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Wot…no reports!
Jan 13, 2016, 9:40 pm

With Fred skiing, Dean nursing a chipped wrist and Chris poorly there has been a noticeable lack of reports in 2016. On today’s ride we discussed the need to ensure something was written and I was volunteered. I was persuaded to also report on other rides too. As I can hardly remember what I did yesterday it seemed a big challenge but here goes….

Sunday 3rd January 9 o’clock long ride to Lizard 

I rode in to HQ to meet everyone who’d turned out for the first Sunday ride of 2016. A shower sent us huddling under the entrance canopy as we caught up each other and shared New Year greetings. The group of Ian, Trevor 2, Amanda, Kiwi Dave, Martyn (on his Moulton), Bernie, Jo and I took a left across the field to Budock Water and on through Treverva to the Halvasso turn where Jo and Bernie turned off. The rest of us continued until Martyn had a p…… right outside Fred’s house! On again through Gweek and up to Garras where Martyn found his other tyre was flat!! Repairs made we continued through Mawgan to Trelowarren, out to Goonhilly against a fresh headwind to Kuggar. Pedalling on we reached our destination, Coast Café Bar and Bistro where the usual coffee, cakes and buns were enjoyed while Martyn fitted a patch to one of his tubes.

We took the main road back, around Culdrose, past Helston, Poldark Mine and Porkellis. It stayed dry and, while Martyn and Ian stopped for refreshment at The Star Inn, the rest of us rode home. 53.7 miles

Wednesday 6th January First OGIL ride of 2016 

It was colder today but a dry day was forecast as six Ogillers met at the Halvasso turn for a ride to Tehidy. Bernie, in his bright orange jacket, led the way up to Crane garage with Dave Spargo, Brian, Simon Chris and I behind. We pedalled over the main road, through Porkellis, Nine Maidens and on to Bolenowe. There we rode on up the hill (not as usual turning right towards Carn Brea) and on to Troon and parts of Camborne unknown to me!

We were given a warm welcome at Tehidy Country Park by staff and visitors and we sat down to enjoy bacon sandwiches, cakes and coffee or tea.

The route home took us in to Pool and across the new road by Homeworld- it will always be Homeworld to me, though it now a huge Tesco superstore- and then we turned on to the Great Flat Lode trail. When mining in this area was in decline mines produced tin right up to 1918. It is named after an enormous ore bearing body tilted at an angle of 10 degrees unlike the normal 60 degrees lodes. On we rode to Four Lanes, Stithians and home. 39.5 miles

Sunday 10th January Short long ride to Stithians Lake Café

Twelve Wheelers met at HQ for the 9 o’clock ride. Although we set off together and rode through Budock Water, Carnkie and Porkellis as we crossed the Helston/ Redruth road seven turned right and on to Godrevy NT cafe. The others- Bernie, new guy Gary, Jo, Sylvia (on her brand new bright orange, carbon, disc Specialised bike) and I- carried on to Releath, Black Rock, Four Lanes, Penhalvean and down to Stithians Lake.

There were already 6 or 7 cyclists just finishing their coffees and vacated the comfy seats when we sat down, then Paula, Liz, Don, Jill and Alice from the 10 o’clock start rolled in followed by Red Leader, Sonjia and Barbara. Another 6 or 7 cyclists (some whom I knew) arrived and the coffee girls were flat out! We rode home through Stithians. 37.4 miles

Wednesday 13th January OGIL ride to Porthtowan

It’s getting colder now and more layers of clothing were required for today’s ride. Brian was waiting as I arrived at the Halvasso meeting place. Then we were soon joined by Simon, Bernie, Nigel (first time out for ages) and soon-to-become a member Mike. Mike had only been out with us once before and guess where we went… Porthtowan!

Off we rode to Penmarth, where Bernie carried on to Trevales to take his dad somewhere, and turned left to Nine Maidens. Martyn and Margaret caught us up somewhere on the road (Margaret reckoned where we’d be going correctly). We turned left down Flitrick Lane at Barry Office Furniture in Four Lanes and crossed the Four Lanes/ Pool road towards St Euny. We cycled through Redruth, along Penryn Street, past Tesco, towards Portreath but turned right to Elm Farm and up the hill, over the top and down to Porthtowan for coffee at Porthtowan Beach Café. Mike took a tumble when we hit the drifts of sand by the car park and there was a good crowd of locals enjoying the food and drink at the café.

On the way home Simon and Nigel spotted a clean flowing river of water on the side of the road. Simon braked, but Nigel didn’t brake fast enough and ploughed into the back of Simon. After checking the bikes over and much cleaning of sandy wheels and rims we set off again up the hill to Wheal Rose, right at the top of Lanner hill and home. 41.3 miles




Following my comment about better reporting of the 10 o'clock ride, here we go:
Jan 3, 2016, 8:32 pm
Who'd have thought it?! Not only no rain, but a whole day of blue sky and sunshine, and on a Sunday, too.  Ian's dream came true (almost! no bikinis to be seen) The 10 o'clock ride is alive and well, with six Wheelers setting out today for Trelissick, via Truro Hill and Perranarworthal.  All went well until a mile from our destination, when Sonjia had a back-tyre puncture.  Luckily Bryan was with us and he did a great job fixing it for her.  We all know in theory what to do...but perhaps another bike maintenance course would be useful?...so onward to coffee, where Trelissick was busy with plenty of visitors enjoying the sunshine.  Home via Devoran, Suicide Alley and Hangman's Hill; 27 miles in all, at a steady pace but not too fast.  Come and join us!  Liz

New Years day ride
Jan 2, 2016, 12:14 am

I drew the curtains to be greeted with a bright  sunny morning and I thought to myself what a great way to start the year! On reaching HQ there were 46 wheelers waiting for the off. Even though it was a warm morning I was quite surprised to see some riders wearing only bra tops and skimpy shorts. As  I didn't want the club to fall into disrepute I had to say something and Shane, Helston Trev and Raymond agreed to wear more appropriate  clothing on future rides!
Todays destination was still under discussion with the choices being Indian Queens or Lands End and finally plumping for the latter. Talking of old queens, Richard 73 hadn't turned up as he thought it might rain! (Will that pass the censors this time?) 
We took a familiar route to Long Rock and Penzance. I was really looking forward to Paul Hill out of Newlyn having fitted a 11 tooth cog to the back hub of my single speed as I found an 18 was just too easy going up these Cornish hills. I set off steadily up the hill only for Shane to pass me doing about 20 mph and then....................... I woke up! I received a text from Robin saying he was riding if the rain wasn't getting any heavier so I thought what the hell and made my way to HQ meeting him on route. Amanda joined us at HQ and a short ride seemed to be a good option via Halvasso, around Stitians reservoir to Perranwell and eventually to Robins for refreshments. He served up a treat of scrambled eggs, black pudding, coffee of a suitable quality to keep Amanda happy and a tot of Jameson Irish whiskey to keep the cold out. If I had to be picky the service was a bit slow. On top of that he also put mine and Amanda's bikes on his car and gave us lift home.
Although a ride of only 22 soggy miles for me, as Robin says "you never regret going"!

 p.s. Happy New Year to all my readers.

Mousehole Lights
Jan 1, 2016, 12:06 am
8 Wheelers enjoyed a relatively dry ride to see the lights, enjoy a pint  (or two ),followed by some very tasty fish 'n chips and banter in Newlyn before a very powerful tail wind blew us back to Goldsithney where the village had also put on a good show as well. So had Marazion. In fact every village nearby has had an impressive display this year. So where were the girls you might ask? You missed a treat, in fact two treats this week. The last Wheeler rides of 2015. 
So we'll see you all next year. 
Happy New Year!

Boxing Day Ride
Dec 29, 2015, 2:53 pm

A dry but windy day dawned the day after Xmas. Having eaten and drunk far to much to be healthy I hitched myself  into the saddle and set off for H.Q.. I was flying! I must be fitter than I thought!! alas no was just the 45mile an hour tail wind which became very obvious at union corner as I turn head on into it. I was joined by 4 other riders Phil 2 Amanda Liz and Robin the usual tales of excess were discussed and then realising that 10.00 had been and gone and everyone else was still in bed  we set off" Mawnan"," Port Navas" it was lovely and very sheltered we did not notice the wind at all and saw very little traffic or people for that matter has the world ended we wondered. Just before Constantine Robins peddle fell off (he had been meaning to fix it for some time) He texted Amanda to inform us what had happened and said he could fix it O.K. we will wait at the top of the hill. Another text "Is liz with you" No! she was with us at Port Navas. I will go back and make sure she is alright say's Robin "Trumpet Fanfare Drum Roll etc"  Another text I cant find her. O.K. don't panic Santa has properly borrowed her for some last minute deliveries in Port Navas as there are  a lot of second homes he might have got confused and left them in Chelsea first. Back at Chez Fred's we tucked into sausage rolls and mince pies and all became clear Liz had gone off route but all was well.
A nice ride enjoyed by all Five of us
Ho Ho Ho
Merry Christmas to all The Falmouth Wheelers where ever you may be

Chairman's Christmas message (he normally gives this at 3.00 on Christmas day)
Dec 17, 2015, 2:46 pm

Last week I heard a Wheeler say “that’s the quickest I’ve ever ridden “Eddie’s Mince Pie & Mulled Wine”. It could have been the drink talking but it was in fact a comment on how this Wheeler felt their cycling has progressed this year. I am sure there are other Wheelers who would make a similar assessment of their own development this year. So more power to those thighs and lungs!

The 100 miler, which we ran again in September, can seem like a brick wall to many who now regularly take 100km events in their stride. I am not trying to persuade Wheelers to be unrealistic about their individual ability. But it is in my view a fact of cycling that we each have a gut sense of whether something is achievable or not. Impossible targets can become possibilities when the details are rationally weighed up and we find out from others how it was for them. So think about what cycling target you might set yourself in 2016. It need not be a 100 mile ride. But if you want to go the extra 25 miles Martyn will be organising a 200km audax (125 Miles) next year on what he promises will be a “flat” course. I know he will do his best to make it so!

Martyn and ‘Helston’ Trevor deserve a special mention for their PBP (have you noticed how we now know what that stands for...) achievement. Success in any audax never guarantees success in the next event. All sorts of mishaps can befall even the best prepared rider. So it was never a given that having both been successful in the LEL two years ago they would breeze it in France with only 1200km to ride. Unlike the LEL, to qualify to ride the PBP riders must ride a 200, 300, 400 and 600km event. Congratulations to both ‘anciens de PBP’.

We have welcomed several newcomers this year - Sylvia, Phil 4, ‘Electric’ Peter, Bryan, Mike, and Ed. (Apologies if I have missed any others). The publicity of the ZestiFAL event in July may have contributed to this influx but its wider purpose celebrated the joy of sport. Certainly the success of this year’s Pathfinders has also contributed. Many Wheelers have helped make these events successful. You know who you are! I thank you on behalf of the club.

Happy Christmas to you and your families, and ‘bonne route’ in 2016!


Respite care, old people’s homes and suspenders…..
Dec 16, 2015, 10:03 pm

…..more about that later.For today’s OGIL ride, just like the day of Ed’s mince pie ride, I was lulled into thinking that we would have a dryish ride. It was just the same, mist, drizzle and poor visibility!

Fred and Bryan were waiting at the Halvasso turn. No Chris (it must be even wetter at Four Lanes). The Fixed Wheel Club- Trevor, Shane and Raymond- soon arrived, quickly followed by Admiral and Bernie. Our destination was texted to Trevarno Dave and we pedalled our way up to Crane Garage and through Porkellis to Releath. We made a detour to Prospidnick which took us past Trevarno, along Newham Lane and out on to the Helston Penzance road. We turned left down to the boating lake café wherewe ordered a variety of hot drinks and food. Trevarno Dave arrived and while the FWC talked about hills (only one) on their Seven Hills ride the senior end of the table discussed care for the elderly!!!!.....it must be an OGIL thing. Admiral announced to the whole table if he could ask a sensible question about the new trend for long shorts and high leggings. Amid guffaws and comments about suspenders and women’s clothing the café stop ended and we made our way home.

We cycled up through Helston to Muddy Lane (once again suitably named after all the wet weather and farming activity) to Wendron School. There we split up with the FWC returning to Helston and the Lizard and the rest making our way back past Wendron Cricket Club and Crane Garage again.

A great ride with good banter and a friendly group. 35 miles for me. What else would you do on a drizzly, misty day!

Phil3 Feel free and cycle

Perranporth ride, or was it newquay...
Dec 13, 2015, 10:56 pm

It was decided at the Seven Stars in Stithians that I should break my ride reporting virginity, even though I argued that my memory is about as good an umbrella in a monsoon but here goes. 

It was a chilly Sunday in December. I put on my new bib "tights", much to the amusement of my girlfriend,  cue the ballet puns and being called Billy Elliot. Thanks lover. And so I set off slightly late having forgotten my battery's for my lights, idiot, but luckily bumped into 4 fit looking wheelers (and Ian) on their way to Perran. So on we went to penryn,  up Treluswell, much to Robins anguish,  to the old brewery yard whereupon it was decided we would go to Newquay for what was promised to be a good breakfast.

On we went via suicide ally, left at devoran, right just before bissoe up to truro by the county council then on towards newquay via some route that nobody was quite sure of. Ended up coming out near Hendra then swooped into town to a lovely cafe/restaurant who's name escapes me but indeed enjoyed a ansum breakfast after swapping egg for sausages with amanda with coffee for a very reasonable £4.95.

Then off we went home, via Crantock, Cubert, Perranporth (got there in the end) Redruth etc to Stithians. Oh Phil left us at some point before there. At Stithians it was decided it would be rude not to pause for a while. Fred had a swift half then escorted Amanda home leaving Robin, Ian and myself to have another half before Robin left us. A swift half of coke more and myself and Ian headed for home. Even bypassing the New Inn in mabe to get home. 60 pleasurable miles for me.

Oh yeah conversations included the rise of political correctness, other stuff, bet tasting off after being sat in lines for hours and the usual bike stuff.

Cheers n gone Chris H

When the Calendar says Newquay they go to Perranporth and when it says Perranporth?

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