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Mr President's Whiskey Glass
Jan 30, 2015, 7:59 pm

We have now got some pictures of Don's Whiskey glass, unfortunately they are not very good, will try to do better next time.

Bad Weather Ogiling
Jan 29, 2015, 11:56 am

Wednesday 28th Feb

Due to forecast of high winds wintery showers etc…… texts seemed to be in abundance as the rain lashed at my windows.
A text from Richard 2, “it could be just you and me” it read! Well why not thought I and Richard needed some fresh air anyway.
So I abandoned sharpening the blades on my sled and donned cycling attire, lots of.
Mystic Meg, Mr Garmin and Pen-dean presumably enjoying a lay-in did not venture forth. At the bottom of Halvasso I waited, we were not to be alone Simon appeared shortly followed by Phil 3. So four intrepid heroes made their way up the hill against a strong headwind.
Miss Molly's was our chosen destination, so we checked out the mud, past the Greek Church and raced the dog; but we were reasonably sheltered from the wind. The journey up the hill to Four Lanes was made very interesting with Gale Force head winds. The run down to Bray village even more so. We all made it feeling somewhat battered.
Coffee and our personal preferences were soon served by a very jolly and bouncy lady. We managed, I think, to break our record for a coffee break by leaving 1 hour 37 mins after arriving; the conversation was varied Simons and mine, was about the merits of cross country skiing. Our journey home was aided most gratefully by the strong winds and was un-eventful, apart from a hail storm, where we sought shelter behind hedgerows.

Mileage probably about 30 who cares


Sunday 25th long 9.00 am ride
Jan 27, 2015, 1:00 pm

Oh my….Smurf!

 After an energetic start to 2015 with three spinning sessions, three OGIL rides and two 50 milers I felt up for a 9 o’clock ‘long ride’. Helston Trevor led a group of 10 Wheelers on a gallivant to Penzance. We flew down Budock hill and turned right at Trevardreva…. (or should that be Trevar..trevor) Cross to Treloquithack.

Comments about powder blue outfits led to talk of Smurfs and the need for a white helmet! The route was discussed and Richard2 said ‘I haven’t been up that hill’ so we detoured up a rough track that led up to the main road. We followed on to Trewennack where we turned left passed Boskensow School and cycled through the back way to Sainsburys where Ian warned us of glass on the path. Down to the boating lake and on to a tour along the coastline through Porthleven and Praa Sands. As we met the A394 again the vote was for a speedy ride taking the main road to Marazion. There we met Dave Gibson and no hot food so on we went to the Blue Bay Café at Penzance.

Trip Advisor talks of ‘Blue Bay Bliss’ and ‘Great coffee’ but our experience was slow service, weak coffee and high prices! After rearranging the furniture, Wheelers style, we slurped our drinks and wolfed down the food. Amanda left to return home.

On the way back we pedalled through Gulval, said goodbye to Robin, Trevor, Ian and Raymond at Crowlas (in their search of liquid refreshment) and headed for Leedstown. Near Clowance Dave left us and we carried on to Praze. Martin and Chris…or Papa Smurf (no prize awarded for the best Smurf outfit) carried on at Nine Maidens while Dean, Richard2 and I returned home past the south end of Stithians Lake.

A great ride, 66.3 miles for me at an average of 12.3 mph, climbing 3591 feet (according to Garmin’s law!)


Velodrome trip
Jan 26, 2015, 12:36 pm

There was a bit of a shortage of available Wheelers for our third visit to the National Velodrome of Wales in Newport. But thanks to the press-ganging efforts of Robin on the waterfront four members of the Mylor Gig Rowing veterans crew (more of Rob’s spinners) and Nick ‘the Fiat’ joined Phil C, Ian, Raymond, Rob, Robin, ‘Kiwi’ Dave and myself on the boards.

Winter is the track season so there was already another group of riders zipping round the blue line as we came up into the centre of the arena. We were taking over their bikes so as soon as they finished their session the track mechanics were out fitting pedal cleats for those who needed to strap in. Our coach Steve Miller gave us a clear and informative briefing about the bikes and the track – “remember, you need to be riding at 18-20mph to stay up on the banking” – and without more ado we were warming up around the cote d’azur, then the black line, the red, and then “Sonjia’s” line (the blue).   Another fact we learnt (well, I hadn’t realised anyway) is that there are two ‘hills’ on every lap riding around the blue line half way up the banking. “So you push into the banking and relax coming out of it “(what’s this relax bit??).

Steve then put us through a series of training exercises: gaining a lap off the front of the bunch, then intervals with short sprints, punctuated by his shouts of “Push!” Next was the magic moment – changes, as in team pursuiting, the lead rider peeling off the front of the string from the blue line to lose enough momentum on the banking as the others passed underneath to then slot in neatly behind the last man. We were in two teams half a lap apart, the six Wheelers in their club strip opposite the odd shirt brigade which included Raymond. It felt like pure poetry in motion. Did we look pretty good or what (OK, possibly what). It felt so good we were itching to really wind it up, but steady does it. The novices were learning very fast.

Our skill was clearly so impressive that we finished up with a race. Positioned by the coach around the track to start on a handicap basis the idea was to catch the next rider in front and eliminate him -by overtaking. This was hard work with the coach urging us on with more of his “Push! PUSH!” routine. The sustained effort had to be maintained by the Gig Rowers for nearly six minutes before there was a result but the Wheelers did not hang about and very quickly it was just Rob and Robin left on the track.

Another exhilarating trip in which the senses were heightened, the adrenalin was pumping and we dreamed of what might be……



The 9.00 shorter ride.
Jan 25, 2015, 7:47 pm
Yes we went to Stithians Water Sports again, but we went on a different route.  Bernie, Admiral, Nigel, Victor and myself, took the usual route through Budock, then up Halvasso across to Crane Garage, onto Porkellis, then down and up and down and up to Blackrock, then a quick run along to Fourlanes and down to the ever welcoming cafe.  Lots of cyclists out today, One and All riders and even some more Wheelers, luckily we were just leaving the cafe, after sampling a variety of flapjacks, when the Wheelers arrived!  They were glad we were leaving as they had our seats, it was very busy today.
29 miles and about 1400 calories (burnt not eaten)

Parsley Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.
Jan 22, 2015, 9:34 pm

They say that a pinch of dried parsley goes a long way, and that is certainly the case when you drop a new bottle of the stuff on the kitchen floor just as you are getting ready to go cycling. It was no consolation that it was purchased from Lidl at less than half the cost of Sainsbury. So, that goes some way to explain why I was still putting my gloves on when starting out on Wednesday’s OGIL ride. Thyme and OGIL wait for no man. “I have detected movement”, said Mr Garmin from my back pocket. “Do you want me to record this ride or are you going to rely on your failing memory?” “Bleep off” I said as I fastened him on to the handle bar. The traffic along Bickland Water Road was even heavier than usual and in spite of darting (?) up the outside Bernie was looking disapprovingly at his watch when I arrived at Union Corner. Kath, it seems, had decided that it was too wet so was going swimming instead. It was only by consulting Mystic Meg whilst at the café stop, Lilly the Pinks, that I learnt this. Kath had updated the fb page at 8.50am, the OGIL start time, and no doubt still sitting on the sofa in her jimjams.

Three awaited at Halvasso parkway; Chris, Fred and Phil3, and after a quick text to Trevarno Dave, we were off again; Bernie nearly literally so after riding into the hedge for some unexplained reason. Have I mentioned yet that it was raining? Mystic Meg had changed her mind over night, probably after looking out of the window, and was now predicting a reverse of yesterday prediction; it would rain until lunch time, and probably rain after lunch as well.

The route out took us down to the Greek church, which is being extended, back of Stithians, Burncoose, Twelveheads, Chacewater, etc. Just about every muddy lane you could come across. 
The café, aka Smokie Joes, was busy and we attempted to squeeze into a vacant table reserved for the few thin people who partake of their services. Some of us had to squeeze a little more than was healthy and so we relocated to a nearby, and slightly less cramped table, Chris remaining on a table for one adjacent. Smokie’s is busy because the food is good, the staff are very friendly and the prices are low. It was another no show from Dave.

Conversation topics have not firmly lodged themselves in my memory but I do remember there was talk of wheelbarrows and village wife swapping parties, but I can’t say whether these two were in any way related. It was all very interesting, that I do know, as we didn’t notice that the rain had stopped and the sun was attempting to show it’s face. I don’t need Mr Garmin to remind me of the way back; Scorrier, Treskerby, Mt Ambrose, Lanner Hill, Stithians, waving our farewells at the appropriate point en route. It was drizzling again by the time I got home. 37 miles for me.


Sunday 18th Jan 2015
Jan 18, 2015, 8:54 pm

Lizard it is then - always an ambiguous destination discussion blah... blah.....

We have got to go to Gweek anyway, well that’s a start. Steve turned up for a chat on his single speed, nice, but what do you do with your hands with no gears to change? Caroline back from her skiing trip decided that she, Graham and NZ Dave would come to Gweek with us and then head up to Stithians - we never saw them after that. We all commented on how clean and fresh the air was, the roads certainly were not, where does all the mud come from and where does it all go (answers on signed blank cheque please). 

We thought we would go through Trelowarren, we didn’t. We thought we would head out to St Martyn, we didn’t. We got to Kuggar then at Treleague straight on to Cadgwith, then the Lizard. All closed except for our old friend Pete Hendy who greeted us heartily and said he had had both knees replaced at one time 8 weeks ago and was leaping around - Richard 2 took note.

Much banter took place between the waitress and a certain table while the rest of us discussed various items, not at all cycling related………………. I mean whatever next.

A Gweek Urn  (sorry couldn't resist it  ed.)

During the ride there was lengthy discussions as to how many there were of us, yours truly was certainly confused but all was resolved by one person being counted twice, then no problem?

The ride back was cold with a strong headwind, we had planned to go to Poldhu, Robin did, we went to Wheel Inn and then a delightful little road which was definitely on the dirty side but fortunately there was a Ford to wash our bikes in.

At Gweek Robin dragged Ian, Raymond and Trevor 2 in to the tavern to ply them with the evil liquor called beer. We left them screaming and headed off home …………………….. Will they be seen again?  A nice shortish, ride with lots of banter. 10 riders plus Caroline’s; 3 or was it 9 plus 3 or was it 8 less 1 plus 1 who knows - I obviously don’t.

44 miles Fred

What happened to Caroline?
A good crowd at HQ despite a chill in the air.  The main bunch heading over to the Lizard whilst Graham, NZ Dave, Mr Garmin2 and I thought it would be a good run out to Gweek with the main group & then peel off up a nice steep hill to head to Stithians Lake - always guaranteed to be open.

We went over Church field just behind the A team, then they were gone.  Lucky we know these roads so well.  At Gweek, Dave tried to talk us into going for an early coffee as the cold head wind was giving him a headache, brain freeze. It was too early, the hostelry wasn't open so we slogged up the hill to Boskenwyn School, across the main Helston road and then I took them along to Hendra with a promise of a siting of dragons. I think they thought I had lost the plot big time.

The road was a bit muddy, but as we got to the cottage with the icecream van in the garden, looking over the garden wall , there they were, two dragons frolicking in the wintery sunshine. The boys were amazed.  

The next hill, White Alice beckoned, then a lovely roll along to the very welcome coffee stop at Stithians Water Sports, according to Mr Garmin2 we had done around 20 miles , climbed 2014 feet, and my legs felt like it. Good coffee, great banana flapjacks and Graham told us about his and Marisas trip to Jamaica before Christmas, to do a half marathon.  Then back out to the cold, where the wind had picked up making us feel even colder. We all headed home via our usual routes, the boys down Halvasso and me and Mr G2, down through Longdowns to home. 

Not sure of total distance as MrG2 forgot to restart after coffee.....technology!!!!! 



Jan 17, 2015, 4:55 pm

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