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Ride Report 9/12/15 Raymondo complains of stale air?
Dec 10, 2015, 9:36 pm

As the sun rose over Four Lanes I knew it would be another scorching day. The heat, already unbearable, hit me as if I'd put my face up to a 3 bar electric fire....... still, enough of all that, what to wear was the question as the rest of Cornwall would be cold with possible rain. I set of to Halvasso corner with a spring in my step or cleat and once there was soon joined by Fred and Raymondo, then Phil3, Bernie, who was the only one at Union Corner as Dean is out of action for a while and Margaret and Martyn on tandem1. Simon had sent his apologies and Fred had chosen Poldhu Cove as the destination, he informed T.D or Mr Mud or Swampy Dave as he told me he is sometimes called, of the rendezvous.

Now on the way over, Raymondo was struck by the “P Fairy” and being cunning detoured to Freds to borrow some air, as his pump is no good and only partly inflated the tyre, Fred lent him some air out of a can and as it was slow to inflate, Raymondo complained that it must be stale and was it fit for purpose, only time would tell, but all that was forgotten when he bust a spoke part way round and continued with severe wheel wobble.

Off we went with Fred's chain coming off around the first corner, then Bernie tried to use the excuse of no rubber on his brakes as a way of escaping Poldhu hill and going home early, but at Gweek he took the offending brake out, removed a foreign body from the rubber that was left with a tool fit for getting stones out of horses hooves and had to continue. And so we did via the Trelowarren Estate, where T.D joined us with perfect timing and Bernie thought the Christmas light things a bit weak, Goonhilly, fighting the wind all the way ( I must ease up on the sprouts, only joking) into Friars Lane, then to Mullion and Poldhu. We sat inside with egg baps, bacon baps, cakes and drinks, many topics discussed including tv programmes, Ed's mince pie ride, Raymond 7 hill ride he has entered, various road work in progress and planned, but it all soon came to an end and the hill awaited.

Phil and Bernie went first, followed by Fred and myself with the tandem getting up there and Raymond, on a single speed. We proceeded via Cury (Nantithet) Culdrose, Helston, Muddy Lane ( Dave smiling all the way) and finally split up by Amos pumps in Wendron where Raymond, T.D and myself headed to Coverack Bridges, parting there as I headed for Black Rock, T.D for home and Raymond to a bike shop for repairs, the rest heading for the horizon and what lay beyond. Nice dry ride with great company and 42 miles in total. Chris.


It was about time that I got back on the bike!  Firstly, I had to remember what cycling was: which clothes to put on; where was the bike; had I forgotten how to ride it?  Overcoming those first hurdles, I drifted across to Union Corner (roundabout?) to find not another OGIL in sight: on such a nice morning, where were they?  Eventually Chris H arrived – not really an OGIL, more likely a YOGIL.  There were no more, so we headed off towards Lamanva.  Soon I realised that my weeks of sedentary living were taking their toll and Chris was apparently suffering from a recent cold: any thoughts of going far were quickly dismissed.  Still no OGILS materialised at Halvarsehole, so we continued through Penmarth and skirted Stithies Lake before parting company in Stithians itself.  With no local cafes open – Lakeside or Bissoe – we variously returned home.  Barely 20 miles for me, but at least I had made the, albeit feeble, effort!   R73

Ed's Mince Pie Audax
Dec 6, 2015, 10:45 pm
Ed's Mince Pie Audax came around again today - it's become quite a yearly event for our club, and despite inclement conditions (heavy drizzle, fog, wet muddy roads) 16 Wheelers braved the elements and set off on the 36 mile round-trip to Higher Lane Farm, near Helston,  from Carharrack. For once our 'ladies in pink' (or more accurately yellow) group had an incident-free ride; no wrong turnings, no punctures, no one fell off or get seriously cold, and luckily it was the same for all the others.  The only excitement was a rather frisky pony who was spooked by so many brightly dressed cyclists, but his rider coped ok. Sonjia did a great job of leading us, with her proper map holder, and we managed to keep up a good steady pace.  We arrived at Higheer Lanner farm in just under two hours. The Wallis family had only moved into their newly renovated farmhouse two weeks ago, and work was still in progress, but they made us very welcome with a wonderful spread of food including mini pasties, sausages rolls and a variety of cakes.  The coffee was excellent too - no wonder this Audax is popular!  Anyone would think we only do it for the food - not true!
The ride back took us through Sithney where a huge tractor was  being used to put up the Christmas lights, down to Lowertown , through Releath and eventually to Four Lanes and back to Carharrack, where mulled wine and a mince pie awaited us.  Altogether a good ride with the usual excellent Christmas hospitality -  thanks again to everyone for their hard work in organising it.

First night nerves don't exist for these two.
Dec 3, 2015, 12:58 pm

Throwing back the curtains shall I both.............. what's this! No wind and the sun shining, is it any wonder that Four Lanes is the worlds most sought after holiday destination. In celebration and as a treat I went a different way to Halvasso corner, taking in Stithians village. I was the first one there but soon joined by chairman Simon, Bryan, Phil3 and then tandem1 with Margaret and Martyn on board, Mike and, even though there hit pantomime production was opening that very night, Fred and Bernie. Now would Tom Cruise or George Clooney do the same, I doubt it and funnily enough if you close your eyes and use your imagination the resemblance of the four is uncanny, though which one is which I am unsure. Dean was away but he would agree with me.

Even though he was rehearsing his lines, Fred still came up with Porthtowan as the destination and a scenic route to get there, taking in Halvasso, Hernis (Crane garage), Carnmenellis, Four Lanes (nearly 70* in the shade), Piece, Brea Village, Redruth, Cambrose and finally Porthtowan. It was on the way to Brea Village where the “P fairy” struck the tandem and with all hands to the pump (pun intended) it was soon sorted, well, 25 mins according to Bernie and when he gets his new Garmin it will be heart-rate and altitude too (Deans Mr Garmin could have a brother). Whilst the repair was taking place, the conversation turned to rubber underwear and Margaret knowing someone who had carbon in there knickers which could be used as a BBQ in an emergency, hmmmm. Simon last his bottle near Cambrose, water bottle that is and stopped the traffic to retrieve it, he also won cleanest bike of the month too.

I forget the name of the cafe, but Phil had a new friend follow him down the road to it, barking all the way, the dog not Phil, well I think so. We all nearly fell asleep waiting to be served our food, which was a bit different to usual, home made beans on toast! Breakfast patty and oven cooked eggs. No scrambled or fried eggs as they cannot do those, but baked eggs no problem. Whilst we waited we watched Cormac scoop sand of the road and take it back to the beach, only for it to blow back up the road overnight, but they seemed happy. There were numerous topics of conversation Ed's mince pie run on Sunday being just one where a good turn out of Wheelers is expected, then we headed home, cloud and some drizzle had arrived by now but we headed up the valley road to Scorrier, Lanner where Bryan left us and then to the “T” junction where I headed for Four Lanes and the rest to Stithians and beyond. 33 happy miles for me and sunbathing in the garden. Chris.

Gone With the Wind –St Ives 29 November 2015
Nov 30, 2015, 10:12 pm

 StIvesA wind-assisted climb out of Flushing brought us to HQ on time for once, to find a small group of Wheelers sheltering in the porch. It was generally agreed that Stithians was the sensible place to go in the prevailing conditions, and that St Ives, as per the calendar, was nuts. The sensible people sensibly went to Stithians. Ian set off for (probably) somewhere further, and those of us who (probably) wanted a longer ride followed him.

Frequent stops to catch breath and discuss possible destinations and routes meant that by the time we arrived at Halvasso the first of the sensible people were catching us up. This clearly stiffened resolve, and so a Fearless Five set off to St Ives. Two fixies, a single-speed and a tandem – choices of steed for the day showing indomitable attitude. Or something.

Ian masterminded a cunning route ideally suited to the conditions and bikes. Taking the usual roads through Herniss, Carnkie and Porkellis, we then hung a right through a sheltered lane to Crowan, emerging on the main road at a place Trevor later assured us is known as Jenkins Bottoms. We turned at Praze an Beeble and proceeded through Leedstown, Fraddam and St Erth, then Hayle Causeway and the usual climb via St Uny. The sight of another club’s peloton crossing our path at Fraddam led Ian and Trevor on a slight diversion in order to catch and overtake them, while Raymond made his own small deviation on the way to St Erth.

St Ives harbour was sheltered and very quiet, but we were nonplussed to find The Balcony was closed for redecoration and nowhere else was open for breakfast. Good humour was restored with Warrens pasties and coffee, enjoyed on the benches overlooking the harbour. No-one had gears or enthusiasm for the usual hill climb challenge with added 55 mph cross winds, so instead we turned back into the wind and climbed to Hasletown, then through Balnoon to descend to Lelant. It was here that Raymond narrowly avoided disaster, when a detached sprocket locked his back wheel resulting in a snaking, smoking approach to a bend. Luckily the chain came loose allowing him to coast to the bottom of the hill, where after an abortive attempt to remount the cog the fixie became single speed freewheel.

There are headwinds, sidewinds, and going well. Our return was speedy and simple (Hayle, Connor Downs, Carnhell Green, Praze, Black Rock, Farms Common, Porkellis), and there often seemed to be a helping hand on the back up the hills. There was added interest in Hayle where a Goth wearing a short kilt was caught by a gust of wind. According to the report of two of our party her kilt was worn Scottish style – true or false, this clearly made their day.

A final stop at Porkellis for the customary refuelling and debrief on the day’s ride found general agreement that St Ives had not been such a bad choice after all. An exhilarating ride of somewhere around 60 miles for the Falmouth riders. Margaret

The road to Halvasso is lined with good intentions
Nov 25, 2015, 6:40 pm

I will lay claim to having the oldest digital alarm clock in Cornwall, a Casio dating back to at least 1985, when I bought it for 20p at a Jumble sale. In all those years it has never let me down though I have often failed to keep to my side of the bargain; that is actually get up when reminded. Today was one of those days, which resulted in me arriving at Union Corner in an even more breathless state than usual. Fortunately, only Admiral was waiting so there was no mad rush to get over to Halvasso and I could catch my breath. The trip across was not without incident, however, as someone in a white van, owned by a local charity, verbally abused us as he passed. I shall not mention names.

Just 2 wheelers were waiting at the other place, Fred and Simon, so with pleasantries exchanged Fred announced the destination of the day, Lilly the Pinks. This I quickly texted to Mr Mud, Carol said that he would likely be called this after organising last weeks Pathfinder, and we were on our way.

The OGIL now have a trailer, me, as, accompanied as we were by our old friend Max Headwind, we made our way, roughly, Northwards. It was to be a short route; Greek Church, Gwennap, Todpool, Wheal Busy and across to the new Industrial estate at Halenbeagle; the only negative point to remark upon, apart from the wind, and a bit of rain, was, it being mid November, the farmers were busy spreading muck on their land, and sh*t on the lanes.

Abba welcomed us to Lilly the Pinks, and entertained us throughout our stop. We were, for once, there before Mr Mud, but he still managed to get his food first, though ours was close behind and as good as ever. “Touring” seemed to be the main conversation piece, with memories of past journeys and thoughts of the summer to come.

“The usual way back?” brought about no cheers, and with Mr Mud commenting on the fact that Sandy Lane was being resurfaced, Fred took us on a slight diversion, via North Country, Avers Roundabout and Redruth Town Centre, before re-joining “the usual” at Lanner hill. Simon made his excuses and left shortly after, Mr Mud coming all the way back to Stithians before turning towards Trevarno, and Fred handed in his navigator’s badge at Halvasso turn.

With just about half a mile to go to Union Corner, Admiral had a puncture. At last, I thought, something to write about. I will, however, just say that perhaps it has been some time since Admiral had mended a puncture, and leave it at that. I lost interest when his front tyre almost immediately deflated again and left him to walk the last mile home. Only 35 miles for me. Dean

November pathfinder ride report
Nov 23, 2015, 7:21 pm

“Don will be disappointed” said Caroline.  The reason was a broken pump.  Not a bicycle pump but the pool filter pump.  Having invited everyone to bring their cozzies, I felt bad that the pool was not in working order.  Thankfully that did not deter a good turnout.  23 posed for the pre-departure photo whilst Ian and Amanda waited at the bottom of Tregoose hill.  Sunshine and cold showers was the forecast and, as is usual at this time of year, the Trevarno valley road was covered with wet leaves.  At Nancegollan we turned left, then left again just before Godolphin cross.  After Carleen the rain came but we resisted the temptation to shelter in Trevena Cross nurseries.  When we reached Ashton it got wetter and the back roads through Germoe were exceedingly muddy.  Chris turned for home soon followed by John, who was on his first ride with the wheelers.  We hurried on through Mill Pool and Goldsithney hoping to find shelter at the Cabin Cafe at Perranuthnoe, but with no room indoors we had to queue at the hatch in the rain.  Luckily the rain eased off and the sun came out.  The staff at the Cabin were very efficient and the bacon rolls and coffees arrived in double quick time.  The M&M tandem team joined us having just missed us at the Tregoose start.  We returned via Marazion, St Hilary, Mill Pool and Godolphin Bridge.  Brian had a puncture just before Carleen.   However, he had a spare tube and at least my bicycle pump was in working order!  Back at Tregoose there was a queue to hose off the mud and Carol kindly dished out the tea and cakes.  Approximately 25 Cornish country miles.  Thanks to all for supporting the ride.             Trevarno Dave.

Simon said, do this.
Nov 19, 2015, 12:02 am

Mystic Meg said that Simon had a new phone and might be a little late this morning so could I let him know where the OGIL were heading. I remember that I was a little bit late going into work after the birth of my son, but a new phone??? Fred had obviously been up all night planning a route as he stepped in pdq with Miss Molly’s. He also seemed to be very determined that Simon would not catch us up as he took us on a merry-go-round of a journey. At one point Helston Trevor suggested calling in to his place for coffee; we were that close. The route, via Porkellis, Wendron Stoves, Farms Common, Releath, Praze and Camborne, was also planned to show Jenny, our Antipodean visitor, that there were still a few more hills left to try in Cornwall before moving on on her great adventure.
Miss Molly was sorting out the Christmas decorations when we arrived. Simon had finished his starters and was bent over his new phone, having found Miss Molly’s Internet connection. It was a no show from TD as he had sacrificed his Wednesday ride to ensure that the swimming pool was warmed up for the Pathfinder on Sunday.

Eggs on toast out numbered bacon baps for the first time, with Raymondo, Bryan, Chris and myself choosing this option. Chris wanted the young waitress to know that his was a large one, for some reason. Trevor had to make do with a full English, washed down with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

Whilst the head wind, the tail end of Barney, wasn’t as great as we had expected it remained with us for most of the ride, accompanied by rain, which wasn’t expected, for the homeward leg. As you would expect we pealed off as usual so that just Jenny and I got back to Union Corner. 37 miles for me. Dean

Waiting for Godot.
Nov 12, 2015, 11:48 am

After leaving someone waiting at Union Corner last week, through a no show, I thought I had better not only be there but be there early this week. The “someone” was a visiting Wheeler who had almost ridden her steel mountain bike all the way from New Zealand, via South America and most of Europe. Raymondo had had the same thought, not of cycling from New Zealand but of being at the rendezvous early, so that was 4 of us setting out from Union Corner; the fourth being Admiral. Jenny, our new best Antipodian friend, explained that she had found the Wheelers website and after reading the OGIL ride report had set out to meet whoever was responsible. Chris, who wrote last week’s report, me playing the part of wimp, wasn’t at Halvasso turn so missed meeting his admirer.

Fred had obviously spent his time waiting for us to arrive by thinking of a choice for today’s destination and there was no dissent to the Q bar at St Agnes, a decision I quickly passed on to TD.

Mr Garmin had a quiet day as it was out via the Greek Church, Burncoose, Gwenap, Twelveheads and Chacewater, though with a slight twist in that we then turned right, going up to Dangerous Crossing and across to St Agnes. We found TD at the bottom of the hill in Peterville, saving us the drop down to Trevaunance as the Q bar was closed. Plan B took us back up into the village and we eventually settled on the St Agnes bakery, a quirky little café across the road from the church. It being just before 11 o’clock, on the 11th day of the 11th month we ordered our food and then sat in silence for a couple of minutes; the first time that I can remember an OGIL café stop being quiet. I understand that the lamb sausage roll was good. Admiral’s excuse that he thought he was stroking his own leg was insufficient to persuade Jenny from transferring to the other table, possibly to consult with the Wheeler’s solicitor. Asking her, earlier, whether she was Australian may have contributed a little.

The way back took us up the Perranporth Road, as far as Barkla Shop, before turning right, across behind Blackwater to Scorrier. Bryan pointed out that British Rail had finally started work on repointing the Goonbell viaduct, only 50 years after the last train ran over it. Bryan was the first to leave us, carrying straight on at Mount Ambrose, to meet up with his wife in Redruth, followed by Simon after Carnmarth, and TD, Raymondo, Fred and Phil in turn.

Jenny had nothing but praise for Fred’s route, Cornish back roads in general and, of course, the OGIL. Yes yes, we are magicians. 46 miles for me. Dean

Editor: We were driving up the A30 yesterday and saw a group of cyclist at Innis Downs, I said "The OGILs are lost again",  Obviously not.

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