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Tuesday January 23 2018 
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The many talents of Mr Hudson
Apr 23, 2015, 8:34 am



With winds forecast to reach 25mph it was bound to be a blustery ride but when the Chairman decided that we would be going to the Windy City, I anticipated more dissent. But came there none, probably because half the OGIL are deaf and the other half weren’t listening. Nigel, now a fully fledged OGIL, was already at Union Corner and Richard 2, Kath, and the artist formally known as Steve joined us. Steve was determined to go all the way this week, unlike his better half, so after meeting up with Simon and Phil3 at (near) Halvasso turn, and with a stiff tail wind we sallied forth. The Easterly wind would make the return journey less pleasant but using OGIL logic we used the route we might normally come back on as the outward leg.

The Windy City, as I am sure you are aware, is Heartlands, the centre of the Mining heritage tourist trail. “Covering 19 acres, there is so much to absorb, from the poetically landscaped botanical gardens to the interactive exhibitions that truly take you someplace else”; or so says the website. I for one would normally prefer to be taken someplace else but today it was OGIL culture day, we were going to see Steve’s paintings on display, but OGIL priorities as they are it was to be first stop the Red River Café.

I have to say that it lacks the charm of Miss Molly’s, the view at Poldhu and the welcome at the Stepping Stones. I was intrigued, after ordering my food, to be given, not a number on a stick but an electronic device that I was told would flash and vibrate when my order was ready. However, I then had to go and collect it from the table by the counter. I was forced to comment that it was a pity that somewhere so steeped in history depended on such technology as this, and a mug of hot water and a teabag in a paper sachet. I was at least expecting a little balmaiden with a lace hanky on her head to bring me my croust. My comments did not go un-noticed as my food was delivered to my table, but alas, no lass.

Conversation about the café and its facilities continued with Kath giving 4 out of 10 after her visit to the wee room. Nigel, bless him, had clearly not experienced such technology, couldn’t find the hand drier and after drying his hands on a serviette had thrown it into the Dyson blower drier, believing it to be a waste bin.

It was now time for the exhibition and after circumnavigating the site Steve led us into one of the buildings and up into the gallery, which was conveniently being used as a gallery. Steve was one of several exhibitors, of photography, paint and textiles. I could wax on lyrically about the colour, tone and interpretation of his work but where’s the fun in that.

As we started back I managed to lead all but Simon, Steve and Richard in the wrong direction, those three had already gone off in the wrong direction shortly before my error. Regrouping we continued to Bolenowe, to view the Institute, and on through Penmarth, where Simon left us, Carnkie to Crane Garage, where we said goodbye to Nigel, and on through Halvasso once more. At 31 miles, for me, it was a short ride but good to have Steve with us, though I forgot to ask for an autograph.

 “The world was all before them, where to choose

  Their place of rest, and Providence their guide:" 


Falmouth Wheelers at the Urban Downhill
Apr 20, 2015, 10:15 am

Oh, what a beautiful morning!
Apr 15, 2015, 5:20 pm

Late again, arriving at Union Corner, and hardly a space to be had on the pavement, as Wheelers recounted tales of daring do following Sunday’s Audax. Where did all these bikes come from? Not enough to go round though as Martyn and Margaret were sharing one. Apart from Trevor wanting to go to Pendeen there was only one vote of dissention to my suggestion that it was Poldhu weather. Bernie had set his little heart on Hells Mouth. It would be a shame to disappoint him, but we did. Had PCSO Bill Wood heard about the OGIL ride? Why else was he lying in wait with his radar gun at Treverva? After such a spectacle as this grand depart from Falmouth it was surprising that there was only Phil3 waiting at the other place, but a total of 10 OGIL, a good turnout. Phil3 was riding his wheeled bedstead today having broken a spoke on Sunday. With a quick text to Trevarno Dave we were off again; next stop Gweek. We met the same old woman making her way up the hill just before the turn into the Trelowarren Estate. Could it be that she is always there, rooted to the spot? I must remember to stop and ask her next time we pass.

Mr Garmin decided that he had detected a new road, but it turned out that it was so caked in dried mud that he didn’t recognise it, as we eventually came at the home of the Cornish Camels. Perhaps camels don’t really like the hot desert weather as they were all safely indoors this morning, enjoying the peace, that is until we descended upon them to gawp and take photos.

Leaving the camels behind, oh for a misplaced apostrophe, we came across a solitary camel sulking in the woods and Raymondo lying in the road. Was he attempting to lure the camel out? We shall never know, which is perhaps a good thing.

Another good thing is the Poldhu café, and all thoughts of going anywhere else dissolved as soon as we approached, although with the arrival of the first emmets the appearance of paper plates was a little off-putting. Did you know that washing crockery is better for the environment than paper plates? With so many we split between 3 tables. The conversation on mine was mostly about long distance cycling. I did not contribute.

After the pleasure comes the pain and after the beach café comes the road up to the Golf Club, although there were moments of mutiny as some wanted to take the coast path instead. The route back is pleasant enough; up to Culdrose, the bypass and muddy, followed by, hidden lanes, to Crane garage. Several Wheelers had by now peeled off to do their own thing and for the 4 of us left, Halvasso called and we answered the call. A total of 46 miles for me, no response from Trevarno Dave, and a beautiful afternoon to enjoy. Dean

Falmouth Wheelers Audax
Apr 15, 2015, 1:42 pm

Sunday April 12th 



Fine Dining with Raymondo at Loe Beach
Apr 10, 2015, 1:52 pm

There was just Chris, Helston Trevor and Raymondo at Halvasso Parkway when Bernie, Richard 2, Nigel and I arrived. I had asked Fred, via Facebook, where the OGIL should go this week, but for some reason answer came there none. It being the first ride after Easter I was keen to go to the café at Loe Beach, near Feock, as they are closed throughout the winter, and there being no further bids, off we went, Bernie in the lead. An otherwise uneventful route, took us, via Gweek Church, Burncoose and Cusgarne, shortly after which Trevor veered off course to tackle the hill to nowhere, re-joining us at Bissoe. On we went, up the exceedingly long hill to Playing Place and down past Pennalunny to Loe beach. With an East wind blowing it was almost too chilly to sit outside, but we did.

My eggs on toast were grand, the cake looked good and the full English appeared to be capable of doing as its name suggested.

The downside of the Loe beach café is that it is on the downside of a short but steep hill, but having climbed this there is the very pleasant lane from Point to Devoran to enjoy. At Devoran Bernie led a mutiny, though I am not sure how he did that as he was nominally leading, by stating that he was going to continue on towards Stithians, rather than Suicide Alley and Hangman’s Hill. Trevor accompanied me as far as Carclew Lane; intent on delivering Raymond’s Audax card to Martyn at Flushing, the rest followed Bernie. No doubt “Ed” will advise as to how they fared.
Surprisingly, only 31 miles for me.

(More acrimonious splits and dissentions I’m afraid. Some went back to Swanpool via Bernie’s.
Some went to Stithians Lake for luncheon and one went all the way home to Four Lanes. Ed).

There’s no fool like an OGIL fool.
Apr 3, 2015, 4:21 pm

The introduction of Cornish summertime resulted in me being early so I stood at Union Corner watching a big cat dig a hole opposite. “Life’s a beach,” said the sign across the road. The excavator, dragging out a huge tree root suggested otherwise. With the absence of the school run the traffic flowed smoothly, even without a £3M roundabout.

Nigel and Richard 2 joined me and we set off towards Halvasso turn, where Chris, Fred and Raymondo were waiting. It being the first of April, Fred had fished his knees out of the wardrobe for their first airing of the year. We allowed the birthday boy to choose the destination, Miss Molly’s, a good choice as it promised to be a cool morning. But Fred was in no hurry to get there, taking us out to Releath, and straight on. Richard hesitated at a left hand turn, hoping to Crelley go where no Bodily had been before. Fred went straight on and even at Praze wasn’t satisfied; taking us out to Carnhill Green before, at last, turning towards Camborne. With the intent of giving Fred a birthday treat we tried to cycle down the new Redruth-Pool-Camborne link road but after going through the new housing mess we were turned away on the last stretch.

In spite of Fred trying to trash Miss Molly’s seating we were made welcome and soon tucking into our reasonably priced breakfast choices.

Apart from the Thellwell pony pulling a trap driven by Thellwell’s sister, the route back was predictable and unremarkable although Nigel came all the way back to Union Corner and out along Bickland water road, intending do the loop around the head before going home. 36 miles for me and obviously not enough for Nigel.


Clocked off?
Apr 1, 2015, 12:17 pm

We have an “old style” wall clock in the kitchen we bought some time ago. It's connected to the time signal at Rugby and adjusts itself accordingly. Come Sunday morning, though blurry eyed, I could see it was time to go cycling.

Initially it looked like I was the only one. I guessed no one else had such a fancy clock. Or was it the forecast of rain ( none yet ) or the wind which was a little gusty ( hills on the flat )? I shouldn't have worried - Ian never lets me down ( well, that's not strictly true ) and it wasn't long before we were six.

Steve, with his new eyes, set a fine pace to Argal where he left us, not wishing to push things on his first outing for a while. We carried on passed Fred's ( lots of shouting but no Fred ) and on to Gweek where we climbed the long hill to Trevenen crossroads. Phil C, Dave H and Nigel left us at Poldark mine as they returned home via Porkellis but Ian and I carried on to St Ives, via Farms Common and Gwithian. It was a dryish, if blustery ride but we were rewarded with excellent service at the Balcony Bar, my bacon roll arriving before the coffee – a first! Sometimes it's good to travel in very small groups.

No Trevarno Dave either so we pressed on west to get the full advantage of a tail wind home. The coast road was windy, very windy and before the summit of the first hill Ian, on his single speed, was blown to a standstill. Cresting the top I was unceremoniously dumped into the layby. We fought our way downhill and were soon turning left to the tranquility of the valley that led to Towednack and Nancledra. Someone had thankfully shut the door!

It was now getting a little gloomy and we looked for “Stars” to guide us home We found the first in Crowlas where they make Brisons Bitter, currently my favourite pint. The next Star was in St Erth and it wasn't long before we were being blown onto the high ground and Porkellis, our third and final Star.

A five star ride though. As we always say - we never regret going!


Oh what a beautiful morning!
Mar 25, 2015, 11:23 pm

Whether it was the sun or my bladder that woke me early doesn’t matter but the result was that I arrived on time at Union Corner, to find Nigel and Bernie discussing the road works. No Richard 2 but Mr C turned up to Phil the gap. Setting off bang on time we met Helston Trevor and Raymondo, both sans gears, and then Phil3 before getting to Halvasso parkway. Chris, Fred and Simon were already there, making ten in total. I had been sending out subliminal messages along the way so the Blue bar was readily accepted as a suitable destination on what was a sunny but cool morning. Following the principle of “Exception reporting” I will only mention the deviations from the norm; such as Simon’s shortcut at Gwennap and Trevor’s visitation by the PF somewhere near Sunny Corner. The exact details I am not sure as I was well ahead at this point but an eyewitness told me that Trevor was “all over the place; hadn’t a clue”. I only know it was more than 16 minutes before he caught us up, a new record for an OGIL ride this year. Perhaps Trevor had been working at Culdrose speed. Bernie had gone on but we quickly caught him up, ironically because he had shed a brake block and was short of a rear brake.

A strong headwind greeted us as we “sped” down towards Porthtowan but the sun was out, had I mentioned that before, so all was well with the world. Though we had said “the Blue Bar” we didn’t quite get there, the leaders stopping short at the Sea Spray café, next door but two. There was a lot of shuffling of bikes as the owner of the adjacent shop thought we were blocking her access but had ordered and were ensconced outside in the sun in quick time. My off menu eggs on toast, at £4, was good and there seemed to be no complaints from the others.

There was talk of going up the hill to St Agnes, or up the hill to Portreath but sense prevailed and we climbed back up towards Wheal Rose and took the short route home via Lanner. Simon was the first to divert towards home, followed by Chris, and so forth we with just Phil C and myself returning to Union Corner. 42 miles for me.  Dean

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