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Saturday January 20 2018 
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Another Best Ever Wheelers BBQ
Jun 8, 2015, 9:55 pm

Sunday 7th June
Jun 7, 2015, 8:43 pm


Fourteen Falmouth Wheelers
before the start of the 100k Merlin Coast to Coast and the 50k Clay Country


We do like to be beside the seaside
May 28, 2015, 11:13 am

          It has been said that the club website has received more than 38,000 visits in six months. It may be that a few of them were not to read the OGIL ride report, I could not possibly comment. What I can comment on, and will, is today’s excellent ride. Last week is was left to Trevarno Dave to pick the destination, but a series of mechanicals put him out of the running, and the riding, leading to the fall back of Helston Lake. At the Pathfinder on Sunday I suggested to Dave that with suitable weather we might again head for his suggested café, the Sandbar at Praa sands. The weather was certainly suitable but only 3 OGIL set out from Union Corner, to meet up with another 3, Simon, Phil3 and Trevor, at the other place. Rendezvous was to be at Porkellis but it was to be a morning of standing about and talking, rather than enthusiastic pedalling. Trevor’s 400 mile Audax the previous weekend, Richard (2)’s new bike and Kath’s forthcoming JOGLE meant there was plenty to talk about.

We hadn’t been at the Star Inn long before Dave arrived only for him to have to retrace his tracks, out via Releath, Nancegollan, Godolphin and Mill Pool, with just a little bit of a squiggle put in by Trevor, to keep Mr Garmin happy; bringing us back to Germoe and down past Pengersick Castle (see photo above), allegedly the most haunted place in Cornwall, to Praa sands. We had passed through a chilly band of sea mist, or was it just going past the castle, but down at the beach it was warm and sunny. The welcome, however, was not so warm and sunny. They had run out of gas so the kitchen was running a very restricted menu. Fortunately this included bacon and sausage sandwiches, so there was no need to search elsewhere. I guess limited cooking facilities contributed to the longer than expected wait, by which time most of us had consumed our drink of choice. Drink of choice is perhaps the wrong phrase as the coffee came in small cups, which were only half full. And I do wonder why, when cafes recruit “trained” baristas and produce a menu full of variations, tea consists of a mug of hot water with a tea bag on the side. Overall the gastronomic experience did not match up to the price.

Whereas the route out was straightforward and relatively flat, Richard and Trevor took charge of the return leg. A long and steady climb took us along the coast and then up to the A394, just right to drop back down to Rinsey and into Porthleven, where we stopped for ice cream and more nattering. Does Trevor know everyone in West Cornwall? Eventually continuing eastwards, it was along the coast again and up to the Penrose estate. We resisted the temptation to stop again at the lake cafe, following instead the usual route through the town, muddy lanes and hidden lanes, with a slight modification, to Wendron cricket club etc.
Today the hidden lanes were well hidden, under about half a metre of chippings as the tar season has started and which probably contributed to my flat front tyre. Whilst Richard stayed to help the others gave their excuses and left. 46 miles for me. 

Message from Trevor and Auntie Gill
May 28, 2015, 11:04 am



  Hi all,

          I wanted to let you know that Gill is opening up again tomorrow Sat 23rd, and will be open every Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun from 10am till 4pm. We will also be open this Bank Holiday Monday. She is keeping it simple this time;  just doing tea and cakes, but she had to open again because she misses everyone so much. If you are coming in any numbers could you give us a call on 01326 573545 We are both looking forward to seeing some of you, in the not to distant future.


The alternative Pathfinder Ride
May 24, 2015, 9:39 pm


              Arriving late for the OGIL ride on Wednesday I had missed the opportunity to write the ride report, so, eager not to miss out on reporting on this prestigious event on the Wheelers calendar, I was up and out, even though the mizzle did not point to a favourable turnout. Those who did not turn up missed out on some stunning scenery. The fact that those who did turn up also missed some stunning scenery is incidental.

Some had ridden down to the start at Long Rock, others had driven, and so I am a bit vague as to the exact number that started out. The thick fog did not help. Two, or was it three, known to me only as “the Mylor Lads” were with us at the start but took a short cut at some point and were never seen again. Phil4, who for some reason known only to him, chose to follow them but was rescued by Robin, who along with guest rider, Heather, re-joined us as the ghostly image of the Gurnards Head Hotel appeared ahead, our first stop. The feint outline of numerous cars filled the fields nearby. Don’t Wake the Fish, warned the sign; Don’t wake the dead more like!

With a new found sense of responsibility Ian took charge, ordering 13 coffees, 1 hot chocolate and 1 tea, so I guess there were 15 of us. The fact that there was, allegedly, 36 different beers available that weekend seemed to pass the notice of Robin.

Mr Garmin had bleeped in orgasm as new road followed new road but now we were back on familiar ground as we headed west to our intended destination, and with a final more demanding hill we were in St Just.

The Cook Book is an unusual name for a café but the inclusion of the phrase artisan bread on the menu was not used as an excuse for adding a pound to the cost of eggs on toast. The Cape Grill seemed to be the choice of most and the absence of chatter for a while suggested that it was well received.

I think that the fog was even thicker when we left St Just and headed south in eerie silence. Had we left Sonjia behind? There were no grumbles as we passed through Grumbla and the usually picturesque Ding Dong Mine, thought to be one of the oldest in the country, was today just a dim outline.

As we dropped down through Gulval again the sun broke out and we were relieved to see that St Michaels Mount was still there. Thanks Ian for a well led ride. Just 26 miles but everyone a pleasure.

The highlight, for me, has to be sneakily squeezing Jo’s Boo boo, but Ian’s ride had something for everyone, just a pity that everyone wasn’t there.


PS. Can you all please put 7 June in your diaries. Otherwise there will be a gap between the 6th and the 8th.



St. Buryan Pathfinder Sunday 24th May
May 24, 2015, 6:27 pm

This pathfinder ride may or may not go to St. Buryan!

The ride will commence from Longrock Industrial Estate (TR20 8HX) at 10.00.

It will be a gently undulating route of approximately 25 - 30 miles with a coffee/ lunch stop.

Those wishing to ride over to the start should meet at the block works above Halvasso at 8.30.

The route to Longrock will be via Blackrock, Praze, Leedstown and Marazion.
Hopefully the weather will be fine and we will see a large number of Wheelers attending this event.


Love or Confusion
May 20, 2015, 9:55 pm

The first lines of the Jimi Hendrix song Love or Confusion start with:
"Is that the stars in the sky or is it raining far from now.” 

Well, the stars had long gone and the rain certainly was far from now but what we did have was a lot of confusion when the OGIL met at Union Corner.
Admiral was there before me, Richard then arrived and so did a friend of Steve and Amanda whose name escapes me. But where was Dean? Had he got lost on his field trip or had we all forgotten that he was going to be away. 

We set off confused as we didn’t know where our coffee stop would be, Dean usually has a plan. Also who would let Trevarno Dave know where we were going. He too would be confused. 

We all rolled up at the bottom of Halvasso meeting place to find Trevor and Phil 3 patiently waiting.   More confusion as suddenly Dean was there! He had caught us up, Phew normality could be resumed.
Where to go though? Trevarno Dave had been contacted and we were to meet him at Porkellis. Off up the hill to Halvasso, Carnkie and Porkellis but where was Dave, had he become confused and gone to Portreath, or somewhere else beginning with P. No, he had had a mechanical and gone home to get another bike.

The decision was made to go to Helston Boating Lake but the long way round arranging to meet Trevarno Dave at the boating lake. We set off down the hill only to find Jim coming back up the hill. He had changed his mind and decided to go the other way to Helston. Confused? Yes, so were we. Trevarno Dave wasn’t at the lake after all but Jim was. 

After a lovely full English, tea cake, cake and bacon roll stop of 41 minutes we headed back home via muddy lane, saying bye to Trevor in Helston and continued onto Jim’s hidden lane.

Richard and I both took our jackets off, as it was beginning to warm up ................ a few nanoseconds later it started to rain but the weather too, was confused; and stopped after a very brief moment.

Usual way back via Wendron and Halvasso and another lovely Wednesday out.
38.5 miles for me which, after Sunday’s 68.3 miles was just about right and looking forward to the Pathfinder on Sunday.


(Confused? This may or may not help!?!!  Ed.)
Hi Richard, Please see the report from today’s OGIL ride. Please feel free to change anything or add anything extra. The reference to Jimi Hendrix is due to Steve playing like him at your band meeting but nobody but us would know that though.

The rugged coasts and mountains of Kerry and West Cork
May 18, 2015, 12:06 pm


Unable to resist the magic of the rugged coasts and mountains of Kerry and West Cork,
a small group of us set off on Sat 10th bound for our regular destination of Kenmare.

Paula, Sonjia, Liz, Jo and Gill were to be escorted by Ian and myself but Jo had to cancel due to work commitments and Julian Winn from Truro Wheelers later joined us. Besides redressing the male/female imbalance Julian immediately proved to be a valuable addition to the group and an amusing diversion to the female banter/prattling.

It was Paula's suggestion to take the daytime crossing to Rosslare from where we drove to Dungarvan for our first night – more civilised than taking the usual night crossing on the ferry, with the added bonus of a pint of Guinness along with a meal and a good nights sleep. The following day we tootled across Ireland wondering whether we would leave the precipitation behind but the sunny spells en route turned to black clouds as we climbed over the mountains into Kenmare in the early afternoon. After much deliberation, during which some of the girls went for walks, us chaps eventually got out the bikes, put on rain jackets and headed to the pretty quayside pub at Bunaw. And then it stopped raining! As we always say, “you never regret going”!

We were treated to fine weather most days - on the sunny but windy first day we took a glorious new route through the mountains towards Bantry passing the highest pub in Ireland, which was sadly closed. On Tuesday we enjoyed our favourite ride to Allihies along with crab sandwiches and Guinness in the sunshine at Castletown Bearhaven. Later in the week we rode over Molls Gap to Killarney and climbed the Gap of Dunloe which is so pretty you never tire of it.

The trips continue to improve as we discover more routes we can ride from the hotel, perfectly situated to access rides to all points of the compass. Just like some wheelers who can't resist the draw of Halvasso we are already drawing up plans for next year. We will be back!

Detailed accounts in the newsletter


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