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New Bike Trailer
Aug 5, 2009, 9:36 am


Thanks to a Grassroots Grant awarded by the Cornwall Community Foundation the Falmouth Wheelers now have a large secure box trailer for transporting bicycles.

The trailer can carry 12 bicycles which will mean that we can broaden our horizons and cycle further afield and, very importantly, use less vehicles to get there. Many thanks to Bernie and Parky for finding the trailer and bringing it up to ‘as new’ standard complete with club logos emblazoned on the sides.

The remainder of the club's Grassroots Grant will also pay for some club kit as well as website fees, printer and club insurance cover - news of these items later.

If you have any suggestions for an excursion using the trailer such as an overnighter on Dartmoor or to the New Forest or just east Cornwall please post them on the website message board.

Exraordinary Audax Ride
Aug 5, 2009, 9:22 am

Dave Carrivick, an ex Falmouth Wheeler and Falmouth Wheeler’s original tandem team along with his wife Ann, has just completed the extremely challenging London to Edinburgh to London Audax, a total distance of 1,401 km! Dave rode in headwinds and rain for 700 km and actually finished with time to spare. Well done and all the best to you Dave, from all the Falmouth Wheelers.  

Click here to find out more about the ride.

Sunday Breakaway Shock - 2nd August 2009
Aug 3, 2009, 3:12 pm

Scalatchi makes sure he gets to Marazion before the bacon runs out...

With the average speed for the club getting faster a small 3 man breakaway group led by Scalatchi stole the march on the club’s main 9 am peleton by grand departing at 8.30 am and racing down to Marazion and back in record time. There was no stopping en route except to mend a puncture and scoff a bacon baguette and they even overtook a group of surprised Penzance Wheelers out on a training run. With an average speed of just over 14mph and 60 miles ridden it certainly wasn’t for the faint hearted or those out for a leisurely ride!

Whats a drop of rain between friends?
Jul 27, 2009, 5:20 pm

                                                                 Ok so it was a bit damp and there was a light rain but where was everybody?

Was it an Audax, sportive or summer hols keeping everyone away or was it time for a bit of apathy? Luckily Denise turned up determined to keep her mileage up no matter what the weather and just when we the two of us decided to leave, Nigel appeared having rode in from Helston.  So with just three of us leaving for Stithies, we muttered our way to Halvasso saying how soft the club had become.  

With the last day of the TdeF live in the afternoon the general plan was a 25 mile loop via Barncoose, Pulla Cross, Cusgarne and coffee at Ricci’s cycling shrine. Plenty of rain up in the Cornish foothills with loads of surface spray meant we kept our distance and our heads down.  At Bissoe jacket potatoes & bacon butties were the order of the day – 4 rashers! is that a record? – definitely No.1 in the bacon sarnie indices.

Leaving Bissoe at 12.00 we caught two cyclists by the Norway pedalling furiously through flooded roads and heading for Stithians, having left Bath on Thursday. At Hangmans hill we left them to ride on the main road whilst we took the backroads.  I eventually split for Mylor with Denise & Nigel deciding to ride to Mabe & Trevera together.  As I said to Nigel as another downpour came– ‘you never regret going....’  Pastylover

Roskillys ride Sunday 9pm 19/07/09
Jul 20, 2009, 1:04 pm

St Anthony-in-Meneage....nice.

Roskillys Farm, down on the Lizard, was the destination today with a large group, it’s getting boring counting - it’s nearly always over 20 now, of varying abilities braving showers in between bouts of sunshine.

As the going can get quite hilly, even for Cornwall, there was a split at St Martin with the sensible ones taking the easier route and the idiots taking to the hills to meet up at the café. (Mind you, the hilly way is particularly beautiful with arguably some of the best views in Cornwall, the route taking in St Anthony-in-Meneage and Gillan Creek.)

After some quite expensive nosh at Roskillys, Scalatchi and Jono peeled of for a quick ride back via Gweek and it was on to Helston, past Poldark Mine up Carnkie and home for the rest of the group. As Fred said, it was a wet dry wet dry wet dry ride today! 50 miles

Dale makes it back home 12/07/09
Jul 13, 2009, 9:05 am

Red Leader's not giving up his cup of tea for anyone.Dale has completed his epic John O’Groats to Lands End trip escorted by 31 Falmouth Wheelers for the last leg.

He was met at Lands End by friends and family and some fine celebratory refreshments, care of Brian and Sue. Thankfully the last day was blessed with glorious weather – during the last 48 hours the weather was abysmal. After cycling over 900 miles Dale decided not to cycle the 40 miles back home to Falmouth from Lands End. Can’t think why.

Well done Dale!

(Also, Lorna and Terri cycled their longest ever distance in a day and some of the Wheelers used the club’s trailer for the first time - picture to follow, hopefully).

The Magnificent Seven (plus 1) 28th June 2009 (delayed report - sorry)
Jul 6, 2009, 9:58 am

The new system of everyone meeting at 9am was tried today, The sleepless wheelers were off at the Dartmoor Sportive so a reduced turnout was experienced. Baguettes at Marazion were voted for. 

Of the 8 riders doing the longer trip only Jim knew where Marazion was, so he was elected as navigator.  New rider Tamsin, a Falmouth girl with a Kiwi accent joined us on her smart creaky Cannondale. She told us she hadn’t ridden for ages but zoomed over Halvasso with only Tony ahead of her. The ride to Black Rock was helped greatly by a tail wind, Caroline headed home and the Magnificent Seven careered down to the comfort stop at Praze an Beeble. The navigator then lead the group through Leedstown to St. Erth and on via the enjoyably quiet cycle route to the café at Marazion Bridge.

The timing of the refuelling stop was perfect as the only heavy shower came while we were munching. On the trip back the high hedges through Goldsithney to Godolphin helped to shield us from the worst of the headwind. As we passed Carleen the scent of Auntie Jill’s nearly made Terry leave the group – she resisted!  

The climb up to Truthall Halt and Trannack caused Denise to use up all our spare water, she blamed it on the salty bacon baguettes!  Murphy’s Law prompted an old friend of Tamsin’s to phone her at the top of Carnkie Hill – a breathless ‘ phone you later’ was probably misconstrued but caused a chuckle. The water bottles were refilled at Jim’s house before the welcome coast downhill to Falmouth. 

A very sociable ride of 50miles, with unusually the ladies :- Terry, Denise, Steph and Tamsin outnumbering the blokes :- Tony, Keith and Jim.     

Hell's Mouth for tea and cake - 5th July 2009
Jul 5, 2009, 5:40 pm

It was good to see a few new faces amongst the 24 departing cyclists at 9 o’clock today. Fred suggested Portreath and on to Hell’s Mouth for tea and cake, and so it was. En route Red Leader and Mrs Red Leader left to follow another shorter route on their tandem (they’re preparing for a French trip) and Steve, Amanda and Jonathan left for home in time for other duties.

At Portreath we bumped into a pair of end-to-enders ominously looking for a bike shop due to a jumping chain. Still, their spirits were high and it was only day one for them as they’d only left Penzance that morning.

After battling against some very blustery headwinds we finally made it to Hell’s Mouth café and some welcome sustenance. Upon leaving Lance appeared and stopped his car in the road to yell encouragement. The driver stuck behind Lance yelled something at Lance but I don’t think it was encouragement.

When we reached Carnell Green 5 of the group split off for a longer ride back (see profile below), taking in some lovely views and challenging hills along the way – as well as some splendid ice cream served by a fair maiden in Porthleven. At the end of the (long) ride new Falmouth Wheeler Tony informed us that this was his longest excursion on a bicycle, ever. Which means judging by the way he thundered up the hills Tony is certainly a strong rider!

62 miles in all. Total ascent 1486m. 1 puncture no mechanicals.

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