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Sunday 28th Feb 9:00am Long Ride to St.Ives
Mar 2, 2016, 7:47 pm

Would you believe it, a cold, but sunny day welcomed a cheery group to HQ. Where to? St.Ives was decided, with Ian plotting the route and Robin, M&M, Amanda, Dave, Ed, Nick, Matt & myself following.

Left to go through the church fields to Budock, 10 were immediately down to 8. Robin turned back to scoop up Ed and Dave, advising they would catch up. So the rest of us continued on, down through Budock, right onto No Man Lands Rd, then right again onto the Mawnan road up to the Argal crossroads. Here we stopped to wait for Robin, Ed & Dave and soak up a few rays.

It wasn’t long before we were back to 10….Dave’s crank arm had worked its way loose, but all was well again.

Onwards through Treverva, and then the climb up to Halvasso. At the approach to Carnkie, we turned right for the downhill blitz around the southern end of Stithians reservoir, through Carnmenellis & the climb up to the Helston-Redruth road.

Just prior to the climb, yours truly’s drivetrain locked, so I chose the “softer” hedge to fall against, rather than the road! The ensuing inspection revealed my rear wheel had come out of the drop-out on one side, forcing the wheel against the chain stay. Hmm…thought the QR skewer had been sufficiently tight, but maybe not? Re-tightened and off we set again.

We headed toward Four lanes, but then turning left to Killivose, onto Barripper and Penponds. Crossing over the A30, and on over Treswithian Downs to Coombe. Then left past Hell’s Mouth and the fun & fast descent toward Gwithian. A brief stop in Gwithian to check tyres, as there had been some broken glass on the road. No punctures, so onward through Hayle, to Lelant and the short climb to Carbis Bay. We descended into St.Ives, dodging meandering folk and into the Balcony café for welcome refreshments of full English or breakfast baps and fresh coffee.

Having refuelled, we prepared for the return leg, when I discovered the P fairy had made a visit. Ever had the feeling it’s not your day?! The thought of being timed got me moving, but Robin & Martyn were soon assisting, I think frustrated at my inefficient methods of changing a tube. I am indeed grateful, as Martyn noticed that one of the springs on my rear skewer was inverted. Aha! This would explain how the earlier mechanical shenanigans had occurred! Crimson faced - from embarrassment or the exertion of pumping a tyre…I’ll let you decide!

After the false start, we were off again, splitting company…the wise taking a more gentile route, the keener (dafter) taking the steep climb up past the Tate. We re-grouped at the Fire station and headed up to Halestown, and onto Cripplesease and Nancledra. Turning South and the climb over Lelant Downs tested the legs, and thank goodness for gears! Not everyone shares that religion, and we’d miss the colourful phrases if Ian wasn’t on his single-speed!

A quick stop for a group photo looking out toward St. Michael’s Mount, and then the descent into Crowlas. On toward St. Erth, turning right along Long lanes to St. Hilary, Trescowe & Godolphin Cross.

Energy levels diminishing, hydration beckoned and we made a bee line to Nancegollan, the up & down to Releath and the climb up to Porkellis and the lure of the Star Inn. 9 out of 10 spilled into the Star, with Amanda (most sensible) bidding farewell and continuing onto Falmouth.

You’ll be pleased, dare I say shocked, to know that the Hydration program was controlled and concluded swiftly.  Possibly the lack of Six Nations games was influential, but controlled nonetheless. 

And with no further episodes of mechanicals or punctures, we set off, through Carnkie, Matt heading for Stithians and the balance onto Longdowns and the Treliever R’bout. Adieus were bid there and the final stretch to home.

Great company, as always, and a great ride…despite the mechanicals! 

62.5 miles and 4800ft of climbing for me.

Phil 4

Sunday 28th February Devoran, Truro and Chacewater ride
Feb 29, 2016, 11:01 pm

It was dry, bright and sunny as we met at HQ at 9 o’clock and everyone admired Bernie’s new bike. A carbon Specialised Diverge, bright green and black set up with panniers and mudguards for serious touring. 

Seven of us pedalled away wondering why Kiwi Dave (going to St Ives with the other group) was holding up a crank and pedal! Steve helped him to sort it out and he rejoined the long ride. We descended to Commercial road, over Mylor Downs, back down through suicide alley to Devoran. The tide was in and we had a scenic cycle along the old tram road. 

We turned left and rode past the Punch Bowl into Playing Place taking the old Falmouth Road to Arch Hill where Victor and Jo left us and turned for home. Now five we cycled through the centre of Truro, along Pydar Street, turning left past St Mary’s School and on to the Idless valley. Bernie led with Admiral and Nigel close with Dean and me following as we explored the quiet and lovely valley (a new road to most of us). At Shortlanesend we crossed the main road and rode down to the Lily café at Penrose Water Gardens. Although the sign said they were open….they weren’t, so we carried on to Langarth park and ride, across the very busy roundabout and over to Chacewater garden centre to enjoy a warm welcome from the friendly staff.

Talk revolved around future rides and foreign trips. Satisfying refreshed we returned home via Twelveheads, Cusgarne and Frogpool where Admiral and Dean left us to cycle to Falmouth. At Pulla Cross we turned left for five turnings and the long haul up to Stithians and the usual route home. At Jim’s we came across a young, tired and exhausted cyclist so Nigel gave him a snack to help him get home.

A great ride on a lovely sunny February day- 46 miles for me


Ride report, Feb 28th‏
Feb 29, 2016, 1:55 pm

The last 10.00 ride of the winter season, on a cold but beautiful day with clear blue skies, had a good turnout, with twelve Wheelers meeting at HQ. Red Leader suggested going to Roskilly's, so off we went, via Treverva, Brill and Gweek. Richard opted for the main road, but the rest of us went through Trelowarren, stopping briefly to admire the view from the top of the ridge, all new for Mike who hadn't been there before.  Then on towards St. Keverne,with an enforced stop at Newtown in St Martin for Shane to help fix Mike's puncture - Trevor had a tough time finding the cause of it; we had ridden over some cut brambles earlier, so maybe that was the problem.  Then off again heading for St Keverne; after a few miles there was a discussion as to which was the shortest route to Roskilly's - we were getting cold and hungry!  Raymond had a short cut which Gill and I chose, the others continued to St Anthony's creek.  We arrived at Roskilly's to find Richard had been there for a while - by then we were very glad of some hot drinks, food, and a chance to warm our hands near the roaring fire.  Soon Clare and Mike turned up, having been fortified by Mike's malt loaf; just as well as Clare was starving!  Not long after that the others arrived, enthusing about the lovely view over the creek.  With a 20 mile ride home, the four early arrivals soon set off via the main B3293, turning down to Gweek after the roundabout at Gerras.  Gill and Richard took the upper road at the Black Swan, and I carried on towards Falmouth; 43 miles in all for me.  A great ride and a fitting end to the club's later timing - from next Sunday most of us will be meeting at 09.00.                         Liz

Quiet go the Dons
Feb 25, 2016, 2:33 pm

In Norse mythology Logi was a fire giant, a God. Logi can also stand for a mature dyslectic gentleman appropriately attired for cycling. There was a definite lack of the former on today’s OGIL ride, though there were a couple of Giants and, at times, a little bit of extra warmth would have come in handy. There was, however, an uncertain number of the latter, plus one stoker of the fairer sex, the exact number I will work out as I write.

The relevance of the photo will be clear to those who rode on which, for me, was the first 50 miler of the year.

I was last arriving at Union Corner but we were away on time, according to Bernie’s new satellite linked watch. Of course there could have been others who arrived a little late and finding no one there went home again, but who cares.

The other place was, alas, deserted. Simon had already texted to say that he was forgoing the pleasure to attend a Zestival meeting and Bryan had a hospital appointment. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Bryan but hospital appointments are so difficult to get you have to take advantage of them, don’t you? Eventually, Phil3 arrived, with little excuse, and after a text to TD, “Porthtowan” we were off again. For some reason there were suggestions that I might be leading but such madness was soon squashed and Bernie took charge.

After so many wet Wednesdays the ride out was very pleasant, though even a little less direct than usual and TD was waiting at the Seaspray café when we arrived. It was not really warm enough to sit out, but we did. The M&Ms had turned back at Navvy Pit but there now being 7 of us we still needed two tables. Admiral, TD and myself chose the “top” table, for the intellectual conversation. 

Bernie ordered us to turn right after leaving Porthtowan, up Rose Hill and around past Nancekuke. The view out to sea was beautiful

Nigel stopped at the toilets in Portreath and the rest of us went into the car park to wait whilst he discovered that they are closed due to Cornwall Council Policy of not spending a penny on them before Easter. Who should we meet whilst there?- the two Dons, Gunner and Morris, out for a quite ride. They turned down the offer of joining us for Portreath hill, preferring to find a café. It was a fairly straight ride back, passed Miss Molly’s and picking up the cycle path across to St Uny church and to Carnkie. I left them at Pencoys, deciding to call in to see Chris but I assume that they got home ok and Mike managed to get back without getting lost.



Sunday 21st Feb – Trevaskas Farm
Feb 22, 2016, 12:52 pm

It was a bit dull and damp but 12 Wheelers showed up for today’s 10 o’clock ride. Red Leader and Karen lead the way on their tandem. I was really looking forward to it, as I’ve never cycled there. Up Halvasso and then Penmarth. Richard 73 only wanted a short ride so he left us here and went to Stithians Lake while the rest of us turned off and cycled on. We had a couple of hills but that was good as we worked up an appetite for the goodies that awaited us at the Farm. We were soon passing through Praze and Beeble and Carnell Green. We were almost there when we realised we’d lost Paula. Raymond retraced his steps and soon found her waiting at a junction not knowing which road to take but she wasn’t far behind. It was packed at Trevaskas so we had to sit outside but by now the weather looked brighter and it was rather pleasant. While sitting there, Denise and her husband and grandchildren turned up as they were meeting the rest of their family for lunch. The bacon baps and cakes went down well, then we retraced the road back through Praze and Beeble then turned off towards Four Lanes. Just before Four Lanes, Trevor 2, Raymond and Shane said goodbye and headed for Gweek.   At Stithians, Red Leader, Karen and Barbara turned off down Penhalvean while Paula, Don, Mike, Peter and I headed through Stithians village. Paula then had a problem with her bike. Going up hill she couldn’t change down and discovered a broken cable to the rear derailleur. She had to push her bike up the hill but after that it all down hill to £5 Jims, a short hop up to Crane Garage and then it was downhill all the way home. Mike and Peter peeled off at Union Corner and I left Don and Paula at Trescobeas surgery and came home via Dracaena. A brilliant ride with 45 miles for me.


Your Mileage May Vary – Long ride to Perranporth and beyond Sunday 21st February 2016
Feb 22, 2016, 12:51 pm

A good group of Wheelers assembled at HQ on a rather murky morning, and sorted themselves out in the usual fashion into two rides. In the absence of guidance from the website, a few parties had agreed on Newquay, but eventually more were gathered into a Long Ride with destination Perranporth and see what happens when we get there. Nine riders eight bikes: Robin, Matt, Ian (no gears again), Nick (first time out for quite a while), Bryan (recently dried out from Wednesday), Sylvia and Alice (hoping to see some new parts of Cornwall), and Martyn and me on the new tandem.

Once through Commercial Road most of us went up Truro Hill, apart from Ian who used the inclined plane rather than the cogged gear to reach Mylor Downs at exactly the same time as the rest of us. Then down Carclew, Muddy Banks, and up the Bissoe valley to Blackwater and on towards the north coast. We took a clockwise turn around St Agnes Beacon, meeting a group of riders including Scalatchi coming the other way. Robin stopped for a chat while the rest carried on through St Agnes, Barkla Shop and Trevellas.

The Stepping Stones was closed for holidays so it was The Green Parrot for our coffee stop. It was crowded and fuggy inside, but we were able to enjoy our various breakfast choices and multiple coffees in the mild and brightening weather outside.

As it was only 11 o’clock we then needed to discuss the remaining route. Newquay was mentioned again, then Martyn proffered the “Roseland Return” gambit – the route back via Probus and the King Harry ferry we used this time last year. Robin and I remembered it was scenic. Ian was against the chevrons. Nick had to be back in Falmouth for an appointment with a masseuse and a baby swimming session. Alice and Sylvia were cautious “How far is it?”, but were easily fobbed off with “A bit further than we’ve done already” – never trust the Wheelers old men.

So eight riders and seven bikes set off up past the golf course and then via Gooonhaven to Boxheater where we crossed the A30 and followed first muddy lanes (typical Cornwall) and then the high open hedgeless roads that Sylvia said reminded her of the Yorkshire Wolds. Soon we were back in Cornwall with a deep valley and a long steep climb up to the Ladock road – finally too much for Ian’s strength and cunning. The new lighter weight of tandem and crew this year just about compensated for our higher bottom gear and we made it up again. There’s another steep hill to reach Probus, but here Ian was able to use the main road trick again to give him the gearing he needed – we arrived at the T just as he passed. We regrouped in Probus to take breath and bonk rations, then took the direct route to Tregony bridge and on to Ruan High Lanes. The wind was increasingly sapping and while Ian and Matt went on ahead the rest of us formed a huddle to get some protection.

At Ruan High Lanes the main party took the road to King Harry via Philleigh, while Alice elected to go for the St Mawes ferry to Falmouth and we took a turn down the Roseland with her. The road was longer and hillier than I remembered (never trust the Wheelers old men) and it was a slog into the wind, but the eventual views across the Carrick Roads in the silvery light were quite spectacular, and as we turned at the castle we saw the ferry coming in. We arrived on the quay as it docked and saw Alice board, with about 52 miles on her clock.

Martyn and I took a quick wind-assisted route up the west side of the Roseland to catch the King Harry ferry. We stopped off at Devoran Old Quay Inn to find Robin, Matt and Ian recently arrived, so we joined them for some necessary refuelling before our final leg home.

71 miles and 1 pint for us. Some others may have slightly lower mpg, but we couldn’t possible say. Margaret

Pathfinder – Zennor, Sunday 14th February 2016
Feb 22, 2016, 12:48 pm

I’ve been asked rather late in the day to do a report for last week’s pathfinder. I can’t remember what I did yesterday let alone last week!! But here goes. From memory, I think 23 riders met at Longrock for the ride to the Tinners Arms for lunch. Robin was a tad worried that Ian and a few others hadn’t arrived as they had stopped off for coffee as they had cycled down. However, we all set off across the footbridge over the A30 and it wasn’t long before the ‘coffee breakers’ caught us up. It was a fairly gentle ride towards Ludgvan and Vellanoweth then Nancledra and Towednack. Before we knew it we were at the pub. We were a tad early but the landlord opened up for us and we had a little light refreshment until the kitchen opened for lunch.  It being Valentines Day I wondered if there were any romantics in the group. Margaret had brought some love hearts and shared around and I discovered that Robin had bought a couple of bottles of Gill’s favourite wine (but added that he was going to drink a few glasses himself!!) However, I think points should go to Victor. He had a big grin on his face as he told me he’d bought Caroline a lovely bunch of chrysanthemums. Sadly, they went down like a lead balloon as Caroline said she hated those flowers – still, it’s the thought that counts as they say. After hot, tasty soup and sandwiches we set off to Gunnards Head for coffee while Kath and Mr & Mrs Trevarno Dave set off back home as they had to be back early. After a short coffee stop, we rode along enjoying the views going through Madron and Gulval. We lost a few gents here as they wanted to watch the rugby in the pub – nothing to do with the amber nectar!!! Back at Longrock, the remainder made their own way home while Don and I cycled to Mousehole for coffee and cake. An extremely well supported pathfinder. Many thanks to all the guys for their guidance at the junctions. 30 miles for Don and me.


Wednesday 17th February OGIL ride to Helston Boating Lake
Feb 17, 2016, 9:38 pm

After recently missing two rides when it was wet (and the others had cycled) I thought I would make the effort and go today. It was a bit wet but the forecast said it would improve later (it did, but much later, long after I’d returned home!)

When I arrived at ‘the other place’, by the Halvasso turn, no one was there! Was I late or early or was it too wet for Ogillers? Then, as the rain poured down, I was pleased to see Bryan as he pedalled in from Halvasso. Still no one came and we waited until 9.15 getting steadily wetter and wetter as the rain hammered down. Surely there were others who wanted to test the waterproofing qualities of their cycling gear? NO…. so off we went.

We rode through Brill, to Gweek, up the hill past the garage, turning left before Boskenwyn School to Penboa. The rain was at its peak here and brown floods of field water flowed across the tarmac creating rivers at the side of the road. We cycled past Flambards, the hospital and along the bypass to the boating lake. I thought about what I’d have with my coffee…. perhaps a cooked breakfast or beans on toast. But, as we shook off our coats and wrung out our gloves, the staff told us that there had been a power cut they could only make coffee and there was NO HOT FOOD! 

As Bryan and I enjoyed our coffee and cake we discussed buying bikes, cycling clothes and the route back. We returned home cycling up through the town and Muddy Lane- surprisingly not muddy just very wet. We didn’t fancy the main road so carried on to Poldark Mine and Porkellis. It was a good ride considering the awful weather. Now I must invest in some decent wet weather gear or study the forecast more carefully! 30 very wet miles.


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