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Oh What a Lucky Man
Mar 3, 2015, 3:02 pm

With strong westerly winds forecast Fred and I thought Perranuthnoe would be an ideal destination for this week’s ride. We would ride into the wind going and get blown back, not blown off, except if you were riding with my brother Shane when you can always guarantee to be blown off!
On leaving HQ, with 12 riders, we chose a fairly direct route through Halvasso, Penmarth, Nine Maidens and eventually to Praze. Waiting at the crossroads a speedy peloton consisting of riders from Penzance Wheelers, One and All and Tri-logic turned left in front of us towards Leedstown practicing a time trial route. I gave chase and managed to gain on some of the back markers, even on a single speed, so they can't be that quick! After a chat with the peloton riders we made our way to Goldsithney and across the A394 to the cafe at Perranuthnoe.

Luckily, as we ordered our food, enough seating inside was vacated for us to get in, except for Nigel no mates who sat outside by himself. Had we done something to offend him? Soon the warmth of the cafe attracted him in with the rest of us. Just before we left Fred turned to me to ask if I would write a ride report. I said no way and flatly refused!

After retracing our route to Goldsithney we turned right and headed towards Godolphin. At Trescowe the ride split. Simon, Raymond and myself thought it would be a good idea to find a pub showing the Ireland v England rugby match and still having 2 hours to kill needed extra miles. Chris advised us that the Star at Porkellis would show the game and the 3 desperadoes climbed up to Ashton and swept down the coast road to Porthleven. Where the other 9 went I know not. we stopped for a minute in Porthleven watching the waves rolling into the harbour and crashing on the adjacent beach but not as rough as this time last year. As we left I remembered my son, Harrison, was playing a football match at Helston and off we went, via Penrose, to offer our support. On reflection it was not a good game to watch as Harrison's team were being thrashed and I was doing my embarrassing Dad bit shouting from the touchline.

The Star beckoned and with Raymond setting a cracking pace we reached the pub in under 15 minutes. While in the warmth enjoying our beer and the match the threatening rain passed over us and on leaving for home it was completely dry again. How lucky I am to have a great ride, watch my son and have a few beers with my good friends. Living the dream!


Anyone fancy being a cub reporter
Mar 2, 2015, 11:12 am

We have just received the following, if anyone fancies seeing their name in print:

Steve [mailto:outreach@radialcycles.co.uk]
Sent: 02 March 2015 11:00
To: news@falmouthwheelers.co.uk
Subject: Collaboration?



I am contacting you on behalf of http://www.radialcycles.co.uk to see if you have any advertising opportunities available or if you

were interested in doing anything a bit more collaborative with us such as a review or guest article? 

Please email me back at your convenience to discuss this 






Weds. 25th February
Feb 26, 2015, 11:23 pm

It was a grey and slightly damp start as we met at the Halvasso request stop.  How would we cope without Mystic Meg, Mr Garmin and Dean?

The 6 of us made our way to Porthleven via Carnkie and Breage to pick up the coast road dropping down into Porthleven, noting Rick Stein's newest expansion before stopping at the cafe by the cycle shop (which has closed up). We found a table and had a very good coffee and bacon sandwich. 
 We were fortunate to find a vacant table where the conversation followed its usual pattern of nonsensical rubbish. 
 We then made our way back through the Penrose estate where Trevor showed us the bath house!! 

A very pleasant ride was had by all, nice to see Phil3 back who was struggling to cover from his bout of flu. 
 30 miles. Fred


Cyclists on the King Harry Ferry
Feb 25, 2015, 8:36 pm

We, along with One and All cycling club have received the following email from the owners of the King Harry Ferry:

              I just thought that I would drop you a note that you may be able to share with your members. 

We welcome cyclists and historically have not made a formal charge for cyclists on the ferry but have had charity boxes onboard which we encourage cyclists crossing on the ferry to donate into.  We collect each year for a different local charity, 2014 raised almost £3500 for Children’s Hospice SW and have chosen Penhaligans Friends for 2015.
Sadly many cyclists did not donate so this year we have introduced a fare of £1.00 / cyclist which we will collect and then donated to the chosen charity at the end of the year. 

I thought that it was worth contacting yourselves in case you organise and rides incorporating the ferry.

 Many thanks,


 Garrick Royle

King Harry Ferry



Registered Office: 2 Ferry Cottages, Feock, Truro TR3 6QJ Registered in England No: 4648205

Telephone: 01872 861910 / 861914

Fax: 01872 863355



Papa Smurf's blog
Feb 22, 2015, 2:58 pm

Ride report for Sunday 22nd Feb 

I looked out of the window at 7 am, the trees were still and the ground dry, I had breakfast, showered and got ready. As I wheeled my bike from the garage the rain had started and the wind was getting up, shall I bother, yes, this will soon pass. 

I arrived at H.Q. soaked to the skin and not expecting to see anyone, but low and behold a sturdy group of miscreants awaited. Phil, Dean, Richard 2, Fred, Nigel, Amanda and Steve were all waiting for the off to St Ives, but being told that this rain was going to get worse (and it did) with the wind to get stronger (and it did) Fred decided that Stithians should become the goal to reach. 

As we set off we were joined by Nick, who, like us, had nothing better to do on a wet miserable Sunday morning and I was beginning to wonder why I left the Lakes and Scotland after a sunny week up there. Steve had the right idea and decided to leave for home at the top of Kergilliack Rd, the remaining 8 of us carried on following Fred as he weaved his way to Stithians via Lamanva, Treverva, Brill and Gweek, it was here that Dean was going to tell us that he would turn around and head for home, but as we didn't stop, he couldn't, so it was up Chapel Hill to Boskenwyn and over the main Rd to Wendron. I was starting to think that St Ives would have been nearer, but Porkellis beckoned and pretty soon we were climbing up the Halwin to Penmarth hill. 

We eventually reached Stithians and it was full, not on the outside, the inside, it would appear that no one uses an outdoor water-sports centre when it’s raining as you may get wet, but we found a place to sit and bacon and egg baps were consumed readily along with tea and coffee. Dean now told us, whilst eating an egg bap, that he wasn't coming this far because of the weather and we agreed that, that, was perhaps the best thing to do, oh well. A friend of mine was there Gary Champion, a professional fly-fisherman (they do exist) he had been asked to give a casting lesson to someone in what was now a gale force wind (and I thought we were barmy) they never set foot outside. 

We set off for home, I left almost immediately for Four Lanes whilst the rest battled there way, via Stithians Village back to Falmouth. 30 wet miles for me, Chris.

Thanks for the report Chris.
The fun carried on after you left us. The rain and the wind got worse. After Stithians, Nigel and Nick headed down the main road to Penryn. Phil Conroy had a slow puncture (but given the extreme conditions, decided to try and limp back home). Last time I saw Amanda and Dean they seemed frozen to the spot; but I did hear a shout of we are going on as I tailed Fred back up to Halvasso looking for young Mr. Conroy. I presume everyone made it back and there isn’t some poor soul, still stuck out there! Ed.

Recommendation for a café stop in the Camelford area
Feb 22, 2015, 12:12 am

       I have come across your site as one of the clubs that would do the Wadebridge to Port Isaac and Camelford Loop.  I have put a comment on the Cycle Routes UK planner site, but thought I would write direct as well, as I feel this cafe is a hidden gem.
It is called Cedar Croft Cafe and Nursery, and it is on the B3266 from Camelford to Bodmin/Wadebridge Road, the route actually takes you through St. Tudy.  The Nursery and Cafe are just as you turn of the B3266 opposite Hengar Manor Holiday Park.   

The women who run it are Penny and Sue.  All of the food is home cooked and Sue makes all of the food herself and some of the meat and the eggs are her own home reared.  She makes the most brilliant home make bread and cakes, ice cream and cream teas.  They serve a variety of food and have Vegetarian alternatives.  The best of all are the all day breakfasts and bacon butties.  There is the bonus that there is plenty of room for bikes and they can be seen from where you eat.  Have a look at the website: Cedarcroftplants, it will give you an idea of what it is like.  Posh it ain’t, but friendly and relaxed it is with pots of tea and tablecloths. 

The lady who runs the Nursery is : Penny – 01208 851072 and 07765631398.  She is open Tues to Sundays, and in summer may be opening on Mondays too.  10 – 4.00. 

I am sure if you let her know in advance, she could have the bacon butties ready for your arrival, that way she can reserve seats etc for you.

 Many thanks, 

Pamela Free

The Pathfinder Ride to the Lizard 15th Feb
Feb 20, 2015, 12:03 pm

A ride around the Lizard, led by Raymond, with no hills!!

OGIL Half Term extravaganza.
Feb 19, 2015, 8:18 pm

Mr Garmin had a lie in, as I did not switch him on until I got to Union Corner, causing him to be a little bit confused and not knowing where he was. I think Cormac had done the same, as there was no sign of haste to get the road works finished, or even started, before the date when Cornwall Council said the money had to be spent by. Kath did say that she had seen a man with a measuring wheel and a cone in Trescobeas Road, so perhaps I am doing them an injustice. Further reports may follow.

With good vibes from Mystic Meg it promised to be a good mornings ride, so where was Admiral, and Richard 72 had all but promised to be out when I had seen him the day before.

Bernie, myself, Nigel, Kath and Richard 2 set off for the other place to be joined only by Fred. Simon “call me slasher O’Tool” was elsewhere, learning about pleachers and bindings and Chris, fed up with the 2 consecutive dry days had gone to the Lake District for a holiday.

With the sun shining we were all eager to be cycling again and readily agreed to make for the Melting Pot, at Krowji, Redruth. It was to be another topsy-turvy ride as we went out by the way we would usually come back, the short section, and came back by a longer route, with the result that we had only done about 13 miles when we arrived. I had wondered whether the café may not be open, it being half term, but did not voice my concern. We could always go on somewhere else, but I was not expecting the café to be open but the kitchen closed. The logic escaped me but the reason given was because there was scaffolding erected at the front. So it was cake and flapjacks, which were good, and the quirky atmosphere is well worth savouring whether or not you are dressed in lycra. Bernie pointed out to Kath that they rented out rooms by the hour, which might solve her cash flow problem, but after doing this old joke to death we moved on to put the NHS right.

On leaving Kath expressed a burning desire to visit Burncoose Industrial Estate as she needed some advice on ventilation for their campervan. I got the idea that it was either fit an opening window or make Clive sleep in a tent. There are a lot of units on the estate, but we finally found the place she was looking for, then it was over to Tesco’s, Brea village and via the goat and duck farm to Bowlenoe. The wind had also had a lie in and didn’t get up until we had reached the heights of 4 lanes, but it was insufficient to spoil the morning’s ride. You will have to ask another OGIL just where Wibbly Pig came into it but it was a pleasant 30-mile ride for me. Dean

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