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Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads
Oct 21, 2015, 10:14 pm

The most difficult part of writing these reports, apart from remembering where we went, who was there, and what happened, is thinking of a theme, and a title. Fortunately I do have Mr Garmin to fall back on as regards where we went and the others have no more idea as to what happened as I do, so the theme, and title remain the main challenge. I had given all potential OGILs an easy opt out by sharing Mystic Meg’s weather forecast on facebook so I wasn’t surprised that I was the only one at Union Corner, and only Fred and Simon at the other place. The destination was quickly chosen; “Lilly the Pinks, or somewhere else”, the latter winning and a text to TD confirmed “boating lake”. “Just for a change” we went down to Gweek and through Trelowarren, and were happy to see our friend coming up the hill to fetch her newspaper; though I am not so sure she was as pleased to see us as she threw herself, and her Zimmer frame, into the hedge as we hurtled down the hill. After the estate it was straight on to Cury crossroads and Mr Garmin was slightly confused when we didn’t turn left to Poldhu but right, heading, at last, to Culdrose and on to Helston.

TD’s bike was already there, but TD hadn’t yet arrived, obviously experiencing some slight coordination problems but we were soon all seated, on just one table for a change, enjoying our breakfast. In the absence of lady OGILs the conversation centered mostly on the politics of the day; the Chinese President; nuclear power, the demise of the UK steel industry; and fitted trousers and bras, which was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a Sheerings coach load of Saga louts who took over all available seats; the most worrying aspect of which was that most of them looked younger than us.

It was time to leave; and Fred was wise to suggest the straightforward way back; through town, muddy lanes and Wendron, where TD turned back. Simon turned off at Chez Jim’s and Fred and I took one more look at Halvasso and wondered, just what did happen to us in the future. Did we become assholes or something? 36 miles for me and still wondering. Dean

It was a Sunday of L's.
Oct 20, 2015, 9:51 am

Lovely weather, Lovely people, Lanivet,Luxulyan,Lanlivery and if Trevor had got his way Lostwithiel too.

27 Wheelers met up in the car park at Lanivet, that's 3 tandems and 21 others if my maths is correct. Some cycled from home, nearly home and most of the others came by car. By 10.15 we were all assembled and ready for the off.
 We took a left out of the car park and just to get us a little warmer and to set the theme for the day we headed off up a hill, a very long hill. We were rewarded though by a terrific view and a very nice house to look at.  We were also rewarded with Prideaux house along the way too.
As usual I wasn't too sure where we were even though I have the map and I think at times Fred was a little mystified too but he hid it well.  We very nearly had to make a detour as we had chosen the same day as the Eden Project Marathon and Half Marathon race day and it made interesting riding having the runners sharing the same narrow lanes as ourselves.  In fact I don't think those lanes have been as busy for many years.  I was glad to be on a bike as some of the runners looked very hot and tired.
There were plenty of hills between the start and our lunch stop at Fowey and I heard Fred say at one point before lunch,'that's the last big hill of the ride'.  Now I know that Fowey is at the bottom of a hill so I took that statement with a pinch of salt.  We reached Fowey in high spirits and all enjoyed the towns culinary delights in a variety of establishments.  Some went to the pub and Trevor I found the Deli which served a nice Bacon sandwich and a very large piece of cake.  This was the same Deli that Trevor had called at when he was part way through a 600km Audax ride.
I tested out the local conveniences at a cost of 20p just to see if they offered value for money.  No is the answer, they are just the same as the ones that are free.
We left a beautifully busy sunny Fowey and headed off up the hill that I think Fred had forgotten about.  After some lovely cycling with some terrific views from some high ground we found ourselves in Lanlivery where I took a break on a bench enjoying the stunning weather.  The next mile or so was the route that Clive and I did for a pathfinder a couple of years ago which we must do again sometime.  It rained that day so understandably  not many turned out which was a shame as the countryside all around this area is exceptional.
It was a left, left again and a right that brought us back to that very first hill and what a superb day we had all had and no fairy visits.  I think a total of 5 cycled home, or was that 6 as there was M&M on their tandem.
Thanks Fred.

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside.
Oct 14, 2015, 8:11 pm

It was a no show from Beyonce this morning. I don’t know why. She was up for it when we met in Club I on Monday eve. In fact she seemed up for anything; and that was before we started on the shots. But never mind, the trio of Silvia, Kath and Margaret more than made up for her absence. We met up with the M&Ms at Mabe Church turn, as they sneakily nipped out in front of us, so there were already 7 Wheelers by the time we got to the other place and Fred, Chris and Bryan. It was really a Poldhu day, bright but with a chill in the air, but Chris needed to be back extra early so Porthtowan was a good alternative. The option of the Q bar at St Agnes was dismissed, as it would be in the shade on an otherwise sunny morning. “Whilst its out we might as well make the most of it”, suggested Silvia. No one has said that to me for a long time.

I left the job of determining where we were going to Fred and where we had been to Mr Garmin and enjoyed the banter as we made our way from coast to coast. Mike, with new spokes, was up amongst the pack.

Porthtowan was clearly a good decision as the sun caught the crest of the waves as they broke on the beach and the café was nicely sheltered from the Easterly breeze. If the conversation lulled we could always watch the surfers, as they sliced expertly through the waves, or stripped off at their cars opposite the café. TD was already there, although I had left it as late as I dared before passing on the rendezvous details. With us being a party of 10, Chris had turned back after Mount Hawke, we naturally needed 2 tables. There has been less turn out for a Sunday ride. The conversation on my table was mostly about the goings on at the Falmouth WI and the highlight being the waiter, who, trying to balance too many items on his tray, was beaten by the sheer size of Mike’s carrot cake and tipped Nigel’s tea down him.

Without Trevor or Raymondo amongst us there were no thoughts of turning right up Rose Hill to Portreath and instead it was left and right and the long incline to Wheal Rose and Scorrier. Numbers diminished as we continued with just Kath, Silvia and myself returning to Union Corner. Near enough 42 miles for me. Dean

The Homestead Woodland Garden & Tearoom
Oct 11, 2015, 4:41 pm

I hope you do not mind me sending you this email.

We are on the B3297 Helston to Redruth   Road just over 3 miles out of Helston. 
Our tearoom “SLICE OF CORNWALL” is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am - 4pm,
if you are out and about this way please feel free to come in to re fuel!

Penzance Wheelers have dropped in a couple of times while out cycling and mentioned yourselves.

We are trying to encourage walkers, cyclists & horse riders to drop in and would love to see you.

You can bring your bikes right down to the tearoom and line them up against the fence in order that they are within your sight while you have some refreshments.

Kind regards and hope you get a chance to pop in.  

Shirley (Owner) The Homestead Woodland Garden & Tearoom

The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore …..
Oct 7, 2015, 8:22 pm

Whilst the eBible Christian Fellowship forecast that the earth would end in a great fireball, Mystic Meg more optimistically suggested that it would be “mostly sunny”. Which of these two brought thirteen Wheelers out for todays OGIL ride I know not but 13 of us planning to sit down together at the café was not a positive start; and when I began to text TD the destination, “Looking like Tehidy at the moment” and Mystic Meg changed it to “atonement”, the hairs stood up at the back of my neck. Of course it could have been the keen autumn wind; keen, that is to impede progress in whichever direction one chose to take. Mike, Raymondo, Trevor 2, Admiral, and Nigel, on a new bike, awaited me at Union Corner and we were to be met by Fred, Simon, Bryan and Chris at Halvasso, and very shortly after by Martyn and Margaret. The somewhat cryptic message to TD was because Fred was in two minds as to whether we should head for Tehidy, Portreath, or Porthtowan, and neither of them had got the fundamentals of a route sorted. All went well for a while but “management by Committee” soon found its way in with subsequent deviations. It all went down hill, for Mike, near Troon when Trevor, sent back to see just where he was, returned to say that he had 2 broken spokes. Despite the combined mechanical expertise available he was left to wobble off back to the nearest bike shop, at Penryn, as we continued onwards and usually upwards. If you could draw a straight line between Troon and Tehidy it would be nothing near to the route we were to take. At Barripper Chris stepped forward with an unusual degree of assertiveness and a “left and then right”, only adding a couple of miles, and an extra hill, to the alternative of “right and then left” but allowing Mr Garmin to chortle “new road”. More discussions were held just after the crem, accompanied by the poring over of maps, but eventually we arrived at Tehidy to find TD already ensconced in his breakfast. Mike’s misfortune mean that we were down to 12 again so no danger from the number of seats at the table, and of course we had to split onto two tables. On my table Admiral was getting agitated about something or other but the exact topics slip my mind.

TD was eager to get home so didn’t come back with us; the usual route through to Pool before taking the Tregajorran to St Euny Church path for a change, Carnkie, Pencoys and across to Stithians, with Wheelers making their adieus as we went. Finally there was just Admiral and myself returning to Union Corner. The world hadn’t appeared to end whilst we were away so there was a report to write. 40.31 miles for me. Dean

Long Ride, Sunday 4th October
Oct 5, 2015, 5:07 pm

The stated aim of today’s ride was to head west to Mousehole to support the Land’s End 100 which started (and finished) at Marazion. Not sure how you support a sportive without actually participating in it. Anyway, Ian led eight of us from HQ instructing us to ride in pears as far as the Halvaso turn. Other fruity formations were suggested but there was no a peel (groan). At Carnkie we almost lost Fred as we unexpectedly turned right and on to Praze via Blackrock. Trevor 2’s organisational skills were evident as he fielded phone calls to advise Shane of this week’s cafe stop and to make arrangements with the cafe for next week.

We opted to ignore the large yellow arrows directing the sportive riders and took the direct route to Longrock through Leeds Town and St Erth avoiding the centre of Marazion which was busy with Sportive traffic. Oh yes, Fred shed his chain and Raymond decided to rob a bank in Penzance shouting to everyone about the size of his wad. Quickly we ducked down to the promenade where the wind was definitely up.

Despite it being 15 minutes past official breakfast time, Pam’s Pantry in Mousehole happily served us their breakfast menu as we waited for Shane to arrive. The sportive riders ploughed their way through Mousehole dodging cars and pedestrians in a bid to put in a good time. We did the same after Shane had gulped down a coffee. Fred shed his chain again as we negotiated the Tesco roundabout. Worn chain and chainwheel were clearly not engaging as snugly as they should.

Four were drawn to the pub in Marazion perchance to be joined by Robin (methinks this was the unstated aim of today’s ride). Amanda, Fred, Phil Eagles, new recruit Ed and I battled the strengthening wind through Goldsithney, over the col de Tregonning, Godolphin Cross, Nancegollan, Porkellis and Carnkie. We did the splits before and after Halvasso and Don Gunner was spotted on his way to Gweek. Between 55 and 60 miles by rough approximation by the time I got back to HQ.


The Ride that got forgot
Oct 2, 2015, 4:18 pm

Ogil Ride Wed 23rd Sept

This is a report of the ride we all forgot! Well at least I did but guess what I remembered we went to “Carnon Downs garden centre” We went via Halvasso, Stithians reservoir top of Lanner, Carharrack, Helston Water I think. The nice thing about the café there is that we all feel very young. Home via Stithians. Great ride with Dave Spargo back out again after his summer recess Bernie, Steve, Simon, Martyn and Brian. Don’t ask me how far.


Now, where was I?
Oct 2, 2015, 10:58 am

I was going to start with a report on last weeks ride but as Fred couldn’t remember where they had gone and was a bit hazy about who went, I thought I would just show you a picture of my new grand daughter and get on with this week’s report.

There was no dissent to Fred’s suggestion of “Miss Molly’s” and this was relayed to TD. Raymondo, Kath and virgin OGILer, Mike had been waiting at Union Corner and we were joined at the other place by Fred, both Martyn and Margaret- another virgin OGILer, and the first OGIL tandem, Bryan and Big Chris.

Ringing the changes, or so I thought, Fred led us out to Carnkie and Four Lanes and was deciding how we should get to Portreath, before it became clear that he was taking us to Lilly the Pinks, at Scorrier, and not Miss Molly’s. Corrected and rightly chastised he diverted us to the other Carnkie and along the cycle path to Tregajorran. TD was already at the café but we had lost our usual tables to a group of local hipsters. With 10 of us we had to divide onto two tables, the main topic of conversation on mine being whether Chris was going to have the full English or just the “large” scrambled eggs. The eggs won.

The way back was more straightforward; back to Brea village, Bolenowe, Carmenellis and Carnkie, riders pealing off as they do at various points, with just Kath and myself getting back to Union Corner

I wondered whether I should have put leggings on this morning. Was it cold or just me? Just a little over 30 miles. Dean

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