Nigel’s house later.

Fred, Chris and Phil3 were waiting at Halvasso turn, so whilst Admiral repeated his tale I texted Trevarno Dave, and Simon to say “Helston Lake”. It would be a roundabout route, of course. Simon was not as late as he had feared he would be and met up before we reached Halvasso and with Fred nominally leading we pushed on, regrouping only when getting to Porkellis.

Readers of last week’s report who rode with the 9 o’clock ride on Sunday may have noticed Mr Garmin’s error in placing the road works after Releath. They were in fact just after crossing the Helston to Redruth road, but all was complete today, other than removal of the portaloo. At Releath we turned left and headed towards Trevarno, down narrow lanes that would have been a lot more pleasant before the recent wet spell. This route eventually brings one out on the Helston to Penzance Road, leaving just a short drop down to the Cattle market and lake.

After a short discussion as to why some ducks swam with their heads held high and some with them tucked in (they are swans, Fred), we settled in the café to await the arrival of Dave. We waited, and waited. “I’m at Porthleven” came the eventual text, “See you in a while”, but it was not to be as the sun beckoned us to remount for the well-ridden return to Falmouth.

The photo you will recognise as the little lane off the A394, just before Trewennack, known to Wheelers as either Dirty Lane or Muddy lane. According to Google it is actually called Rowes Lane, but the previous title was more apt as workers for SEF Ltd tended the crops in the adjacent fields. Being, as I was, towards the back of the group, I didn’t hear much of the conversation between Admiral and the woman Volvo driver, who blocked our way, but it seems that she was warning us of the perils that awaited us ahead. Admiral seemed unaware of the perils that awaited him as he smooth talked his way into her affections. Flirting over we pushed on, the mud has been worse, through Jim’s hidden lanes, which were not hidden enough to shelter us from the sudden downpour that threatened to mar the morning’s ride, and out onto the A394. The various OGIL turned off as they normally do and it was just Admiral and myself that arrived back at Union Corner; a short 35 mile ride for me.


This Sundays Pathfinder ride is starting from Tregoose,Trevarno
Nov 13, 2014, 10:32 am

rav & wheelers 007

Sunday 16th November Pathfinder ride starting from Tregoose,Trevarno about 10am.
Some narrow lanes, so easy pace and mudguards recommended, but OK for road tyres.
Tea at Tregoose afterwards if you make it up the hill! 
Usual 0900 ride leaving from HQ  to ride over to Dave's place.

“If it rains before seven, ’twill cease before eleven.”
Nov 8, 2014, 8:40 pm

There are many proverbs, that attempt to predict the weather, and if you look at enough of them, you will find one that is correct, for that day. The above was fairly accurate for this morning’s OGIL ride, though far too simplistic. When I drew back the bedroom curtains it was clear that it had rained earlier, and was still raining. Mystic Meg, however, assured me that it would be “fine”, with just the chance of a light shower before lunch. The sun over Falmouth Bay gave promise of another warm morning, so it was to be back to shorts again.

It was still spotting when I arrived at Reunion Corner, and was surprised that the early rain had not deterred the usual miscreants; Richard 2, Nigel, Admiral, and who was this? – Richard 72, out with the OGIL to celebrate his coming of age. He will be buying a compact next! Kath, after much dithering and soul searching had messaged to say that she had things to do. The word “better” may also have been on her mind, but was not included. Bernie joined the group at the top of Kergilliack Road and Fred was waiting near Halvasso turn, as was a text from Chris, to say that he had problems with his glutes. It’s not your glutes, Chris, you have just got “car back”. Whilst I texted Trevarno Dave to tell him“Tehidy”, Simon turned up.

To ring the changes, we didn’t turn right at Releath, but took the next right turn, ignoring the “Road Closed” sign. A little further on, the road was closed, a Cormac tipper lorry and a JCB blocking the way. Our Chairman went on, on foot, to investigate and to negotiate a safe passage with the two workmen who were accessing the job in hand - a drainage trench cut across the carriageway. Being careful not to scratch the new JCB we carried our bikes along the slimmest of verges before remounting. By now Mr Garmin was showing signs of ill ease. These were indeed new roads, though the consensus was that we were approaching Crowan. We continued on to Crowan, taking shelter under the railway bridge; where we took advantage of the acoustics to give a rendition of “Happy Birthday” for Richard. The rain diminished not, even if our enthusiasm for the ride had, so on we went, through Praze, stopping briefly to text Dave with a change of plan, into Camborne and across to Miss Molly’s. By 11, as we reached the café, the rain stopped, and it being a special occasion we decided to sit inside. We had only just finished ordering when Dave appeared. If you haven’t been to Miss Molly’s, I can only say “Why not”.

The route back to Falmouth is easy, but of course we didn’t take that one, preferring to take the muddy roads towards Bolenowe before Four lanes, Carnmenellis, where Simon turned off, Carnkie, where Dave turned for home, and on to Longdowns. I was home before 1pm but only 34 miles. Dean

Jo gets forgetful
Nov 6, 2014, 6:21 pm

On a nice bright Sunday morning 26th October,I think it was, the 9.30 ride set off on a mission. Their destination was Poldhu, deepest ,darkest Cornwall!
Six of us gathered together Sonja,Liz,Paula,Gill, Jo and the token chap, Phil who was too much of a chicken to go with the speedy 9 o'clockers.
However, this bunch were quite speedy. No girlie stops for a natter or talk about lipstick! On we went and got to Poldhu in record time. Once there, we felt we deserved a snack so cake and bacon rolls were ordered and quickley scoffed.
Then someone suggested skinny dipping as it was such a nice day, so we all threw our padded lycra shorts and caution to the wind and ran stark naked into the sea...not really, but I didn't have much to write about!
As most of you probably know, the climb out of Poldhu is rather steep but this A team zoomed up the hill . Our route back took us through some lovely grounds(can't remember the name) but it was very pretty.
At Gweek we said goodbye to Gill and Sonja who cycled away singing Christmas Carols as they went..tis the season to be jolly and all that..Baa Humbug!
The rest of us finally made it back with loads of energy to spare..thanks all for a fantastic ride.
PS I understand that Phil the Chicken has gone to the dark side and joined the speedy lycra brigade.??

15 to 1
Nov 3, 2014, 8:20 pm

The promise of sunshine brought 15 cyclists out for the 9 o'clock ride today.  some brave souls still riding their pristine summer bikes, but the hardier and more worldly wise have started to dust off their winter steeds.

Fred nominally led the group, through Budock, Halvasso, Penmarth, Troon, St Erth and on down to Marazion, and we were indeed blessed with sunshine all the way.  The slight head wind bode well for a gentler ride home.  Sitting in the bracing wind at Marazion eating variations on a bacon and egg baguette theme cooled the group and coats were donned.  A precaution that was repaid when the rain started to fall gently on our lunch time rest. 

3 people had peeled off by now, but Trevarno Dave joined us in Marazion, and our bakers dozen headed for home through an increasing downpour. We rode briefly along the coast before turning inland towards Godolphin.  Here the group split again and 5 opted for the 'direct route' home (maybe).

The rest of us, still with Fred leading the way, wended home through Porthleven and the woods at Loe Pool, where some summer bikes started to show their delicateness and lack of mudguards. Helston saw the last group split, with Fred leading a group for home and Ian leading Trevor and me astray towards Gweek and the Black Swan where, as if by magic, Shane (who hadn't cycled with us) was already sat drinking the first of what promised to be many pints.  When I left, after my sensible 1 pint, the boys were already enjoying the delights of their 3rd. Only time will tell how many they finished before wobbling home!  I clocked 57 miles for my ride, a thoroughly enjoyable day out with no mechanicals to mention (in my group at least).  Susan

Cornish take on Devil in Devon!
Oct 30, 2014, 2:40 pm

It’s always a hell of a ride, the Dartmoor Devil. It’s the sting in the tail of the Audax season. 104km sounds like a nice Sunday’s distance. What makes the difference is the 2,500 metres of climbing. Well, that’s just one of the differences. The wind and weather too nearly always play their parts, especially on the exposed bleakness of the high moor, as the ride takes its toll, the gloom gathers and the Devil unleashes all his secret machinations.

A devilish crew of Cornishmen and would be Cornishmen (Helston Trevor, Robin, Raymond, Martyn, Nigel, Kevin, Don, John and myself) with 120 others left the comfort of the Cromwell Arms in Bovey Tracey and immediately were thrown onto a 1 in 6 steep and narrow alley with cold legs and lungs. Breathless at the top we recovered sufficiently before the Devil unleashed his next punishment, the “big climb” (said the route sheet) to Islington. Granny was already in full use. Then there were some steep ups and downs through the autumn woodlands before some relief on the descent to Ashburton - a nice town. At Buckfast the long climb to the first control was bearable at steady pace but then we were plunging down again into two more valleys.

Despite the road sign pointing to Princetown on the high moor, the last control, there was no shortcut for the wicked as the fiendish design of this route began to dawn on us. We gained some height, then lost a bit, gained a bit more, lost a bit less and so the route developed but the high moor itself was kept tantalisingly out of our reach as we realised there was plenty more climbing yet to come. But the country along these edges of the moor were a delight in the autumn colours. Leaving the village of Poundsgate the road sign said 25% - so what’s new! At last the road became a nice steady incline passing Grimspound all the way to the edge of the high moor. Then at last a fast wide descent for a mile before the turn down the narrow lanes to Chagford and a welcome hot bowl of soup at the Globe Inn. Halfway.

But the descent continued below Chagford before the long slog began up a “series of hills” (that route sheet again) through Jurston before finally emerging onto the high moor proper. The good weather had brought out too many day trippers in their cars on this climb and they did not seem too pleased to encounter us. What relief on reaching the top. Now it was across the rolling plateau of the high moor and into a headwind. Still, not as severe as sometimes, or was that tucking in behind four other riders for the 9 miles to Princetown? Got just a ‘shouting’ glimpse of Trevor with Robin in his wake as we shot past each other at Two Bridges.

But where was the usual rain and fog? Were we going to get out of jail free after all? The roaring woodburner prepared for the Devil seemed a little out of place. A bowl of rice pudding and jam went down a treat. Only 26km to go, and in a tail wind. Just when we thought it was all right to go back in the water the Devil bit back. Swooping down to Dartmeet there was another 20% wall out of the valley. This did feel tough and some without a granny ring were having to walk up. Over the top and descending to the ford at Ponsworthy we slipped round some vehicles stuck in the narrow lane. Then it was just the final climb out of Widecombe up that famous hill, about a mile long, hard but not as hard as Dartmeet. Within 20 minutes my card was being stamped at the finish in The Kestor Inn at Manaton and we were all enjoying a very well earned pint or two, or was it three. The Devil had poked, prodded and punished us but we were unbeaten – for another year.  Simon


The OGIL Birthday Ride
Oct 30, 2014, 2:23 pm

Yesterday having been the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dylan Thomas I should, perhaps, “Begin at the beginning”.
It was not, however, “Spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible-black”, but a misty late October morning that turned to rain by the time I joined Nigel, Bernie and Richard 2 at Reunion Corner. It was too wet to entice Admiral from his bed so off we set, with a quickly agreed destination of Porthtowan.
Chris, Simon and Phil3 were waiting with Fred near Halvasso turn, a record turnout of recent weeks, and we were soon on our way again, stopping only briefly to compare and discuss rear lights at Longdowns weighbridge. “Left, Right and down passed Jim’s” suggested Fred, so it was right, left and down to the Greek Church, before pulling back to Stithians and across to Burncoose, etc.
There would be no “new road” bleeps from Mr Garmin today. Though the rain had lessened the mist remained and we each attempted not to cycle directly behind Richard 2 on his Big Unfriendly Giant – no mudguards, and keep a look out for leaves and mud, either of which could lead to an untimely downfall. (you blind old git: it’s a SCOTT …..Ed.).

We were welcomed to the Porthtowan Beach Café by a group of locals, standing outside to enjoy the misty views. One woman in particular seemed pleased to see us arrive. I am not sure what she was on but she was, apparently, impressed by this group of lycra clad sportsters, who, as Richard 2 told her, had cycled from Plymouth and were on their way to Lands End. So much so that she announced it was her birthday and called for a group photo.

Richard, who had been complaining all morning that he was wet, moved in for a birthday hug, she did not mention whether this made her feel the same, and the rest of us assembled either side of the birthday girl. Of course, I could not take a picture and be in the line-up so my apologies to anyone who is not included in my cameraphone shot.

It was thought best to sit outside, to allow Richard to cool off before the ride home, and so 8 of us managed to break the record for how many can sit around a table and bench set designed for 4. Whilst Nigel stuck with the wheelers staple diet of cake, the others chose bacon and or eggs. I went for the meatless, or should I say pointless, “fakon” sandwich. At least the bread was good. Encouraged by caffeine the conversation was light and stimulating but we were brought sadly back to reality by the onset of rain once more; so bidding the ladies farewell we swept majestically away, only to dismount a few yards further on to navigate the high curb.

There is rarely appetite for extra miles after a good OGIL bonding session so the route home was predictable; up to Wheal Rose and Scorrier, Mount Ambrose, Lanner, Stithians etc. Chris and Simon were the first to peel off, followed by Bernie, Nigel, Fred, Phil3 and Richard, in that order. Falmouth was as misty on my return as it had been, 43 miles earlier.    Dean



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