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What else are Wednesdays for?
Feb 11, 2016, 9:19 am

Wednesday is an important day in the life of an oldie. Not only is it Old Gits day at B&Q but it’s the OGIL ride. This morning more OGIL than I expected managed to postpone the pleasure of buying another tin of magnolia emulsion ‘til later in the day. Bernie and Admiral were already at Union Corner when I arrived and Nigel and a newboy, Rob, soon joined us. There was some discussion about whether it was 8.50 or 8.48 but I was getting cold so off we started. Phil3 silently merged with the straggle as we passed the Mawnan turn and Ian, less silently, joined us a tad later. “W*nkers” came the traditional OGIL greeting.

Just Simon and Bryan at Halvasso turn but before we could get away again the M&Ms arrived, followed shortly after by Mike, who had managed to get from Union Corner to Halvasso turn on his own without getting lost.

“Lilly the Pinks” was relayed to TD and we were off again. Mystic Meg had suggested “ Sun in the east, showers in the West”. Perhaps by riding north we could escape the predicted downpour. We couldn’t. But at least the rain had washed away most of the mud from shitty lanes and the route over the top was quite uneventful.

TD was well into his sausage bap by the time we arrived at L the P, aka Smokey Joes, and there now being more than I could count on my chilblained fingers we spread over three tables. Rob, it turned is a professional yachtsman and Admiral and him were soon engrossed in talk of luffs and clews and sewing machines that could sew your arm to the table. Well it made a change from bikes.

The sun was out when we left and it was almost warm but this was only to deceive us into not staying for a second beverage. We had the showers, some hail and a lot more rain on the way back so with head down against the wind I didn’t really notice who turned off when or where. Finally just Rob, Admiral and I were back at Union Corner. It was still raining so we just waved adieu. 38 miles for me.


Zennor Pathfinder 14th February
Feb 6, 2016, 12:54 pm

Meet 10.30am at Longrock industrial estate. Only 9 miles to lunch stop at Tinners Arms, Zennor. Very few hills (did it all on single speed) and under 20 miles with a choice of riding a shorter loop if required. Let's have good support for the first pathfinder of the year.


The menu is in the members only area.

Falmouth Wheelers’ AGM : Notice of Meeting
Feb 5, 2016, 11:21 pm

The meeting will be held on Thursday February 25th 2016, at 8pm at Wood Lane Social Club, Wood Lane, Falmouth.

The existing committee are prepared to continue for another twelve months.  They are:  Chairman – Simon Jones, Vice Chairman – Fred Pullen, Secretary – Liz Hammick,  Treasurer – Sonjia Cooper.                                                                                                                                                                  Nominations for election to the committee must be made in writing, signed by the member with their consent to stand, state the office they are standing for, and give the names of their Proposer and Seconder.  Nominations must be received by the secretary no later than 14 days before the meeting  (Feb 11th)                                                                                                                                                                Any other business, to be raised at the end of the meeting, should be submitted to the secretary in writing not less than 7 days before the AGM (Feb 18th) with details of what the member wants to discuss. It must be limited to AGM related issues.

 Liz Hammick, Secretary, 

Recce of Zennor pathfinder
Feb 4, 2016, 11:27 am

 Four 9 o'clockers left HQ for Longrock this Sunday - our aim was to recce the route for the forthcoming Pathfinder on the 14th. Phil 4 later phoned to say he'd been delayed with a puncture – so it could be five if he got it fixed. As we waited in the windy mizzle at the Halvasso weighbridge I prepared a cream tea for the others. Well, that's possibly an exaggeration as I didn't serve tea but we did all have scones with jam and clotted cream apart from Amanda who just had a bit of scone. It was a bit early in the day but I was getting tired of carrying the ingredients – a gift from Nick Williams and his wife Mel - that hadn't been eaten in the afternoon of their all day house warming party. As we licked the cream off our faces Phil arrived, thankfully in too much of a sweat to want his. So off we went. Usual route, weather steadily improving, stomachs less settled. Later we stopped in a smart hotel in Marazion to get out of the wind and have a cup of extremely hyped coffee. I'm quite happy with standard coffe but Ian took it upon himself to upgrade us all to a “Cornish Roasted” ( ? ) coffee - though he didn't offer to pay for them!               

Later Amanda asked if she could leave the group and, after some discussion, during which she was made to answer questions of a geographical nature, we escorted her to Crowlas and agreed she could go home alone. As she rode off into the distance we dried our eyes and knuckled down to the steep climb to Nancledra. Well, it wasn't that steep but to hear Raymond and Ian whining away you would think it was vertical. The thing is they had both forgotten to bring gears – what were they thinking of? This is Cornwall and gears are essential!                                                                                                                                                                          It wasn't long before we were battling a head wind towards Zennor ( the real reason Amanda turned for home ). There is nothing like a ferocious wind and a bit of mizzle to sharpen the appetite and it was with much relief that we eventually saw the spire of Zennor church. And what a welcome from the “Tinners Arms” - a roaring fire, a range of ales and a choice of fine food. We had ham and cheese sandwiches – all of us – and a pint of the Tinners Arm's own “Mermaid Ale”. All excellent and boding well for our Pathfinder ride.                                                                                                                                                               After lunch we fought our way west to the Madron turning and, like someone shutting a door, the howling gale dissapeared and we were quietly pushed up the gentle incline to the moor. From thereon it was plain sailing, running with the wind, or sometimes a broad reach and in no time we were back at the Star Inn in Crowlas for a well earned pint of “Brissons”. They don't serve food in the Star so they were very happy for us to consume the remainder of the scones and cream with our beer, a winning combination I've not tried before.                                                                                                                                                                      Home via another Star and I'm told, 75 miles in total. A very enjoyable day out.


I counted them all out
Feb 3, 2016, 5:50 pm

Where they all went after that is anybody’s guess. But we did all end up at the Helston boating lake. Even TD, who, having the shortest distance to ride, turned up last. I have not seen so many on an OGIL ride since Fred returned from Spain and we all went down to Gurnards Head and Trevor1 bought us lunch; 18 in total. Bernie, Nigel, Spargo and Mike were at Union Corner when I arrived and I was told that 4 “Wimin” had already set off; Sonjia, Paula, Liz and Sonjia’s daughter, Natalie. They just about managed to keep ahead until we got to Halvasso turn, where Simon was waiting with Phil3, Bryan, Trevor2 and Raymondo, shortly to be joined by Chris FH. This is where things started to get out of hand as that number of wheelers do not fit into the gateway we call “the other place”, even if they try. Rumour had it that the M&Ms were out on the new tandem so whilst Bernie led off the first wave, a few straggled after them and a few waited to see if the rumour was true; it was. I think we all just about managed to follow the same route, via Releath, and rendezvoused at the café, just about at the same time. As you can see we spread out. On our table we mostly talked about those on the other tables, and bikes. As we came, so we left; some had only just been fed when Bernie decided we should go. Natalie joined Bernie, Spargo, Phil3, Nigel, Mike and myself in the first wave goodbye. I think Nigel got a bit jealous of Bernie and Spargo loving up to each other and soon left us, and we somehow managed to lose Mike, even without trying; we took the usual Muddy Lanes route home. From Crane Garage Natalie took the main road back whilst the rest had another look at Halvasso. 34 miles for me on a beautiful February morning. Dean

Mylor Sailability
Jan 28, 2016, 1:45 pm

A short video of Mylor Sailability, who we gave a donation to at Christmas, they have now received further grants for the upkeep of their boats. 

Jam tomorrow?
Jan 28, 2016, 10:41 am

So, where was I? Oh yes, now I remember I was trying to ride up a dropped kerb at Union Corner at the beginning of December. I was carefull to avoid that little fall from grace this morning. I had told Simon that today would be my return to the OGIL fold, “if the weather was half decent”. Mystic Meg suggested that it would be improving, and that was good enough for me. Just Bernie at the appointed place and at the appointed 10 before 9 we set off to meet up with Simon and Bryan at the other place. Was it the strong head wind that made the going appear difficult? I am afraid not as the coming back was just as slow. Whilst pleasantries were being exchanged at “the turn” the M&Ms turned up. Bryan poured cold water, if we hadn’t enough, on Simon’s first suggestion of Krowji. It seems that it is under new management and alterations had shut the kitchen for a few days. Miss Molly’s seemed a more than adequate alternative. The route out avoided the bottom bracket deep flood just after Halvasso and took us down secret lanes, the Greek Church and skirted Stithains to bring us out at Penhalvean. For some reason, which did not go down well with either Bernie or I, Simon then took us back around the reservoir before turning off to 4 Lanes, Bolenowe and across to Brea and Miss Molly’s. I would have preferred the shorter direct route.

A welcome from a smiling waitress and a nice table in the window awaited us. Orders taken, I settled down to the conversation that I had missed for the last 8 weeks. I now know more about the intricacies of front fork lead angle and brake design than I thought I would ever want to know. Though Margaret never did get the jam that was promised for her toasted teacake, I still rate the experience as a 5 (out of 5)

Mystic Meg’s forecast was not too bad as it had mostly stopped raining and you could see the horizon by the time we left. “Right”, I said, “show me the way to go home”. “A popular song written in 1925 by the English songwriting team James Campbell and Reginald Connelly.” came the response. I shall take her batteries out one day, I know I will.

Those who rode the 10 oclock ride last Sunday will be familiar with the route back, taking the NCR3 to St Euny Church, up through Carnkie and across to Pencoys. Simon and Bryan left us at Penhalvean and the tandem just after Stithians. On my own after Trevales I took the short cut down through Mabe and up the bypass. No one would know. Hence Mr Garmin said that it was only 34 miles for me.  

Dean BEM

PS. To save Bernie from embarrassment I missed out the bit where he fell off.

24th January 2016 – Must have been the P Fairy’s Birthday
Jan 26, 2016, 5:16 pm

Seven of us opted for the longer ride – Ian, Chris H, Phleagles, Robin, Matt, Margaret and me, the Birthday Boy. No Birthday Girl as she was in London. A few extra minutes at HQ passed with conversation on All or Nothing factory built wheels, reused vintage Bluemels Olympic mudguards of dubious cosmetic standard and birthdays as Robin put in a new tube at the rear and I made heavy weather of packing away a troublesome front light on the luggage-free Cannondale RT2. A sprawl of broken glass on the route from Mylor was mentioned.

Shortly before the Halvasso turn it became clear that Robin’s back tyre problem was back and he set about fitting another tube (un)grudgingly provided by Ian. After a tandem and single speed friendly route plan was agreed just five of us set off again leaving Robin and Matt to complete the tube change and catch up.

Through Carnkie, Porkellis, Nancegollan, Drym Road, past Clowance Wood to emerge on the B3280 between Praze and Leedstown. Here the shortest route onwards was agreed. (Did we fear Robin and Matt might outflank us?). It was Leedstown, St Erth Praze and St Erth to Hayle causeway, where Ian received news that Robin’s ongoing pneumatic difficulties (two more deflations) would mean we would remain just five. Then past St Uny Church to St Ives to find the centre quite lively and that the Balcony was open after recent refurb. All was indeed well for those lucky enough to have made it.

The food came fast and good, the Birthday Girl’s timeline was graced with the picture above, and Robin was informed of our happy arrival.

After the leisurely stop we opted for a bit of moderate exercise on the return leg leaving the middle of town up the main road to the south to enter the mist zone just after Halestown before the great descent north of Trencrom to Lelant. Over the causeway again then Connor Downs taking Loggans Road and Treeve Lane to avoid Loggan’s Moor roundabout, Carnhell Green, Barripper Methodist Church then the reverse of the Cornish 100 route up to Black Rock so I could check on the replaced signage for Phil C. Four of us thought it might be prudent to see if Winter Prices still applied at Porkellis. It turned out they did not but it was a pleasant place to refresh and sum up the ride, cycling and so on.

Back in 2005 the 24th of January was headlined by the BBC as the worst day of the year and a similar lightweight story about the third week in January has run every year since. A shallow marketing ploy of course, my birthday must rank as one of the best days of the year and this ride proved the post-Christmas blues had already passed at St Ives and all points there and back. About 64 miles for us.


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