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15th March, Pathfinder
Feb 19, 2015, 12:05 pm


The Camel Valley 

and Wadebridge

 Starting 10am at Victoria, Roche

Car park: Simply Pine & Oak Ltd

Outward via Ruthernbridge

and the Camel Trail to Wadebridge

Grubstop: Relish, Foundry Courtyard

Return via Burlawn, St Breock Downs

 And Withiel

 Yes, there will be some ‘gentle’ hills;

but, I hope, well worth it for the views!

 For those who want to ride to the start:

 Meet at 8.30 by the Norway Inn

(conceived and designed by the guru of style, himself, Richard 72) Ed.




Oh no we’re not!
Feb 12, 2015, 11:55 pm

With Chris still wearing his Smurf costume today’s OGIL ride did not disguise its pantomime roots. Bernie’s appearance on stage was delayed by him, allegedly, falling off his bike at the top of Kergilliack Road, which slightly deflated him, and he was even more deflated by the time we reached Helston Boating Lake. Whilst Chris helped him change a tube I fed the ducks and then ate Chris’s scrambled eggs, which seemed fair to me. But at least Chris is not a bad egg and saw the yolk.

There were 5 waiting at Union Corner when I got there, the overtures and beginners, with the 3 main characters at the other place; Chairman “they don’t like it up’em” Jones, Hefty Smurf and Fred “turned out nice again” Pullen. Other parts were played by Richard 2, Admiral, Nigel and Kath. Whilst a choice of destination was being debated Fred said Helston Boating lake and we meekly followed like the children of Hamelin. After a regroup at Gweek it was up through Trelowarren, was that Lady Vivyan walking along in front of us, and out to Cury cross roads. Instead of turning for Helston at this point it was a left turn, towards Poldhu. Just afterwards there was a shout of “look behind you” as all except Simon turned right, and he went cycling on towards the gold course. As we regrouped the pantomime came into full swing with Bernie still believing we were heading for Poldhu. A show of hands was called for as to who was leading the ride, who wasn’t leading the ride and who would like to have been leading. We moved on, none the wiser. Another turn took us dangerously close to Loe Bar, which got Richard 2 really excited, but we carried on to the right to bring us out opposite Culdrose main Gate. Mr Garmin should have been getting very excited about new roads but he was feeling exhausted, as I had not put him on charge after Sunday’s ride. From there it was a “sprint” to the boating lake.

I was quite looking forward to the short ride home but instead we had a look at Lidl’s car park before heading up the Penzance road, turning right half way up the hill. It was to be a repeat of the first half of a previous ride, only in reverse. Not that we were cycling backwards, that would be silly. It’s a hilly route, up to the Halt and across to Releath. Here Simon and Chris left us but not before the dog I had had a conversation with a few weeks previous week past judgement on Simon’s bike, with a cocked leg. Another left turn took us out to the main road and down past Poldark Mine, Porkellis and up Carnkie Hill. As usual we shouted “Morning Jim” as we passed his house, and was surprised that he shouted back. He’s having a yard sale soon so watch out for further announcements. If Mr Garmin hadn’t been completely exhausted by now I could have told you have far we went but it was about 40 miles.

Dean (I think I forgot to send you this) Evans

The Long Ride Sunday 8th February
Feb 9, 2015, 1:18 pm

     After a night of fun and frolics at the wheelers annual bash a very weary eyed cyclist fought his way through the frost and odd frozen puddle to arrive at H.Q. for 9.00 ride. A goodly number were assembled, Robins proposed ride to Mevagissey via the rest of the world obviously appealed. 10 riders heading for Truro the rest I believe in the direction of Gweek.
    So up down dale we went (did you know there are 4 hills to get past Truro), past the ravages of man on the way to Tresillian (they must be building a new town by the extent of works taking place)! Until at last a relatively flat ride up the Ladock valley.
At Indian Queens Trevor was devastated to find Damerells (see photo) was closed as he wanted to order a new motor bike; we all did our best to console him as you can imagine.
At St Dennis we enjoyed the view of the new chimneys erected for the incinerator, they looked delightful glinting in the morning sun ............... oh how lucky we are to live in and around Falmouth.
Here Amanda bade us farewell (she must have known what was coming) and made her own way home. We then seemed to climb continuously and the air was becoming very thin as we wound our way up thru the Cornish Alps. And then at last the ski station appeared and beckoned us onward like a homing beacon. The weather was fantastic and the views were stunning from coast to coast, border to sea (sorry dreaming again); anyway you could see quite a lot, there then followed a downhill section all the way to St Austell . Then it was onwards to Mevagissey where a coffee and food stop was very welcome.
      The Lady in the Café was having a bad day as one of her cooker rings had broken and the water was only coming out of the tap as a trickle. The conversation was  varied as usual and mostly at the same time! Robin waxed lyrical about a program called the "Jump" which I had not seen, so after ski Sunday I turned to channel 4, saw about 5 mins and promptly fell asleep; it must have been riveting.
Anyway, we made our way back through Portholland and Caerhays, the castle looked stunning the route seemed to be somewhat undulating, but everyone kept saying its downhill all the way!!    We stopped at the Roseland inn in Philleigh and made our way to catch the 3.40 ferry which runs at 3.50. Another stop was programmed at Quay Inn, Devoran; but Chris and I continued on to Stithians and home.

Thanks to Robin, Trevor2, Raymond, Ian, Phil2, Chris, Amanda, Martin and Margaret for a great days cycling

Just over 75miles for me. Fred

Charity night ride from Bath to Falmouth
Feb 7, 2015, 12:46 pm


 I am not sure if this will appeal, but it may be of interest to some members - just click here>>

This has been posted on our Facebook page, a 200ml overnight ride from Bath to Falmouth 29th/30th May.

Anyone interested?

Feb 6, 2015, 8:44 am

Notice of the club AGM is now in the members only section.

Napoleon Solo 4/2/15
Feb 6, 2015, 8:43 am

Raw start, fingers still frozen despite sealskinz, low sun, dry road so no obvious signs of ice.   Reunion Junction like Piccadilly Circus with Cormac heavy plant, vans and allsorts all blocking each other’s way.Lots of potholes had suddenly popped up for a good stuffing of tarmacadam. But no OGILs.
Would have phoned if I had had one on me.

No Mr Garmin today so I’m in charge. Road Closed except to Wheeler’s Chairman.   Where to go? Sun, sea and sausage in the best toasted bap in the west means one destination: Poldhu. Warm enough to sit outside and catch the rays. Still no OGILs but no hindrance to philosophical discourse. Avoided the steep climb out. Took rough stuff alternative over the cliff to Church Cove. Then the back lanes sheltered from the east wind. Beautiful.

Got home 12:30. Mobile rang and then again. OGIL messages “Ice; meet 12:00”. What ice? Wait a mo, finger trouble perhaps? Could it mean “ice-cream…..or “mice” problem,…… or worse still
“lice” infestation……?

A.N. Other-Techno-Luddite


Cool for Cats
Feb 4, 2015, 10:58 pm

Apart from annoying the seagulls as they tried to enjoy their breakfast, Jessicat spent most of the morning sat on the window ledge looking out on to the world. It was not until about 11.30am that she ventured out to find a sunny corner to curl up and plan the rest of her day. Similarly, the OGIL delayed their Wednesday morning ride until it was nearly not morning at all, meeting up at Union Corner just before noon. Facebook posts had alerted me to the possibility that Lance would be joining Richard (2) and I. On Sunday Admiral had declared good intentions of riding but being a techno Luddite he would not have seen the various messages discussing putting off the ride until the danger of ice had diminished. Had he ventured out at 8.50am?

At the other place it was just Fred waiting to join us, having navigated through the “Road Closed” signs. That left just one direction to set off in, through Halvasso, with a destination of Portreath, by which Fred, of course, meant the Blue Bar, at Porthtowan.

The lanes down past the Greek Church are still muddy and the extension to the church is still under construction, though I have seen little progress. No doubt they are waiting for the restructuring of the EU bailout bonds before continuing.

Lance decided that we were boring old farts and as soon as he could he see his house he set off for home. We turned right down yet more muddy lanes to Cusgarne. Richard, not Osman, then announced that he had a new version of the TV quiz, “Pointless”, but this involved us cycling up every pointless hill he could find, eventually coming out at Twelveheads and, via Mount Hawke, arriving at the Blue Bar to find it closed.

Man cannot live by bread alone, which was fortunate as the café next door was open but had run out of the stuff; so it was Paninis all round. Such was the depth and breadth of the conversation that Richard has suggested that we rebrand the Wednesday morning rides. From next week the cycling part will be no more than a means to an end as we venture out to locations various for the new gathering.
The OGIL Philosophy Club.
We shall no longer debate just why we are out on a cold and wet winter’s morning, but consider whether in fact we are.
(So that is not your moggy then, but Schrödinger's cat ……… starting to get the hang of this. Ed)

With the sun starting to drop in the West and the celestial thermostat already turned down, we headed for home; up the valley to Scorrier, Lanner, etcetera. Just after 4pm when I arrived home. 41 miles and time for a nap before spinning.  

Ill blows the wind that profits nobody
Feb 2, 2015, 9:31 pm

The wind was definitely keener than I was, after three weeks off the bike and still struggling to clear a chesty cough, but a dry sunny day in February can’t be sneezed (or coughed) at. The hills en route to HQ took my breath away, and by the time we’d slogged up Hillhead we were already late for the 9 o’clock ride, but hearing the shout of “Perranporth” from the riders coming the other way we decided we could probably cope so caught onto the end of the group – just Ian (on single speed), Robin, Phil3 and Amanda on the “long ride”.

We followed the usual route to Perranporth via Bissoe, Blackwater and Mithian. It felt cold but all the usual trouble spots were frost free and there was plenty of sunshine. The gusty headwind made the Bissoe valley climb harder work for everyone than usual, especially with the bridges before Blackwater acting as wind tunnels, but the feeling of wind speed on the final rollercoaster to Perranporth was exhilarating. Here we were passed by a VW beetle, its noisy rear engine proclaiming its age. A bit like the back of the tandem.

Once arrived in Perranporth - disaster – the usual café stop was closed. A quick decision by the leaders to make use of Weatherspoons “The Green Parrot” proved to be an inspired choice. Amanda declared the coffee OK, and at 85p with free refills we were happy too. The breakfast menu helpfully shows the calories for each dish, so we were able to rib big Phil on the <censored> kCal in his big breakfast, and express surprise that Robin’s bacon bap was barely more calorific than the porridge (with honey) or Greek yoghurt (with fruit compote).

The talk then turned to the way home. Amanda and Phil had Things To Do so went for the direct route and the delights of the Perrancombe Valley. Martyn spent some time in communion with the map, searching for a route that would give the remaining three bikes an extended return via the King Harry Ferry, a tailwind, and a terrain suited to those of us on single speeds or tandems. The chosen route started with the long pull out of Perranporth past the golf course, which seemed to rather miss the last of these requirements, but we then had a wind-assisted steady climb via Goonhavern to Boxheater in the sunshine. Once across the A30 we took a road new to all of us which proved a real delight – a high road with no hedges, it gave long views and the full benefit of the wind behind us. Alas all things come to an end and there were two sharp hills to get us to Probus. Robin set off like a mountain goat while Martyn and I were reduced to our 22 inch gear and Ian had to select his 2 foot one.

From Probus the out-of-season traffic levels meant we were able to continue to Tregony and Ruan High Lanes on the main road, then back to the ferry via Philleigh where we all took some additional refreshment. Robin has the timing from The Roseland Inn down to the half minute, but alas Martyn and I didn’t manage to leave with appropriate handicap and arrived after the ferry gates had closed. A generous-spirited crew let us sneak aboard anyway. Everyone made the hill climb and took the usual route along the tram way to Devoran, where the tandem left the others to some final rehydration. I had just enough in the tank to make my contribution to the final ascent to Mylor via Carclew and crawl back home.

About 60 miles in all on the scenic route and a really great day out in the sunshine – or as they say “You never regret going”!


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