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The Sunday short ride
Aug 3, 2015, 10:19 am

Good weather always brings out a good crowd, and it must have been the best turn out for the year.Some new riders swelled our numbers, and as several riders wanted to be back for mid-dayish,
we settled on Stithians Lake.
We all rode to Lamanva crossroads then split away from the peloton- who were heading for St Ives.

Dean, Victor, NZ Dave, Sylvia and myself; joined by Guy, K, Pete and Alex (who is on holiday in Falmouth for a few weeks).
We rode a steady pace along the undulating road to Gweek. All still smiling, the biggest smile on Pete’s face as he powered up from Gweek to Boskenwyn School.
            Boskenwyn School

A very scenic route to the lake for a well-deserved caffeine and cake stop, Dave had poached eggs on toast, even though it’s not on the menu. Sunny enough to sit outside, but the wind did get a bit chilly; we were then joined by Don M, riding alone.
We all rode back down through Stithians village and then, us to Penryn accompanied by Pete, the rest back to Falmouth via Deaf cat alley and Halvasso.
     My Garmin said 27 miles, so a good pace and a good route, no visits from the P fairy, no mishaps, just good chat and a good morning out.
Hope to see the new riders again soon. 


I would very much like to thank all your members who made me feel so welcome on the Sunday ride as I turned up on my electric bike. I am used to getting all sorts of abuse from ardent cyclists so it was very refreshing to get such a friendly welcome.
The ride itself was great fun, I opted for the shorter Stithians route along with several others and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I could cycle along with the group at their pace and tended to use the power just on the hills.
I have never covered 26 miles before and only used one battery bar out of five, so I must have been putting some effort in for some of the time!
I would not be offended if your members would prefer not to ride alongside electric bikes, so it may be worth speaking to the other riders from Sunday for their opinions.
Thanks once again and if you are happy to accept electric bikes, I would like to join the Wheelers and accompany you on your rides.



Sunday Ride 2nd August 2015
Aug 3, 2015, 12:22 am

A dry but windy day saw several wheelers arrive at HQ including some new riders tempted to try us out after our appearance at the “Zestifal”. As we did not ride to St Ives the week before due to it P----ing it down I thought that would be a good ride for today, Caroline said that she was going to Stithians via Gweek as she needed to be back by 12ish . So we split into two groups the new riders except for Ray accompanied her including Peter who was on a battery assist bike to see how it would perform amongst proper cyclists!!!.

Fifteen bikes headed for St Ives the top route Porkellis, Releath, Godolphin etc. to St Erth all was well until Sonjia decided for no apparent reason to check the smoothness of the Tarmac Oh well it happens. St Ives was its usual heaving mass of humanity but fortunately the Balcony café was able to accommodate and catered for our needs very efficiently, ( Amanda even got her double shot but only 1 egg) . Martyn discovered that his rear wheel was shredding its rim, not good, so decided that he and Margaret would walk to St Erth and catch a train. At the top of St Ives we realised we had lost Trevano Dave, he’s mending a puncture someone announced, we waited five minutes, no sign, has anyone got his number, Dean has, I rang Dean who went on the short ride to get Dave’s number, no answer. So we posted Dave as missing in action said a few words and went on our way. Those of us who had waited caught up with the others at Hayle swing bridge turning round to notice Dave coming round the bend so we were all back together again.

Nothing more of note occurred other than at Praze an Beeble Trevor, Shane, Ian, Phil 4 and Raymond turned right so as to show Ray the Star inn. We had passed it earlier I said but they insisted he needed to see the inside, fair enough, so we went our separate ways and as we approached Falmouth the group split off like a well-rehearsed Red Arrows routine.

A very enjoyable 60 miles always a laugh


Update: Helpful train managers let us on all the small trains, so returned without much walking  St Ives-St Erth-Truro-Falmouth and Flushing Ferry! M&M

Don’t do it in the street, and scare the horses.
Jul 30, 2015, 6:38 pm

Mystic Meg

I was a tad late this morning so with no one waiting for me at Union Corner, I hastened off to the other place, to find Nigel, Bernie, Martyn and Fred. Excuses given and with the thought that our final destination was to be the Wheelers’ Zestifal stand on the Moor, Tehidy was agreed upon as a suitable place to rendezvous with TD.

Just after Carnkie came the encounter with 2 formidable women on horseback. I didn’t fancy mine. They were more than a little upset that they were unable to control their steeds and gave vent to their feelings as Bernie and I, unusually at the tail end of both the said animals and the other wheelers, drew close. As the older of the two gave me a look that was enough to solidify my bottom bracket I tugged my forelock and took to the opposite carriageway to pass. The rest of the journey, through Bolenowe, went without hitch, though Mystic Meg’s promise of a dry day came into question at one point. It was also cooler that one would hope for on a late July morning and with the inevitable head wind.

At Tehidy, however, it was warm enough to sit outside, which we did. The cake was reasonable, but no more; as were the prices, but on this occasion getting only 3 Continental Stars. Conversation mainly cantered on previous Wheeler foreign trips. TD did not make his appearance until we had almost finished but the day, at least, was young and we were in no rush to leave.

As Fred and Martyn discussed an alternative route home the rest of us merely nodded in approval, though I am sure we didn’t follow their train of thought and on reflection I am not sure that the two of them were describing the same route. Mr Garmin pretended that he knew the way though I am sure he gave out a quiet “new road” bleep now and then, as we went up through Illogan, down the main road towards Redruth and around Trewergie to Buller Hill. TD and Nigel turned off at Stithians, Bernie near Trevales and Martyn, Fred and I crossed the A39 to drop down through Packsaddles and Penryn. A great roar of appreciation met us as we rounded the Packet Memorial and onto the Moor. A fitting end to a pleasant 34 mile OGIL ride. Fred was so overcome he had to lie down.




The cardinham Pathfinder
Jul 30, 2015, 6:13 pm


Pathfinder Report July 2015

                         The forecast was not very encouraging! But as the day dawned all looked fair and dry so 14 cycles made it to Cardinham Woods’s car park including M&M’s Tandem which made 15 riders in all.

I left home just before 7.00 am and made my way through Truro and along the Ladock valley. It was a lovely cycling day and at Ladock village I stopped to remove my coat as it was getting warmer and was amazed at how many cyclists were coming the other way at such an early hour! Or perhaps we just start later.

On the Goss Moor I stopped to read the notice board about the vegetation etc. when a little voice said fancy meeting you here - it was Amanda who had also left early. We continued on our way until Victoria where I popped into the vast service station for a coffee fix. Continuing on I was caught by Robin, Ian and Phil 4 who had met at the Norway at 7.45 am “ have you seen Amanda” they cried, “she’s ahead” say’s I so a mad dash followed to catch her before Cardinham, no chance she was there already. Simon and Martin and Margaret soon arrived as did those who had very sensibly driven up. Shane, Phil 2, Sonja, Liz, Jill and Jo. Then arrived NZ Dave with Steve H, a last minute decision which meant Steve had had no breakfast and worst of all no meds. There’s a hard way and easy way I announced, “we’re up for the hard way” was the reply, oh well I thought so be it, so off we went. The first major hill brought on a few mumbles but the second hill, well enough said. Steve by this time was suffering badly with no energy etc, all sorts of bars were handed over and he made it to the top. A decision was made by Steve and Dave to head to The Jamaica Inn as easily as possible so I handed over my map made a few suggestions and left them to it.

All was well until St Neots where Robin who was riding point took the wrong turning along a delightful but wrong road as he passed Carnglaze Caverns (with a sign saying open all year next to a sign pronouncing that it was closed?) He realised we were heading the wrong way a quick study of the map and an alternative route was found - guess what, up a hill!     

Anyway back on route, we were soon at Golitha falls from which it is a steady climb up onto the moor and our destination The Jamaica Inn where sat Steve and Dave enjoying a pint in the sun. A pleasant lunch was consumed and the banter was its usual nonsensical rubbish. We then had a problem, M & M’s bottom bracket was sounding like it was a cement mixer with no bearings. Shane very kindly offered to take them home if they could get back to Cardinham, of course they could. A very pleasant ride around Colliford Reservoir to Warleegan, Mount and back to our starting point which was uneventful.

A very delightful and interesting day 78 miles for me, I also got a lift home thanks to Shane



Kath's epic
Jul 30, 2015, 6:08 pm


Congratulations to Kath and team on your Jogle

We went to Praze, Caesar, not to St Buryan.
Jul 23, 2015, 6:02 pm

The reason why the Romans didn’t settle west of St Austell could be the lack of a good cake stop in these regions at that time; but thank Adeona that times have changed. There are usually two dilemmas facing OGIL on a Wednesday morning; where shall we go, and how shall we get there. This week, still practicing thought transfer techniques I had again successfully put my suggestion into the mind of Fred and there was no hesitation from him with “Miss Molly’s”. Of course he may have only been thinking that Kath, who has reminded us on several occasions that this was a café she was still to visit, was just back from here epic JOGLE. It matters not; Miss Molly’s is an attractive proposition on a day when a dark cloud threatens from the West. The route out is flexible enough to cope with most weather variations. Before Kath could volunteer to navigate we were off again, such that it was after Carnkie that Mystic Meg reminded me that I hadn’t told TD of our destination. When TD appeared, just after crossing the Helston/Redruth road, our group was complete; Kath, Nigel and myself starting out from Union Corner at the appointed time, Martyn catching us up along the way, Fred, Trevor and Simon at the turn, and virgin OGILer, Brian meeting us on the Halvasso climb.

Tonto’s help wasn’t needed this week as we kept in a fairly tight bunch, apart from an episode where one or two chased off after a couple of young and female cyclists who had the nerve to overtake near Baripper.

They had managed to mend the pew at Miss Molly’s so we were able to sit in our usual place. The waitress apologised that there was only about six varieties of cake on offer but only Nigel and Brian, who chose the Guinness cake, were to be tempted. The majority of us were looking at the hot end of the menu, with Martyn in the middle with toasted tea cake. My eggs were plentiful if a little overcooked. “Free Wifi” doesn’t seem to go with the general ambience of Miss Molly’s, but free wifi there is and one or two of us were tempted to check on the rest of the world during a lull in conversation. 

It’s a short ride back and Cormac’s contribution to making it a smoother one, by resurfacing the tiny lane through goat and duck yard farm to Bolenowe was commented upon. Why did the goose cross the road? To peck at Fred’s leg, of course.

Cormac hadn’t used up all of their years supply of tarmac and were still busy at Union Corner when Kath and I returned there, 35 miles later. Dean

Did this little piggy fly home?
Jul 15, 2015, 8:14 pm

Mystic Meg said “cloudy and 17” but then she doesn’t have a Cornish vocabulary and so doesn’t understand the word mizzle. To be fair though, on closer examination she did include Humidity 97%, which means that you can almost see the water content in the air. It would only take a one degree alteration in temperature for it to appear, or disappear like a politician’s promises.

Just Nigel and I at Union Corner so we were off on time, to meet Martyn at his new alterative meeting point at the top of Kergilliack Road; and just Fred at Halvasso Parkway. I have been practising sending subliminal messages to Fred about destinations and it seemed to work today as he immediately said Helston boating lake. Mystic Meg is not a byte off the Apple so doesn’t have the reassuring voice of Siri to talk to on a lonely night but I gave it a go “ Tell TD, we are going to Helston Boating lake via Ashton”. “Go to hell, as*hole” she suggested. Is this insubordination or predictive text? I am use to Mr Garmin bleeping at me when I have gone the wrong way but this is a first from Mystic Meg. And to add to it, half way up Halvasso climb she reminded me that I was supposed to be out cycling this morning. I was going as fast as the others.

All credit to TD’s psychic skills, he was waiting for us at the Crelly cross roads, to warn us of the dangers that lay ahead. It is dustbin day in these parts on a Wednesday. Deciding that I was getting wetter with my jacket on than I would without it I ignored Nigel’s suggestion that I discard it like a real cyclist, on the move, and stopped. Just Nigel waited for me. The result was that on approaching the Y junction with the options of Breage or Godolphin the others had disappeared. “Which way?” Fortunately Tonto was nearby to answer our cry for help. Placing his ear to the ground he announced “ Iron horse go this way. White man with steel forks, ……and little wheels”. Fred asked why I hadn’t seen the arrows? I had only seen the sturmey archer.

The view across Penzance bay from Boscrege was outstanding, such that I wanted to try out the panorama setting on Mystic Meg’s camera. But I left it too late in stopping and the hedges blotted out the view. Fred suggested that we put Nigel’s wallet in the road and I could stand on that to see over the top.

At Ashton it was across and down to Rinsey and through to Porthleven and the Penrose estate. Without Richard 2 there was no call to stop for an ice cream.

There seemed to be a man in charge at the café today so the service was not as good as usual, Nigel not getting his tea until we had mostly finished eating. I have decided that I will rate cafes in future but instead of Michelin stars they will be Continentals. Marks will be awarded based on quality and variety, value, ambience, service and the level of conversation the experience generates. The lakeside café, on today’s visit was below par at three and a half stars. Conversation was on the mark though varying from the Glums to Pathfinder rides, via a cycle tour of Switzerland.

Fred needed to call in at the bank in Helston on the way back but for some reason didn’t know where it was, although it had Barclays in big letters on the front. We waited next to the site of the new Wetherspoons, idling away the time watching a young woman try to reverse her car into a space big enough to park a lorry. When she had finished I wandered across to give her the good news that her rear tyre was flat. Oh how she laughed.

After muddy lanes, which weren’t, it was hidden lanes, saying goodbye to TD as he turned off for White Alice, underlanes and Wendron Cricket Club. Jim did not respond to our cheery call so after parting with Nigel and Martyn, Fred and I took another look at Halvasso on our way home. The sun was out in Falmouth, as I guess it had been all morning. 41 miles for me. Dean.

Huff & Puff’
Jul 13, 2015, 8:15 pm

Stithians Lake,  Sunday, 12th July

Sunday morning was anything but encouraging when looking outside to see relentless rain!  Why, oh why did it have to be today when we have had such nice dry weather of late: was it Sod’s law?  Anyway, Ian had put much work into planning this new event for the Wheelers; so come hell or high water we had to support this!

 Most Wheelers had ridden down to Stithians Lake from HQ to arrive soaked at the designated start time of 10am.  I took the easy option of going direct from home to the café to find many Wheelers deciding on coffee before the start:  Ian’s start time would inevitably be somewhat delayed!  There was much of the usual Wheelers’ pre-ride banter as we waited for others to arrive.  Ian did his best to instil some discipline into the assembled mob before he could get us all ready for the start.  The Huff & Puff was based on the popular Pedal & Puff, but with cyclists pitched against cyclists for a circuit of the lanes around Stithies Lake.  The idea was that the fastest was paired with the slowest and each pair would go in the opposite direction on the circuit, and then retrace when they met their opposite number on the way round.  If that sounded complicated – well it wasn’t, although one or two Wheelers tried to make it so (no names mentioned – you know who you were).  Surprising how easily some confused left with right!

As one of the ‘slower’ riders I headed off through Tresevern and Stithians to eventually meet my opposite number when I was approaching Rame – near to the ‘Chez Jim’ turning.  A quick turnaround for the retrace to the start, whilst he retraced via the top of Carnkie and down through Penmarth.  I was surprised we met back at the start in very close time!  In spite of the foul conditions with streaming wet roads, nobody came a cropper and all seemed to enjoy the ride.

Everyone retired again to the café for more coffee, cakes, bacon butties and banter.  Some of us left eventually for home whilst others repaired, I think, to the Star at Porkellis?  The results of the ‘combatants’ were as follows:  1st Fred and Phil C,  2nd Ian and Richard 72,  3rd Robin and Gill,  4th Simon and Sonjia,  5th Phil 4 and Liz,  6th Trevor and Jo,  7th Phil E and Paula.

Many thanks to Ian for a very enjoyable and well thought-out event: one we most certainly must do again!   Of course, we are back here on the 16th August for Tea Treat and Treasure Hunt!



Ed: I don't think the picture of the lake was taken on Sunday.


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