In case a certain little lady passes by.

I thought I would be wearing my Night Vision jacket from Evans Cycles all year, but today, today was an opportunity to leave it safely on the back of the door, and not only that; the shorts came out for an airing, though we were lucky not to pass any horses and frighten them with my winter legs. And where else would you want to go on such a day? Poldhu, of course, and unlike the club Audax day, there […] Read More

Rattler Pro Ride

We have received an email from the guys at “Rattler Pro Ride” offering early bird access to their event on the 8th and 9th of September. Theres 3 rides to choose from 100 miles, 50 miles and 25 miles on the 8th September and on the Sunday the 9th they have TTTs, Hot laps and more on a closed circuit.

The best Wednesday this week.

Although Mystic Meg had suggested it was to be a sunny day it was raining when I got up and I did wonder whether I was the first, the last or the only one to be at Union Corner; but Kath, Phil1 and finally Ian eventually joined me. John was already at Halvasso turn when we arrived, with Keith, Mike2, Phil3 and Andrew. Though the weather had cleared by now I suggested a roundabout route to Miss Molly’s and with […] Read More

Cake Sale in aid of MIND

Hi everyone! I’m Lucy. The main things you should know about me are that I’m Chris’s girlfriend, I’m a writer, and on April 22nd I’m taking part in the 38th Virgin Money London Marathon. The reason I’m writing this is to invite you all to Wendron Cricket Club this Sunday, April 15th, for my cake sale fundraiser. A semi-reliable source has told me that cyclists are fueled by cake so I’m hoping this might interest you all.   All money […] Read More

Stag Night

After a half decent day it was disappointing to see the rain come in around 5. I was reminded of another pub ride to the Stag Hunt in the rain last year – that I completed on my lonesome and had to phone Richard to get any company at all. So big surprise to see a large gathering at HQ. Jim M, Chris, Richard, Neil, Trevor and around ten past six, Ian. Richard went the direct route to order the […] Read More

No rain today!

It’s a simple route to the Bluebell nursery café near Praze, but Ian was leading. And leading he was; setting a cracking pace for an OGIL ride. He had been last arriving at Union Corner so was determined not to be last at any other point on what was an excellent ride out. Not enough potholes for Trevor, who appeared to have borrowed a pedal powered tank from the Water-ma-trout Business Park at Helston, and took advantage of trying out […] Read More