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The Great Gunwalloe Cyclocross challenge – 9.00 am Sunday ride 27/9
Oct 5, 2009, 5:02 pm

Thirteen riders, including Chris from Sheffield CC, joined us for a ride to our ‘spiritual tea home’ - Auntie Jill's.  Terry tried to divert us to the Roseland but we were having none of it, particularly as Chris our guest had just driven over from Portscatho. 

Usual route to Black Rock and unfortunately we lost Steve who as a newly married man had to go home to to do the chores Amanda had prepared for him.  Taking a roundabout route we arrived at AJ’s at eleven for the best cake & tea west of Exeter. 

Back on the main road we dropped into Porthleven and with the sun now coming out we thought it was important for Chris to see Cornwall at its best. Enjoying the cobbles at the end of the harbour we made our way out via Loe bar. Next scenic attraction on the tour was Gunwalloe were some of the views were comparable to last week’s ride up at Rame Head.  At Church Cove we decided on a bit of Cyclecross and carried the bikes a quarter mile across the beach and footpath to Poldue cove, stopping briefly for a quick team photo.

Then it was up the hill by the golf course where it kicks on the corner, then on to to Cury and back to Culdrose and Gweek where we lost Terry & Keith to the attraction of the local inn and a chance to check whether Cormac have re-tarmaced that pothole that caught Mrs Prior out so badly. 

Home via Treverva, just over 50 miles and a great new (hilly) ride created as we went along.  

Axe Valley Pedallers Saturday 19th September - Dan Dare reports
Sep 24, 2009, 9:31 am

I paid a visit over the weekend to Seaton, and represented the Wheelers at the Axe Valley Pedallers'  'Round the Clock Round the Block' event.  I put in 10 laps, which amounted to 50 miles - a nice 5 mile circuit around the Axe estuary through Axemouth and Colyford.  The event headquarters was adjacent to the Seaton Electric Tramway.  The Tour of Britain passed through on the Saturday, and pictures are included here - including the leading pair on the day: I think a British rider won the stage.  I know the Pedallers' event went well, and they raised plenty of money for the Devon Air Ambulance and Prostate Cancer Research.  Also managed to explore some of the coast and back lanes in the area - there are some killer hills about!  There are some spectacular  views  of the Jurassic Coast.  I even found a fossil!  Thanks to the AVP for making me most welcome.
Dan Dare

Green Army...... Pathfinder ride Sunday 20th September
Sep 23, 2009, 1:14 pm

                                    If Steve & Jill Lighfoot brewed beer it would probably be the best beer in the world.  Anyway they don’t but they do organise the best damn pathfinder that the Wheelers have ever done. 

On a still, autumnal day 12 riders met just outside of Looe to ride along the coast to the NT property Mount Edgecumbe.  With KK keeping our spirits up with his version of the Aviva ad, we met some serious hills – the Pyrennes trip  was really the training for this ride, we headed along to Seaton and then up a very long hill to Downderry.  Lorna’s son Ashley was riding like a young Dave Morell and even found the energy to pull wheelies throughout the ride (just like Lance...).

At Mount Edgecumbe there was a relaxed lunch and Sarah & Jill drove over to join us. Heading back to Looe we dropped into Cawsand before taking one of the most spectacular roads in Cornwall (no make that Britain...) to Rame head and then along the coast with amazing views,  eventually stopping for an ice cream at Millies, that well known ice cream van. One last killer hill back to the campsite that did little to impress Mrs Lightfoot saw us returning to base camp – Charlie’s caravan in time for tea & cake. One of the best UK rides and one the club will definitely have to return to. Many thanks to Steve & Jill for organising such a great ride, pity any poor soul that has to follow that.........

For the Aviva 'Janner Green army'  ad just click here...

Wednesday 'Nice Boys' Ride - 16/09/09
Sep 17, 2009, 9:14 am

The Red Lion. Red Leader's spiritual home from his youth.

The weekly Wednesday evening ‘Nice Boys’ Ride (girls are included, it’s just a name established in the early days of the club by Caroline) went out last night on a beautiful summer’s evening around Pendennis Point, along the sea front and along to Maenporth Beach and up The Hill to enjoy refreshments at the Red Lion at Mawnan Smith.

Red Leader was still celebrating his birthday the day before so generously bought his dear old friend KK some supper. It may have only been a bag of salt’n’vinegar crisps but it’s the thought that counts.

Naturally we all had a good laugh at the expense of absent riders and also at the size of Steve from Devoran’s miniscule rear light. It is the size of a small pea. We sped home via Lamanva crossroads and a lovely evening was had by all.

It was muted that Wednesday evening rides could continue and due to the darkness we should restrict ourselves to Falmouth environs with street lighting, as potholes on country lanes in the dark can be troublesome. So, the Wednesday rides haven’t actually been stopped for the winter but don’t rely on many (if any!) people turning up.

Pathfinder Ride 20th September 2009
Sep 17, 2009, 8:26 am

The majestic beauty of Looe, sister town to Flushing.PATHFINDER RIDE - The start is from the Tregoad Park camp site car park near Looe, click here for a map showing how to get there. It's a 10 o'clock start, and anyone and everyone (club members or not) are very welcome to come along. The pace will be gentle and there will be a few hills but the idea is that everyone cycles together, so nobody will get left behind. There will be a tea and cake stop en route.

Please note that the club's bike trailer won't be going up due to the towing vehicles being away. As it's not the summer anymore the weather forecast looks good, so it should be great day. It could even be the best ever... 

Cycling in Cornwall - it's the business
Sep 14, 2009, 10:56 am

Moments before an almighty head on collision at Bissoe...We Falmouth Wheelers know how good Cornwall is for on and off-road cycling, but don't take our word for it. Read what Chris Moran of The Independent has to say...

Family Pathfinder Ride 16/08/09
Aug 24, 2009, 9:19 am

Today was the annual Family Pathfinder Ride starting at Wadebridge and the club trailer was again put to good use with Bernie towing. Several riders rode up to Wadebridge from Falmouth at a brisk pace, which after passing Truro, is actually quite flat.

We all met up in Wadebridge and then coasted along the cycle track to Padstow, where we stopped for breakfast, and then proceeded to venture inland. After braving a dodgy section of narrow, hilly main road (and abundant holiday traffic) the country lanes were mercifully quiet. Ironman’s chain broke but we managed to cobble it together again thanks to a spare link carried by Scalatchi.

The countryside was looking good, as was the weather, and we all enjoyed a lovely roundabout ride to St Mawgan where we stopped for lunch at the delightful Falcon Inn. After lunch Perran’s 'two-wheeled tractor' suffered a puncture, some riders pedalled for Falmouth, and the remainder made their way back up to Wadebridge where the trailer was waiting to take us home. A very nice day out indeed.

Breakaway Ride 8.30
Aug 10, 2009, 7:38 am

Jono: After waving ‘hello’ to Lorna, who was out for an early warm up before the 9 o’clock ride, we 6 headed out at speed for Mitchell, St Austell and beyond - via Devoran and Bissoe valley.

This was the ‘flat’ route according to Scalatchi but it was hill after hill after hill. Still, it was a nice day and the route was very nice. I convinced myself that that horrible next day 'fog' you get after a 10 hour wedding party the day before would dissipate after a bit of tough pedalling. No such luck. After struggling to keep up, and feeling less than 100%, on arrival at Ladock I departed with Amanda - who was keen to get back early - to cycle home via Truro, the back roads to Point and Devoran and then up Hangman’s Hill. 49 miles and home at 12.05 (feeling I’d just cycled the Dartmoor Classic). 

Fred: After Ladock we made our way to St Stephen via Telgarrick Mill ascending an incredibly steep long hill. At St Stephen we turned right and headed for St Austell then up to Wheal Martyn to the China Clay Museum for a well earned late breakfast having done just under 50 miles we then headed up to Roach through some interesting china clay country (if you like that sort of thing).

At Roach we picked up the old A30 for an incredibly quick run back home, oh yes, through the Ladock valley it absolutely p****d down - a real summer downpour. At Truro it seemed like a good idea to go up St Aubans street to Lemon hill to avoid the easy way which we thought might be muddy. At Playing Place it seemed like a good idea to go via Point always a nice ride. Left Steve 2 at Devoran then hangmans and home. Over 70 miles  (I did 80 so yah boo shucks) and a good hard day’s riding. I wish I was fitter and thinner and younger - oh what the hell.

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