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Club meeting 27th November
Nov 27, 2009, 12:17 pm

Joe Bosher-Kempton kindly gave a very professional and engaging presentation about his Mabe to Morocco solo cycling adventure in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

He encountered nudists, snakes and a pregnant cat along the way as well as some stunning scenery, friendly people and grass sprinklers. Judging by the applause, and the comments at the bar afterwards, it’s fair to say everyone was very impressed with Joe – and he’s only 20!

Perranporth - Sunday 15th November
Nov 16, 2009, 10:42 am

We blamed Jono for everything - and picked up a stray! It was a perfect Sunday with excellent weather and a good turnout, so this had the makings of an excellent ride.  At the start several wheelers were checking each other’s knees – cannot think why?  The decision was made by Red Leader to head towards Perranporth again: the main reason being that we could guarantee the Camelot being open.

Some things never change – we headed out through the Wheelers’ second home, Helvarsehole, before passing Chez Jim and up to the top of Carnkie and then around Stithy Lake for a breather at Penmarth.  It was onwards and upwards via Penhalvean, where Ironman observed that this was an odd route to Perranporth -  he was right!  Now there was the welcome long downhill to Burncoose: by now I had done some 15 miles and was actually about two miles from home!  We headed on through Frogpool and Bissoe before turning up the ever-popular valley road to Chacewater and another regroup.

From Chacewater we headed for Blackwater and up to the crossroads by the ATV track and a wait for someone with a ‘mechanical’.  Somewhere near here we lost Charlie and Parky – with duties elsewhere.  It was here we picked up a stray – in the form of Chris Fearnley of Truro CC.  He had apparently overslept and missed his Club Ride, so I guess he was happy to join us at this point.  We crossed the St Agnes road at Two Burrows, where Jono led a breakaway sprint towards Mithian.  The four of us waited by Mithian School for the rest to catch up, and a decision whether to go down ‘The Coombe’ or the main road into Perranporth.  Again, so it was said, Jono made the decisionthat it would be alright to dash on the quick way to Perranporth.

 We arrived at the café, with the others arriving soon afterwards in various directions: quite how this happened I am not sure.  Isn’t it great when a plan doesn’t come together!   As usual, we were well-served by ‘King Arthur’ of Camelot – with £5 Jim having an enormous veggie breakfast.

After the usual look at the beach, we headed off through Cocks and Callestick to cross the A30 at Tresawsen, and then via Allet to Shortlanesend and a stop for a breather and catch-up.  We now headed through the back lanes towards Cornwall’s answer to Heathrow – Truro Airfield – and then via Penstraze and ‘Dangerous’ and eventually diving down to Bissoe, where we parted company for our various routes home; yours truly DD stopping for a coffee. We were: Red Leader, Fred, Jono, £5 Jim, Richard 2, Kath, Clive, Scalatchi, Dale, Steve 2, Terri and Keith plus Parky and Charlie (DNRC) and Ironman (DRC but DNS)

Quiz Night - 12th November
Nov 13, 2009, 3:58 pm

The club enjoyed their autumn Quiz Night with, I think, it’s a bit hazy, £5 Jim’s team winning. There were some excellent questions set by Dan Dare, including some based on pictures of members' body parts. (See what you missed.)

Make what you will of the ‘highlights’ – Lance didn’t recognise his own knees, £5 Jim thought Lance’s knees were actually his, the collective noun for a flock of starlings is a ‘murmuration’, KK didn’t win his own raffle, ‘Dorchester’ is in Oxfordshire(grrrrr!), everyone wanted to win the big tin of roses, one team had no idea what the river that separates Cornwall from England was called (and they were sober), Porthia is St. Ives and unfortunately Edward the 5th was not a Tudor. Roll on the next quiz night!!

Mylor Yacht Club Panto
Nov 2, 2009, 12:10 pm

Oh yes it is, oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is etc. It’s almost time for the eagerly awaited Mylor Yacht Club Panto when certain male FWs revert to type, put on their hosiery and frighten innocent women and children.  

Tickets have all but gone except for the Tuesday evening performance on December 1st so if you’d like a ticket please contact Fred or Bernie. There are indications that several wheelers will be attending and there is safety in numbers. 

Spinners note: Tuesday night Dec 1st clashes with spinning classes so the (final) spinning classes are now postponed until the following week Tuesday Dec 8th.

FW Pathfinder Ride - lunch in Paris
Nov 1, 2009, 2:40 pm

PATHFINDER RIDE, SUNDAY 8TH NOVEMBER - This month's 25 mile Pathfinder Ride explores the back lanes of the Lizard and will take you along some roads you may not have known even existed. The 10am start is from the Nature Reserve car park on the right just past the Goonhilly visitor centre as you head south for Lizard Point. Look out for the small brown 'nature reserve' sign (click here to see a map). There will be a pub stop at about 12 noon.

The majority of the ride is surprisingly flat ...ish but there are some fairly steep nips which are mercifully short. Please be careful of slippery dead leaves.

If you want to get a few more miles in there will be an alternative 8.30am start from Union Corner to rendezvous with everyone else at 10am at the official start. If you'd like a lift down or back in the club's bike trailer please let Bernie know as soon as possible. Ring 01209 862752 evenings or 01326 374309 daytime.

Blue Hills Hero's - Sunday 25/10 - 9.00 am ride (after an extra hour in bed..)
Oct 29, 2009, 6:30 pm

With the elite boys sobering up on the flight back from Ireland and a few noticeable absences the nine o’clockers still mustered some 14 riders for a ride to Perranporth via Bissoe, Chacewater and St.Agnes although we lost the newly weds and Rosie & Jim at Mount Hawke.

With new riders Paddy and a running friend of Keith & Terry riding confidently, the weather was perfect for late October.  Richard was obviously feeling invincible as he led the group over to Blue Hills – two years since I last did this and definitely better as an annual experience.

In Perranporth the good old Camelot cafe keep us happy with full cook breakfasts and after our customary look at the beach & the sea we head back to Truro via Allet & Idless woods – a beautiful area and probably Truro’s best kept secret. 

Back home via Penweathers and with the weather so mild most of the group headed down to Riccis and enjoyed coffee & cake outdoors before heading back to Falmouth. PS Scalatchi finds a cheap place on the Blue Hills to park up overnight....

Wheal Martyn and back - a certain Parson has a lot to answer for!
Oct 20, 2009, 10:34 am

Parky and the two Don’s opted to represent the Wheelers at the CTC AGM and duly headed East, with yours truly DD joining them at the Norway Inn for the quick dash through to Carnon Gate and then up the dual-carriageway and along the bus lane to Playing Place.  We now avoided the main road, going by the old Falmouth Road to the top of Morlaix Avenue – by-passing Truro – and then heading up and over and the winding descent to Tresillian. 

Onwards we ambled to Ladock and then into the back lanes via the top of Grampound Road before diving down past Trenowth and Langerth to join the St Austell-Newquay road at Lanjeth.  After Trewoon we ducked down the short steep hill to the Gover Valley, avoiding the worst of St Austell; joining the old Bodmin Road we headed up the valley through Trethowel and Ruddlemoor to arrive at the Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum – and time for freshly-cooked pasties and a cuppa.

The meeting was well attended by CTC members from around Cornwall.  Parky gave a full account of the progress being made for the Birthday Rides next year.  Details of the meeting will no doubt be found on the CTC Cornwall website.

We opted to return from St Austell via the Roseland area.  Passing the new town centre development was pretty uninspiring: in my opinion the place is not attempting to disassociate itself from the oft-used alternative name of St Ar***ole!  A fast run to London Apprentice was followed by the long drag up to the Five Turnings above Polgooth and Sticker, where we turned for St Ewe, Polmassick and Tippett’s Shop.  It seemed that I was leading and I have to confess that the route was somewhat indirect.  It was somewhere here – I am not quite sure where – that one of our illustrious Dons came to grief!  We approached a farm to be confronted by a snarling and ill-tempered Canine of the afore-mentioned Parson’s creation.  Sadly, poor Don M was unseated by the little beast and cast asunder in understandable agony!  Parky unavoidably – in trying to avoid the melee – ran both wheels over the animal, which shot off up the road apace, screaming its head off: no doubt despatched to the appropriate rat-hole in the sky!  Annoyingly, this was not the only doggy encounter of the ride.  It would be a good idea if people exercised some control over their dogs: we would prefer not to encounter a Jack Russell with attitude!

Don appeared not too much the worse for his experience – thank goodness at least that his much-repaired knee seemed to hold up.  We were heading in the general direction of the King Harry Ferry; although at one stage we were none-too-sure of our way and actually had to ask for directions!  Eventually we reached the long descent to the ferry and waited our turn for the crossing.  After this we parted to do our own thing – Parky and the Dons stopping at Trelissick for a cuppa – me heading straight for home.

A good ride in spite of the drama, and at least 50 up and down miles covered in pleasant weather through some nice countryside. DD                                

October Pathfinder Ride - down west in the mists......
Oct 7, 2009, 5:25 pm

A well supported Pathfinder ride 30+ riders, headed out of Marazion via the gravel track to Penzance.  Steve’s Cervelo tuned for roads, objected strongly and reacted by giving him a flat and Jonathan sheered his clip off and had to be lashed to the pedal by Fred using Steve’s old inner tube. 

Unlike Looe, Mousehole hill didn’t phase Mrs Lightfoot & it was good to see some new faces on the Pathfinder - Perrin riding a new TriCross, Rosie & Richard joining us from Tremough and Parky on a tandem with a new stoker  - Joe fresh from his summer LeJog ride. 

Over to Sancreed and various Penwith country lanes, before heading around the back of Penzance and then out on a vague northly direction.  I’d like to tell you exactly where we went but with mist and rain abounding it was all quite disorientating & I didn’t have much of a clue until we dropped into Zennor and the chapel for baguettes, soup & toasties. 

Mr & Mrs Red Leader were not having the best of rides – no helmet, last in the queue for lunch but still managing a smile through gritted teeth.  From here more backlanes through the mist until we popped out at Crowlas and then a final run into the back of Marazion. Despite the weather conspiring against them many thanks to Malcolm & Keith for slick organisation and a great ride. 

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