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Pathfinder Ride Sunday 18th April
Apr 15, 2010, 4:14 pm

Pictures from the Pathfinder Ride - report to follow...

Easter Sunday Ride - 9 o'clockers
Apr 4, 2010, 3:25 pm

There were 2 new faces amongst the 14 strong band of merry wheelers this Easter Sunday. And they certainly picked the right day to try out cycling with the wheelers – not only was the weather superb but we were bound for Auntie Gill’s for the first time in 2010. Off we went to Gweek and up past the Grange fruit farm (on some horrendous tarmac) and then along past Culdrose and down to the boating lake.

From there we took the Porthleven road turned right at the top of the hill and threaded our way along some narrow lanes to Sithney. At this point Mr Gunner left us as he wanted to get some more miles in before stopping for refreshments.

Unfortunately Auntie Gill was ill so her trusty husband Trevor was front of house. The slices of delicious cake were as enormous as ever (see picture on left - that is not a saucer the slice of cake is sitting on, it is a side plate) and the new faces amongst us were duly impressed. We complimented Trevor on his excellent service in the absence of Gill and said we would let her know that he did well. He said ‘thanks’ but he was actually trying to get fired. (In order to spend more time pottering in his workshop no doubt.)

After tea we split into two groups as some needed to get back early for various family commitments. This writer took the get-home-early-option via Releath, Porkellis and Carnkie, ‘enjoying’ some fairly challenging hills enroute and arriving back in Falmouth at 1pm. A beautiful, sunny day out in the saddle. CLICK HERE to see route and profile.

'Nice Boys' Wednesday Ride 31/03/10
Apr 1, 2010, 3:01 pm

The first Wednesday night ride of 2010 was a short, gentle affair with 8 regulars and new girl Tammy. Poor Tammy was the lone female - where were all the lady wheelers? Ignoring Fred's suggested route (next time Fred) we went via No Man's Land and circled Mawnan Smith down towards Port Navas, past where Sue and Mo saw the Beast of Mawnan, and then up past Budock Vean Hotel to pause at the Red Lion for sustanance. Conversation hovered around ghosts for some inexplicable reason. Even with a brief hailshower it was good to be cycling in the evening again. Click here to see the route and elevation profile. (You can then also click on 'Terrain' to see the route on different mapping formats...)

CTC Equinox Ride - Sunday 21/03/10
Mar 22, 2010, 2:00 pm

The club had a good turn out today for the CTC Cornwall organised ‘Equinox Rides’ in aid of Shelter Box with the road riders starting from Devoran.
Fairly quickly the 91 riders split into various groups and this reporter’s group (Mickey, Admiral, Ironman, Don Morris and Jono) also included able cyclist Alistair from Penzance who is thinking of joining a cycle club. This is our tale.

It was a lovely sunny day as we climbed up to Stithians and Four Lanes (you can’t get any higher) and swooped down to Portreath and on to the first stop at the Bike Barn – where they sell excellent pasties by the way.
So far so good, but then we got slightly lost and managed to go up a large steep hill by mistake. Back on track on we went to Mithian, Trispen and down to Tresillian where after 40 miles or thereabouts the many hills en route were beginning to take affect, so we stopped for much needed refreshments at the tiny garden centre (pictured left) next to the Wheel Inn. The homemade soup and tea cakes went down a treat and were ridiculously cheap.

The hills were about to get a bit cheekier and by consensus the worst (or I should say 'the most challenging’) was the nip out of Ruan Lanihorne to Trelonk. We all had to stop, take a drink and a deep breath before we tackled that one. Alistair later said he thought he might never get up it. By now the highly amusing banter was beginning to run dry as we concentrated on not getting cramp.

During the final few miles to King Harry Ferry the oft repeated cry was “how many more hills..?” and then joy oh joy! we were on the ferry and our spirits rose again. Mickey complained to the crew that they hadn’t put out the red carpet for us – quite right - and with the help of a pretty young cyclist leading us up the steep hill away from the ferry the pace also quickened. (Mind you, she may have simply been trying to get away from a bunch of red-faced, over familiar, middle-aged lycra clad men as fast as possible.) Finally it was down to Point and along to the finish at Devoran Village Hall for a welcome cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Yes, the ride was quite challenging in places but it was a lovely route, much of it along beautiful, single track country lanes. And weather-wise it was perfect. An excellent day and many thanks to organiser Martyn and everyone else who helped.
With tired, stiffening legs and a pathetic lack of will I rang my chaffeur for a lift home whilst Don Morris stayed and waited for Don Gunner (but not for long). I later discovered that both men then cycled back to Falmouth. As Don G is over 20 years older than me I feel suitably humbled. Jono

Best Ever Wine Tasting Evening - 19th March 2010
Mar 20, 2010, 9:05 am

Club members and friends enjoyed a fine evening of wine tasting with local wine expert Nigel from Wine in Cornwall talking everyone through the wide range of wines especially selected for the occasion.
Many interesting facts emerged; the best time to taste wine is first thing in the morning; the difference between a £50 bottle and a £100 bottle of wine is very small and hardly noticeable to most people; good wine can taste like leather and fags - and that’s good; the ‘Cycles Gladiator’ wine label (pictured left) has been banned for being too rude in Alabama and KK has been attending wine tasting evening classes and is becoming a bit of a wine connoisseur on the quiet.

As Falmouth Wheelers were in attendance the evening gave way to much banter, getting louder by the glass as copious amounts of wine flowed. Above the noise of the happy (I hesitate to say drunken) throng Red Leader declared the event to be ‘the best ever Falmouth Wheelers' wine tasting evening’ and so it was.
Footnote: According to Nigel there are over 5000 varieties of wine producing grapes in Italy alone. That’s a lot of different wines left to taste - I think we’ll need a couple more wine tasting evenings…?

South coast tour - Sunday 14th March 9.00 ride
Mar 16, 2010, 6:01 pm

 Was it really Spring? Was it going to be dry & sunny?  Would it really be possible to go for a ride without looking like a Michelin man/woman?

 With anticipation in the air seventeen riders made their way via Black Rock to Marazion and enjoyed fresh baquettes at the Jordan Cafe car Park (who had Parkies???) Being Mothers Day we lost a few on the way but with the sun breaking thru’ the remaining 12 made their way to Rinsey Head via Goldsithney and that great backroad that offers some of the nicest lane riding in Cornwall. With great views towards the Lizard and a fast descent into Porthleven the enjoyment of tooth-jangling cobbles around the harbour awaited us before we headed back via the backroads of Helston town – tis’ a good steady climb up to the Comprehensive school. 

At Poldark Mine Red Leader thought it was far to early to arrive home, it was only France v Italy in the rugby and we really ought to stop off at the Star Inn @ Porkellis to make sure the beer pumps were still working ok after all the winter frost. With a strong ‘yes’ vote the peleton ended up in the beer garden toasting our good fortune and thinking that life was pretty good.  55 miles and only a fortnight until the clocks go forward.

Quiz Night 11/03/10
Mar 12, 2010, 10:35 am

There were a lot of questions needing answers last night at Woodlane Social Club as club members exercised their brains rather than their legs for a change.
What was the name of John Lennon’s cat? What was the last Carry On film called? Who is June Brown? Jeremy Paxman eat your heart out, your fancy university degree would have proved useless.
Dan Dare was an impeccable quizmaster and did a fine job including a novel ‘where is the clock tower?’ picture round which was surprisingly hard. JB’s team eventually won and due to a new club rule - the winning team has to provide the next quiz and quizmaster – JB will be testing our IQs later in the year. KK organised a raffle in aid of local charities with many drinkable and edible prizes and there were free Choak’s pasties. All in all a cracking evening.
Many thanks to all who helped make it such a success.

Sunday Breakaways - 9 o'clockers 07/03/10
Mar 8, 2010, 10:22 am

There was some biting easterly wind to contend with but it was a clear, sunny day as 17 members struck out for Perranporth via Truro. At Calenick there was a mini breakaway by those who preferred to go by road rather than follow the old railway track and then the group reassembled in Truro to follow the lovely Idless valley out towards the north coast.

At Perranporth there was a breakfast breakaway as 6 members breakfasted at the café located in the old Healy (as in Austin) garage rather than completely overrun the usual wheelers’ favourite breakfast stop. From Perranporth it was a very nice cycle back to Blackwater, Chacewater and Bissoe where there were even more breakaways as members made off for homes in different directions.

Laura has significantly upped her pace by getting lots of miles in (and borrowing a Specialised Roubaix) and we were joined by a new rider, Laura’s friend Simon, who cycled further than he ever had before but seemed to enjoy it - let’s hope we see him again. This writer did 43 miles. Those who returned to Falmouth via Stithians with Red Leader and Mr Gunner must have done more...

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