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24th January 2016 – Must have been the P Fairy’s Birthday
Jan 26, 2016, 5:16 pm

Seven of us opted for the longer ride – Ian, Chris H, Phleagles, Robin, Matt, Margaret and me, the Birthday Boy. No Birthday Girl as she was in London. A few extra minutes at HQ passed with conversation on All or Nothing factory built wheels, reused vintage Bluemels Olympic mudguards of dubious cosmetic standard and birthdays as Robin put in a new tube at the rear and I made heavy weather of packing away a troublesome front light on the luggage-free Cannondale RT2. A sprawl of broken glass on the route from Mylor was mentioned.

Shortly before the Halvasso turn it became clear that Robin’s back tyre problem was back and he set about fitting another tube (un)grudgingly provided by Ian. After a tandem and single speed friendly route plan was agreed just five of us set off again leaving Robin and Matt to complete the tube change and catch up.

Through Carnkie, Porkellis, Nancegollan, Drym Road, past Clowance Wood to emerge on the B3280 between Praze and Leedstown. Here the shortest route onwards was agreed. (Did we fear Robin and Matt might outflank us?). It was Leedstown, St Erth Praze and St Erth to Hayle causeway, where Ian received news that Robin’s ongoing pneumatic difficulties (two more deflations) would mean we would remain just five. Then past St Uny Church to St Ives to find the centre quite lively and that the Balcony was open after recent refurb. All was indeed well for those lucky enough to have made it.

The food came fast and good, the Birthday Girl’s timeline was graced with the picture above, and Robin was informed of our happy arrival.

After the leisurely stop we opted for a bit of moderate exercise on the return leg leaving the middle of town up the main road to the south to enter the mist zone just after Halestown before the great descent north of Trencrom to Lelant. Over the causeway again then Connor Downs taking Loggans Road and Treeve Lane to avoid Loggan’s Moor roundabout, Carnhell Green, Barripper Methodist Church then the reverse of the Cornish 100 route up to Black Rock so I could check on the replaced signage for Phil C. Four of us thought it might be prudent to see if Winter Prices still applied at Porkellis. It turned out they did not but it was a pleasant place to refresh and sum up the ride, cycling and so on.

Back in 2005 the 24th of January was headlined by the BBC as the worst day of the year and a similar lightweight story about the third week in January has run every year since. A shallow marketing ploy of course, my birthday must rank as one of the best days of the year and this ride proved the post-Christmas blues had already passed at St Ives and all points there and back. About 64 miles for us.


Welcome Back Mr Garmin – Sun 24th Jan
Jan 25, 2016, 2:20 pm

Another Sunday, another ride report and another nice surprise.  It was so lovely to Dean waiting at HQ for today’s ride after his 8 weeks absence due to his argument with a pavement.  Also on the ride today was Richard 73 (his first for 2016), Don, Bryan, Liz and myself.  The six of us set off for Tehidy.  Neither Richard nor I had been there so we were looking forward to it.  A fair ride up to Halvasso, Penmarth and down Benelowe.  As we approached Miss Molly’s, Dean’s tummy began to rumble but I persuaded him to plod on.  Dean almost took us through Camborne (I assume he couldn’t think straight as he was so hungry) but we got ourselves back on track and were soon at Tehidy.  The car park was full but, luckily, the café was fairly quiet.  After our refreshments we started for home.  At Poole, Richard decided to turn off while the rest of us carried on up past the Tesco superstore.  Bryan then took us along the Cycle path 3 which turned out to be a rather good surface.  After many twist and turns, and a few climbs, we arrived at Fourlanes.   At Stithian, Bryan peeled off and us four cycled through the village.  Dean thought it best to go up Llama Lane, he says it’s the easiest route but I’m not so sure.  At Longdowns, we came down Halvasso and once at Union Corner, Dean headed for home while the last three of us sped along Trescobeas.  Liz said goodbye at Woodlane then Don and I went round Castle Drive.  I said cheers to Don at the end of his road and made my way home down Dracaena and up through Penryn.  Many thanks to Dean and Bryan for leading today’s ride and taking us somewhere new.  A decent 47 miles for me.


Ps:  Schhhhhh!!!! don’t’ tell Sue as Don is supposed to be on a diet, but we stopped at Pendennis Point to have an ice cream.  I know I can count on your

Sunday 24th January Bernie’s Magical Mystery Tour
Jan 25, 2016, 10:53 am

Having ridden many similar routes recently Bernie was chosen to lead a small group of five on a ride of ‘anything, as long as it was different’….it was!

With Bernie in front and Admiral, Jo, keen newbie Gary (not Harry) and me following, we rode along Commercial Road, up towards Treluswell, right to Mylor Downs,  Carclew and down to the Norway. Jo kept the traffic behind us as we cycled along suicide alley- no one overtook us! At Devoran we took the Old Tram Way to the Playing Place/ Feock road where we turned right to go through Feock, passing the old phone box (now an exchange library for Feock folk), by Pill Creek and up to join the Trelissick road. There we turned left to cross the roundabout at Playing Place choosing to head for Bissoe for coffee and cake.

The conversations revolved around healthy eating, diet and Admiral’s trip to Murrayfield for the six nations game (I’m very envious!) 

We said goodbye to Ricci, who was enjoying coffee as well, and rode home through Cusgarne, Frogpool and Stithians. A great ride with a few different roads and places. 38.5 miles


Ogil’s Surprise – Wed 20th Jan
Jan 22, 2016, 10:10 am

The weather was great for cycling so I decided to go along on the Ogil ride.  Well, when I turned up at Halvasso, I don’t think they could have been more surprised than if a UFO had landed – or perhaps they thought it had!!  Twelve riders set off for Poldhu (10 bikes plus Martyn & Margaret on their newly acquired tandem).  By the time we got to Gweek, Chris Hosking joined the group.  My chain came off as we turned off up hill and all those men just peddled on by apart from Chris – what a gent, but that’s one thing I can manage.  As we approached the top, I felt a warm, gentle hand on my back and what a welcome it was.  My dear mate Raymond gave me a little nudge and it certainly helped going up that last bit of climb.  As Raymond was helping me, he was surprised that Chris did the same for him – well what are friends for?  It was then down hill and through Trelowarren Estate with some lovely views over the fields.  When we got to the open stretch of road at Goonhilly Downs, testosterone took over and I thought I was caught up in The Tour de France.  Luckily, I wasn’t left on my own as Bernie stayed with me until we joined them at the junction.  It wasn’t long before we were speeding downhill to Poldhu café where Trevarno Dave met us.  We were soon tucking into hot teas/coffees and some well-deserved tasty baps of various fillings.  Everyone parked their bottoms inside apart from Trevor & Chris who sat outside.  I must say, even though it was a bit chilly, it was brilliant sunshine and the waves rolling in over the beach made a beautiful sight.  After loads of chatter and laughter (mostly at my expense!), we had that hard climb out of Poldhu and made our way back towards Helston. We cycled along past the May Tree where Trevor & Raymond waved us goodbye at the roundabout.  At Wendron School, Admiral kindly gave me a neck and shoulder massage.  Trevarno Dave peeled off here and we turned towards the A394 Helston road so cutting off Carnkie hill.  It wasn’t long before we sailed past Wendron cricket club and then Simon left us at £5 Jim’s.  A short hop up to Crane garage where Martyn, Margaret, Bernie & myself headed down the main road while the remainder of the Ogils went down Halvasso.  A thousand thanks guys for a brilliant ride and looking after me.  Hope I’ve done enough to become a fully, fledged Ogil.  A very respectable 42 miles for me.


Ps:  Last Sunday Trevor threatened a moony.  Well guess what…………made my day.  Thanks Trevor, the image is imprinted in my mind forever.

Webmaster: unfortunately there is no picture of that or nothing that could be shown on here!

Wheelers Ski-Trip 2016‏
Jan 21, 2016, 2:00 pm

Six hardy wheelers oiled their bikes, greased them, to protect from the weather, then stowed them in the shed.
Instead we searched our lofts and cupboard's to recover that discarded Skiing clothing that had been duly abandoned since the last adventure into pastures white.
The flight to Turin was without incident and the transfer was simple. We arrived and Caroline, Clare, Victor, Viv and myself went off for our first Pizza as the hire shop was not open. Robin had his own Ski's so went off on his own.
The Hotel in La Claviere was all inclusive even including drinks after 4.30 - we were very thirsty Dinner was not till 7.30 so enough said.
Day 1
The first day is always strange trying to get used to these weird things you have stuck on your feet. The links between La Claviere and Montgeneve/ Sestriere were not open due to lack of snow so we only had two chair lifts and two runs to use.
Boring  you might think, but with very few people about, we had a hoot. Then it started to rain so coffee was in order and a chat with the Madame who told us she had had a terrible season as there had been no snow until now and that was not a lot. So we had more coffee and at last it stopped raining and we had the run to ourselves.
A great day all things considered
Total Distance 23km - Max Speed 52km/hr - Max Altitude 2376 mtr
Day 2
Ordered Taxi to take us to Montgeneve a very nice chap arrived who we nicknamed Parker due to his similarity with a certain cartoon character. The previous night it had snowed a lot so we were expecting a different day! we were not disappointed, up we went. What a difference but still very few lifts open so we skied what was until on passing the lift to eagle rock it opened up, we went into the stratosphere, it was cold. Now as I said it had snowed so there was loads of powder, I would like to say I am good in powder but I can't, so a very interesting descent took place but we all made it. So if you are not very good at something what do you do, try again. At the end of the day we headed back along a track to our hotel through deep powder and walkers who had not ventured out on ski's, each to their own.
Total Distance 27.1 km - Max Speed 59 km/hr - Max Altitude 2660 mtr
Day 3
We decided to stay in La Claviere and see if it had improved also Caroline and Clare were having a lesson. The conditions were good with light snow, and again nobody around. Robin thought he would spend the day on his ski touring , ski's walking up the mountain??? The rest of us found the chair lifts to be quite satisfactory. The afternoon was spent with the girls showing us their new skill's
Total Distance 34.8 km - Max Speed 63 km/hr - Max alt 2371 mtr
Day 4
The fourth day is always a hard day tired legs aching calves and shins etc stop winging no-body cares
Taxi to Montgeneve up the Gondola hoorah a chair to the top is open up we went into the snow and mist. Now no-body likes flat light I hate it. I may be corrected but I think we all spent time extracting ourselves from the powder me more than most. It improved as we went lower so again up we went to find that there was a slightly easier route down which everyone else was using. A much improved descent I think, better do it again etc etc. After lunch we stood and discussed what to do when another lift opened, we were on it.  Second group up, anyone know where we go, it was not pisted at all wide white terrain ahead thick soft powder good visibility what a run, who says I cant ski powder yahoo.
A great afternoon returning over the golf course which had been sorted out.
Total distance 27.5 km - Max Speed 51. km/hr - Max Alt 2530 mtr
Day 5
Taxi to Montgeneve up to yesterday's runs they were now pisted what a difference a great morning after a very long lunch we went across to the other side up to Serra Thibaud a wild windswept, no trees expanse of white. A lovely run down which we repeated  several times finishing with coffee in the restaurant which was packed so we sat out side huddled in the blankets provided. Back across to more runs myself, Robin and Viv going further as I missed the turning.
Total Distance 30.7 km - Max Speed 75.3 km/hr - Max Alt 2598 mtr
Day 6
La Claviere up over the top very icy it had been pisted and was like skiing on wriggly tin. Back to our side into café. Warmed up so back out another run was sort of open if you went round the back of the closed sign, a great run. The rest of the day we spent skiing the runs available until the light began to fail us so a last coffee and back to the hire shop to return Ski's
Total Distance 29.4 km - Max Speed 59 km/hr - Max Alt 2428 mtr
So all in all a great weeks skiing with good company as they say best ever
Max speed reached 75.3 km/hr
Total Distance 162.4 Kmtrs
Vertical distance  20668.1 mtrs
Thanks to Caroline for all the organisation and Clare for fixing accommodation for Bristol and transport.

Sunday short rides
Jan 18, 2016, 3:46 pm

Stithians Lake Sunday 10th Jan

What a lovely surprise to see Red Leader and Barbara join us today.  We set off from HQ at 10am with the usual crew (Paula, Liz, Gill, Don and Bryan).  It was a nice steady ride out to the lake with lots of chatter along the way – but I hasten to add it wasn’t just me!!  We were all looking forward to the hot refreshments and tasty goodies that awaited us.  The 9 o’clockers were setting off just as we arrived – was it something we said???  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bernie for the muddy hand slap across my back; I will repay the compliment at some stage so watch out.  After a delicious crispy bacon buttie, Red Leader took Barbara, Don and me home round via Penhalvean.   It was somewhat muddy but very scenic and enjoyable as Red Leader gave a running commentary and told us how Little Plymouth got its name.  We eventually emerged onto the main road at Roskrow.  It was here I said goodbye to them as they were heading down through Penryn while I went home towards Asda.  A really great ride and looking forward to riding with Trev and Barbs again soon.  21 miles for me.

Ricky’s Café Sunday 17th Jan

Not a bad turnout again this week.  Eight members all ready and raring to go to Rickys café.   We had a nice surprise last week when Barbara and Red Leader turned out and we had another this week when Trevor 2 and Raymond joined us on their mountain bikes: riding those looks like hard work but, of course, they made it look easy – oh, the joys of youth.  Also, Mike came along (he hasn’t been for a while but he did start with the Ogils a couple of weeks ago and we were glad to see him return).   We aimed for Halvasso, Llama Lane, through Stithians .  There was a discussion here on which route to take and Bryan decided to go round the back of the lake then towards Carharrack and United Downs.  All went well until Don had a puncture but he changed it in a jiffy and then it was a short run down to the café.  Luckily we got there just in time before the rush.  While we were there we met Jo Philpott and had a bit of a catch up with her.  Bryan and Mike left us here so the remaining six of us cycled back towards Devoran.  Trevor and Raymond decided to head off up through Perranwell while Don, Paula, Liz and myself came home through Suicide Alley, Hangman’s Hill and Truro Hill where I said cheers to them.  It was a lovely 28 miles for me but with one regret.  Trevor mentioned he was going to pull a moony for the camera but he chickened out and got camera shy – what a tease he is!


Sunday 17th January Shorter long ride to Wheal Rose and Bissoe
Jan 18, 2016, 11:04 am

 Sylvia, Jo, Admiral, Bernie and Alice

Dry, not too windy and NO Rain!!!!! The forecast looked good so a group of six wheelers set off for a ride to Wheal Rose and Bissoe. 

We took the No Man’s Land road to the Argall crossroads and crossed the A394 at Crane garage before making a big loop around Stithians Lake, through Penhalvean to join the A393 at the top of Lanner hill (the reverse of the usual route). On we rode to Scorrier, over the A30, past Wheal Rose and turned right before the road drops down towards Porthtowan.  We turned right at the ATV centre, through Blackwater, under the A30, through Chacewater and Twelveheads before riding down the Bissoe Valley to stop for coffee at Ricci’s.

Bernie regaled us with what we had to look forward to if (or when!) we develop memory loss and we enjoyed a warm 30 minutes rest before cycling home. Suicide alley did not appeal so we climbed up and up until we reached Stithians. We split and went our various ways home. It was a great ride and NO Rain! 45 miles for me 


17th January 2016 – Long ride to Perranporth
Jan 17, 2016, 7:28 pm

St Agnes BeaconLate again, Martyn and I met the group between HQ and Union Corner. A shout of “Perranporth” from Ian, a (fairly) quick U-turn from us, and we joined Amanda, NZ Dave, Phils 2 and 4, and long-ride virgin Gerry.

Our route to Perranporth went via Mylor Downs, Muddy Banks, and up the Bissoe valley to Blackwater. We went straight over at the ATV cross roads and headed for St Agnes, taking a turn around the Beacon to enjoy the views back to St Ives and onwards up the coast. Through St Agnes, Barkla Shop and Trevellas for a fast run down to Perranporth and a warm welcome at the Stepping Stones café.

After making the most of breakfasts, toasts and coffee top-ups, we got our legs working again up the Perrancombe valley, briefly returning to our “out” route in order to turn back through Silverwell. At this point the P.. fairy hit upon Phil4’s rear wheel. All fixed we rode on again to cross our path at the ATV centre, heading on though Wheal Rose to Redruth, and then via Tram Cross Lane to Stithians. Here we parted company, with Amanda, Dave, Gerry and Phil E heading back home, and Ian, Phil 4, Martyn and I stopping off for some rehydration first.

No odo, but probably something around 50-ish miles or thereabouts for everyone, in good company as always and benign weather for a change.


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