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Good Golly!
Aug 28, 2015, 10:43 am

“Miss Molly’s?” suggested Ian, who had turned up at Union Corner with his onesie. “Miss Molly’s?” suggested Fred when Ian, Bernie, Ray and myself reached the other place. “Miss Molly’s?” texted TD as we climbed to Halvasso. This telepathy is beginning to work. Spooky! Perhaps one day soon I will have no more use for Mystic Meg; and with her accuracy at weather forecasting recently, it can’t come a day too soon. Today’s 49% chance of rain was way off mark. TD was, however, spot on; intercepting the other OGIL at Crowan. A diversion sign at Praze was quietly ignored and it was an almost traffic free ride from there through to Camborne, only to be foxed by the closure of the entrance to Dolcoath Road.

Smiling faces greeted us to Miss Molly’s and orders taken, retaken, and further clarified, we settled down to good old OGIL conversation. Simon’s recent trip to the mountains steered the conversation to new heights.

A very, very, light shower tried to put a spoiler on the ride home but we were having none of it. Simon, Brian, and TD peeled off in that order, leaving just Ian, Fred and myself to say goodbye to Ray at Crane garage, as he returns to England on Saturday. 36 miles for me, and not a bleep from Mr Garmin. - Dean

Oh, where did the blue sky go?
Aug 19, 2015, 1:01 pm

After taking a week off last week and leaving you to do your own ride report, I expect you will, no doubt, be eager to catch up with the does and don’ts of the OGIL. Well, whilst I was still umming and ahhing, Fred phones – “Its peeing down here. I expect you’re the only other daft bugger who might turn up so just phoning to say I won’t be at Halvasso turn”. Kath had already declined and Bernie was baby (chick) sitting, so decision made for me I thought it polite to let Trevarno Dave know he would be on his own. “ Have my own excuse, rellies expected” came the response. Rellies in wellies, one hopes.

Meanwhile in sunny Normandy, Martyn and Trevor are heading for Paris; a much more interesting tale.


The Tea Treat and Treasure Hunt, Sunday August 16th
Aug 17, 2015, 10:21 pm
The Hunt was great fun, but where and what was the treasure?  It must have been the box of 50 saffron buns that awaited us at the end of the 16 miles around the Stithians lake area - that and the sunshine, the glorious views and the hedgerows awash with orange montbretia and wonderful blue hydrangeas, flourishing after all the recent rain.
Richard's route, in two 8 mile stages, took us in a big loop to the south and the north of Stithians Lake; half the approximately twenty riders went one way, half the other.  Watching for answers to the questions on our route sheets made us notice all sorts of things that normally flash by. Stage one took us round the reservoir anti-clockwise, with twelve things to look out for - now I know that 'Forth Noweth' means 'New Road', and that those noisy Bassett hounds live at Trekewas Cottage, but I never did discover Alphonzo's surname.  Apparently it was on the war memorial near Stithians church!
Stage Two was actually shorter but seemed longer; over towards Lanner via Chapel Hill, (where I spotted the two pickaxes on the council crest on the road sign, and felt very clever until the finish, when I found that everyone else had as well...) then a steep climb up Pennance Lane, back across the A393 and over Buller Downs, then a left turn at Four Lanes, where two granite lintels and a wrought iron gate between the Victoria pub and St. Mary's house provided yet another answer.
A ride with a difference...great fun, let's do it again!  A big vote of thanks is due to Richard for all his hard work planning the ride and setting the questions, and to Caroline for organising the buns.    Liz

Aug 16, 2015, 3:45 pm

The club has two members taking part in this year’s Paris-Brest-Paris 1200K.

You can follow them on route here:


Martyn A’s ride number is G173 & Trevor 2 is J136

Both started early Sunday evening and have 90 hours to complete.

More details of the ride and route here:


A stream of pictures is also appearing on Twitter under #pbp2015, and professional rider photos are coming online here.

Both riders reached Brest Tuesday morning and are on their way back to Paris.

Aug 14, 2015, 9:48 pm

LOGIL a late OGIL report
Aug 10, 2015, 11:02 pm

No country for old men 

With almost uncanny coordination, TD arrived at Lilly the Pinks at exactly the same time as the rest of us; Nigel, Fred, Simon, and myself. Martyn was clearly running out of bikes so hadn’t been at the newly opened Union Corner gyratory, and Helston Trevor and Raymondo had obviously taken notice of Mystic Megs forecast and decided to spend the day sheltering in a hanger somewhere. Between them Fred and Simon had navigated us at a lively pace, via Stithians, Gwennap, Sunny Corner, Killfreth and Wheal Busy, so we were ready for our “cake stop”. Do they do cake at Smokey’s, asked Nigel?

The waitress was not flummoxed by the several amendments to the order and the food arrived both correctly and quickly. Nigel did sit waiting for his tea to arrive but it was soon discovered that not only had it already arrived but also that TD was half way through drinking it, thinking it was coffee.

A rating for Smoky Joes is difficult; it is different to the majority of the cafes the OGIL frequent. The food is good and very reasonable. The service is quick, the staff friendly. It does not, however, share the view of Poldhu, Porthtowan, Peranuthnoe, or Loe beach; the vista being only of the car and lorry park, blurred by both condensation and the morning rain. In spite of this, census of opinion was that, on this occasion, 4 Continental Stars should be awarded; the quality, and variety, of the conversation tipping the balance. To list all topics would tax my memory and not add to my reputation, but included nuclear fallout, Cornish marriage customs, and … (I told you this would tax my memory).

The rain arrived an hour earlier than predicted so it was a colder, damper, ride home, via Treskerby and Lanner Hill, and with a strong headwind. I was glad to get home. 37 miles for me.


Sunday Ride 9th August
Aug 10, 2015, 8:17 pm
We followed Adrian’s instructions and todays ride headed for the Lizard. If you are reading this Adrian I hope you have a successful operation and we all wish you a speedy recovery.
It was a rather overcast morning with some mizzley rain and I was quite surprised to see at least a dozen wheelers waiting for the off at HQ. 9 riders set out for the Lizard and I have to say it was the first time for a while we haven’t had any lady riders or Sonjia! Don’t know if I’ll get away with that one?
9 became 10 as we picked up Brian, who had cycled over from Lanner, at Argal crossroads. I think it is now twice he has been out on the long ride and I hope he is enjoying the challenge and joins us on future rides.
The only black mark against you Brian is that you didn’t stop for a pint at the Star.
Please don’t let this happen again!
Following a well worn route to Gweek the 10 became 11 as Trevarno Dave was waiting for us at the bottom of the hill. Up Gweek Drive, through Trelowarren, past thingy, right at whats it called, up and over and eventually to Traboe Cross. On we rode across the downs into a head wind with Fred and Robin setting a good pace to Kuggar.
Our stop at the Lizard was the Regent Café which serves good coffee and excellent food at a reasonable price. The highlight of the café stop, apart from Robin’s hilarious joke about a talking dog, was Phil Conroy’s quip when Fred asked to borrow Brian’s knife, Phil came out with “the knife of Brian”. You crack me up Phil and, as I said at the time, I retract nearly everything I previously said about you!
When deciding the route back Raymond suggested Mullion and Poldhu, a sensible option when you are riding a fixed wheel but the hill up from
the cove didn’t pose a problem for him. At Culdrose the all important decision of which watering hole to head for, had to be made. The Star Inn was to be our rehydration venue for today. Now the 11 became 10 as Phil Eagles left us to ride home via Gweek. Surprise of the day was Trev leaving us at Helston and not having a beer. I think he must be tapering down for the PBP! An enjoyable time was had by 5 of us at the Star where chat turned to our forthcoming tour to Yorkshire and all the hills we can climb and its only 4 weeks away! Hooray!
Great ride with 50 miles and 3 pints for me.


Kath’s JOGLE report
Aug 4, 2015, 11:15 pm

                   The idea for our JOGLE started well over a year ago but due to circumstances was put off until July ‘15.  But once a new date was decided it was full steam ahead.  We still had the bones of the previous plan to work with and we now just had to put some meat on those bones. Our team consisted of Ali and Mike, Jonquil, Dave, Clive and myself along with Mel, Jonquils husband supporting on the second week.

We flew to Inverness and caught the bus to Wick where we were picked up by Clive and taken to our first nights B & B accommodation. We had booked campsites for all of the other nights accommodation. The B&B which was recommended by some friends was the most fabulous place with amazing hosts who fed us a lovely meal and also taxi’d us to John O'Groats in the morning.  All this for no payment, just a donation to our charities. Clive had already gone on ahead of us with the support vehicle and the bikes.

We started off from John O'Groats  in a very excited mood with good weather and enjoyed our first day of 65 miles along the east coast of Scotland to Brora.  Clive was waiting for us at the campsite which was a stones throw from the beach but difficult to find as a sea mist had rolled in. We had had one steep hill at Helmsdale and we were all very happy.

Day 2 and our destination was Daviot just outside Inverness.  We stopped for a cup of tea as we were doing well and met a fellow JOGLER, Mark, who joined us for a drink.  He was on his own and taking 18 days to get to Lands End but didn’t really have a definite plan.  We struggled a bit to find the campsite which was a little further out than we had imagined and we were tired when we arrived.  The midges had also arrived which was not good news and low and behold our new found friend Mark also turned up.  We invited him to share our food as all he had were some dried noodles and we welcomed his contribution of ginger biscuits.

The end of day 3 was a campsite at Pitlochry which let us stay for free, a lovely gesture. This was to be our longest day of 93 miles.

Day 4 was exciting as we would be in Edinburgh at the end of it and we were to go over the Forth road bridge.  I’m not a lover of bridges but the Forth road bridge is pretty impressive and a bit disappointed that they weren’t painting it.   The cycle paths in Edinburgh are amazing.  They start 10 miles out of the city and take you in and around Edinburgh virtually all off the main road.  Another lovely campsite by the coast.

We set off the next day with clear blue skies and had a fantastic run into Newcastleton a typical Scottish Borders village full of midges. The campsite has the second  best showers in the country, best ones at Carnon Downs according to a lady in the showers at Newcastleton.  We went to the local pub and had a long conversation with the landlady about midges.

The next day’s highlight was to be going up Shap pass and we were very glad of good weather.  I wouldn’t like to ride across the pass in bad weather. Its a beautiful cycle with a fantastic ride all the way down into Kendal.

We had now lost the wide open countryside of Scotland and were heading for Wigan.  This middle bit of the ride was not my favourite.  We were going through Wigan and Warrington with a lot of traffic and even though we were managing to keep off the main roads we all longed to go back to Scotland.

In Whitchurch and a very strange campsite we did a swap of support drivers and vehicles.  Clive gladly returned home after what I can only imagine was an exhausting week.  He had to de camp every morning.  That's 2 tents and an awning along with all the kit that we had.  He then had to shop for dinner that night and find the next campsite put 2 tents and an awning up, sort out the camp and cook dinner in preparation for our arrival.  We usually managed to get our kit washed and dried each evening but sometimes this didn’t happen and the support did this too.

We were glad to get to Hereford where the countryside opened out again.  We had an evening with some friends of the rest of the team as this was only a stones throw from their homes.

This was lovely and they all brought us more supplies of cake, flapjack and more cake.

The next day we met another of their friends and she rode with us through Tintern and onto Monmouth. We left her as we headed off over the Severn bridge which I have driven across many times but not cycled. 

It was onto Weston super Mare via the outskirts of Bristol and Avonmouth Docks which I really wouldn’t recommend anyone cycles around.  It was a nightmare with huge lorries just wanting to get a move on and fairly narrow roads considering the size of the traffic.  We even managed to do a couple of laps I think wasting a lot of time.  This was probably the worst day as again we couldn’t find the campsite due to the building of a new roundabout and it was now raining hard.  We had to beg the campsite to keep the washing machine and dryer switched on for another couple of hours and it was still raining. 

On to another day which was a little damp but showed promise.  We were beginning to struggle finding the right route after leaving the campsites and this day was no different but after we got going it was lovely cycling taking in the coast at Brean, an eye opener for me, through Bridgewater and along the beautiful canal path all the way to Tiverton via Taunton.  The next campsite was at Newton St Cyres which I thought was just outside Crediton which I suppose it is if you are driving but windy, narrow lanes makes it a little different.  We finally arrived at 9.30 and had only done 68 miles.  What on earth had gone wrong!!.

A lovely short day of just over 50 miles lay ahead of us, or so we thought, but we were now in Devon and the hills were coming thick and fast. We tracked around Dartmoor but I was very tempted to go across Dartmoor as the weather was lovely. Probably a good job we didn’t.  We stopped for a coffee in Oakhampton went through Launceston and finally wiggled our way to Colliford Lake campsite which was shrouded in foggy mist which gave it a slightly unsettling feel. 60 or so miles again if not more.

The next day was very different from the end of the previous one. It was warm, bright and sunny and with again another short day ahead we were in high spirits. 

Our only mishap of the trip happened not many miles from the start.  We were going down an exceptionally steep, slippery hill.  Me being a bit of a coward downhill was hanging back but the others had gone on down.  Ali though had applied her brakes on a nasty corner and was sitting in the middle of the road waiting for me with what I initially thought was a broken arm. Luckily, if you can call it that, she hadn’t broken anything but had a very nasty graze on her thigh and a cut on her leg.  The others appeared completely out of breath having run back up the hill.  Good job mouth to mouth wasn’t required as they had no breath left. Patched up the best we could manage with what the first aid kit had to offer we headed off to Lostwithiel had lunch and cycled to St Austell.  It was here that I was feeling good, the weather was great and it was still early in the day with only about 25 miles left to go before we got to Carnon Downs.

In my wisdom I thought that a lovely scenic route via Mevagissey with a finale of the King Harry ferry would be a good idea.  It was a good idea but not very well received after we cycled hill after hill. Caerhays Castle looked stunning though.  The residents of Mevagissey thought we were insane cycling up what they affectionately call Cardiac Hill. We did arrive though in good spirits at the ferry with just the hill up to Trelissick to conquer and the support boys meeting us at the Punch Bowl and Ladle for a swift half before going on to enjoy the delights of Carnon Downs campsites showers.  We had a celebration meal at the pub which was well received.


Our final day had finally arrived and I was having mixed feelings about it .  I didn’t want the journey to end but I knew it would be a good day as some of the Wheelers were joining us for part of the ride and that there would be family and friends at Lands End to greet us.

It certainly was a brilliant day.  We started off going along to Penpol and Devoran which looked perfect in the sunshine.  It was on to Penryn to pick up some van keys for the rest of the teams return journey and to meet Dean and Martyn and Margaret.  Fred and Bernie picked us up at Crane garage and Trevor met us at Auntie Jill’s coffee stop. Just the last bit to do now with St Michaels Mount looking splendid in the sunshine, along to Penzance via the cycle path a right turn at Newlyn and we were on the final stretch to Lands End. Only 6 miles to go the sign said.  My goodness we had nearly finished our journey.  We had a quick group hug before we set off on the straight run to the finish line where there was a fabulous welcome crowd waiting for us. What a way to finish!

Writing this report has been lovely as I’ve looked through the photos, gone over the map again and remembered all of the adventure that we had, the people that we met and all the laughs along the way.  Thanks to Ali, Mike, Jonquil and Dave and Clive and Mel for our JOGLE adventure not forgetting Betty the dog.




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