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October Pathfinder Ride - 'down west'
Oct 12, 2008, 3:46 pm
State of the art Cornish holiday home circa 2000 BCThirty four riders (most ever?) gathered at Long Rock for the October Pathfinder ride, led by Paul & Hilary pedalling their new tandem, the Jolly Green giant. Quiet back roads took us firstly to Gulval and then up to Heamoor and past Sancreed.
With fantastic views of Pendeen (and not St.Day...) we dropped down to St.Just before a ‘sting in the tail' right turn took us up a nasty nip and onto Geevor Tin mine for lunch. Large home made pasties proved to be a popular choice and the great circle route home via some decent hills and ancient antiquities ensured a great ride in warm, autumn sunshine.    With the weather so good a number of riders nipped down to Marazion cafe for an ice cream before heading home. Good to see some new faces joining us and thanks to P&H for organising such a good club run ‘down west'.
And for those interested, here's a profile of the ride. It wasn't as extreme as it looks, this profile is very squashed-up to fit on your screen. (Just trying out a bit of 'free trial' software. Ooo it's exciting! Only got it for a month though...)

‘Let them eat cake ride’ – 9.00 am Sunday 29th Sept.
Sep 29, 2008, 7:17 pm
Denise changes her name for professional reasons...With Auntie Gill threatening to hang up her oven gloves for the year, the club thought they better pay a final visit to their spiritual (cake stop) home at Sithney.   With fantastic summer weather, just  ignore the fact its almost October, and despite no Jono (three line whip - family day) or Chuckle brothers, 16 riders including a quick recumbent, headed off firstly to Stithians and then regrouped at Fourlanes.  
Onto Blackrock and then across country to Sithney and a first time visit for Dominic who was joined by his wife and young daughter. With Karen joining us as well, Drew presented Gill with a bouquet and enjoyed a good Cornish smacker (kiss) for his efforts.

A large slice of fruitcake & 3 cups of tea is never the best idea to immediately tackle hills on but it can be done if your are committed. At Poldark mine Schalatchi caught us up having had an earlier date with young Bettie Stoggs and riding directly from home to Stithney. Usual route back via Porkellis with the group splitting for home at Crane Garage - can we possibly hope for this weather to continue?

The Cheddar Experience
Sep 23, 2008, 9:39 am
Amazing. What will they make bikes out of next?All 6 of us survived The Cheddar Experience without getting grated. Beautiful weather, wall to wall blue sky with light winds and the temperature was just right for cycling.
Well done to Hilary finishing 60 miles in 5hrs 07min. Also to Rocky and Ironman finishing the 100miles in just over 7hrs. The first rider home on the 100 miles finished in 4hrs 54mins. No mean feat as the last 40 miles had 3 major climbs of the Mendips, 2 of which were over 4.5miles long up to 274m high.
Steve, Amanda and myself finished the 60miles. Steve and Amanda having just finished their holiday climbing Snowden and decided to call it a day as they had lots to do when they got home. I decided to wait for Rocky and Ironman to do the last 40 miles with them but following the cramps in both legs going up Brent Knoll. When I came to leave with them I was in a bit of pain through stiffening, so decided to finish at 60miles.

Good ride well sign posted and organised. Big thankyou to the organisers and Rocky's Mum and Dad.  Parky 

9.00 am ride Sunday 21st September
Sep 21, 2008, 5:13 pm
You just can't find a reliable lighthouse builder nowadays, or at least one that'll build the flippin' thing on level ground..Twelve riders met on a beautiful Sept. day with the intention of riding to Kennack Sands. Joined by Chris from Sheffield CC on his Red Carbon Felt (longingly admired by Drew...) down on holiday & staying at Portscatho. 

Out to Gweek and with RL's knee appearing to hold up well, we wound it up across Goonhilly with the advance group of Schalatchi, Dominic, Chris & Drew playing 'breakaway peleton' and averaging over 27 mph.  Unfortunately the cafe at Kennack was closed so we decided to show Chris the cream of Cornwall & headed over to the cafe at Lizard Point. Magnificient scenery, sunny & warm and what the hell that it was all abit overpriced.

Back to Helston where Lance & Richard were on a mission to get to Bissoe by 1.30 to meet Olympic cyclist Wendy H . The remaining riders headed back via Gweek and then via Porkellis. Fifty odd miles, good company and a great autumn ride.

Nice Boys comeback tour - Wed. 17/09
Sep 19, 2008, 12:10 pm
With mild weather and no breeze, six riders meet @ Union Corner at 6.00 pm for a quick sprint out to Stithians & back.  With no stops until we reached the top of Halvasso the group made good time.  Charlie, back from checking out the villa in the Pyrennes peeled off to head home whilst the rest of the group carried on to the village.
With the light fading, Richard (with lights) headed off for a solitary pint whilst the remaining riders came home via Hamster Mill & Roskrow. Home by 7.30 just as the light failed, wonder if we can string the Nice Boys rides out until October?

Jazz evening
Sep 12, 2008, 5:42 pm
Many thanks to Dave and Denise for the most succesful trip to Bodmin and the steam train experience. A day enjoyed by all the Wheelers and friends who came along. Without doubt the best ever. Watch out for Schalatchi's report. The question on everybodys lips was where is Dan Dare??? our own train expert was missing. Red Leader
(Left) Some photographic evidence of the evening with the band and attendant drunkards briefly disembarking the steam train at Bodmin Parkway station to startle legitimate passengers awaiting the 125. This was 5 or 6 pints in, hence the dancing.)

Bacon Butty run - Sunday 07/09 9.00 am ride
Sep 10, 2008, 10:16 am
On what was the hottest and sunniest day of the year, well it certainly felt like it, 13 or so set off to Hells Mouth Cafe again.  With such good reports from the week before, we went again. A new rider, Louise arrived just in time, someone had suggested that she join us as she is taking part in The Cat and Fiddle ride in October. ( This is a cystic fibrosis charity ride held in October in the West Midlands.  It's a 55 mile ride with a climb that is 7 miles long with over 1200 entrants. )  Had we known about the 7 mile climb we would have had a hillier ride as training for her. 
The cycle to Hells Mouth Cafe was uneventful until Louise fell off at the bottom of the hill at the turning into the cafe. First aid was administered to a forearm graze and she also had what looked suspiciously like a fractured thumb. Coffee and cake in the sunshine, blissful!  It was a good ride back only losing a small group along the way, we found them again luckily.  Kath, Hilary and Parky peeled off for Falmouth at Bissoe leaving the others to return via Stithians, what a brilliant time out in some much welcomed warmth and sunshine.  Kath

Nice Boys Ride - Wed evening 3rd Sept
Sep 4, 2008, 10:19 am

With the Met. Office luckily getting it forecast wrong, there was a good turnout of some 14 riders.   We were joined by new rider Dominic on a nice, exotic LeMonde carbon/steel bike -another rider to try and keep up with I guess...

Against strong headwinds a new ‘Fred type' route took us out to Stithians via Mabe Church, Tinpit Corner and then over to the Lama field before dropping down to the Greek Orthodox church and routing our way via Hamster Mill -are you still with us?

For a change we went to the to Seven Stars pub in downtown Stithians -enjoyed a quick pint, leaving Jim to have a second and make his own way home. Headed home via Halvasso dropping Bernie off on route followed by Fred who was heading back to pack for his Irish trip.

Getting dark by time we got to Union Corner but well worth it -missed our spiritual leader, hopefully he's on the mend and will be back in the saddle soon.

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