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Waiting for Godot.
Nov 12, 2015, 11:48 am

After leaving someone waiting at Union Corner last week, through a no show, I thought I had better not only be there but be there early this week. The “someone” was a visiting Wheeler who had almost ridden her steel mountain bike all the way from New Zealand, via South America and most of Europe. Raymondo had had the same thought, not of cycling from New Zealand but of being at the rendezvous early, so that was 4 of us setting out from Union Corner; the fourth being Admiral. Jenny, our new best Antipodian friend, explained that she had found the Wheelers website and after reading the OGIL ride report had set out to meet whoever was responsible. Chris, who wrote last week’s report, me playing the part of wimp, wasn’t at Halvasso turn so missed meeting his admirer.

Fred had obviously spent his time waiting for us to arrive by thinking of a choice for today’s destination and there was no dissent to the Q bar at St Agnes, a decision I quickly passed on to TD.

Mr Garmin had a quiet day as it was out via the Greek Church, Burncoose, Gwenap, Twelveheads and Chacewater, though with a slight twist in that we then turned right, going up to Dangerous Crossing and across to St Agnes. We found TD at the bottom of the hill in Peterville, saving us the drop down to Trevaunance as the Q bar was closed. Plan B took us back up into the village and we eventually settled on the St Agnes bakery, a quirky little café across the road from the church. It being just before 11 o’clock, on the 11th day of the 11th month we ordered our food and then sat in silence for a couple of minutes; the first time that I can remember an OGIL café stop being quiet. I understand that the lamb sausage roll was good. Admiral’s excuse that he thought he was stroking his own leg was insufficient to persuade Jenny from transferring to the other table, possibly to consult with the Wheeler’s solicitor. Asking her, earlier, whether she was Australian may have contributed a little.

The way back took us up the Perranporth Road, as far as Barkla Shop, before turning right, across behind Blackwater to Scorrier. Bryan pointed out that British Rail had finally started work on repointing the Goonbell viaduct, only 50 years after the last train ran over it. Bryan was the first to leave us, carrying straight on at Mount Ambrose, to meet up with his wife in Redruth, followed by Simon after Carnmarth, and TD, Raymondo, Fred and Phil in turn.

Jenny had nothing but praise for Fred’s route, Cornish back roads in general and, of course, the OGIL. Yes yes, we are magicians. 46 miles for me. Dean

Editor: We were driving up the A30 yesterday and saw a group of cyclist at Innis Downs, I said "The OGILs are lost again",  Obviously not.

Off road at Cardinham and Lanhydrock
Nov 9, 2015, 6:02 pm

With a forecast promising rain on Sunday it was a surprise to see a dozen enthusiastic and defiant off roaders gather at Cardinham car park to sample the delights of the Bodmin single track. We had Jenny join us - nickname, “ the girl at the back “ - but somehow always near the front this day, maybe on account of the chaps being so gallant and letting her go ahead - though I don't think they need have left such a big gap!

The Cardinham blue route always brings a smile to the face. Trevor was struggling a little with his smile due to a spill early on and before we reached the end of the circuit I had a spill too. Comparing notes we concluded that our speeds weren't quite matching our bike handling skills. There were a few mechanicals and Trevor seemed to be constantly changing his steed though I never saw the team car. Shane brought two young lads, nephews (?), one broke a derailleur and the other a rear disc brake failure which was a shame as he hadn't a front brake! He was fine going uphill.

Removing as much mud (and blood) from our clothing as we could we then cycled over to the cafe at Lanhydrock for a well earned lunch. It's a really pleasant cafe complete with a huge log burner and only spoilt by the sweaty dirty riff raff that was filling the place. Talk was of front suspension, (Fred didn't have any) internet connections on a mobile (Fred didn't have any) and ski passes on the forthcoming ski trip (I didn't have one according to Viv, a friend of Freds who joined us today and will join us again on the ski trip.)

A circuit of the Lanhydrock track concluded our dirty day out and it was with high spirits that we returned once more to Cardinham and the washing facilities ( river ) behind the cars. Jonathon ( yes JB was out, and a sailing buddy of his too, Garth? ) suggested a “debrief” pint on the way home so we later gathered at the Old Quay Inn in Devoran to relive the days excitement. And it never did rain – or not that anyone noticed. Thanks to Shane for organising such a brilliant day out.


“I think I have a headache starting”
Nov 8, 2015, 9:32 pm

It was another of those shall I bother days. I drove down to HQ and not expecting too much because of the weather, I am glad that I did as a merry band of about 10 or 11 turned up, but it was Amanda, Alice, Ian, Martyn, Phil Eagles, phil 5 (I think) and myself that headed of to Poldhu, whilst the other's opted for a shorter ride.

Ian decided on the route and took us via Budock Water, Treverva, Brill, Gweek, some country estate, Goonhilly, across the downs into this wind, Mullion and Poldhu. Along the way he greeted a few cyclist's but was totally ignored by all, maybe we should do the same and ignore him too. With no rain appearing and a steady pace it was a pleasant first half ride.

At Poldhu beach cafe, we ordered our coffee's and food, cakes, bacon and egg baps and beans on toast. At my table sat Alice and Martyn, Alice was asked what she does at university and right from the off I was confused, but the gist was a PHD in hysterical biology or something similar, as she explained I thought there's nothing funny about this. Martyn then started to explain Prof Stephen Hawking's black hole theory and the Big Bang, this is when the headache started and I did wonder whether to chip in with my theory on bicycle pump aerodynamics but decided against it on the grounds that it might be to much for them to absorb, so I concentrated on the climb we had to do up to the golf course.

We set off for home going the direct route, Cury, Culdrose, Helston, Wendron, Porkellis, Carnkie, Halvasso, Union Corner and HQ. Ian, Martyn and Phil 5 needed liquid energy at the Star Inn, the rest of us carried on, Phil Eagles going on to Mabe, myself and the girls to Halvasso, Budock Water and Union Corner. 42 dry happy miles for me, a good day. Chris.

Where's Dean? “I've gone to the gym”!!!
Nov 4, 2015, 6:58 pm

I awoke and threw back the curtains, rain greeted me. Shall I bother I thought, yes, because of two certain facts, first being that ¼ of a mile outside of Four Lanes in any direction and it will be 70* in the shade, the second being that I couldn't let Dean be the only one there, to cycle on his own.

I had breakfast, got ready and set off with lights flashing, hope in my heart and a cheery whistle. It soon became apparent that fact one had let me down, everywhere a wash out, still onward and upwards, Dean will be waiting. I set off in good time but Cormac and Wier were determined to make me late by putting three way temporary traffic lights at the Carnmenellis 'T' junction, the ones that only allow one car at a time to go through. I arrived at Halvasso corner at 8:50 all alone but was soon joined by Phil 3 and 5 mins later tandem 1 arrived with Margret and Martyn on board, “Dean will soon arrive I wonder if any one will be with him”, I said. At 9:15 Phil tried to phone Dean but to no avail, we then rang T.D. and he was D.I.Y.ing but had received a message from Dean saying that it was too wet to ride, what! too wet for a “Coventry kid”.

So we four set off to Miss Molly's going Martyn route via Stithians, Penhalurick, Pennance, Redruth, and Brea, by now the rain had stopped and it became very pleasant as we meandered our way along, once there we had coffee's, scrambled eggs on toast, beans on toast and a large full English, the conversation varied about whether to eat bacon or not, Audax rides, Prostates and saddles, the Plymouth ferry and Deans text to me stating that he was going to the gym instead of cycling, what is going on. 1Hour 20 mins later we set off home this time going via Troon to avoid the farm that has most of its soil on the road and not the fields. We parted at the Four Lanes turn, 26 miles for me, happy days. Chris.

Stithians Cafe winter opening hours
Nov 4, 2015, 1:56 pm

We have received the following from Cafe Nova at Stithians lake.

As you frequent our Cafe at Stithians lake I felt I should inform you of our Winter opening hours which will be commencing week beginning 9/11
I though you may like to post something on your website, below are our new opening hours.

Mon - 10am - 3pm
Tue  - closed
Wed - closed
Thur - 10am - 3pm
Fri  - 10am - 3pm
Sat  - 9am - 4pm
Sun - 9am - 4pm

Additionally our Cafe at Argal Resevoir will continue to operate 7 day a week through out the winter but our closing time will most likely reduce from 4.30 to 4pm.

Club Time trial, the results are in.
Oct 28, 2015, 9:57 pm

With 2014’s time trial shorten to 6.5 miles on safety grounds it was back to a full 10 mile course for 2015. 17 riders left at one minute intervals from Zoar Garage, Nr St Keverne heading towards Mawgan roundabout where they were marshalled by Shane who was on the turn.

First away but not the first to return was Richard 72⅞ who was rather disappointed to have not posted the slowest male time of the day, unfortunately this accolade he left for Brian. Fastest club member was Phil “the bullet” Bartlett who was pipped for best time of the day by young 19yr old Falmouth University student Luke “the king” Lear. Amanda retained her ladies crown for a fourth straight year with Caroline smashing her own personal best 10 mile time by over three minutes.

With all 17 competitors times confirmed by £5 Jim it was then on to the pre-booked Fat Apples Cafe, Porthhallow who even though they knew of our arrival still found feeding 20 hungry cyclist rather overwhelming.

A big thank you from Shane and me for everybody who helped and participated, next year we hope to return to this same course. Trevor 2


Luke Lear 25.49

Phil Bartlett 27.55

Ian Murrels 29.40

Kieran Watts 29.49

Victor Tonkin 30.22

Phil Eagles 30.30

Raymond Tucker 30.31

Lee Edwards 31.22

Fred Pullen 32.13

Amanda Hudson 32.40

Dave Gibson 32.58

Chris Lampitt 33.00

Dave Hazel 33.19

Phil Conroy 33.44

Richard Fuller 35.10

Brian Tufnell 36.05

Caroline Tonkin 38.33

I hope to die before I get old.
Oct 28, 2015, 8:32 pm

Now that the WHO have decided eating bacon can give you Cancer, I thought some of the OGIL may have decided to give this weeks ride a miss. but there were 11 gratefully not dead (yet) Wheelers (GNDYW) on the ride. The thought of us queuing to order a quinoa salad at Lilly the Pinks made me chuckle.

Mystic Meg had decided that Wednesday would be the best day of the week, weather wise, so it didn’t start to rain until after the Greek Church. Bernie’s back, though he said not to mention his back, so Fred’s absence gave him a chance to display his navigational skills. He had managed to navigate an old banger to Italy; he should manage to get us old crocks to Scorrier. He did rather well; leading from the front as far as Blackwater, where several caught the sniff of the waitress’s apron and charged off ahead. Chris didn’t stop, needing to be home early, again; a rather bad habit forming, I think, but TD was already there, again, and we split onto 2 tables. The number of bacon related items ordered was reduced, but I am sure that was just a coincidence. Margaret had read the complete WHO report so conversation centered on various risks to health, like cycling, sailing and carrot cake. The recent Dartmoor Devil was clearly at the top of the risk list, with or without a café stop.

It is an easy ride back but we still managed to lose Bryan. The order of departures amongst the others was Simon, TD, M&M, Bernie, Nigel and Mike, leaving just Admiral and I to return to Union Corner. I felt like I was in the last scene of the Cockleshell Heroes. 36 dampish but enjoyable miles for me.

Short Ride Sunday 25th Oct
Oct 26, 2015, 11:16 am

28 riders assembled at HQ full of enthusiasm or perhaps it was the nice weather. Newquay was the destination for the ride to-day, I need to get back early was the general mumble so Perranporth was suggested as an alternative.We all set off through Penryn [where Steve left us to do his own thing ] Truro hill many groans to the Norway Inn where we split 4 going to Newquay the remaining 17 to Perranporth.

The roads were very busy probably due to the clock going back and it being half term so we went Bissoe, Chacewater and passed Truro Airport to Shortlanesend onto Goonhavern and thus to Perranporth which was busy Our trusty café found room for us all even if Peter shared a seat with Liz.

Much banter was exchanged and food devoured, So after Victor pumped up Alices Tyres, and after our customary look at the sea we returned via Perrancoombe etc.

A great ride enjoyed by all and home by 2.30 (Just under 50 miles for me)

Ed: I think Fred's maths are a bit out, 28 riders divided into 4 and 17?

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