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Sunday 10 o'clockers - 23rd May 2010
May 25, 2010, 11:57 am

As kick off approached the 6 of us at the Packet offices were wondering where our designated ride leader had got too. Fortunately Denise then turned up and, after a brief discussion, we set off in the Stithians direction via No Man’s Land. Having eschewed hot chocolates at the Lakeside cafe, and a kind offer of coffee chez Chris, we pressed on towards Lanner. Trevor’s Secret Lane remains a mystery.  Along Pennance Road and through Carharrack brought us to the recycling heartland of United Downs where one wit was heard to say ‘Ah the dump; that’s where we’re all headed!’

Picking up the Bissoe trail proved a bit tricky until a couple of off roaders crossed in front of us and then it was all downhill to the cafe and a welcome slice of date and walnut. Nobody really fancied the main road so we came back through Perranwell and Hangman’s Hill, lined with wild garlic and bluebells.

Cornwall looked almost spectacular in the early summer sunshine and we thanked Denise for a great outing as the group split to find our various ways home.


'Nice (all) Boys' Wednesday Evening Ride - 19/05/10
May 20, 2010, 3:58 pm

With the 'nice boy ride' being an all ‘male affair’ this week,  testerone was creasing through the veins right from the start, meaning this was going to be a quick one.  Two new bikes – Dale on a v.nice  Boardman and fresh from the 100 mile challenge of N.Cornwall & Robin riding a new Dahon foldaway.  Any chance either would be left behind was soon dispelled. 

With Fred leading the group out to Mabe Church via Treverva,  we headed to Llama lane and the Greek orthodox church.   At hamster mill a few (including me ) nearly came to grief on a greasy, downhill corner before passing the showgrounds at Stithians to enjoy a nice fast, long descent to Perranwell.  Robin peeled off for home – although as one wit said,  ‘on smaller wheels he probably cycled twice the distance....’     

A brief ‘discussion’, resolved only by a show of hands decided that the pub stop would be the Quay Inn at Devoran & not the Punchbowl.  With Fred muttering that the club didn’t respect its elders we made our way to the pub via Bissoe.  Despite dog turds in the beer garden, the beer was good and chat was easy. With back lights on and fading light we shot pass the Norway before making our way home via hangmans hill & Enys. Click here for route and profile.

Wednesday Evening 'Nice Boys' Ride - 12/5/10
May 13, 2010, 10:04 am

It was spitting rain as we left Falmouth for Stithians via Halvasso but the weather cleared and blue skys appeared the higher we climbed (something wrong there surely?). Then it was down hill for about 4 miles to the Royal Oak at Perranwell where the 11 of us gate crashed the locals having a quiet pint and got in the way of the waitress.
Young Ben didn’t drink anything because he was ‘in training’. We’ll soon sort him out.

Then it was up past the school and down to the main road along to Hangman’s Hill and home. Several riders split away for home in various directions and the small number left went along Greenbank and through Falmouth to be greeted by a heavy downpour. A damp end to a very enjoyable evening. Click here for route and profile.

May Pathfinder Ride - Sunday 09/05/10
May 9, 2010, 3:43 pm

There were even more new faces today ‘in the saddle’ and even though there were many regular FW riders not present for various reasons there were still a record(?) 39 on this month’s Pathfinder Ride.

Red Leader and KK kindly took us to Trevarno for tea departing from the Star Inn in Porkellis with many riders riding to the start from Falmouth. The lanes were narrow and quiet and the views were spectacular with the hedgerows choked with wild flowers and hawthorn blossom.
At Trevarno the sun was getting hot as we sat on the lawn sipping our tea and watching the peacocks display to the peahens. We could have stayed there all day but then it was on to Helston along a beautiful valley, up past Helston School and on to Trenear and then back to Porkellis for beer, roast potatoes and bangers.

Amongst the new faces was another Trevor. He was out for a quiet ride and ended up tagging along, as you do. Unfortunately his gears gave way so he legged it home (Helston) got another bike and joined us back at the pub - sounds like a dedicated FW in the making.
As many said it was a perfect ride and at one of the best times of the year to explore Cornwall’s hidden lanes – many thanks to RL and KK for organising it. And a warm welcome to new members Simon, Clare and Ingrid who signed up today.
Click here to see route and profile. Click here to see photos.

'Nice Boys' Wednesday Evening Ride - 05/05/10
May 6, 2010, 9:35 am

After a beautiful sunny day we anticipated a beautiful sunny evening but the clouds came in and it became overcast. Still, 14 showed up for the ride with some more new faces and Fred took us off for the Golden Lion at Stithians reservoir.

The ride was very scenic following single track lanes for the most part and as we climbed we entered a sort of mizzle near Stithians which was so light that the roads stayed dry. A few of us in the peloton wondered what happened to the 26 members that went to France last weekend. Did they exhaust themselves? There were only 3 French weekenders with us.
Jonathan and Drew appeared at the pub and after refreshments it was home via around the reservoir. A relaxing ride was had by all and the hills were barely noticeable. Which makes a change! Thank you Fred.
Click here to see the route and profile.

Baker's Dozen Ride in aid of Precious Lives Appeal - 02/05/10
May 4, 2010, 5:42 pm

This thirteen mile ride was attended by the remaining Wheelers – those that weren’t in France, Hampshire or elsewhere – roughly thirteen, that is, so an appropriate number you might say!  


This was a bit ‘spur of the moment’ – as the intention at the start was to do a normal Sunday ride, incorporating at least part of one of the planned ‘Birthday Rides’ routes, with yours truly leading. 

We got as far as Bissoe, losing Steve and then Amanda en-route, where the decision was made to stop for a brew, and where we agreed to abandon Plan A and head back to Rowe’s at Kernick Industrial Estate, Penryn, to support the ‘13’.  We looked a bit thin on the ground: eighty-four entered, of which at least half must have been from Ricci’s 'One and All'! 


The route was down through Penryn town and along Falmouth main street before circling Castle Drive around Pendennis Point, then down to Gyllingvase and Swanpool - that hill sorted out a few!  From here it was past the golf course and across No Man’s Land through Lamanva.  Then we were to pass Mabe church and the village before diving down towards the ‘Asda’ roundabout and back to the start.  I would say that it seemed a lot more than one mile from the 12-mile marker to the finish – ah well, whatever!


This was an enjoyable, if hilly, event and well organised with, eventually, some pasties from the event sponsors, Rowes.  It was rather draughty and cold for May at the finish, and many had left when the pasties arrived.  Guess who had two?  At least it didn’t rain and there was a T-shirt as a souvenir! Dan Dare


Wednesday Evening Nice Boys Ride - 28/04/10
Apr 29, 2010, 9:00 am

The pub at Gweek beckoned the 14 riders who wended their way there via Budock and Treverva on a mild, but not so sunny, evening. The pace was fast for a Wednesday evening ride with Red Leader striking out and dragging the peloton behind him. After refreshments it was home via Bridge taking in a couple of sturdy hills for good measure which seemed all the more challenging after the pub stop. A very nice ride once again. Thank goodness for lighter evenings.
Click here to see the route and profile.

Thank you Falmouth Wheelers
Apr 26, 2010, 10:28 am

I would like to say a big thank you to the Falmouth Wheelers and everybody that sponsored me on my Falmouth to Milan bike ride. 

You'll be happy to know that I made it in one piece, although there was a point about 5 minutes after this picture was taken, while descending a mountain in a blizzard, when I thought my time was up. I was doing 45mph hurtling towards a tight corner and when I went to pull my brake levers I realised that on top of losing all feeling in my face, feet and genitals I had also lost all feeling in my hands and couldn't move my fingers, fortunately I just about managed to slow down enough to take the bend but it took 4 hot chocolates and little cry to warm them up enough to even slip my gloves off. I hope none of you ever experience cold like that (apart from Dad, he needs to man-up a bit).

In 12 days we cycled 1100 miles, through Cornwall, France, Switzerland and Italy. It was a brilliant experience and I hope to do something similar again, though this time I will wait until July to climb 2000 metres!
If anybody hasn't sponsored me and would like to you can still donate at www.justgiving.com/williamjosephstyles  Thank you, (Bianchi) Ben.

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