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It's behind you!
Dec 9, 2014, 1:16 am

I was determined to go out with the OGIL this week. The forecast was good but I had a book on the go, Mystery in White by J. Jefferson Farjeon and washing that needed to go on. With book finished and washing in the machine I grabbed my debit card and headed out making it just in time before Dean, Richard 2, Bernie (oh yes he was), Trevor and Admiral headed off to meet up with Chris, Fred (oh no he isn't), Simon and Phil 3. At the near Halvasso turn.

Portreath was our destination and we weaved our way there via a maze of previously unexplored lanes and on this sunny and warmish day it was an absolute delight. I did wonder at some stage how many miles we would cover before we got there as I was getting a little peckish and we had only got to Frogpool.

Trevor was on a new bike and if I wasn't a girl I would be able to tell you all about it. All I do know is that it had an annoying tick, tick noise which he attempted to correct outside the Tideway cafe ( you know the new one in Portreath)!

Portreath is very busy on a Wednesday and we had to sit on separate tables as the cafe was so full. The bacon rolls were delicious and the scrambled egg looked good.

I can now only cover my ride back as I headed off with Dean, Bernie and Admiral. Dean had to be in Falmouth for 1.30, Bernie had a Panto to organise (it's behind you) I had my washing to hang out and Admiral came along too.

We went a very direct route back through Redruth, right at the top of Lanner and wiggled our way through to Stithians. Dean went the direct route through Lanner and Admiral and I saw Bernie safely home before Halvasso and home. Back by 1.20 and the others got back at 2ish. I think they went up Portreath hill and through Pool etc.

A lovely morning out followed by a very, very funny and excellent Panto at Mylor with about 44 miles covered.


Dec 9, 2014, 12:59 am

                                                          Chris, Clare and Liz 

Grey, the new blue
Nov 27, 2014, 4:46 pm

I have recently found that Mr Garmin has been sharing details of the rides we do together with others of his ilk and that they then compare various segments of rides to see who’s owner is the fastest. I wondered why I had heard him chuckling to himself the other night. I must remember not to leave him connected to the laptop. The reason I mention this is that the OGIL took the usual route up through Halvasso this morning, on the way to Tehidy. Quizzing Mr Garmin I find that there are a few folk who are even slower than I on that stretch.

I am not sure whether I am more upset by Mr Garmin’s underhand ways or the quality of weather forecasting from Mystic Meg of recent. Take this morning, for instance. No sign of rain, she said, and even if not sunny, it’ll be bright. Was it rain or was it just wet mist that provided the early talking point as 8 of us made our way across to Carmenellis? The 8 included a Virgin OGILer, Steve, out on his mountain bike for his inaugural Wednesday morning constitutional. We were glad to see him, as it’s getting a bit boring taking the p out of Chris.

Raymond, who it appeared was on a “free day”, whatever that is, stopped to phone Trevor(2), who after a hospital appointment was also planning to be free for the day. We rendezvoused a little after Carmenellis and continued, via Bolenowe and goat farm, through Roskear and on to Tehidy. Trevarno Dave had already sent his excuses, as had Simon, so there was little chance of them making an apperance.

I missed most of the conversation, having to clear up the egg yolk that had escaped from my egg roll. Chris managed to get himself on the outside of two, two egg rolls without spilling a drop.

After Steve persuaded one of the waitresses to take a photo of us for the website we set off for the return; the shorter route, across to Pool, Piece and 4 Lanes. Chris had already turned off by then, heading for a few more miles in the Hayle direction and Raymond and Trevor headed back towards Ricci’s to part with more money. At Stithians, Steve managed to lead Ian astray, as we, but not they, passed the 7 Stars, so after leaving Bernie in Deaf Cat Alley, it was just Fred, Phil3 and myself who dropped down through Halvasso again. A dull if not drab 35 mile ride for me, but hey, Mystic Meg says it will be sunny tomorrow. Dean



Oyez Oyez Oyez
Nov 21, 2014, 3:53 pm

I have been asked to clarify and update contacts for the club on social media.


The Falmouth Wheelers website is moderated by Richard 2 and Adrian (Solo)

All items for inclusion should be sent to news@falmouthwheelers.co.uk


Falmouth Wheelers on Facebook admins are Amanda and Trevor 2


The paper version Falmouth Wheelers Newsletter handed out at the monthly meetings is published by Adrian and Theresa

Contact address is: wheelersnews@hotmail.co.uk


The Falmouth Wheelers committee comprises:
Simon (Chairman), Sonjia (Treasurer), Liz (Secretary) and Fred (co-opted)

They meet on the Monday before the Thursday general meeting and they can be contacted
(as a group or individually) by emailing: committee@falmouthwheelers.co.uk


This info. will be displayed in a column to the left called Contact Info.

Richard 2



The No R2 D2 Ride
Nov 19, 2014, 11:12 pm

OGILs ride Dean-less

“No! Dean, no! I’m not going out in my pinny again to hose down your bike when the forecast is for persistent rain all morning. You know I am never wrong”. Thus spake Mr Garmin as Dean then sent a sorry text to the OGILs at 8.40.

So the reunion place for the OGIL ride today was moved from Reunion Corner to Halvasso Bottom where Fred and Phil ‘Free’, both still in shorts (it’s not Spain you know), and Chris and Simon met up and set off for Smokey Joe’s as the rain began, bang on cue. Was this the reason for the hurry to the café? We said kali mera to the Greek Orthodox chapel and enjoyed the stream in spate up the valley round Stithians. Some brake blocks were definitely in need of replacement on the descents. So why not keep to the high ground and take the road to Todpool from Twelveheads? “This hill looks bad but…..” then Fred remembered; it was bad. Then someone else remembered you had to leave the high ground again. Phil, possibly charitably, said a lot of these lanes were new to him. Another bad descent for worn out brake pads followed before the café.

More coffee did not make the rain stop so the discussion expanded into the history of panto or more exactly the Mylor panto and stories from the scriptwriter’s pen. Then there stories from a second panto scriptwriter among us. The talent in this club knows no bounds! A third coffee was contemplated but that might have caused a desperate queue for the loo and no one wanted to be left behind in flagrante with the awards for the Golden Spokes looming. So out we came returning by the shortest route. About 30 miles for me.      Simon

Rain what Rain

Four riders met at Halvasso turn it was agreed that it was slightly wet, we awaited the Falmouth boys to join us from reunion corner "no show" not even Dean! Oh well Smoky Joes (or is it Lily the Pinks) it is. At the top of Halvasso Chris had a call from a business associate or was it a Robot! But noticed he had missed a call from Dean at 8.20. Dean had found that a snuggly Duvet was more pleasurable than the p***ing rain funny thing. Anyway we made it to our destination using several hills to keep us warm it certainly didn't keep us dry. Coffee and rolls were consumed and a second coffee as by this time the rain was becoming slightly wetter. We left eventually as our bladders were moaning and made our way home thru the rain mist and everything else that seems to descend when it is heavy rain.
A very enjoyable ride with Soggy Simon, Phil 3 and Chris.


No life jackets required‏
Nov 17, 2014, 7:20 pm

Twenty three riders assembled at Tregoose. Some had arrived in cars and some on bikes. Some of those on bikes dismounted part way up Tregoose hill and some of those blamed wheel spin rather than the gradient. In any case, despite concerns and warnings given about slippery mud and wet leaves, it wasn’t raining and no life jackets were required as we set off past Trevarno.
At Nancegollan we turned left and by lesser roads through Carleen to Trevena. Raymond had a deflation here but declared that repair was not necessary and was soon pumped up and ready to continue. We did so along the gravel track behind the garden centre, regaining the tarmac at Ashton.
At Balwest we turned down into Germoe, then on to Millpool where Dean found that Mr Garmin was back on more frequented roads. It was then the usual route through Goldsithney to the Cabin cafe at Perranuthnoe. The staff there were undaunted by the queue of wheelers. Luckily it was dry enough to sit outside as the Cabin was a bit cramped and already occupied inside.
Phil, JB, Dean and Bernie made their own way home as we headed towards Marazion where I had a front tyre puncture. At least I didn’t have to touch the chain as I removed the front wheel, but that would have been preferable to the dog poo on the punctured tyre! Anyway, assisted by Simon and Chris, the tube was changed and we were on our way again. In the mean time Richard 1 had made his excuses and left the party.
Turning right at the Fire Engine Inn, we looped back to Millpool via St Hilary and Halamanning, then through Trescowe and over the Col de Godolphin. Passing through Godolphin Cross and Carleen (again), we were soon preparing ourselves for the ascent of Tregoose Hill. My granny gear did its job but I noticed one or two walkers (I won’t mention names).

Carol kindly revived us with tea, scones etc. Only Don tested the pool. Perhaps Triathlon training. I guesstimate about 25 miles from start to finish. Thanks to all for supporting the ride. Robin organised a whip round for Movember and committee member Caroline took charge of the charitable donations. The group photo shows 21 wheelers at Tregoose. Chris Rayne (annual attendee) arrived too late for the photo, but who was in the loo? It wasn’t Phil this time!


Four seasons in one day….almost!
Nov 17, 2014, 11:59 am

It was to be a day of changing weather, but the forecast was promising as I passed the cold mist rising from the fields at No Man’s Land on my pedal in to HQ for the 9am ride. Later we had full sunshine and the rain on the way home. Our seasons would have been complete if we had been at the Lizard earlier in the week when snow fell at the local school!

Fred led the group of thirteen (we were later joined by Shane on his tractor and Trevarno Dave at the coffee stop). We had plenty of sunshine as we cycled to Crane Garage, Carnkie (where Richard 1 left us) and on to Releath. Martin and Margaret on the tandem slipped their main chain before we turned south to Coverack Bridges, rode through Helston and sprinted down the main road, around Culdrose, to Lizard. Helston Trevor and Shane had words with an errant motorist and later we stopped in a lay by at 11am for a moment’s reflection.

As we ate bacon baps or cakes with our coffee at the Coast Coffee Bar and Bistro, talk turned to pantomimes, exploding eggs (Chris CB) and we laughed about being the last person to be picked for teams at school (Admiral).

Nigel, Phil2, Raymond, Dean and Amanda steamed off on the way home through Kuggar and Goonhilly. At Gweek we split into several groups taking different routes, sheltering from the rain or stopping at the Black Swan for a beer. Ian also had chain problems but Shane rescued him with his van and they retired to the pub!

56 miles for me at a good average pace of 13mph


Trevano Dave's Pathfinder ride
Nov 17, 2014, 9:16 am

rav & wheelers 007

Sunday 16th November Pathfinder ride starting from Tregoose,Trevarno about 10am. Some narrow lanes, so easy pace and mudguards recommended, but OK for road tyres. Tea at Tregoose afterwards if you make it up the hill!  Usual 0900 ride leaving from HQ  to ride over to Dave's place.


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