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Nine Men’s Morris
Mar 18, 2017, 11:07 am

Well, it was eight men and Kath, really, but we all had a bonus ride out today, even if it was a short one, to Helston boating lake. Fred had to be back early so there was no time to go all the way to the Lizard. Admiral was back from his winter sun break so Mike1, Admiral, Bernie and Kath were at Union Corner when I arrived. Phil1 turned up soon after and we were swiftly on our way to the other place. Just three, Fred, Simon and Mike2, waiting for us, obviously agreeing on Fred’s suggestion for our destination. The departure was a little delayed as Mike1 had managed to get his helmet jammed between a gate and gatepost; don’t ask. I don’t know whether it had been a dream that it had been lashing down in the early hours but the roads were dry and it could almost have been described as warm. The calf length lycra Simon and I had chosen were a small acknowledgement that Spring was on its way. I was also using what might be loosely described as my summer bike. The indexing on the gears was playing up on Sunday and having failed to sort them out yesterday I called upon Claud, the Butler, to help me out. Like my Tricross, it rattles, but Phil suggested that it wouldn’t annoy everyone as long as I stayed at the back. As if I had a choice.

There was some slight disagreement about the route, but we eventually found our way to Truthall Halt, where we stopped to admire the recent line extension on the Helston Steam railway. For those who are interested their summer season starts tomorrow.

The Boating lake café was quite busy but we were soon served and enjoying our break. I can’t remember what I had. Fred had taken a short diversion into Lidl’s so had to sit with Simon on another table. Bernie began by showing his photos of the pigs going off on their holidays. They looked quite happy, really. Perhaps they misunderstood when he told them they would be making bacon when they were away. Him and Admiral then started talking about boats so I turned to Phil1 and Mike2, who were discussing the boating lake. According to Phil there are too many swans on the lake, probably because they get fed there, so the powers to be intend to move some of them down on to the Loe Pool, where they would have to fend for themselves. I think there could be a flaw in their plan.

The route back took us through town and up to muddy lane, where work has started on a new housing estate to join up with Falmouth. After muddy lane it is, of course, hidden lanes and today they were hidden in what comes out of the back end of Cows, and I don’t mean the Isle of Wight Ferry. I know I am a Townie but my understanding was that muck spreaders transferred the muck to the fields, not plastered it inches deep along the lane. I expect I was not the only one busy with the hose this afternoon.

There had been nine of us set out and it was nine made their way home, 35 miles for me. And Morris? Well Morris couldn’t come out with the OGIL, he’s just a Minor.


Long Ride – Newquay  12th March
Mar 13, 2017, 11:02 pm

The forecast for the day was looking good, rain clearing 0900hrs followed by sunshine with some cloud.

After the usual chatter and general catching up it then came down to which route to take. For a change it was decided outbound to head off for Truro and then to Shortlanesend. 10 Starters left ahead of the mid ride, Mawnan Jim, Fred, Raymond, Robin, Phil4, Amanda, Ian, Ben, Trevor2 and me. All was going well out to Devoran roundabout up to Carnon Downs and on to Penweathers except we turned left instead of carrying on up to County Hall. Still no problem, turn right on Highertown and left at the next roundabout. Straight on to New Mill, nope we turned right and headed off into Truro. It was then, turn left and up Comprigney Hill, just for Ian, to regain the main road to Shortlanesend. Plain sailing from here on as we knew exactly which way to go. Zelah, St Newlyn East, some slight confusion as we approached Newquay but eventually made it to the usual cafe stop. Ian and Phil4 fought hard to sit next to Amanda in order to grab some extra rations, lucky boys! Our semi pro, Ben revealed to us that he enjoyed riding out with us on a Sunday as we stopped for real food! It didn’t stop him from wizzing past at every hill. In no time it was back on the road heading for Crantock, Cubert and Perranporth no navigation problems so far. We took the Perrancoombe route out and across to the Blackwater turn where some how we lost Trevor 2 and Fred who headed off to Blackwater whist the rest of us went for Dangerous Crossing and Bissoe.  At the Devoran roundabout the Pub Team carried on and Jim and I headed home. Another good ride out.


The long and windy ride to the Lizard
Mar 2, 2017, 11:28 pm

The day promised to be windy but dry until mid afternoon so the long ride set off for the Lizard. A strong group consisting of Fred, Heston Trevor, Raymond, Dene, Emma, Amanda, Ian, Phil4, Mawnan Jim, M&M, Ben(team pro), Reuben and myself. The route was a bit ad-hoc via Budock and out to Lamava and onto Gweek. By this time Trevor had gone ahead to meet Shane and were to join in later. Eventually a decision was made to go up to Culdrose and on to Poldhu, Mullion and Penhale where Trevor, Shane and Ian were waiting. We then made the run to the Lizard with a head wind which proved to be just a light breeze to those managing to stay behind someone in front. The front group headed down to the Polpeor Cafe whist the rest stayed up top. Ben was keen to show us the best food for high performance cyclists and ordered, if I remember correctly, a large breakfast. Some at the other cafe decided to not to wait and carried on back, I hope to Falmouth losing M&M, Jim, Dene, Emma, and Amanda. The rest of us decided to head back to the Downs via Kuggar. With the wind behind us it was easy going for a change. Then taking the back roads to Manaccan and some nice hills. On to Newtown, Mawgan and Gweek. Ben was keen to do some more hills on the way so a few decided on Little Australia. A stop at the pub for some and home for others. Another great day out. Nice to see Shane out again.  

Phil 1          

They seek it here, they seek it there.
Mar 1, 2017, 5:55 pm

It wasn’t to be found at Carnkie, nor at Bolenowe. It wasn’t to be found at either Trooooon or Barripper. It wasn’t even to be found at Penponds or Coombe, but when we dropped down into Portreath, there was a choice of at least two. Today, we chose the Tideline and although we had to squeeze 9 OGIL around just one table, it was a good choice. The only notable events on the way over, apart from the weather, were meeting up with Amanda and Emma at Longdowns, out on a girly ride, a short chat with Jane at Penmarth and Bernie losing his bottle on the hill down to Coombe. He may say that it was his pump but that’s not so amusing. There are rumours that my ride reports have been included on Trumps list of Fake News, partly through a liberal sprinkling of alternative facts but mostly due to Mystic Meg getting her weather predictions from the BBC. Today, I dispensed with technology and consulted Old Moore’s Almanac. “In March the wind doth blow” it suggested, but February had not finished filling dyes so, although rehearsing for a couple of weeks now, March had to give precedence to February.

The Tideline staff obviously mistook the golden cycling tops of Fred and Bernie as some sort of badge of office as they were served before the rest of us mere mortals; Simon, Keith, Andrew, Phils1&3, Mike2 and myself. When I first joined the OGIL, café stops were long enough just for a slice of cake and tea, or coffee. Of late the menu choices have stretched to eggs benedict and waffles with maple syrup and today’s stopover of 65 minutes was not so out of the ordinary. I can’t comment on most of the conversation around the table as I was discussing Andrew’s up and coming end2end challenge in aid of “Send a Cow”. I did catch mention of a few sailing terms from those on my right so I didn’t miss much.

The route back took us up through Bridge to the Bike Shed before turning off to take the Tram Way through to Roddas. From there it was Treskerby, Lanner and Stithians as usual and with the usual departures as we went. February hadn’t quite given way to March by the time I got home; 44 miles for me.


It’s what Wednesdays are for
Feb 22, 2017, 7:38 pm

Those unwelcome cycling companions, Wet and Windy, made their presence felt this morning, so there was no dissent from the suggestion of Miss Molly’s as our destination; partly, perhaps, as some of the not much younger ones were still recovering from Fred’s Pathfinder. Bernie, Phil1, Admiral and Mike had been at Union Corner, and Fred, Mike2, Phil3 and Simon were waiting for us at the other place. Kath was busy dusting but no excuses were received from either Keith or TD, although was it the latter, driving a land rover with Reg TD 6781, who tried very hard to take me out along the stretch after Admiral’s Corner. The wet had brought out the worst of my Tricross braking system and there were a couple of stressful moments during the morning. The first, heading down from Carnkie to the reservoir, had Simon riding along side ready to push me onto the verge when the van in front showed his red lights. You know who your friends are. It was a short route to Miss Molly’s; Bolenowe, Troon, “lets go to Braripper” says Bernie, Penponds, and out around the back of Camborne to Roskear.

Our usual table, and a smiling waitress, awaited us, and orders were quickly taken. The two women opposite, who had, probably, expected a quiet breakfast to catch up on the gossip, were not too put out by our banter and commented on Mike’s slice of cake. They hadn’t even noticed the size of Bernie’s hot meat pies. They clearly did not understand the attraction of OGILing, asking whether we did this to keep fit, and "do you come here often". They were relieved to hear that it was generally only on Wednesdays and quietly made a note in their diaries. It was difficult to keep up with all of the table talk, as I was enlightening Simon into the Sat Nav capabilities of Mystic Meg, but Admiral and Phil3’s approaching holiday in Fuerteventura was mentioned. Phil was relieved when he realised that although they would be sharing a flight, they would be at opposite ends of the island. As we finished our victuals, and table monitor Phil3 stacked the plates, the waitress announced that next time we came there would be a new breakfast menu, including eggs benedict, and other posh items that soon slipped out of my memory. They will be having matching crockery next.

The rain hadn’t waited for us but the wind was still hanging about when we left. Not that he followed us home but jumped out from field gates, and then went ahead and gushed down the hills towards us. Coming out of Brea tunnel we spotted Sonjia, Don M and “Carmenellis" Jane making their way up to take our places at the café. For us it was the cycle track back to St Euny church, Carnkie (the other one) and stopping for a rest in Piece. Simon bade his farewell at Penhalvean but the rest of us kept together until we reached deaf cat alley and Trevalles. Fred, who had been experiencing mechanical problems during the ride, turned off at Halvasso turn, and Mike2 and Phil3 at Argal Xroads; leaving Mike, Admiral, Phil1 and myself to return to Falmouth. A shortish 37 miles for me. Dean.

Feb 20, 2017, 2:28 pm

As I arrived at Crane Garage I was surprised to see so many keen wheelers ready to ride down to Longrock there was Trevor, Raymond, Sonjia, Bernie, Mike, Andrew, Phil 1,Amanda, David, Victor, and M&M. We were later joined by Ian so Thirteen bikes made their way to Longrock. The weather was reasonable until we reached Marazion whereupon it turned rather damp. Seeing as we had made good time we made our way to Mc’donalds for a welcome coffee. At the meeting spot we met up with Phil2, Phil3, Liz, Terressa, Clare, Caroline, Jim, NZ Dave, and Jo all wondering what they were doing on a wet Sunday morning. Positive thinking it is bound to clear up “it didn’t”.

So 23 wheelers on 22 bikes set off towards Ludgvan where we turned left up to Nancledra then onto Towednack and thus out onto the B3306 coast road from St Ives to Lands End. The views are stunning or would have been if we could have made them out through the now dense Cornish mizzle,  but at least we had a head wind to give us something else to contend with. It was going to brighten up we kept saying “it didn’t” on we went until we arrived at our lunch stop at Geevor mine heritage café. It could have been anywhere as the visibility was now down to about 50 metres. As I was last to arrive I had to chuckle at a pile of wet discarded helmets and gloves abandon on the entrance floor, reminded me of school journeys.

The café did their best to supply us with our needs as they were busy doing there Sunday lunch trade. Duely fed and watered after a group photo we made our way back to the B3306 and backtracked to Morvah where we took the road up to Lanyon Quoit again we would have enjoyed the views if you could have seen them, the visibility was about 150 metres at this point. We continued on to Madron then turning left just before Heamoor and onto Gulval and so back to Longrock. Where farewells were exchanged with phone numbers and addresses and promises  to write, you get the picture  and so 11 wheelers who hadn’t managed to scam a lift made their way back home via Hayle, Connor downs calling in at Trevaskis farm for a cup of tea but to no avail as they were too busy!!!!! Or perhaps we were too wet. Trevor and Raymond left us to head back to Helston and we continued home via Troon. At Crane garage the group split as we made our way back to our homes and for me a welcome bath and a cup of Tea.    

Thanks to all who helped as turning markers and to Raymond for stoically bringing up the rear. As the saying goes you never regret going but on this occasion it was nice when it was over.

  72 miles for me and I am sure more for some.

Well done everyone and thanks for supporting.


Truro Cycling Campaign
Feb 19, 2017, 6:36 pm

The Truro Cycling Campaign is holding an open meeting next Wednesday 22nd February at 6pm in the Committee Room of the Municipal Buildings in Boscawen Street, Truro. Simon and Kath are planning to go, details of their plans and agenda for the meeting are in the Cycle and Road safety tab.  Although this is Truro it does concern us, as the routes from Falmouth and to Treliske are amongst those they are looking at.

Watch the birdies
Feb 17, 2017, 7:50 pm

An extreme effort got me to Union Corner before Bernie and well before the set departure time. Admiral was already there, followed by Mike and Kath, and Phil1 was just a tad behind. Another good turnout at Halvasso turn; Keith, Mike 2, TD, Hamish, Fred, Simon and Andrew, making a bakers dozen in total. Only one vote for Bernie’s last week suggestion of Perranuthnoe so TD’s offer to take us to Birdies Bistro was too tempting to resist. With TD leading the way, still on his summer bike, we sprinted up Halvasso hill and on to Crane garage, Porkellis, Releath, Crowan and Praze. Then, instead of turning right to Carnhell Green he took us on to Leedstown and St Erth. A few, getting ahead of themselves went on, I think, into Hayle. At least they had been in front but arrived at the café behind us. Hamish went off to visit his mother whilst we went in.

Birdies is at Griggs Quay, backing on to the left hand arm of the Hayle River. I thought that 12 cyclists might not have been welcomed, mid morning, at a Bistro but far from it. I say mid morning though I did have to check my watch, the place was very busy, but not with anyone who appeared to be taking a break from actually watching the birdies, the hundreds of seabirds that over winter in the estuary. Fortunately there was a seating area outside, at the back, and with the, almost hot, sun, that was very acceptable. As was the menu; Hens eggs on focaccia, and there were focaccing 3 of them, for just £3.75! Mike 2 took up the offer of eggs Benedictine and Simon, waffles with bacon. Cake was also served.

The second half of the ride can sometimes be a bit of an anti-climax but with the usual detour around the back of Copperhouse Pool, and the sun still shining, this was not to be the case. The route took us on to Connor Downs before dropping down to Carnhell Green, then back through Baripper to Troon, Bolenowe and Carmenellis. I have decided that I now love the hill up from the Stithians reservoir to Carnkie, though it doesn’t make it easier. The usual Mon Mots were called as the OGIL made there usual turns for home with just Mike, Phil1, Kath and myself getting back to Union Corner. I arrived home to find a letter from the DWP, about next years “generous” increase in old age benefit and a begging letter from Prostate cancer UK asking for a slice of it. “Men are getting left behind”, it said. Well, I’m doing my best. 48 miles for me. Dean

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