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Brittany Ferries offer for bikes
Jul 6, 2015, 8:50 pm

Brittany Ferries have an offer for bikes to France, from £55 return for bike and rider, obviously you have to add a cabin to that and parking at Plymouth.  http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/offers/ferry/4day-cycle-offer

I have done a trial booking, it works out at £165 for two people.

We must go down to the sea again
Jul 3, 2015, 12:03 pm

Whilst Radio 4 warned that it would be the hottest day EVER, or at least the hottest since CDs were invented, if not since records began, and that the world as we know it was near to its demise, pessimystic Meg suggested that it would be “mainly cloudy”. But like a broken clock, she has to be right now and then; and it was “mostly cloudy” Only a sea mist making a difference.

Richard was having a knees up at Teliske, sorry, that should have said knee op, and Bernie said he would be trying to prevent his turkeys from cooking 6 months early so with BBC’s severe weather warning to mind I wasn’t expecting a big turn out at European Union Corner this Wednesday morning; But another surprise, the return of Nigel, together with Trevor and Raymondo, to be joined by Amanda just before we set off. Cormac had chosen today to open up half of the new roundabout, with the inevitable tailbacks. Raymondo thought that if the tailback was this bad with half the work finished what would it be like when it was all open.

Martyn had anticipated his late arrival so had carried on towards Halvasso but we quickly caught him up and all soon arrived at the turn. Fred was on his own when we arrived, probably wondering if he had the day wrong, and with our destination passed to Trevarno Dave we were on our way again. Trevor had already sent a message to Shane, who was thought to be somewhere near 4 Lanes. With Fred leading, the route out was uneventful, just a cool headwind to blow the sweat from the brow. Amanda turned back somewhere along the way. She had books to cook before meeting her accountant later.

Porthtowan seemed to be totally consumed by thick sea mist as we dropped down from Mount Hawke but it was warm enough to sit outside the café and watch the world go by. TD and Shane were already there. Cake seemed to be the preferred choice with just Fred and myself choosing off the hot menu. Conversation, on our table, was mainly of the Mines & Minerals and Raymondo’s knowledge of routes through Truro, a longer conversation than you might think!.

The way back took us up Rose Hill, of course, but around Nancekuke, down to Cambrose and through to Illogan, giving Portreath Hill a miss for once. Crossing the Redruth/Camborne Rd at Illogan Highway, where Shane turned off to collect his van from the garage, Martyn took us up a “No through Road” and on to what on a good day could pass as a footpath. Today was not one of those days and while Mr Garmin bleeped to remind me that I had not passed this way before, I could hear Nigel “bleeping” that this was not doing his “best wheels” any good at all. Eventually we were back on tarmac and with a choice of “left?” or “Right?” We all agreed that we should head for Brea but there was disagreement as to which way this was, but Martyn, putting his assertiveness training to effect or merely ignoring the others, led us to the left, to Churchtown, the other Carnkie and up to 4 Lanes. The rest was straightforward, just a cool headwind to blow the sweat from the brow, with Trevor, Raymondo and TD leaving us at Carnkie, Martyn and Nigel at Crane Garage, and just Fred and me paying a further visit to Halvasso. 44 mostly cloudy miles for me. Dean

He’s too sexy for his shirt.
Jun 25, 2015, 3:04 pm

The big question of the day was, “Just where were Fred’s tan lines?” Fortunately, it was information he kept to himself. Tales of distant lands were, instead, aplenty.

We were late leaving Union Corner, the advancement in construction works since last week distracting Richard 2 and I and it was Kath who reminded us that 8.50 am had been and gone. Even so, Martyn, on the flying flea, was only just turning into Kergilliack Road as we reached the top. It was a Poldhu morning and the destination had already been relayed to Trevarno Dave.

It’s perhaps time to have a word with the farmer at Halvasso turn to make the gateway a bit bigger. The turn out this morning more than filled the available space. Phil3, on his trusty roadster, the problem of his spokes still not sorted; Trevor 2, Simon and Fred. Kath was keen to get moving. “Right”, said Fred. 

You know the route.

Dropping down to Trelowarren we were surprised that our new friend was not out and about. Perhaps we were later than we thought. Though the pace was brisk there was prolonged nattering at the frequent stops. Kath was keen to keep moving. Was she concerned that there might be a repeat of the male bonding display from last week.

Poldhu beach was as welcoming as ever; the coffee and conversation flowed. It was a no show by TD, he was awaiting the boiler man, but JB did make an appearance, having a family day out at the beach on his wedding anniversary.

There was only one deviation from the usual path home, leaving Jim’s hidden lanes for Trevor’s even more hidden lanes, cutting our exposure to the A394 traffic by a whole 100 yards.

There were no signs of Jim’s Cash and Carry being open but Fred, Kath, Martyn and I stopped to check, so it was just Kath and I who finally returned to Union Corner. 46 miles sunny for me.



The York Rally
Jun 23, 2015, 5:36 pm



      "Attached are a few pics, (more pics in the photo gallery Ed.), from the York Rally this last weekend. 
To be honest, the whole event was something of a 'damp squib' and a shadow of its former self!  This wasn't helped by it being bloody cold - more like Cornwall in January. 
I am afraid the pictures are limited to a few 'vintage' bikes and trikes - including one 'longbarrow'.  I did say previously that I could not bring one back, so a picture will have to do!  There is a picture of a nice 1950 Bianchi, which may appeal to Robin?  Engaging in conversation with someone beside it - the comment was (his words, not mine) that his was a real classic not a modern 'Cranky Bianchi'. 
Apart from the vintage bikes there was a display of machines in air-smoothed casings in the presence of Mike Burrows. 
The trade stands were rather minimal with no worthwhile bargains. 
At least there was plenty of cycling chat of all kinds and was well attended.  Did not set eyes on Martyn and Margaret - their tent site appeared unoccupied.  Probably I will not bother with the journey up if it is held next year."

Richard 72


Instructions to enable & view “Members Only Pages”
Jun 21, 2015, 4:44 pm

You need to be able to see the whole screen of the webpage.  There may be some issues with some internet browsers or devices, such as tablets or smart phones; if this is the case, try zooming out.

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3                     Put in your Falmouth Wheelers Username and Password

4                     Click “Login”

5                     Your password will be verified

6                     Click on the Members only pages folder and hey presto see what lies therein!!

7                    If you encounter: "Error: Page not found" It just means you have not done things in the right                       sequence, but you should still be able to click on "Members Only pages" and they will open.

8                     If you encounter any problems email me:


A Rope in Case.
Jun 18, 2015, 11:49 am

I am sure that use of the Internet by the older generation protects their mental agility, and I have heard that Internet use may lead to the demise of the printed newspaper. This morning I came to the conclusion that the later could have a deleterious effect on the older generation, or at least on the not so young, but charming woman we met as usual on the hill down to the Trelowarren rear gate. But at least the mystery is solved. Not only does she climb that hill each Wednesday, but every day, to collect her newspaper from the shop in the village. I did not ask which paper she read but I had a feeling that none of us would be seeing the Sun today.

Was the change in the weather cause for the reduction in OGIL this Wednesday? Just Steve and Richard 2, watching the traffic build up at Union Corner, and just Phil3 at the other place. The road works seem to be at that interesting stage where what has been built has to be integrated into what currently exists and traffic tailed back to mingle with the St Francis school run.

Having sent a text to Trevarno Dave we were on our way. 3 of us to Helston boating lake café and Steve, home via Constantine. Fortunately it was a well trod path, via Trelowarren and Cury, as the fog allowed only a hint as to where we were going.

We arrived at the lake at exactly the same time TD, although he had tried several potential routes in an attempt to intercept. The café was busy but the service was not affected; swift, tasty and good value. Conversation was not, perhaps, at the high level you have been used to reading of, mostly about the problems Phil is having with his wheels, and did get a little technical at times.

Richard suggested a different route home, but without climbing back up to Sainsbury’s, so it was TD who led us through the “back streets” of Helston, much to the delight of Mr Garmin, to bring us out at Water ma trout. Sense of adventure satisfied it was back via muddy lanes to Wendron School and down to Poldark and Porkellis. As we prepared to bid farewell to TD it was time for a little male bonding; feeling each other’s nipples; all being firm except for Phil’s, in spite of TD wrapping sticky tape around one of them.

After Carnkie hill a hand drawn sign drew the attention of both Richard and I. Whilst Phil cycled on we stopped to investigate. Still downsizing and not having heard the expression “money for old rope” Jim was giving it away; an offer it was difficult to refuse. It was not so much a rope in case but more a case of rope. What a bargain, and if you had a penknife handy you could get two lengths for the same price. After Richard and Jim had exchanged thoughts on the NHS we continued homeward, Crane garage, Halvasso, blah, blah, blah, leaving Phil at Argal Xroads and home. The traffic was still queuing at Union Corner when we got there; 38 miles for me but at least it wasn’t foggy in Falmouth.


Prince Phillips Birthday ride
Jun 11, 2015, 12:05 am

My van was having an MOT today. And, as I had to drop it off at 9 o’clock, I was to play catch up; but that was not necessary in the end, as due to circumstances, it was nearly 9.30 when we eventually set off.   With the van dropped off at Blowing House Garage I headed to Mabe, past Argal and on to near Halvasso. In Treverva I went past Ian who was mending a P only to be told that Bernie had already repaired one this morning, all this and it was barely 9 o’clock. It was quite a crowd that had gathered, myself, Simon, Phil 3, Admiral, Bernie and Richard 72 followed by Dean, Richard 2, Martin, without Margaret today, and Ian.  

The destination was Loe Beach and with Trevarno Dave contacted, we set off up the hill to Halvasso took a right and a left; headed towards Bernie’s and along deaf cat alley. There is a garden party this Sunday at Trevales House next door to Bernie’s in aid of Charity with Tea and Cakes on offer.

We hadn’t gone too far before Admiral’s chain came off closely followed by Phil 3 breaking a spoke. Not a happy event as he’s only just had repairs done on his wheels.

We should have all had cake at the Loe Beach café in honour of Prince Phillips’ 94th Birthday as they all looked lovely but my Wednesday ritual is to have a bacon bap. The owner of the café was on her own today which made our wait a little longer than we are accustomed to; but with it being warm and sunny, lovely views and lively conversation we kept ourselves amused. I gather there was some discussion about our pets, especially our canine friends but I think I was still in the queue for food when this took place.

At the top of the very steep hill out of Loe Beach we bumped into Baldrick, formerly known as Lance, out for a gentle cycle with his wife. We had a lovely ride back to Devoran past some of the very nice houses in Feock. Simon, Richard 72 and Ian went to the pub in Devoran to sample the ale.

Not as many miles as usual, but plenty of hills and packed with drama …………. and the usual Wheelers banter.

Written by the report understudy, Kath

What a difference a day makes (OGIL ride on Weds 3rd June)
Jun 10, 2015, 3:06 pm

It had rained almost continually since Caroline posted the date for the Club BBQ but whilst Mystic Meg was showing “Cloud”, the BBC Light Programme was playing Ella Fitzgerald singing “Nothing but blue skies”. Perhaps it was safe to get up and go OGILing.

For me it was 4+72+1+1-1+2+2-1+1-1-3-1-1-1=46.
That is there were already 5 at Union Corner, one being Richard 72, when I arrived, followed shortly later by Kath. Steve turned back at Argal, when Raymondo and Trevor joined us before meeting up with Chris and Phil3 at Halvasso turn. It being Bernie’s wedding anniversary we let him choose the destination, Hell’s Mouth, which I passed on to Trevarno Dave. The exciting moment of the ride was the Mexican standoff between the furniture removal van and the coach with Mousehole on its destination board, in the middle of Halvasso.

Dave managed to find us on the road before Bolenowe, just after Amanda turned back. Heading out through Roskear and Coombe we were soon at Hells Mouth where the food was good but more expensive than, say, Stithians Lake. They say you have to pay extra for the view but my view was mainly of Trevor!

Whilst Kath recounted the story of her early upbringing at the other table, it explains a lot, the main conversation on our table was long distance audaxing. This probably explains why some of us were ready to be off again after only 43 minutes. From Hells Mouth back to Portreath, with a tail wind for once, the pace quickened and we rewarded ourselves with a stop for ice cream on the beach car park. Ignoring the suggestion that we tootle over to Tidelines for a second breakfast we moved on, up the valley to Redruth, continuing home, via Lanner Hill, Stithians, Deaf Cat Alley and Halvasso. Richard 2 is, I think, the only OGIL I haven’t mentioned but he was there too.


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