Falmouth Wheelers
Monday January 22 2018 
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The Falmouth Wheelers
website is moderated by Richard 2 and Adrian (Solo)

All items for inclusion should be sent to news@falmouthwheelers.co.uk


Falmouth Wheelers on Facebook admins are Amanda and Trevor 2


The paper version Falmouth Wheelers Newsletter handed out at the monthly meetings is published by Adrian and Theresa

Contact address is: wheelersnews@hotmail.co.uk


The Falmouth Wheelers committee comprises: Simon (Chairman), Sonjia (Treasurer), Liz (Secretary) and Fred (co-opted)

They meet on the Monday before the Thursday general meeting and they can be contacted (as a group or individually) by emailing: committee@falmouthwheelers.co.uk


If you want to beg, borrow or steal any articles or our pictures (as if) we will take it as a compliment. No, really, we will.

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