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Look Out St Ives FW’s  Are Coming.
Nov 24, 2016, 11:15 am

On the way to HQ I was a bit chilly but the weather was good.   Quite a number of Wheelers were out today and we split into three groups. I decided to go to St Ives with the boys and Amanda as they promised to look after Sylvia and me.  We set off at a steady pace towards Halvasso and soon reached Porkellis.  Sylvia and I always had a few following at the rear so we never got left behind and we even found we had enough breath left to chat.  The roads were surprisingly good with just one or two places where we came across some gravel.  Things were going along swimmingly until Ben had a puncture.  Robin, Ian and Dene stayed with him while Trevor led the rest of us on towards St Ives – we thought they would soon catch us up.   As we approached Lelant, Sylvia decided to head back home as her shoulder started to play up (she’s ok now).  It was a race down into St Ives with me now at the back of the pack but Phil Eagles kept me in his sights and made sure I was on the right track.   We went to the usual watering hole – the Balcony Bar – and then Robin & Co turned up.  There was lots of chatter whilst we ate our breakfasts and I was delighted to hear that Trevor was quite the little twinkle toe, as I’m looking for a dance partner.  We had a little twirl so watch this space!  We headed back through Lelant, Hayle and Connor Downs and passing Trevaskis Farm a sign said “Road Closed” but we carried on anyway only to find it truly was.  We went along a very muddy track, much to Amanda’s delight, but had to turn back and cycle along the main road for a short distance.  The group stayed together until we were approaching Carnmenellis where Trevor turned off, then, at Penmarth a few thirsty souls headed to the Star Inn while the rest of us headed home.  I can honestly say it was a brilliant ride and thanks to everyone for kindly slowing up their pace so I could tag along.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and hope to ride again with you sometime.  A very respectable 58 miles for me.


Things that go ding.
Nov 17, 2016, 10:47 am

I was late again, but just in time to see three OGIL making their way up Kergilliack Road. With a bit of effort I could catch them up. I didn’t. So I had to guess just who amongst the many at the other place had been amongst those three. Certainly, Sonjia, in her unmistakeable red coat, and Phil1, so I guess the third had been Bernie. Anyone else would have given me a couple of more minutes at the start. It was rumoured that Emma had also been amongst them but had gone on ahead. A sensible thing to do. Sonjia, it seems, had been thrown out of the VOGIL group for leaving Mr G behind last week, so had come cap in hand back to the OGIL. Simon agreed she could accompany us, provided that she stayed at the back and didn’t cause trouble. There was a 50% chance she could comply. I had been sending subliminal messages to Fred since I set out so was not surprised when he suggested Helston Boating lake and as I sent my text to TD the M&Ms turned up. It was to be a straightforward route there, out to Gweek, up through the Trelowarren estate, out to Cury Cross Lanes and then back to Helston via Culdrose. I was pleased to see our dear friend climbing the hill just before the estate entrance, on her way to get her paper in the village, so stopped for a brief chat. Bernie needed to be back early so decided to give the café stop a miss, continuing on past Sainsbury’s, and I did for a moment wonder if this was a group decision as the others later veered across Meneage Road to stop outside the Cycle Logic shop. Whilst the majority studied the new range of Giant bikes on offer, Sonjia took the opportunity to quiz the staff over the source of the “ding” emitted by her velocipede at irregular intervals. Being highly trained technicians they quickly ruled out her earrings and suspenders but, as far as I know, could not completely eliminate all other possibilities. For some weeks Phil3 has been rehearsing his arguments in favour of purchasing another bike so was keen to discuss the pros and cons of a number of models, but it was Phil1 who was to be seen later going out for a trial ride. We will have to wait and see if either household gets a visit from Santa next month.

The tufted ducks are back on the lake for the winter, together with some Canada geese, so, with a good number of swans, other ducks and seagulls of various breeds, it was quite busy. The café less so. We spread over two tables and a certain stoker, who will remain anonymous, was heard to say that she didn’t like to sit on the same table as me as I took note of what was said for the ride report. So, mum is the word, and very nearly the condition of the waitress who brought our food. I will just point out that we almost got through the whole ride without anyone mentioning Brexit, but then Fred had to raise the subject when we stopped at Crane garage, nearly home. Bryan, Simon and the tandem had turned off by then and with Keith and Sonjia heading straight down to Penryn, it left only Fred, the two Phils and myself to take another look at Halvasso before heading home. Even with the tour of the Cycle Logic showrooms it was still only 1.30pm and nearly 38 miles for me. Dean

Intermediate Ride 13th Nov
Nov 15, 2016, 6:35 pm

When Victor and I arrived at HQ, Clare was beginning to wonder if she would be riding solo as it was 8.50 and no one else had arrived, then a steady flow of cyclists arrived including a new rider Ian, who has just moved to Falmouth, we said we would be back lunchtimish , I was trying to think of somewhere we hadnt been for a while and settled on Porthtowan, the long ride was going to Newquay, Sylvia asked what the route to Porthtowan would be, well, as our usual route masters had abandond us, we planned a route that started with the (un)popular climb up Truro Hill. Along suicide alley, the lovely quiet lanes to Chacewater, then at Blackwater a group of One and All riders caught us, Clare said it felt like being caught by the peloton, lucky for us they turned left, possibly heading to Portreath, We pushed on toward Mount Hawke, where due to it being such a lovely day, the M&Ms talked some the group into a few extra miles around St Agnes Beacon, the ones who were looking forward to coffee and the need for the loo headed straight to Porthtowan via Mingoose, with Richard leading us on another new road for me, with a nasty little sting in the tail. I was glad to arrive at Porthtowan, but sad to see our usual cafe was closed, so Food and drinks ordered at the Blue Bar, sitting in the sunshine, we were joined by Red Leader and Barbara. As our drinks arrived so did the rest of our group, who opted to sit inside. The groups headed back via different routes and at different times. We took the middle route, a very scenic route up through the valley, where we had planned to get to Scorrier, some did, but we followed the wrong blue jacketed rider and ended up back at Blackwater, where phone calls were made and then we did all meet up again at Scorrier, then riding through Trethurgy Martyn told Margaret and me about an article in the audax magazine where they said they were looking for 'fit men cyclists'  we both said in perfect unison 'so are we', apparently over 80s for research, I suggested Don would be perfect.  The ride went on until we arrived at the top of Lanner hill, then the fast run down to Stithians, where I assured Ian, that we were nearly home, he joined us for the usual run back to Penryn and we made sure he headed in the right direction to get back to home, he said he would come again as he had enjoyed the scenic route.

A ride of 40ish miles, slightly late back 1-30. Due to long wait at cafe. 

Riders, Clare, Teresa, Martyn, Margaret, Liz, Sylvia, Sonjia, Ian, Richard 74, Helston Trevor,  Phil, Mike, Victor, Caroline.

To Surf City and back - Long Ride 13th Nov. 2016
Nov 15, 2016, 6:28 pm

The weather was looking good with light winds and warm occasional sunshine for the time of year. A good day to be out on the bicycle. Along with Fred, Ben, Robin, Jim, Ian, riding single speed, Phil4, Emma, Amanda and long distance Dean we left a busy HQ . So it was off to Newquay today, it’s become quite a regular destination lately. The route was out to Devoran and along toward Bissoe and up over past Wheal Jane to Dangerous Crossing. From there it was across to Mount Hawk and on towards St Agnes although I think Robin had Porthtowen in mind but was outwitted when he stopped and we carried on. Nothing too exciting as we progressed on through Perranporth, regrouping at the top of the hill. We turned off to head to Cubert and paused at a layby to observe the 2 minutes silence for Remembrance Sunday. Whist waiting Robin found a nice piece of aluminium but couldn’t work out what it was for, it was passed around but no one had a sensible answer. At 11.00 Dean turned on the radio on his phone so we could listen in to last post from the Cenotaph. A peaceful spot to remember by. Duty over it was time we headed on to Newquay via Cubert and Crantock

Dean left us at the as we arrived at the Cake on the Corner heading for somewhere further north, does he ever stop! Lunches were ordered and Amanda did her food swops and Emma had some exotic eggs. Freshly made mince pies were brought out but we failed to get any complimentary ones. 

It was difficult to get moving again but I think the call of the bar was motivation enough for some.

We left Newquay on the road towards St Columb Minor then out passed the airport and across the A39 at the roundabout turning right to Ruthvoes and on to Indian Queens.

It was then off down the Ladock Valley where Robin, Phil and Ben quickly disappeared into the distance, nice to see Ben getting enthusiastic with his new purchase from Robin.

Into Truro and the usual dicing with traffic to get across the roundabouts and up to Arch Hill.

On down the old road and up to the garage at Playing Place where we parted company, Fred going his way home, Robin, Phil4, Ian and Ben off to get rehydrated whilst Emma, Amanda, Jim and I off down to the bypass and home. 63 miles for me, and lots of hills as usual. 

A great day out with great weather and company and food. 

Phil 1

A trip to Lilly the Pinks
Nov 9, 2016, 10:59 pm
We plump, we plump, we plump,
For Donald the Trump, the Trump, the Trump,
The saviour of our human r a ace, …..
There were several other appropriate songs to start this report, but with a cold northerly headwind and rain forecast, where else to head to but Lilly the Pinks aka Smokie Joes.
Was it the poor weather report or an exciting all night election broadcast that resulted in just Phil1 and myself at Union Corner and Bryan, Simon and Phil3 at the other place? Fortunately the M&Ms turned up as I was texting our destination.
There seemed to be some measure of indecisiveness circulating the planet in the ether as we took an even more zig-zag route than normal. Floods at Halvasso caused the first diversion, then it was out to Greek Church before cutting back to Penhalvean, out to Buller Hill and down into the Redruth town traffic. It would have been a great route to Portreath but we eventually turned off to North Country and down the cycle track coming out at Scorrier.
LtP’s was as busy as ever but we just about squeezed into a corner to be waited upon by a young lady who had just about squeezed into her Smokie Joe’s staff tee shirt. Cake orders were jettisoned for more seasonal dishes. I was more interested in listening to ABBA and other top hits than to follow the general conversation but I did note that the US election was mentioned, as was the Dartmoor Classic, Simon’s adventures in facebookland, and I think I heard Martyn whisper that he was hoping to get the Moulton Annual for Christmas.
It was almost a record café stop, 60+ minutes, but eventually we had to leave and face the trip back. As we prepared to do so the VOGIL group came puffing and panting up the hill from Dales, also intent on a Smokie Joe’s breakfast. We came across Mr Gunner a little later, a little peeved that the others had left him behind. This being a family webpage I cannot repeat his exact words.
Both Bryan and Simon left us at Lanner Hill, just as the heavens opened and the rest of us scuttled to shelter be side a building. It only lasted a few moments though and we were on our way again. The M&Ms carried straight on as we turned up towards Deaf Cat Alley, and Phil3 turned off at Mawnan Crossroads. 37 miles for me and I saw Don M and Jim on the Penryn bypass later. Don waiting impatiently near the top as Jim fixed a mechanical further down. Dean

Mys Du?
Nov 3, 2016, 11:00 am

Not only did Mystic Meg put the clock back an hour at the weekend but moved the calendar back a month, to September. The morning sun persuaded me to get up and I was early arriving at Union Corner, so I was surprised by the relatively low turn out for what was promising to be a fine day. Ok, I didn’t rummage about looking for the September shorts but I did leave the top layer hanging on the back of the door. Just four and a half set out from Falmouth and another four at the other place. I was undecided whether to suggest Poldhu or Porthtowan, but Fred saying he needed to be back by one clinched it. Porthtowan it was to be. Admiral also needed to be back early and so decided to do his own thing; hence the half. As I was texting TD, Fred suddenly pointed out that Kath had a screw loose. Insert your own joke here on the lines of “do you want a screwdriver”, “no we are late enough already” and if it’s better than “Is it a Philips”, “No its Kath’s”, you might win a prize, though I very much doubt it.

Fred added a little to the usual route out, via Greek Church, Burncoose and Blackwater, by turning off through Mount Hawke, giving us a little bit of a surprise hill but a glorious view across the bay as we dropped down in to Porthtowan.

It was definitely a sitting outside sort of morning, a thought shared by many, and the benches were quickly taken. TD was still sulking about taking notice of the website and going down to Marazion on Sunday, rather than Miss Molly’s or Mevie, it was a no show from him. I am afraid that the morning was too splendid to think about remembering the inane conversation that ensued but unfortunately Fred’s need to get back early eventually brought us back to reality and the ride up the valley to Scorrier. Bryan stayed with us until Lanner Hill, Keith until after Stithians, just before we stopped to look at Bernie’s erection, John until Longdowns and Phil3, Mawnan cross roads, leaving just Kath, Phil1 and myself to carry on back to Union Corner. 41 bonus miles for me. Dean

Sunday 30th Long Ride. West or East?
Nov 1, 2016, 3:36 pm

The early morning mizzle later turned into a beautifully sunny Autumn's day, our reward for getting on our bikes. Thanks to Adrian's last minute suggestion of Marazion we now had a destination to aim for which, any other Sunday, would be fine. This Sunday Chris was insistent we go to Mevagissey as he always misses our rides through the clay country. It wasn't long before Fred was organising the groups and to simplify matters encouraged us to, ever so politely, leave. So we left - Ian, Phil 4, Chris, Ben, West Devon Jim ( now WD 66 ) and myself and headed east, not west. No girls this week. And where the Devil were the others? 

It's now a regular pattern – after the Mercedes garage in Tresillian we ride in pairs which is more sociable and also  gains more respect from motorists so we consequently feel safer. Along through Fraddon and Indian Queens and up to St Dennis where Ben was free to fly and bore up the hills beyond Whitemoor at an eye watering pace – hopefully he would wear  himself out. We call this the mountain country and through half closed eyes it can feel not unlike the Sierra Nevada in summer though descending into St Austell is best done with eyes fully open. It's full gas all the way down the lead swapping from time to time to keep the pace up. There are a few whoops and high fives as we pull up to wait for WD 66 and Ben who is more conservative going downhill than up. Then it's a long steady pull to Mevagissey where Ben decided to go on his own, off the front. By Pentewan, with us all working together, we had nearly caught him and he was definitely shocked to see Phil 4 and myself closing on him up the long climb to the Heligan turn off. We finally got him in Meva village! Will we ever grow up?

The Riverside Cafe, opposite the telephone kiosk, always gives us good service and today was no exception – we ordered mostly cooked breakfasts and coffee but I'm not sure of the topic of conversation. Trump came up, but that was later in the pub. It's a fascinating topic and the election so far has been surreal and hugely amusing were it not increasingly frightening the closer we get to November 8th. 

We took the pretty route home – sorry that should have read, the pretty hilly route home. Fortunately Ian had brought gears so there were few tantrums and we arrived at the Roseland Inn in no time via Caerhays Castle. It was a lovely afternoon and we sat outside and watched the world go by - though there was no traction engine this week. I worked out the calculation for the ferry and put it to everyone that if we downed our pints swiftly we could make the 2:30? Or we could down them slowly and have another, which we did. And I think we let another ferry go after that. When we did leave WD decided on going for a pee, which rather screwed up my calculation for the ferry, so we left without him. I waited at the junction at the top of the hill and allowed the minutes to tick down but there was still no sign of him so I made off down the hill as the last cars were boarding. Then the ferryman started to close the gates but sadly not quick enough and WD managed to squeeze through. This way he will never learn!

It was a brilliant day out, enjoyed by all. To drain everything from this now shortened day we stopped for a pint in Devoran. And though only the one drink ( well, one and a half ) we did stay chatting for a very long time. As I say, we ended up talking about he who could be president and his running mate. I wouldn't give you trumppence for either of them. Robin

Ride Sunday 30th Oct
Oct 31, 2016, 4:15 pm

Four rides headed out from HQ today, yes there were that many cyclists out, the forecast was good, a group headed to Mevagissey, another to Perranuthnoe, another to Stithians, and us to Miss Mollies at Brea.  the calendar on club website had said Marazion but No one went there!

We started off with 12 riders, but at Halvasso, Richard and Liz left us to do their own thing. 

We were going the long way to Miss Mollies so a lovely ride out through Troon and Penponds, the usually quiet roads were fairly busy and we got caught in a long queue of traffic due to horses and horse boxes coming the other way, we waited for the road to clear then continued to the lane, dont know what its called other than the 'memorial lane' it ends up at the top of Tuckingmill Hill, where we crossed over to the final run to Miss Mollies.  We found a table big enough to seat everyone and the usual banter began, the various teas and coffees were ordered alongside the breakfasts, sandwiches and cakes.  All arrived in good time and all looked good, its very civilised there with full waitress service. Talk was generally of what was discussed at the meeting last week as quite a few had not managed to attend. How many times do they need to wash their hair in a week... It was soon time to pay up and head out to the bright sunshine, yes it was sunny, whilst Dean showed us the bike he was looking at buying when he saves up enough money, hopefully picture attached. He thought the tartan box on the back would be useful!.but would possibly need new tyres and rims, (at least)

A fairly fast run back home via Carnkie, Four Lanes and Stithians, at the church in Stithians the sight of some scruffy chap tied to a tree made Phil and me do a double take - another family group tied up by the park what was going on - was this Stithians version of the stocks for the local rascals or early guys ready for Halloween/Bonfire Night. Who knows?  

Most escorted Bernie home, and Phil and me headed straight back to Penryn on our usual route, passing Brian at the double roundabout at Tremough,

Roughly 40 miles, Garmin not charged up last night,  gave up at Stithians ish.

Riders, Fred'The Wind'- dont ask. Bernie, DaveAdmiral Spargo, NZ Dave, Brian, Phil E, Phil S, Dean ' 2 eggs on toast,  Mike  and Caroline. 

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