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9 o'clockers ride Sunday 8th Feb
Feb 8, 2009, 3:37 pm
Another Sunday and yet again another ‘baker's dozen', which is getting spooky. Today we were joined by another Dominic (Dom2) riding a Lemond -what are the chances of that? Thankfully the weather men got it all wrong and the predicted snow never fell - we had the pleasure of freezing rain instead. There was much moral rousing talk of 'you never regret going out for a ride' - through gritted teeth it has to be said.
It was good to see Steve back in the saddle, testing out his hernia stitches -they held well. After passing through Treverva Jonathan and Hilary were sent out to check that Halvasso was still there as we wouldn't be going that way today.
The long drop down to Bissoe was rather cold with everyone's hands and toes hurting. Parky spotted a muddy fox crossing a field at Burncoose but that was about it for wildlife spotting, obviously the wildlife decided stay in and watch old films on the telly all day. The café at Bissoe was hosting a bunch of Tri-Logic cyclists and a bunch of lady runners and it was absolutely heaving - on a cold wet Sunday in February! Are they mad? Don't they know it's freezing cold and wet? One of the Tri-Logic'ers asked after fellow FW Charlie as he worked with him and understood that Charlie was out cycling every Sunday...
After (unsuccessfully) trying to warm up with tea and bacon rolls etc. it was on to Devoran, Perranarworthal, Hangman's Hill and home. I wonder if Dom2 regretted going out after all? 
A respectable 12.9 mph average speed but only 34 miles today.

North Cornwall Tor - trial run (and its free...)
Feb 3, 2009, 4:41 pm
Taken from the Bikeradar Forum: - By popular request we've arranged for some recce rides - completely informal. February 8th and 15th 10am at the event HQ - The Dragon Centre, Lostwithiel Road, Bodmin Cornwall. 3 rides of 50 miles steady, 30 miles steady and 30 miles leisurely. Just gives you a 'Taste of the Tor' - not as tough as the genuine article in April. The organising team will be on hand and riding for more info on the Tor if needed. More details if needed from the Dragon Centre on 01208 75715.

No formalies, fuss or fees - just turn-up and enjoy a sociable Tor-taster ride in stunning North Cornwall countryside.

The 2009 North Cornwall Tor raises cash for CLICsargent www.northcornwalltor.co.uk

A good reason to protect the old grey matter...
Feb 3, 2009, 4:24 pm

A youth discovers it's not always such a good idea to try an impress the girls whilst riding a bicycle... A new High Court judgement means cyclists who don't wear helmets can be guilty of contributory negligence if they are injured in a road accident in the UK.

Cyclists who "expose themselves to a greater degree of injury" by not wearing a helmet can now be found to be negligent, even though it is not a legal requirement in the UK to wear head protection when cycling. However, for this to happen it would have to be proved -using medical and other evidence -that a helmet would have prevented all of their injuries or made them a good deal less severe.

To read the full article>>>

Sing-a-Long-a-Don 01/02/09
Feb 1, 2009, 6:05 pm
John Opie's house. Nice isn't it?
A bakers dozen showed up for the off, all bracing themselves against 30 mph ice cold easterly winds with snow showers threatening. (We were all quietly thinking we must be mad.) It was Bernie's first 9 o'clock outing, but would it be his last? Perranporth was to be our destination.
At Quenchwell we selflessly let Ricci's young riders pass us as we didn't want to demoralise them with a display of our Olympic pace. They looked awfully serious, so we also agreed not to chase them down.
 After leaving Truro we passed by world famous artist John Opie's house (pictured left) situated along one of the lovely sheltered lanes that led us to Perranporth -and what a lovely ride it was. At Perranporth, as we were merrily tucking into Camelot's ‘all day breakfasts' (which did not disappoint) Ricci's riders passed by the café - and now they all looked pooped as well as serious. Then an unrelated and quite bizarre thing occured - Mr Gunner's phone ring tone trilled “I'm forever blowing bubbles” (Mrs Gunner needed some sugar picking up on the way home) and all the wheelers spontaneously started to sing the aforementioned song. It didn't sound too bad either! In fact, afterwards on the way home Mr Gunner was talking about forming a FW choir…

On leaving Perranporth we encountered an escaped cockatiel, which surely must have the ugliest chicks on earth, anyway, it was screeching and flapping about rather forlornly and then at Blackwater we encountered some more escaped wildlife; two spotty youths in a car who hurled some witless abuse our way. Suffice to say they won't be appearing on University Challenge any time soon. They were lucky Lance wasn't with us -he would have chased them down!

At Twelveheads half the group took the Perranarworthal - Trelusswell route home whilst the remainder took the Lanner -Stithians - Halvasso route. A few miles out from Falmouth the going got tougher with the wind even stronger and colder but Bernie managed to up the pace for all of us, so hopefully, after his stirling performance, he'll be out with the 9 o'clockers regularly now.

49 miles. 13 riders. No punctures or crashes.  

Mr Gunner needs funds...
Jan 26, 2009, 4:48 pm
Don't forget that at this month's meeting not only will we have the pleasure of a guest speaker who is a Penny-Farthing enthusiast but also of paying Mr Gunner our annual subs which come to about 1000 pennies or 4000 farthings per head, I think. Anyway, it's a bargain. See you at Woodlane Social Club 29th Jan at 7.45.
Message from Red Leader - Many thanks to you all for the wonderful turnout last night. A most interesting evening with Tony giving us the benifit of his knowledge of early bicycles, especially the penny farthing. K.K. has talked him into taking part in the proposed 24hour charity ride, so watch this space.
Thanks to Brian and Sue for arranging the event and Bernie for his wizardry.I twas good to see so many helping take Pop back to his childhood!!

Oh...My...Godrevy 25/01/09
Jan 25, 2009, 5:56 pm
Parky takes a lovely picture of Alpacas, doesn't he?
The bacon sandwiches were truly fantastic, the cakes delicious and the service delightful. And the price wasn't bad either. Godrevy café is certainly worth writing home about. And we enjoyed all this whilst sitting in the sun watching the breakers on Gwithian Beach - so the location isn't half bad either. Before the café stop we did actually do some cycling and we even stopped to chat with some Alpacas with dodgy haircuts, as you do. Curious, skittish chaps they were. On the way back to Falmouth we took a new route with some interesting twists and turns and one or two sharpish hills. We also paused at Penponds to pay tribute to Richard Trevithick and stopped outside his cottage (which sported two modern red brick chimneys which were definitely not in character with the thatched roof). Considering he is arguably the Greatest Ever Cornishman one would have thought that his house deserved to be better ‘advertised' than the nine inch sign nailed to a wall. Another great day and it was good to see a new rider, young Rob, on his second outing with the wheelers. 14 riders and 48 miles in all.

2008 Caption Competition Winner
Jan 23, 2009, 12:18 pm
There's been a bit of controversy over the 2008 Caption Competition Result. (Actually, that's not true, I don't think anyone cares but ‘controversy' makes it sound more interesting.)
You may hazily recall the best 2008 captions were on display at the Grand Dinner Dance and people voted by ticking them -or at least that was the idea. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, as the evening wore on in the midst of all the excitement and frivolity the competition was quite forgotten. However, at midnight on my way to the loos I noticed KK's caption did have a few scrawly ticks under it, so if no one objects, KK, you are the Caption Competition winner of 2008. Your cheque is in the post. (Click here and then scroll down to Feb 2008 to see KK's winning caption.)

Grand Dinner Dance - 18/01/09
Jan 18, 2009, 4:39 pm
The ladies, being a lot more sensible than the men, sat this one out...Admiral and Fred formation dancing, a waitress dropping a spoonful of trifle in a guest's shoe, star-jumps and jogging on the spot (after a 5 course meal!), Catalogue Man carrying off his raffle prize -Jill, and a magic trick to rival the skills of Tommy Cooper, or rather Timmy Mallet. These are just a few of the antics you would have missed if you weren't there. Further lurid details of what went on will no doubt leak out over the coming days and weeks. A big, big thank you to Mr & Mrs KK for organising a fantastic evening against all the odds. Best yet? Oh yes.
Message from Red Leader: Many thanks to all for the wonderful support at The Grand Dinner and Dance. Special thanks to Mr & Mrs KK for all their input ensuring everything went like clockwork. The Membly Hall really looked after us again and helped to make a tremendous atmosphere. On a personal note many thanks to you all for my present, it was very kind. Hope to see you all soon back in the saddle.

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