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Re: Cycling
Feb 10, 2017, 2:11 pm

The others, Kath, Bernie, Phil1 and Mike, had only just left Union Corner and, thanks to a combination of huge lorry and a stream of vehicles that wouldn’t, or couldn’t, reverse, I quickly caught them up. There was a bigger turn out at the other place, another six, so much so that there was no room in the gateway. Perhaps we need a new rendezvous. TD had been confused by the early morning sun and had brought his summer bike out of hibernation, but a sunny start to the day called for another ride over to Poldhu. A lone voice of objection was heard, Bernie’s, but he was outnumbered. Another bit of traffic congestion was met on the way to Gweek and was it Keith who very nearly had a contretemps with one of Cory’s waste management operatives on the corner by the Mucky Duck. We carefully avoided Fred’s bin at Garras.

No sign of our friend on the hill down to the Trelowarren gate but two, very much, younger women added a “they went that way” to guide me on my way. Coming out of the estate there were rumours that the M&Ms were nearby secretly mending a puncture. Simon went off to investigate whilst the rest continued on our way.

If Bernie was going to Poldhu then he was going his way, rightly missing out the mud, and the empty camel shed, to bring us out on to the main Lizard Road. Simon was very pleased with the fact that he then persuaded eight of the OGIL into a rotating peloton, I forget what Simon called it, riders in tandem continuously overtaking and rejoining the group, recycling, which resulted in them crossing the downs at 25 mph and arriving at the cross roads “not out of breath”. Bernie, Kath and I were already there.

The staff at Poldhu were panicked at our arrival, “it must be Wednesday” so much so that they forgot that “we don’t do egg on toast”. To celebrate, Mike2 and Fred joined me in my favourite cafe stop repast. As we queued for our food the sight of the lesser-spotted M&Ms were observed carefully making their way “down” Poldhu hill. Although not a summers day the outside tables looked welcoming and we spread out over 4 of them to enjoy the view of the waves and contemplated ending our days at the care home on the headland; all, that is, but Martyn who had another puncture to mend.

The hill up to the golf course didn’t seem to be so steep this week and we made a good and steady pace back to Culdrose. TD and Phil3 turned off to visit the bike shop and the rest of us continued up through the town, and out to Wendron school. You know the way from there. 45 miles for me and still sunny when I got home.


Feb 7, 2017, 10:04 pm

Denise would like to thank the Wheelers for her flowers.

BF Adventure Sportives 28th May 2017
Feb 6, 2017, 5:25 pm

Could I ask you please to bring to the attention of your members an upcoming event which we are running at the end of May?

This is a registered British Cycling event. We will have 3 routes to cater for most levels of ability whilst at the same time providing a real challenge. The event will be run to British Cycling guidelines. Rides start and finish at our outdoor activity centre at Halvasso, near Longdowns, with stunning views out over Falmouth Bay. Our site has ample toilet and shower facilities as well as a superb kitchen, and for those travelling from further afield we can provide an accommodation package in our bunk houses.

The distances are:-    38 Miles – Pleasure: A local ride out towards Gweek taking in the Lizard Peninsula before returning via Helston, Gweek and Rame

60 Miles – Challenge: Takes in the Lizard Peninsula, Mounts Bay and Hayle before heading back to our site via Connor Downs and Praze-an-Beeble

100 Miles – Endurance Takes in the Lizard Peninsula, Mounts Bay, Lands’ End Peninsula including a 38 mile ride with stunning views along the north coast to Porthtowan before heading back across country via Stithians.

We will provide Water/Feed Stations along the route, the costs of which are included with the entry fee along with a commemorative medal for what we hope will become an annual event.

 BF Adventure is a Cornish charity working to help disadvantaged people in Cornwall and has done so since 1989. This is a fundraiser and funds raised will be used to continue providing exciting educational and activity programmes for young people and for those with physical, mental and behavioural difficulties. Our goal is to help build self-confidence and self-esteem to better equip them for the wider world.  All we ask is that participants do the best they can to each raise £100. This year our partner charity is The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity who support service men and women and their families both during and after active service.

More information about the event and charities can be found at:  www.bfadventure.org/coast-to-coast and there is a link to register on the British Cycling Web site.

Mont Ventoux
Feb 2, 2017, 4:31 pm

Ardeche 2016 from bernard bagley on Vimeo.

Pinch, Punch
Feb 1, 2017, 11:47 pm

It was the first of the month and 8.15am is too late to get up on an OGIL day. Never mind, a quick text to Phil3 and he will tell me where they have decided to go. But I caught the others up at the other place, which was good as I had forgotten that today was the day that Phil would be travelling up country to visit his son. So, it was 8 OGIL and a visitor that then set off to Lilly the Pinks. The day seemed set to be fine, although some soothsayers were predicting rain at 12. The visitor was Hamish, who Mike had collared on his ride out from Mawnan, thinking he was an OGIL on his way to Halvasso turn. By the time he found he wasn’t, he was. Hamish’s plans had, actually, been to ride to the Lizard to take advantage of the tailwind that would be coming in just before the weather but he didn’t want to disappoint Mike, so joined us on our ride in the other direction. The appearance of the M&Ms half way up Halvasso hill made it 11. I wasn’t last after all, and tried to keep it that way for the rest of the ride.

It was the predictable route to Scorrier. If “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, why is the road past the Greek Church so mucky? Keith, naively, asked why we came that way rather than the road straight through Stithians. At least he had just fitted mudguards and was able to give them a good test. After Burncoose we diverted past our Chairman’s house but were disappointed not to be invited in. It was a lively, for us, pace and Twelveheads and Chacewater passed by fairly quickly and we were soon at our destination. Brian was already there, having followed doctors advice and taken the flat(ish) trail from Lanner, and had reserved a table for us. Well nearly all as we still spilled out over two tables. Bernie is still fasting but the rest of us tucked in to what Smokie Joes does well.

The rain arrived about an hour early, accompanied by our old friend Max but it wasn’t as windy as last week, or as wet as Sunday.

OGIL bade their farewell in the approximate order of Simon, Hamish, M&Ms, Bernie, Keith, Fred and Mike, leaving just Phil1, Admiral and myself to return to Falmouth. Just 36 miles for me, and back just as the rain stopped. Dean

Photo is Smokie Joes original café, which is perhaps how it got its name.

Truro River Working Group cycle workshop
Feb 1, 2017, 7:37 pm

Dear Falmouth Wheelers,

I invite you to a cyclists workshop at Malpas Road Community Centre, Polruan Road, Truro TR1 1QR on Wednesday 15 February at 6pm.
This is being led by Truro River Working Group, a community interest company currently bidding for funds to comission a study into some transformative walking and cycling routes around Truro. One of the key elements of our proposal is connectivity in the wider area, for example where our 'Truro Loops' could connect to a Truro to Falmouth cycleway, and other impacts on the wider cycle community.  For more information follow the link below.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch loicjrich@gmail.com or call 01872 276630.
Loic Rich


Muddy Beach Cafe and Restaurant, Penryn
Jan 29, 2017, 10:20 pm

To all our Cornish cyclists.
We at Muddy Beach, Penryn would love to see you make a pit stop at our
friendly cafe by the river. Warming speciality coffee, energy replenishing
cakes or even a hearty breakfast, brunch or lunch. Open all day and most
evenings but please see our website for details.
Plenty of bike parking and space to sit together.
Just appear in your muddy Lycra for a 10% discount off your bill throughout
February and March!
We look forward to welcoming you.
The Muddy Beach team
01326 374424
TR10 8FG

Six and a half go OGILing
Jan 27, 2017, 5:27 pm

Having taken a wee slide at the Bickland Water Road roundabout, on my way to Union Corner, I was quite concerned about the greasy looking roads in Falmouth. Kath was more concerned that the seams of her stockings were straight. Yes, Kath was back from the Wheeler’s Winter Wonderland tour, as was Fred. Fred, according to the Cycling UK mag, is one of the elite group of cyclists known as the PILOTs (Pensioners in Lycra on Titantium) so it was only appropriate that he should pilot us on todays Wednesday ride, to St Agnes. Though I knew that it would mean missing out on my usual egg on toast, I readily agreed. It was too cold to discuss for long. We were down to a more manageable number, just six cyclists and Adrian on his Derny bike, although my understanding was that such a machine should be at the head of the peloton. I use the word peloton in its loosest meaning of course. After only a slight delay, whilst Kath flashed the flesh, again, we were off from the other place; Halvasso, Greek Church, Burncoose, Sunny Corner, Twelveheads, Chacewater, Mount Hawke, St Agnes. Adrian did an Amanda at about half way and turned off to Perranwell so missed the visit to KT’s, the upstairs café in the St Agnes Bakery. Whilst I missed out on my eggs, Kath and Fred had to forgo their bacon baps. A café that doesn’t serve eggs, and runs out of bacon? I will try to remind them of this if the destination is considered again. But everyone seemed to be happy.

Our old friend from “2 down” a couple of weeks ago, Max Headwind, introduced himself as we left and stayed with us all the way back, even though we tried to fool him by setting out on the Perranporth Road before turning back to Goonbell. There was no great desire to pay our respects to Suicide Alley and Hangman’s hill so we passed through Blackwater to Wheal Rose and then back via Lanner Hill. Fred deserted us at Halvasso turn, confident that there was little chance of us now getting lost; Mike and Phil3 turned off at Argal Xroads, just leaving Phil1, Kath and myself to head back to Falmouth. A JCB had been “cutting down” a tree on the edge of the playing field at Union Corner when we left, watched by 4 others in full safety equipment; and it wasn’t even Cormac. By the time we had returned an entrance had been created into the field and lorries and plant were being brought on to begin developing the next stage of destroying Falmouth. 46 miles for me. Dean

Editor: The ride was going to be shorter this week!!  I did warn about the head wind.

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