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The Boxing Day Ride
Dec 29, 2017, 5:47 pm

This year boxing day was on the 26th of December which coincided with a Tuesday. This being such a good turn out for a festive ride was envisaged, however this was not the case o.k. it was wetish o.k. it was windyish and well maybe a trifle on the cold side but hey it is December. Well David Spargo, Robin and yours truly waited for a while thinking perhaps the others had over slept but alas no-one else turned up so the three wise men followed yonder star or they would have done if they could see it. The modest route was Mawnan Smith via Meanporth hill a favourite of many the wheelers! Through the delightful little lane coming out at High Cross Garage where the “P” fairy made a visit to Robin. Oh what joyish odes he did sing out. David and I duly set about giving him unsound advice on the best way to go about repairing the problem. Of course it was on the rear wheel and Robin was a bit confused as to how to get the wheel off as it had Shimano gears on his chosen bike for the day. I not sure whether it was the by now irritating rain the rather bright orange gloves that he had put on or just a general feeling of pissoffishness that often occurs on these occasions but eventually the quick release was released and the wheel removed the same as would be done with the Campagnolia that Robin favours (all sounds a bit Greek or is it Italian to me). After a very swift inner tube change and discussions on tyre sizes a riveting conversation that I am sure the Ladies of the club and a lot of the male members would have thoroughly enjoyed!! We continued to Lamanva, Union corner down to Penryn round Castle Point stopping at the what was once the Duchy Hotel to study the rather strange building practices that are taking place. David then took us on a magical mystery tour through the back lanes tracks footpath and steps of Falmouth arriving eventually at the Boslowick inn at 12.00 noon having ridden 18 miles. Sonjia had just driven up with the mince pies so 4 of us entered the inn for a festive drink. Jo and her son Robert arrived from the Gym. He was home for xmas and told us of his travels with B.A. By the time we left it was raining rather hard so the roads were washed lovely and clean.

So folks don’t forget next year to join us in the joviality of a Boxing Day Ride


Ride Report, Sunday 17 December
Dec 19, 2017, 3:24 pm

Riders, Dean, Mike2, Sylvia, Fred, Richard, Paul, Phil S, Victor, Caroline.

Long riders, Amanda, Ian, Ben, Robin, Jim.

After a brief chat about the shade of Phils tan and whether it was all over or just spray on Strictly Style Tan, the talk changed to possible destinations for todays ride.

The long ride was going to Portreath. So was the intermediate ride. On different routes. Not a very good turn out for either ride, only 5 on the "long" and 9 on the "shorter".  We headed out through Budock usual route to Halvasso then over to Bolenowe and down to Troon, Tehidy. Arriving at the Atlantic the longer riders already seated, many tables were reserved for lunch, so our 9 had to split up, some in the front on the comfy sofas and the rest out back..talk on the comfy sofa centred around what we would be having for Christmas Day Lunch, carnivore or herbivore options. As we waited for our drinks and food to arrive, many people were turned away as no room at the inn. We were lucky.  As the two groups left, some up The Hill, us up toward Redruth all the way to the top of Lanner Hill.  As we neared Stithians it was mentioned that we could pop in for extra hydration, almost making up for missing Roastie Ride. Four out of our nine headed in to the very cosy Seven Stars, and who should be there but 3 of the long riders, the pub was busy with lunches so we chatted at the bar, about who could be press ganged into being new club chairman. When we got to sit at a table I am afraid the talk sank to an all time low, I cant tell you what is was about as I am sure it would be censored anyway.. Then Fred told us about his Duke of Edinburgh escapades when he was a lad.. Comparing it to what Ian's son is doing for his DofE. As we left the pub to head home in the rain a favourite club saying sprang to mind, the one about "you never regret going", A quick ride home

Mileage for us 40 miles. Would love to know "long" ride mileage.


Just us Girls- Sunday 17 December
Dec 19, 2017, 3:22 pm

I think we were all grateful for the 10 o’clock start today giving us a little more time to get sorted.

I was the first to HQ at ten to with Sonjia, Paula,Sheila,Liz and Jo all turning up within a few minutes.  Paula gave a shout of Porthleven which we all gave the thumbs up to with Helston Boating lake being the bale out café if the weather turned.

We headed towards Gweek but just before Treverva Sonjia and Sheila decided to take a left going via Constantine to Gweek.  The rest of us didn’t fancy the hill up to the village so continued on.  ‘we’ll meet up in Gweek, and it’s not a race!  I couldn’t wait to see who would make it to Gweek first.  We kept encountering a couple of BT men bringing Super Fast Broadband to the area.  I wonder how Super Fast it will get installed though as they were from Wales and Lost. Anyway it was neck and neck at Gweek so it doesn’t matter which way you go. 

Over the bridge, right up the hill and a left to Pemboa bought us out by Sainsbury in Helston. Ignoring the boating lake café we carried on through the Penrose Estate.  It was the Christmas outing for the local carriage club and we had to manoeuvre around some delightful little ponies and a very lovely shire horse, all decorated for Christmas, before we could continue through to edge of the Estate.  The Hideaway was the chosen coffee stop, a new one for  me but not for Paula.  An excellent stop with speedy service and a very good Bacon Roll for 1.75 kept me happy.

The first spots of rain began just as we were leaving Porthleven so it was coats on and heads down as the rain became steadily worse for the very hilly ride home. 

Sonjia again went off Piste on the way home opting for the main road rather than Porkellis and Carnkie hill. We didn’t see her again so I am thinking that her route was a little quicker.

It was wet but not cold although I think we were all ready for that welcoming hot shower for when we arrived home.

39 miles.


Wheelers award winners
Dec 15, 2017, 8:40 pm

The 'WOW' cup, M and M, for their ride across France and back

The FWs Achievement Award - Denise, Barbara and Vanessa for Ride the Night 

Robin getting a Golden Spoke for LEL and all his high speed falls!

Sonjia and her Golden Spoke for riding her first 200k audax

Bernie wasn't at the party, but he also won a GS for breaking four of his, plus various other mishaps! 


Singing in the rain
Dec 13, 2017, 5:16 pm

It’s a BOGOF edition today, since that new website editor forgot to upload last weeks report.

With both Fred and Simon missing last week we were a little short on decision-making skills. Mullion was quickly suggested and just as quickly dismissed but there was a consensus for Portreath, but to revisit the Tideline café instead of our more recent regular choice, The Atlantic. Bernie, Phil1, Raymondo, Richard, Ian and myself set out from Union Corner but just Mike2 was waiting at Halvasso turn. It was a fairly uneventful ride out, or at least nothing has remained in either my or Mr Garmin’s memory, other than the route, via Tehidy. However, the Tideline was closed so it was to be back to the Atlantic, where we received the usual warm welcome and our round table waiting for us. If you are now expecting a word for word account of the scintillating conversation that always accompanies our Wednesday get-togethers, you are obviously not well acquainted with my memory. We left just as the Last of the Summer Whiners arrived, or at least Mr G, Big Bob and Red Leader; and Mr & Mrs Lance in civvies. Our route back was via the tramway and we all got home safe, and I think it was about 43 miles for me.

Today, with an unfavourable weather forecast I was the only one foolish enough to be at Union Corner, in the rain, although Phil1 caught me up after a few minutes. Mike2 was standing in the middle of the road, as usual, at Halvasso and Fred was well tucked into the gateway. Simon had sent a text to say he was running late so Fred texted back “Miss Molly’s” on his new phone and I did like wise, because Fred was using his new phone. But Simon wasn’t too late as he met up with us just before Halvasso hill. Claiming the extreme weather exemption to the 11 o’clock rule we took the direct route across to Bolenowe, by which time Simon had worked out why he was getting both wet and cold, and stopped to put on his coat, then under the railway at Brea.

The window seat awaited us and with gloves draped near and on the wood burner we were soon ready to order. Apart from the proximity to the wood burner the other advantage of the window seat was that we could see that it had now stopped raining and was almost sunny. It was a two coffee stop with much reminiscing about rides long gone and some to come, with a touch of Trump thrown in. It started raining again as we left but at least the saddles were dry. Again we chose the direct way back, along the cycle track to St Eunny and up to Piece, and even had a touch of tailwind along the way. Simon turned of Penhalvean and we escorted Fred back to the other place before heading back to Falmouth. They say you never regret going, but I came close. 32 miles for me. Dean

Ed's Mulled Wine mini report from Liz
Dec 3, 2017, 7:43 pm

There were 72 entries for Ed's Mince Pie Audax today, with 62 starters (why so many no-shows? - it was a nice day) of which 21 were members of Falmouth Wheelers. It was a  good ride, not too cold, just a few patches of drizzle and even some sun. The welcome, and the wonderful spread of food over at Higher Lanner Farm, makes this event extra special. Wendy Wallis bakes all the cakes etc herself, and we wasted no time in tucking in, and were pleased to see the collecting bucket for Parkinson's was filling up....On arrival back at Carharrack, we found our Chairman, who was standing in for Ed, sadly not with us because of illness, enjoying a glass of mulled wine with Sonjia while he stamped our cards.  Another excellent Audax to end the season.   

One Wedding and a Funeral?
Nov 30, 2017, 12:09 am

Royal wedding fever even reached the OGIL this week, as although there was nothing “borrowed” there was “something new” and “something blue”; our destination, the Bluebell Nurseries. Kath had been threatening to take us there ever since she came across it, whilst off course on the last Audax. The only thing preventing her was the small fact that she couldn’t remember exactly where it was. “Near Camborne” was not good enough, even for the OGIL. However, Single Speed Ian, confessed to knowing just where it was and, displaying all the aspects of a future Chairman, offered to lead.

Bernie was at Union Corner when I arrived, along with Ian and Kath, and Phil1 nearly caught us up by the time we got to the other place. Simon, Keith, Mike2 and Paul, sporting facial hair worthy of a recently returned Robinson Crusoe, had already agreed on Miss Molly’s but with the weather report more promising than expected this was soon put aside in favour of the Bluebell Nursery; now said to be nearer Praze than Camborne. Well, if all else fails there is a café in the centre of Praze. I needed to refer to Mr Garmin for the route we took, as he chuckled away merrily with several new roads to add to his A-Z of byways, but since I got home he has stopped working. I will have to rely on my own memory, a risky business. It was all straight forward as far as Black Rock, out via Bolenowe, but then we took the rarely noted fourth way, a narrow lane that takes one down to Crowan. At several points we were almost in sight of our destination but keen not to repeat last week’s error of breaking the first rule of OGILing, by arriving before 11 o’clock, Ian took us on yet another deviation; this time out to Carnhell Green, Eventually we headed back towards the B3303, and the Bluebell Nursery and café. The nursery changed hands a couple of years ago and the café opened in January 2016, vaguely styled on an American Diner. Everyone seemed happy with the menu, the food and the prices. Everyone that is but Bernie; who wasn’t there to sample the delights. He had been with us at the junction shortly before the café. Both Phil and I left messages on his mobile but to no avail. It was to be a 2 coffee stop and 70 minutes before we were back on the road; back towards Carmenellis and around the reservoir to Carnkie. Folk drifted off as they do and the rain came in when those left reached the other place again. I reckon that it was about 38 miles for me and, of course, the rain had stopped by the time I got home. What happened to Bernie? Is it the end of the road for Mr Garmin? Has he made his final login to the Cloud? Sign in again next week to find out. Dean

Ride on time*
Nov 23, 2017, 12:53 am

Gonna get up, gonna get up”. The road to Hell, according to my mum, is paved with good intention. So although I put my alarm forward by 10 minutes, and got up, very nearly, as soon as it sounded, I still only just got to Union Corner in time for the 8.50am start. Phil1 and Single Speed Ian wanted to start the ride “on time”. There was just the two of them, no Bernie, Admiral, Kath or Mike1; was it me not posting my usual reminder on facebook or the forecast high winds and heavy rain. Fortunately the usual crowd were at the other place; Fred, Simon, Phil3, Mike2, Keith and Max (headwind), and since we had agreed the destination last week, we could be away spot on only 1 minute late. Max did his best , and was quite successful, in keeping speeds down, but we did manage to find a little shelter as we made out way out to Porkellis, Releath, Nancegolan, and Carleen, before dropping back to Sithney, but riding was lively.

The first rule of OGILing was broken, as we arrived at Auntie Gills well before 11 o’clock, and there was some concern that they were not yet open. But the “Open” sign was up and Trevor soon appeared, who, having shown us the latest renovations to the railway layout, welcomed us in.

The most difficult decision of the morning was which of the cake selection to choose, although there was no wrong answer. Conversation was muffled as we concentrated on the task before us.

The rain was forecast to be coming in before lunch and with the wind still blowing strongly, strong enough to blow Mike2’s shower cap off, there was no inclination to do anything other than head straight back. Ian was generally in front so I guess it was he who chose the route; towards Lowertown before turning off, up and over the railway, Trannack, Farms Common and Wendron School. Then it was Jim’s hidden lanes, the short stretch along the Helston Road, with the wind finally behind us, and down to Wendron Cricket Club, after which Simon turned off. The short drop down from Crane garage to Longdowns was “interesting”, bikes dancing across the road in a very sudden and fierce side wind. After leaving Fred at Halvasso turn, and Mike2 and Phil3 at Argal, Phil1 and myself carried on towards Union Corner. In spite of the wind we were home early, and well before the rain. Only 33 miles for me but 33 miles more than if I had listened to Mystic Meg and stayed at home.


Gill is open every Wednesday morning until Christmas so if you have a chance, do drop in. You might find that last Christmas present you were looking for amongst Trevor's selection of photo gifts.

*Black Box.

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