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Nice Boys' Wednesday evening Pasty & Pint Ride - 16/06/10
Jun 17, 2010, 9:34 am

On a beautiful, cloudless evening 20 riders headed to Portreath for the inaugural pasty n pint run. The offer of a beer & food even drew Schalatchi out & Charlie was at HQ on time..... It was also good to see honourary ‘nice boy’ Caroline showing Victor the way to go. Usual route out and then onto Stithians and a steady climb up to Fourlanes where it was, surprisingly, still warm & sunny. 

Nice run into Pool avoiding the shell suits & boy racers before dropping into Portreath on a setting sun and sparkly sea. At the Bike Barn it was Skinners all round in the beer garden.  Cube bikes attracted much interest and then it was off at pace via Mount Hawke to Blackwater as the group wound it up through the Chacewater valley to Bissoe. Usual route home via Devoran and Hangman's hill arriving back in Falmouth at 9.30, just as the sun had set. A great evening's ride - 38 miles and with members riding stronger and faster it's good we are stretching our horizons on these long, summer evenings.

Click here to see the route and profile.

Grazed legs , baguettes and beautiful beaches – June pathfinder
Jun 15, 2010, 5:44 pm

The June pathfinder from Marazion car park had a record 40 riders of which 15 had cycled down from Falmouth and the hinterlands. A full squad joined Bernie in the trailer and Parky manage to pick up a couple of fit northerners who had just completed and end to end and were looking for ‘a ride...’

Following the backroads of Penzance the Pathfinder climbed steadily across to St.Just before linking up with the amazing coast road, this time clear of mist & cloud, to Zennor & then onto St.Ives.

As usual the ride was incident packed with RL deciding to cosy up to Fred at a junction causing a spill – he blames Pop Gunner.... and Trevor 2 on Cervelo hit a large stone and got high sided.

At St Ives the group split into those who headed down to the harbour and riders who went to Porthminster for the best value baguettes this side of Truro. With the weather steadily changing and drizzle catching the group in Lelant the ride split for home or to loop back to the trailer at Marazion. Great to see such a good turnout & thanks to Paul, Jim & Bernie for their input and organisation. A good 30 miles for the Pathfinder and some 78 miles for those who rode back to Falmouth.

Nice Boys Wednesday Evening Ride - 09/06/10
Jun 10, 2010, 10:40 am

Another lovely summer evening ride saw 20 riders taking in the giddy heights of Penmarth and the back of Lanner (with amazing views) on a most scenic and circuitous route to Chacewater to imbibe refreshments in a hidden beer garden.

After beer it was along the valley to Bissoe and Devoran then up Hangman’s Hill to home. Matt broke his chain on the hill which may have been an accident or may have been him showing off his pulling power.
Neil, from ICE, proved that a recumbent bicycle can beat ‘normal’ bikes along the flat, Trevor who encountered us on the recent Trevarno Pathfinder ride where he broke his bike but nipped home and got another one, joined the club officially and Fred revealed a very nice and expensive looking (it is expensive Ed.) titanium Dawes Sportif on it’s maiden outing.
Click here for route and profile.

Adventures in France - doing the Paris/Roubaix 06/06/10
Jun 9, 2010, 4:13 pm

A small section of the 53km stretch of paris/roubaix cobbles."As we were preparing to leave the 60 mile feed station a little old French guy chuckled "the hell starts now". He was right..."

Dale and Solo aren't the only ones who can throw themselves off a bike with gay abandon. Read Ben Wardle's ride report on the joys of doing the Paris/Roubaix last Sunday.

Coffee, crashes & ginger beer - Sunday 9.00 pm ride 6th June
Jun 7, 2010, 5:39 pm

Smoke signals from the Lizard had alerted us to a new cafe in Coverack.  So as FW United (11 of us) we headed to Gweek via Contantine, as we didn’t want to bump into Fred on the way to work and Paul wanted some hill training ready for Dartmoor. On the way to Garras we chased seven riders from Mullion who reluctantly admitted to knowing Shane.  Their sole lady rider was quick and the 2 Dons would of approved of her riding style.

Down across Goonhilly with the windy up our jacksee and then around the backlanes of Helford & Porthallow covering the same route as the October pathfinder. St Anthony was beautiful and for once the tide was in and Porthallow was still a ghost town although RL thought Dave was brave to wear a pink shirt so far from home.  

Past Roskilly’s where we were sorely tempted to stop for an ice cream and then on to Coverack. Unfortunately Dale took a bad spill on one of the hairpins and ended up in the undergrowth with a very wonky shoulder. A quick call home organised a lift to casualty and luckily it hadn’t ruined his appetite whilst he waited.  After loading Dale & bike in the car we headed up that lovely back hill with Rocky being challenged to ride in the ‘big ring’ and damn it he did it...

Nice quick ride back to Garras where the group split for home, some via Helston the others including RL, Iron man & Paul back via Gweek and what is considered the longest hill in Cornwall, the hill to the Half way house.

52 miles and later found out the 8.15 boys had done virtually the same route and were no more than 40 minutes in front.

Nice Boys' Wednesday Evening Ride - 02/06/10
Jun 3, 2010, 12:33 pm

We've just had a lovely summer evening ride out to the Star Inn at Porkellis and a good turnout of 18 riders.
Avoiding Halvasso, our trusty Red Leader led us via some very narrow, pretty lanes and over some dreaded ‘temporary road surface’ as they call pot holed and treacherous road surface nowadays. Shane said that the council erects ‘temporary road surface’ signs along such roads so that they can evade court action for not repairing holes etc. I find that difficult to believe...

Devoran Steve’s new bike (this week) was a stunning high tech carbon beauty and Robin’s son Jonathan made an appearance on a very nice ‘new’ vintage steely - but that’s enough bike talk.

Best of all, it was great to have a couple of lovely ladies riding out as well, Kath and Caroline, which always raises the tone of things. Click here to see the route and profile.

24 hour Cyclethon - 29th-30th May 2010
May 30, 2010, 10:30 pm

Against predicted odds his year's 24 hour Cyclethon around Pendennis Point (pictured left) was blessed with fair weather with rain only making a half-hearted appearance in the closing minutes. The refreshment stops, KK’s Cave and Bernie and Liz’s motor home, were groaning under the weight of so much delicious cake that it seemed at times to this rider that we were actually taking part in a Cakethon.

As well as Falmouth Wheelers it was good to see so many ‘guest’ cyclists in the peloton and on such a wide variety of cycles including tandems, fixies, recumbent trikes and bikes, vintage bikes and folding bikes. One cyclist, Sharon, managed to cycle for 24 hours whilst a lot of other riders set themselves limited distance/time targets. Several riders aimed for 100 miles, which it has to be said can get a bit tedious going around and around a one and a half mile circuit if it wasn’t such a scenic ride with such good company.

The ride was officially finished with everyone doing the final lap together and fancy dress prizes were presented to Sister Terry, the cycling nun, and Elvis Perran, looking resplendent in black and gold lame complete with rubber wig. The money raised for Cornwall Hospice Care and the Precious Lives Appeal is currently being counted. See pictures in 'Photo Gallery'.

Message from Fred, whose foolish idea this all was - Many many thanks to all who helped to make our Cyclethon another success; cyclists; cake makers; breakfast chef; tea makers; registration desk manners; bucket shakers; marshals; the police; cone loaners and placers, and anyone I forgot and of course all who gave so generously. Amount raised will be announced when all is collected so if there is any sponsorship or gifts still to come can we have it soon. Thanks, once again.

Sunday 9am ride 23rd May - St.Ives, Portreath, Bissoe, Mullion (anywhere else?)
May 27, 2010, 5:56 pm

The sunshine and high temperatures encouraged a good sized group to head over Halvasso to Black Rock and Praze lead by Don G (good to see him out, he needs the exercise - editor). We were then grateful to find that the bone jarring road to Leedstown has been resurfaced. Lots of riders around preparing for a time-trial.

St. Erth provided some pleasant views as did the creekside ride past St. Uni Church.   

At Carbis Bay we split, with some taking the direct route to St. Ives and the rest going by Halsetown. All were reunited at Porthminster Beach Café for wholesome baguettes. The direct group of eight riders left the rest munching and headed for a 2pm rendezvous at Bissoe Cafe. A good pace was set through Hayle and into a head wind along North Cliffs where a committee was convened to discuss the best route and opting for Illogan, Wheal Peevor, then through the valleys from Blackwater. This got us in with 20mins to spare.

Family, dogs and sore legs caused another split so that left Rocky and I to join Dale, Lorna, Shane and a mixed group of club riders to accompany the Mullion Veterans. They had ridden from the northern tip of GB- Dunnet Head in Scotland, to the southernmost which is Lizard Point, in aid of various charities. A peloton of about 30 riders took the main road via Helston to the Lizard where a large crowd applauded all the cyclists as they came in. There was a festive mood in the village, helped by the warm sunshine and the beer tent. After suitable carbo loading Dale, Rocky and I headed home via Helston and Carnkie Hill.

An enjoyable sun-burning day  with the mileage matching Dale and Lornas 103 North Coast miles of the week before. - Jim

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