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The rugged coasts and mountains of Kerry and West Cork
May 18, 2015, 12:06 pm


Unable to resist the magic of the rugged coasts and mountains of Kerry and West Cork,
a small group of us set off on Sat 10th bound for our regular destination of Kenmare.

Paula, Sonjia, Liz, Jo and Gill were to be escorted by Ian and myself but Jo had to cancel due to work commitments and Julian Winn from Truro Wheelers later joined us. Besides redressing the male/female imbalance Julian immediately proved to be a valuable addition to the group and an amusing diversion to the female banter/prattling.

It was Paula's suggestion to take the daytime crossing to Rosslare from where we drove to Dungarvan for our first night – more civilised than taking the usual night crossing on the ferry, with the added bonus of a pint of Guinness along with a meal and a good nights sleep. The following day we tootled across Ireland wondering whether we would leave the precipitation behind but the sunny spells en route turned to black clouds as we climbed over the mountains into Kenmare in the early afternoon. After much deliberation, during which some of the girls went for walks, us chaps eventually got out the bikes, put on rain jackets and headed to the pretty quayside pub at Bunaw. And then it stopped raining! As we always say, “you never regret going”!

We were treated to fine weather most days - on the sunny but windy first day we took a glorious new route through the mountains towards Bantry passing the highest pub in Ireland, which was sadly closed. On Tuesday we enjoyed our favourite ride to Allihies along with crab sandwiches and Guinness in the sunshine at Castletown Bearhaven. Later in the week we rode over Molls Gap to Killarney and climbed the Gap of Dunloe which is so pretty you never tire of it.

The trips continue to improve as we discover more routes we can ride from the hotel, perfectly situated to access rides to all points of the compass. Just like some wheelers who can't resist the draw of Halvasso we are already drawing up plans for next year. We will be back!

Detailed accounts in the newsletter


Nobody mentioned the elephant in the room.
May 13, 2015, 9:19 pm

     If Mystic Meg had been right about the weather today’s ride might have been uncomfortably hot. But, as Richard (2) sang “The sun will come out tomorra!” it remained as shy as those shy Tories that have been in the news since last Thursday. The turnout was not, however, so high as that experienced on Blue Thursday, with just Richard, Nigel, Kath and myself leaving the road works formally known as Union Corner, and no one at the other place. I suggested Portreath and although Richard complained that he had been there three days in a row, this was the destination I texted to Trevarno Dave. We did allow Richard to lead, as it was presumed that he knew the way by now. Nigel said that he didn’t mind where he went as long as it was not down “those shitty lanes”. You’ve guessed it; we headed down to the Greek Church, where we stopped whilst Richard read the notice board for service times and suggested that we could do a route taking in various religious places, such as the Mosque at Quenchwell. He suggested that this would be an “esoteric” ride but as none of us had anymore idea than Richard as to what esoteric really meant, we let it go.
The route through Gwennap, past the church, of course, did not seem to be the most direct path to take for Portreath but after Twelveheads, Chacewater and Blackwater we were back on track, for a while, before turning of at Mawla and heading for North Country.
Dave (T) had been waiting for about 10 minutes but service at Tidelines was speedy and mine host, welcoming. With good food and conversation centred on the demise of the NHS and just who had voted for Dave(C), no one mentioned the elephant in the room.
After climbing the hill Richard led us down through Gwel an Mor, no neither had I, then across to Illogan, past Trickie Dickies and through Redruth to Lanner Hill. Leaving TD at Carnmenellis it was then just a short ride back through Halvasso and home, though we stopped off to see Jim on the way.
A respectable 46 miles for me, making up for the short ride on Sunday. Dean

May 13, 2015, 9:11 pm

Pedal and Puff

Where have all the young men gone?
May 6, 2015, 3:26 pm

I stood there like a lonely little petunia in an onion patch, whilst in a muddy onion patch somewhere near Halvasso turn another OGIL likewise awaited “the others”. But the “others” were not out to play today, or at least not in this part of God’s Own. So it was to be just the Coventry Kids who braved the elements on a blustery morn in May. Having texted Trevarno Dave we set off, and with no arguments as to the destination, Helston boating lake.

It was windy, very windy, causing Chris to dance about 4 foot across the road at one gateway, but, at least, it kept the rain at bay. Any rain forming in West Cornwall would not touch down until the wrong side of the Tamar. With Polling Day tomorrow, perhaps this was the wind of change that everyone was talking about. If it was I can tell you that it was left of centre for most of the journey. If that is a prophecy, so be it.

Last week I wrote about the little old lady who is always walking up the hill above Trelowarren gateway on a Wednesday morning, and said I would stop and talk to her next time I passed. Well she wasn’t there today; whether she, at least, had more sense than to go out in a gale or had already been blown away I know not.

The café was busy so after ordering there was time to feed the ducks before settling down to scrambled egg and a pot of tea for two. DT was a no show so with no other OGILs we could talk about them all, and I was agog when Chris told me about ….

I left Chris at Wendron School but was accompanied homewards by a noticeable tailwind, back via Halasso, of course, to Union Corner.
37 miles for me, and a few cobwebs dislodged.

May 1, 2015, 7:02 pm

The Junior Section chatting to the Senior Section at the recent Urban Downhill   

Lots of wheelers
May 1, 2015, 6:58 pm

Lots of wheelers on Sundays' ride to the Lizard.
Caroline commented that some people were not prepared to go all the way!

Good Golly, Miss Molly’s
Apr 29, 2015, 6:23 pm

            Kath is always saying as how she has never been to Miss Molly’s so, with Mystic Meg predicting a mid-morning shower it seemed to be the ideal destination. However, only 2 OGIL departed from Union Corner, and Kath was not one of them. There were only 2 waiting in the gateway near Halvasso too; Bernie is lost in France and Fred is ditto in Italy but no Chairman?

As soon as I had passed on the intended destination to Trevarno Dave, mutterings began about having an early coffee at Bissoe and heading over to Portreath. I quelled the near mutiny by totally ignoring them but let Richard 2 lead the way, out to Porkellis but turning left when encountering the Redruth/Helston Rd. “I don’t like main roads” came a whimper from the rear, who’s rear I don’t know, but Richard took pity on the poor soul by taking the next right, finally realising his ambition to “Bodilly Go”. Mr Garmin buzzed with excitement; this Crelly was a new road for him, though in places it lacked the essential of any road, tarmac. Coming out near Releath we travelled on to Nancegollan, but took the Drym Rd to Clowance, Carnhell Green and finally to Barripper and Camborne. Today the new link road, the Chris Rea Highway, was open and, after meeting up with TD, we were soon sitting in Miss Molly’s lounge; although we thought for a moment that Phil3 was going to be sitting on the floor after tempting to finish off what Fred had started a few weeks ago, the demolition of the wooden pew. I hastily put the back slats roughly into place as Phil rearranged the cushions to cover the devastation he had caused. This might be an expensive breakfast stop.

As expected the food was good, the surroundings were good, Perry Como serenaded us and the conversation was in the top league. Kath would have enjoyed it.

With Richard still at the helm our return leg took us off road along the cycle path that skirts Pool, coming out at St Euny Church. A right turn led to Carnkie and across to Four Lanes to see Chris safely home. Regrouping in our usual spot at Penmarth we were accosted by a potential new club member and after exchanging contact details we continued, saying goodbye to TD and home via Halvasso, of course. 41 miles for me; a cool morning ride with sunny spells and only a touch of rain. I am sure Kath would have enjoyed it.  Dean

from nick.ratcliffe@sustrans.org.uk
Apr 28, 2015, 9:06 pm

On Tuesday, April 28, 2015 12:02 AM, "traffic@cormacltd.co.uk" wrote: 

Hello Falmouth Wheelers

The Consultation Treluswell Junction Improvement (3513000EQ) (Region West)  has now been published on Consultation Finder. We are alerting you, since you registered (Roads transport and parking) as a subject you were interested in.

Please click here to respond. 


Kind Regards,
Cornwall Council


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