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What a day for a daydream
Jun 9, 2016, 7:55 pm

I expect that there will be a long mid week report from the Ardeche so I will keep the OGIL report brief.

With so many away this week, or having other excuses, I was surprised that there were four of us leaving Union Corner at the appointed hour, Ian, myself, John and Mike. We haven’t seen Mike for about 8 weeks, and to be honest, we didn’t see much of him on the ride, either. The gateway at Halvasso turn was eerily quiet when we arrived about 15 minutes later but whilst I was texting the chosen destination to our “followers”, Chris H turned up. Five in total. Between us, Ian and I sorted out the route, to Porthtowan, me giving the general direction - Greek Church, Burncoose, Twelveheads, Mount Hawke, and Ian filling in the details, such as where we turned and which way.

It was a gorgeous morning for a bike ride and a sunny welcome at the Beach Café. Food orders submitted we sat outside and enjoyed the beach scenery.

The standard, short, route back was chosen – up the valley to Scorrier, Treskerby, Sandy Lane and Lanner, except that Ian and Chris, realising that the Dartmouth Classic is only a couple of weeks away, then turned off towards Helston to add a few miles. John chose the A394 down to Penryn leaving just Mike and myself to have another look at Halvasso and home. A nice 64 kms. Dean

The first day of Summer
Jun 4, 2016, 10:23 pm

 I found out the other day that Mr Garmin has been secretly connecting up with his namesakes belonging to various lady Wheelers. What they get up to I just don’t know but it could explain why his batteries have been exhausted after even a short OGIL ride. I don’t know whether he thought it was a cyclist version of Tinder, but I can tell you, ladies, tell your computers to forget it. He definitely doesn’t go all the way these days.

Today’s OGIL ride was not too short or too long, so Mr Garmin coped. With Fred’s absence there were various suggestions as to where we might go but Helston boating lake was soon settled upon, and I duly sent out a text to TD and some of the growing number of OGIL who seemed to have dropped off the list of regular OGIL attendees. Fred, like the British Expeditionary Force in 1939, has departed for France to sort out the recent troubles before the full-scale advance on Mont Ventoux. I hope Admiral won’t have to get his little boat out and go and fetch them back.

John, having retired only last week joined us for the first time, along with Martin (NZ), Admiral, Simon, Amanda, Bernie and Ian. The route has been done before; out to Nancegollan and Godolphin Cross, turning towards the coast at Balwest and back through Porthleven and Penrose estate. It being half term Coronation Park was generally busy but the café not too crowded. We divided onto two tables, TD joining us. Amanda was impressed by the quality of the coffee, giving it 9 ½ out of 10 but gave up on the “sailing” conversation, abandoning ship to join the other table, but, sensibly, not before we had further discussed the referendum and had unanimously agreed that Cameron is a Tw*t.

The first day of summer was marked with a cooler, and windier, day than we had hoped and it was, perhaps, the weather that affected Simon’s normally pleasant and polite behaviour. Not only did he question the parentage of a car driver at Carnkie, who had paid him closer attention than he thought desirable, he quite loudly told a young female on the adjacent table to “shut up”. And she did. And the 12 month old’s mother apologised!

Ian wanted to get some more miles in so headed towards the Lizard rather than joining the rest of us on the usual route back; up through town, muddy lanes, Jim’s hidden lanes, and Wendron cricket club. TD turned off at Wendron school and Simon left us at Chez Jim. John followed Bernie off down the A394 whilst the rest of us took another look at Halvasso before heading home. Mr Garmin, nailing his colours firmly to the Remain campaign mast informed me that we had cycled 64 kilometres. Dean

Great Ormond Street Hospital Garden Party‏
Jun 4, 2016, 5:27 pm

As some of you know I'm riding the Prudential Ride London in aid of GOSH where my youngest son Seth had a life changing operation.
To help raise funds Seth's Mum, Helen, is holding a garden party on Sunday 12th June at Penhellis Barn, Church Lane, Helston, TR13 8PF, to which you are all invited
On this day I propose to organise a pathfinder ride around the Helston area and use the garden party as our café/coffee stop to aid the fund raising.
The ride will commence at 10.00am from the layby between Wheal Dream and the Coverack Bridges turning on the B3297 Helston to Redruth road.
If you can please try and support this event and for those of you who can't you can donate at the following https://www.justgiving.com/ian-murrells or see me in person.
Thanks Ian

Those wishing to ride to the start of the pathfinder at the layby near Wheal Dream, just outside Helston on the Redruth road, I would suggest leaving HQ at about 8.45 to make the 10.00 start. It's about 12 miles either by main road or via Porkellis.
I've  16 and 14 mile routes to the garden party and we can decide on the day which to do. Returning to the layby we can make it as short or as long as you like, even including the Star Inn! 
I know many of you are away doing other things but hopefully we can have a good turnout of any remaining Wheelers to support this event. I thank all of you who have donated so far, it is a great cause close to my heart. Those attending will have the chance to meet my son Seth, who was a patient at GOSH, as he tries to screw money out of you! For those unable to make it you can still donate at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ian-murrells.
Many thanks.

As I was going to St Ives……
Jun 3, 2016, 8:52 pm

After several weeks out of the saddle, I thought I’d better join the long ride to St Ives – was I going to regret it?   Fred led the way followed by eight enthusiastic riders.  Through Budock and up to Halvasso and as I reached the top the map was out and a discussion taking place about which route to take.   Phil E, Phil C, Amanda and new boy Ben steamed ahead while Fred, Liz, Jo, Richard 73 and myself followed at a very good steady pace.  Carnkie, Porkerris, Nancegollan, Godolphin Cross, forever onwards and then I saw the sign for St Erth and knew we were almost there.  It had been decided not to go right into St Ives as, being a bank holiday, it would be manic so a cafe just outside the town was chosen (I think its called Lakeside).  Now, I didn’t meet a man with 7 wives, sacks, cats and kitts but I did see a lonely cyclist (namely Ian) on a bike peddling like mad towards us shouting that the café was just along the road on the right hand side.  

The two Phils, Amanda and Ben were waiting for us and we all sat outside in the glorious sunshine enjoying our well-earned breakfasts.  Richard had soup then the largest piece of banana and chocolate cake I’ve ever see.  Being the friendly group we are, we had to help him out.  The peace was soon broken by the arrival of Trevor 2, Shane, Raymond, Chris and Ian.  After everyone had refuelled, the whole group headed back.  Cripplesease, Lelant, Hayle, Connor Downs, Carnell Green and Praze & Beeble.  (I remember this route courtesy of Mr Garmin).  Soon we reached Penmarth and here we split into two groups, those to Falmouth and those to the Star Inn.  I was persuaded to join the Star Inn group for a bevy.  The beers flowed and so did the wit.  I left the lads quenching their thirst and headed home.

After 59 miles I was a little saddlesore.  Did I regret it?? not one bit.  I had a brilliant ride and an excellent day. Thanks to everyone for your great company and a big thanks to Fred for getting me there and back again safely.



Pathfinder ride May 2016
May 29, 2016, 5:02 pm
With a variety of methods to the start some coming from Falmouth by bike or by car, lift shares or on your own and others from Bodmin we all met at the Shell Woods car park just outside Bodmin on the Camel Trail. 23 in total I think. 
It was an immediate steep climb up to Blisland, a very pretty tiny village with a lovely looking pub. ( Note to self-must go back and enjoy the pub and a very interesting Millennium bench made from horseshoes). We cycled  some delightful lanes, slightly undulating but the weather was fine and we don't mind hills, do we! We popped out to enjoy fantastic views of Bodmin Moor with Brown Willy in the distance. Is it Roughtor that's in front of Brown Willy? Anyway the scenery was superb and so very different to our usual views considering it's all so close. 
With one minor detour by a few of us we reached the cafe stop which was a superb farm shop/cafe/restaurant and it was just warm enough to sit outside. The food was excellent and I can recommend the bacon and egg bap. We had obviously missed a very heavy shower as the roads were very wet in the villages that we passed through on the second half of the ride but no rain for us.
It continued to be a lovely ride with the odd hill thrown in but the last section back to the car park was either down hill or flat as we finished the ride along a section of the Camel Trail. 
A day out enjoyed by all with many thanks to Martin and Margaret for a 25 mile route which will be enjoyed again no doubt.

OGIL RIDE REPORT Wednesday 25th May 2016
May 26, 2016, 10:00 am

I made my way to the meeting spot at bottom of Halvasso where Kath was waiting eagerly. She had dropped off her Campervan for MOT and service ready for her French trip. We remarked on what a cold dull dismal day it was again not at all what we would like but then Hey Ho. We were joined by Ian, Bernie Martin, Phil 1 and David S. Steve I found out later waited at Union corner at 8.55 as they meet at 8.50 he was of course alone and confused!  Dean was having Tea with the Queen, Brian we hope is recovering , M&M were dealing with a family bereavement , Simon had relatives visiting so was being a very good boy, so it was seven of us who set off to check out the Café at Twelve Heads. The route was via Carnkie, Releath, Blackrock, Fourlanes and through Carharrick (no sign of Dave out training).

We were made very welcome and had a lovely laze in the sunshine “see what happens if you moan about the weather,  it changes” which was nice after the cold easterly wind that was in our faces as we rode along the spine of Cornwall. We all agreed it was a good stop and very reasonably priced.  The over coffee  chatter was about In or Out of the common market we all agreed that we all had different opinions and we were all experts at not knowing much about anything much at all with absolutely no idea what would happen either way  “So no change there then”. 

 The other  topic was David announced he thought he might come to France with us, but then again perhaps he wouldn’t! but then again it would be nice, but then Jean probably had other plans for him, but he could probably rearrange, but she wouldn’t like that, and so on and so forth. Age is a wonderful thing.  Ian then left us to get a few more miles in the rest of us made our back through Cusgarne  to Stithians dropping Bernie off at his Estate and left them at Halvasso to make my way home.

A really nice ride and recommend Café stop (Please note there is no indoor seating)

30miles for me more for everyone else I am sure


New cafe
May 20, 2016, 5:48 pm

Dropped in at the new cafe at Twelveheads today good food,bacon baps and homemade cakes,Alan likes the cakes best. Don 2

Anybody who finds a new cafe please let us know.

Just for Kath
May 19, 2016, 9:55 am

Kath said that she wanted a short ride and a long coffee break, to talk about Sunday’s audax, so the logical choice on a morning that not only threatened but also delivered heavy showers, was “Lilly the Pinks”. Fred was charged with finding a direct route so I couldn’t quite see why we were heading out to 4 Lanes, or Carnkie, but we eventually turned towards Redruth and out to Avers Roundabout. Whilst Fred circumnavigated the roundabout a couple of times, the M&Ms mutinied and led a splinter group, Bernie and myself, down the bypass to Scorrier and to the café. The two Phils (1 & 2) followed Fred out to Radnor, and, I assume, across the railway.

The café, aka Smokie Joe’s, was busy but we found a bench set for 4 and left the M&Ms to an adjacent romantic table for two. To enhance the occasion they shared a meal. Aaahhh. Phil2, on his first visit to this wondrous eatery needed help with the menu, and Phil1 got told off for flashing. We had just ordered when Simon arrived, having been put off by the seasonal precipitation. TD, Admiral, Nigel, and Kath, were no shows.

The unexpected availability of a place on the French trip and the delights of cycling 900m up a mountain, not once but three times, dominated the conversation, leaving little time to congratulate me on completing the 200k audax.

The sun came out whilst we were eating and stayed with us for most of the route back; across to Chacewater and down the valley to Bissoe. Turning right we headed right, through Cusgarne and Frogpool. Here we started to split up, Simon going right and home, Bernie turning left and the 2 Phils and I straight on to Perranwell. Phil 2 left us just past Ennys Gardens and I followed Phil1 up Dracenna Avenue, and home. Just 32 miles, for me. Dean

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