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A Poldhu Day - OGIL ride 10th August
Aug 13, 2016, 9:21 am

I came across a new acronym this week, “Owls”. These, apparently, are older women in lycra, and in the interests of diversity, I shall use this term in future to describe those of the opposite gender who frequent the OGIL rides and are, I won’t say “past it”, but are “indicating that they intend to overtake”. There were, however, no Owls, or even “Owlets” on this weeks ride, but two new riders amongst the nine of us; visitor Duncan and Keith from Ponsanooth joining Fred, Phil, 1 and 3, John, Bernie, Bryan and myself. It seemed like a Poldhu day so, after a text to TD etc, we headed off towards Gweek. The road from Garras to the Trelowarren estate entrance was officially closed for surface dressing but Fred asked nicely and we were allowed to continue. At about 16 miles from home Duncan made his excuses and turned back. Optimystic Meg had said that it would be a little windy and cloudy but didn’t mention the mizzle that descended and remained with us for the rest of the ride to Poldhu.

The café was as busy as ever and those who had managed to find a table inside were not budging, so we commandeered two outside tables. Whilst it is said that the English only talk about the weather, that was the last thing on the agenda. The last but one thing on the agenda was sailing – time to go, I thought.

As Fred said, the road up to the golf club doesn’t get any easier. I was too busy trying to breath to say anything.

As we approached Culdrose the traffic began to build up. Fred decided to turn back towards Gweek, rather than the usual route via muddy lanes, and the majority joined him; just Bernie, Phil3 and myself preferring the “standard route”. I assume they all got home safely; there was nothing on the 6 o’clock news. It was warm and sunny when I got back to Falmouth. Perhaps it had been all morning. 46 miles for me. Dean

Prudential Ride London 31st July
Aug 11, 2016, 6:03 pm

As many of you know I was to take part in this event in aid of GOSH. This was my first time on closed roads and I was looking forward to a traffic free ride, riding the wrong side of dual carriageways, around roundabouts in the opposite direction etc. The only problem being too many cyclists!

My bed for the previous night was the Queen Mary university student accommodation which was clean, quiet and only 3 miles from my start at Queen Elizabeth Park. I set my alarm for 4.30am to allow time for breakfast, riding to the start making sure I was there for my allotted wave gate opening and closing times. Leaving the university I was greeted with a constant stream of cyclists on the main A11 through Mile End and Bow. I made my way out onto one of Boris's cycling super highways which followed the A11. These are great as they are protected by kerbs and bollards so you feel safe from the traffic along side. But today they were no way big enough to accommodate the number of cyclists riding to the start, so many hundreds were riding along the main road mingling with what was a lot of traffic for that time of day.

My start was well signed and I arrived in plenty of time for my wave gate closing time of 6.28am, which left a 40 minute wait until my start time of 7.10am. It was a carnival atmosphere with different pieces of music being played for each wave start. Our wave commenced riding to the sound of David Bowie's "Heroes" and I went over the line at 7.11am so I was really impressed with the organisation in order to achieve that knowing over 26,000 riders would start the event.

On leaving QE Park I was straight onto the wrong side of the A12, a 3 lane dual carriageway heading southeast towards Canary Wharf and the City of London. What with the wait at the start and cold early morning It took me a while to warm up so I was pleased to pass through Lime Street tunnel and its warmer air. Even at that time of day there were a lot of spectators cheering us along the route which was greatly appreciated. After crossing the Thames for the first time at Chiswick the sun began to show and the air warm as we entered the open spaces of Richmond Park. At this point I encountered my first moron of the day, a rider at the head of chain shouting "coming thru' on the right" and as I was overtaking a bunch at the time there was absolutely no room, I retorted in my most reasonable manner "I don't really think so" or words to that effect and he seemed to take offence at what I said as he struggled by with his mates. I had the last laugh though as I passed them 20 miles further on as I came thru' on their right!

I soon encountered the first serious accident of the day, near Pyrford, where the rider going downhill didn't make the corner and rode straight into a tree! Paramedics were on the scene but my group were able to squeeze through and continue our ride onto the first incline of the day up to Newlands Corner which didn't prove too taxing. By now there were crowds lining the route along the A25 towards Abinger Hammer and onto the major climb of the day, Leith Hill. This part of the route became very congested as riders slowed on the climb with many actually walking which hampered progress but it only took me 5 minutes to the top and then downhill with riders again spacing out. On reaching the 60 mile marker my phone rang. I decided not to answer as I was due a stop at Westcott to refill water bottles and grab something to eat. On looking at my phone I saw a missed call from Chris who was also participating. I returned the call only to find he had been held up by the accident at Pyrford due to the landing of an air ambulance. I nearly didn't have the heart to tell there had been a second serious accident just before Westcott which I had passed 15 minutes earlier.

I now approached the narrow Dorking high street lined with crowds kept at bay by boarding where I heard the shout of "come on Mr. Great Ormond Street". Onwards to the last climb of Box Hill which probably averaged out at 5% so didn't take that much from the legs. On reaching Leatherhead (the town not Chris) I heard a lot of whistling and marshals waving flags. I wondered if there had been another accident but no it was to allow pedestrians to use the crossing ahead. This happened twice and only held us up for a couple of minutes each time. Now I was within 25 miles of the finish in The Mall. This part of the ride seemed to pass really quickly going through the last of the Surrey countryside and onto Kingston for the second time, up a short hill at Wimbledon and crossing the Thames again at Putney. I managed to get on the back of chain that came passed me for a fast paced stretch along the Thames embankment towards Westminster and the Houses of Parliament. The final turn was into Trafalgar Square, under Admiralty Arch and the sprint up The Mall to the finish in front of thousands of people. I had aimed to take approximately 6hrs for the ride so I was pleased to finish in 5hrs 28mins. A great morning’s ride!

After changing and parking my bike I attended a GOSH reception for their charity riders where I was fed and received a relaxing massage. I later met up with my brother Trevor, my mate Jon from Hastings, Chris and his girlfriend Lucy for a few pints at a nearby pub and ended as all good rides should with a beer keeping up the Wheelers' tradition.


Spills, thrills and hills and (don’t believe indicators)
Aug 8, 2016, 8:33 pm

Normal start for an  August day, Rain and heavy cloud, so set of with cover shoes and rain coat, arrived at HQ were a few had gathered and a steady stream of Wheelers arriving all talking about the un forecasted outcome, Dean arrived (by car) with his camera and gave his apologies for not riding, he tried in vein to get some action shots as we left, but most avoided the Paparazzi move, with the main group  heading to St Ives and us who had selected Hell,s Mouth as the choice of coffee stop, with the promise of a brightening day we left, Jo, Dave, Richard 73 the two Don,s, Sylvia, Mike, Alex (our guest rider) and myself. Dean caused a bit of bother Tooting his horn and showing some road rage whilst trying to get out of the car park! We had not even reached the main road when Alex punctured the rear, whilst the other group heading to St Ives with her husband amongst carried on unknowingly. We set to work on repair Mike holding the bike and I removing tyre and tube, on checking the inner surface of the tyre my finger ran over the culprit and sliced a neat cut across the top on a super sharp shard of brown glass, now Don (Sat Nav) Gunner, came to the rescue with pliers, from a very impressive  kitted out tool wrap, Glass removed, blood cleaned off and spare tube fitted we went to inflate, how ever this the tube did not, so remove again to find a split in the replaced tube. Don (Sat nav) Gunner again came to the rescue, with a tube he had prepared earlier a few patches but assured good, soon we were off with the skies brightening, off through Budock, No Man,s land Argal crossroads to Halvasso, Crane garage Penmarth, where Richard73 left us, don’t know why perhaps the pace was to fast! Nine Maidens to Belowne taking Jo and Sylvia down roads not cycled before, the sun shone and all seemed well, out of the Coombe valley we were treated to some model Jet RC planes flying at the Model air show, The Don.s stopped and watched in oar before joining us at Hell,s Mouth. Coffee Teas and Beans on toast were enjoyed in the now warm sunshine and service was quick and efficient. The conversations were about future club rides abroad or others nearer home,  The two Don,s decided they were heading towards Portreath and we left them making their plans, we headed towards Godrivey and up to Conner Downs, the cross roads was extremely busy with heavy traffic trying to escape the queuing cars that were on the A30, as we waited for a safe gap to cross several cars who were also making the same manovere as us were getting quite het up  with traffic queuing to turn right towards us in their filter lane one car flashed to allow us to cross the lane and wait in front till the other lane was clear how ever the car that was also waiting to cross just  drove across both lanes and a rather fast Range Rover who was heading West just ploughed into the car spinning it around in front of us about 6 feet away!! No one was hurt, but I guess they might be about to argue the manoeuvre! so we headed off towards Trevaskis and  then to Praze n Beeble. On route we past Ian and Trevano Dave having a discussion  in a gate way! all was well with them so we carried on. Getting to Four lanes and then dropping down towards Stithians along this stretch Alex had yet another visit from the P fairy same back wheel how ever upon removal it was found that an old patch was no longer holding (Don Sat Nav loses Brownie points) Dave saves the day with a New tube, duly fitted and on the road again, now at this point you think the ride could not get more eventful but at the small staggered  crossroads at Penhalvean Sylvia and I waited to cross and the car approaching from the right was clearly indicating to turn left and was even slowing down, as Sylvia pulled out I noticed that the driver was in fact not turning and shouted at Sylvia to look out the car slammed on its brakes and stopped just short of  making contact with Sylvia, as you can expect there was a short exchange of words and you would never guess the reply as the lady driver wound down the passenger window “ You Should not take any notice of indicators”  !! Another comment to saviour, reminding me of the comment thrown at us last week in the aftermath of the fallen tree and every one trying to get through the back roads one driver we met at Frog Pool stated that !”It is not a good idea that you cyclists should be on these small roads” any way we all made it to Trevales were I bid then all a goodbye and a careful return to HQ.

 45 miles for me and hope you weren’t to late Alex for your afternoon appointments.


It’s what Wednesdays are made for.
Aug 4, 2016, 10:45 am
 Git is a mildpejorative with origins in British English for an unpleasant, silly, incompetent, stupid, annoying, senile, elderly or childish person. 
There were 11 of us on the OGIL ride this week.
Although Monday’s rainfall had exceeded the total for the whole month before, and Tuesday continued the pattern, Mystic Meg promised that Wednesday would be warm and windy. Arriving at Union Corner a little later than my usual “last minute” I could just see one cyclist turning the bend at the top of Kergilliack Road. I set off in warm pursuit but didn’t completely catch up the tail end of those who set out from Falmouth until just before Halvasso turn. There was Raymondo, closely followed by John, who was in turn closely followed by a gent who’s bike and riding attire would, I guess, be more recognisable by Richard73 than us younger riders. This, it turned out, was another John, a guest rider, invited by Kath, who didn’t turn up. Rounding the bend there appeared to be a great gathering at the gateway near the turn; so many, in fact, that they stretched out into the road. How long, I wonder, will it before a 4X4 driver reminds us of the need to find somewhere safe for our gossip stop? Admiral, Bernie and Phil(1) had also ridden out from Union Corner with a couple of migratory Wheelers, Ray and Alex, not deterred by their rides with us last summer. Fred and Phil3 made up the pack. Having sent a “Lilly the Pink” text to the growing number on my circulation list we were off again, along a route so well known that even I needed no reminder. The traffic, however, was worth mentioning. It appears that the A39 was closed near Norway Inn for most of the day and the alternative lanes were jam packed with cars and vans; drivers of two who voiced their opinions that we should have chosen more suitable roads to be cycling on!
Even with a no show from TD we needed 3 tables at “Lilly’s” so lack of reporting on conversations is, this time, not down to my feeble memory, but the proceedings were interrupted by having to join in singing “Happy Birthday” for a young girl who seemed to be having her birthday treat there. The cake was not shared around.
It was a 51-minute cafe stop, which meant that Mystic Meg had time to amend her forecast and a fine drizzle descended, or mainly just hung about, within a short time of leaving. Again, the route back was unremarkable, Raymondo continuing on at Penhalvean, where we turned for Stithians, etc, etc, and the rest of us spaced out a little on the last leg back to Falmouth. 
The precipitation was short lived and just over 38 enjoyable miles, for me. Dean

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers.‏
Jul 31, 2016, 6:25 pm

Well mr and mrs wheelers, you sure know how to bring tears to my eyes.
So unexpected,  what a wonderful surprise.
The flowers arrived the day after my 7th chemo session. Previously I had a bad week being rushed to hospital as my white blood cell count was low and they thought I was carrying an infection. Copious ammounts of intravenous antibiotics later., afew days rest, my blood count jumped up ready for chemo.
Having a day chilling in bed with red, blotchy cheeks and itchy eyes (after effects of chemo and steroids ) I was feelin a bit sorry for myself,  untill your flowers came. Thank you for thinking of me.
I have them by my bed. They smell beautiful.
Big big thanks to you all.
Lots of luck in all you do.
Jojo Skews xxxxx

Red Arrows Wednesday 10th Aug
Jul 25, 2016, 6:09 pm

Mylor Sailability have some limited spaces to view the Red Arrows from afloat @ £10 each.  If you are interested book ASAP, booking is through Mylor sailing school website  http://mylorsailingschool.co.uk/prices/bookonline/

Inner Tuba
Jul 16, 2016, 8:20 pm

Red Leader met this chap on the road on Tuesday, he was riding along and thought what on earth is that, so he caught up and had a chat. Just a pity we found out about him when he had finished his E2E.   http://innertuba.org.uk/

Here he is with St Keverne band

A Tight Squeeze
Jul 13, 2016, 9:36 pm

As I met up with the two Don’s at Union Corner today (Wed) for another mystery tour it decided to rain, so the boys had the idea to use the telephone box as a shelter. As the three of us squeezed together it was rather cosy and I thought I heard Tina Turner singing “Steamy Windows”, but maybe that was just my imagination. The rain soon passed so we set off towards Gweek, up Gweek Drive and then down through Trelowarren Estate. It was then on past Goonhilly and very soon I found myself flying down hill to the café at Poldhu. It was quite busy and windy there but the sun was shining so we sat outside and had very tasty bacon and sausage baps and watched the surfers. Mr G had a few twinges – I think he may have overdone things on the Huff & Puff last Sunday. There was some very serious talk between Mr G and Mr M about which route to take back home. Instead of the usual climb out of Poldhu, we followed the coastal path to Gunwallow, (we had to push the bikes a tad) through Halzephron and some quiet back roads to Helston eventually emerging at Culdrose. At the end of Rowe’s Lane we took a right to Wendron Stoves and I thought, “Oh Good, we’re going to miss out Carnkie hill”. However, Mr G had other ideas. We turned left to Porkellis and then it was the usual route home. Said farewell to Mr G at Union Corner then I cycled on to Pendennis Point to add a few extra miles. Mr M stopped off at the shops at Albany road so I carried on alone. No stopping for a naughty Magnum at the Point today (I’ll save that for another day). I had a great ride thanks to the Don’s and apart from the shower at the start, the weather was just right for cycling. I totted up a very acceptable 51.4 miles.


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