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Nominations for Awards!

Members are invited to nominate others for the FW's Achievement Award and the 'WOW' cup. The closing date is this Thursday, and voting slips will be available at the meeting.  If you can't be there, please email your nominations to the secretary:  lizhammick@gmail.com
Voting will take place at the November meeting.



Latest News

Sylvia’s Mother*
Oct 18, 2017, 10:37 pm

“Our Girls” outnumbered Phil1 and I as we set off from Union Corner this morning. Sylvia, having a day off work to mark the end of the latest parental visit, joined Emma and Amanda. In honour of this wondrous occasion, Sylvia’s attendance, not her parents going home, we accepted her bid of “The Miners & Mechanics”. This is not to be confused with Mike and the Mechanics from a couple of weeks ago. Now locally known as MMI this is the former Passmore Edwards Institute at St Agnes, which hosts a cafe. It is small but not out of the way.
Simon was waiting for us as usual at the other place with the M&Ms and Phil3 and, with no other bids; we were soon on our way. Sylvia not only chose the destination but suggested the route as well; out around the back of Stithians, across to Scorrier, and back of Blackwater. Well, we sort of went that way, but took a wider loop, through Mount Hawke. At the junction with the main Chiverton to St Agnes road, Simon declared that it would mean getting to the café before 11, thus breaking one of the rules of the OGIL ride. A detour around through Mingoose and the Beacon was called for, which, unfortunately dropped us into St Agnes the wrong side of the one way system and another hill to climb. 
The Cuckoo café, for that is what it is called, is friendly and, I thought, good value. A group of young mothers and their sprogs were present so we were on good behaviour, conversation topics keeping mainly to trips abroad, especially the M&Ms spectacular 1700m trip through France, with no broken spokes, and the two forthcoming adauxes. Is it Audaxes or audaxi and does it matter.

We did experience a bit of rain on both the way there and back, the latter being along the straight mile to Chiverton, down to Chacewater, Twelveheads and through to Perranwell, via Grenna Lane. After that, folk turned off as they do with just Phil1 and myself climbing up Dracaena Avenue. A Gin Guzzler passed me along Trescobeas Road, sorry, that should be “gas guzzler”. Why was Caroline not out riding with us? I had forgotten to recharge Mr Garmin after my last ride so he wouldn’t tell me how far I had ridden but I was back home by 1:15.



* Dr Hook

A Crafty Slice of Cake!
Oct 12, 2017, 1:09 pm

It was a good day for cycling as a dry morning was forecast with drizzle arriving at 1pm. Paul, Simon, Mike and Keith were waiting at the other place when I arrived and soon came Ian, on his single speed, with two more Phils- Conroy and Eagles. Destination agreed.... Poldhu, will dhu! We were off, down to Gweek, along Gweek Drive and up through Trelowarren and there was Keith waiting for us. But where were the others?
Mike, not for the first time, had pedalled on, past the junction where we sometimes turn left and taken Paul with him. We carried on to the main gate and decided to ride along the main road to Traboe Cross to hopefully meet them there. When they weren’t there I phone Mike and found they had turned on the main road and then left again and would join us soon. As we waited Simon explained how we would cross the downs in relay to ease the load on the first rider and take turns to head into the strong headwind. Avoiding Amanda’s manhole and complete again we set off and soon we were into a rotating relay making the trip across the downs so much easier.
Arriving in Mullion a new cafe destination was found- The Crafty Slice! We were made very welcome and enjoyed great coffee, tea, scrumptious cake and excellent hot food.
The lady asked us where we’d come from and said her husband went cycling with his friends. Our reply was “as we don’t have any friends we cycle with this lot!”
Paul told us about his cycling tour in Corsica and Mike flagged up his performance with his classical guitar group on the 21st at Falmouth Church.
We returned home through Poldhu and Culdrose, choosing not to go up Muddy Lane, but taking the busier road to Wendron. Soon after that Phil1 had a deflation and while we waited a few tried out my new bike. As we headed home in the increasing drizzle we gradually split up and wished Paul well on his month long charity work in Puerto Rico.

Phil Samuel      46 Miles

Another cup of Coffee
Oct 4, 2017, 5:22 pm

There was only one OGIL at Union Corner when I arrived, Admiral. There were four OGIL, that is Our Girls in Lycra, Kath, Caroline, Amanda and Emma, and one Git, one speed Ian, so I was hoping that there would be a balancing of the age range when we got to the other place. Phils 2&3, Mike2, and Trevor. It was going to be a speedier ride than I had planned for. But the forecast was good and my opening bid of Portreath was accepted without dissent. Ian led the way whilst Trevor showed us how group cycling should work, by standing guard at turn offs along the way until all were safely accounted for. We met Jane just as we were about to start off, on her way to meet the 9.30am group. After Bolenowe it was past Molls, across through Tuckingmill and down to the aircraft memorial. Both Emma and Amanda admitted they were a little lost at this point so a short break was called for whilst they read the memorial and took in the sense of the occasion. I had expected that we would then turn right and go past Tehidy after this but Ian, surprisingly for someone on a single speed bike, took us left and through Coombe and “up” to the North Cliffs Road.

There was mention of a new café on the Portreath Road but the Atlantic beckoned and as usual we were made very welcome.

It was snug, eleven of us and a thousand cushions seated around the one table. Whilst we waited for our food we were entertained by a waitress, complete with a stack of full plates, colliding with a “Hells Angel” at the Pool table and the following clean up routine. I made a note to check for tell tale signs on my eggs when they finally arrived.

Conversation, other than comments about the waitress and the biker routine, was mainly concerning the “French Trip” and the approaching vacancy for a Club Chairman. Ian seemed very keen and Trevor volunteered to act as his campaign manager. Well if Boris can be Foreign Secretary!

Amanda, Emma and Phil2 were the first to leave but it had just passed the 1 hour mark when the rest of us finally hit the road, due in part to Admiral and Ian having another cup of coffee, and we hadn’t gone far when we met up with Lance, newer members may not know but he used to be a regular club rider, Mr Gunner and Big Bob, this time only on two wheels. But where was Jane? How many rides are there on a Wednesday morning? We had not gone much further when Mike2 complained of a rubbing sound from his rear wheel. Trevor and myself stopped to investigate whilst the others went on, under the leadership of Ian. Mike’s problem was quickly diagnosed as a broken spoke, but even Chief Mechanic, Trevor, with his little tool, couldn’t fix it. Mike decided to call home and we escorted him to the “Retail Park” at Bridge where there is a small café and where he could have another cup of coffee and wait until Linda could collect him. By now, Ian, displaying all of the qualities expected of a club chairman, had lost the rest of the group. We decided to take the main road back to Redruth. When Phil3 rang me we were just a mile the wrong side of Redruth; he was at Lanner hill. I suggested they didn’t wait. So, I was a bit surprised when, as we stood talking at Penhalvean, Caroline and Kath came pedalling up behind us. They had taken the route along the tramway. Which way had Phil3 and Admiral gone? Ian and Trevor turned off at Penmarth, to the Star Inn, to begin planning their campaign. Kath, Caroline and myself continued up the hill to Carnkie, waving goodbye to Caroline at Crane garage. 42 miles for me.


"BOGOFF or two reports in one."
Oct 2, 2017, 9:08 pm

Reports for Sunday 24th September and Sunday 1st October

It was wet last Sunday and wet again this week but on both Sundays I rode into HQ and found other Wheelers wanting a ride.
Last week nine turned up and we rode together to Gwithian. Robin took us down the Argal dip and through Stithians to Redruth. It was a flat out sprint from Redruth to Portreath and as I struggled to stay with Robin quite soon Ben, Phil2 and 4, Amanda, Emma and Dene zipped past me! Paul and I caught them up as they stopped at the new toilets on the side of the road near the harbour and then they over took me again as we climbed the hill to North Cliffs.
Soon Gwithian appeared through the gloom and we descended for coffee and cakes at the NT cafes. Talk of camper vans and foreign trips followed and soon it was time to return via Carnell Green and Stithians for a welcome hot shower.
52.6 miles

This Sunday Robin, Ben and I joined a different group of Jim, Alice and Pete with Margaret and Martin on their tandem, the M and Ms back from their epic 1600 mile trip to Perpignan and back! We rode much the same route but this time through Halvasso and missing Portreath, much to my delight! At Gwithian everyone was game to go on to St Ives and we soon were hitching our bikes to the railings and ordering hot food and drinks from the Balcony Cafe in the centre of St Ives. We all made it to the top of the hill just past Tate St Ives and returned via Halsetown and Nine Maidens. We split at Penmarth with Jim and Pete returning home while the rest of us found refreshment at the Star Inn.
For at least two of us it was our longest ever cycle and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.
Thanks Robin for looking after us and leading the way.
70.2 miles for me

Phil Samuel.... feel free and ride....even in the wet!

A wet ride to Krowji.....where?
Sep 27, 2017, 8:38 pm

With a pretty miserable forecast, but keen to get back to fitness after a holiday in France, I decided to give the regular OGIL ride a go. Mike was waiting at 'the other place' and soon Chairman Simon arrived. It was damp but not raining as we waited five minutes past the departure time but still no one else came.
Destination Miss Molly's was agreed and off we rode, up the hill to Crane garage. We discussed red mist moments and the need to vary our route. Soon after passing the K9 Kennels we went right towards Stithians and an impatient driver cut closely between Simon and the approaching car. He set off in close pursuit but wisely cooled his fury and we continued in the increasingly unpleasant rain.
A detour to Stithians Cafe was suggested but the friendly water sports staff there told us the cafe was closed today and offered to make us a drink! We needed food so, after Simon put forward Krowji, off we pedalled, reversing many of our usual roads, until we arrived at the very qwerky Melting Pot Cafe at Krowji, the old Redruth Grammer School.
(n.b: krowji is Cornish for cottage or cabin) It's an amazing place (just look at the photo) which holds all sorts of community events but it's only open Monday to Friday from 9-4.
Discussion about new bikes, winter trips and our cafe experience followed.
We wondered what exactly might the stage performance might be!!
Out into the pouring rain again for our ride home, reversing our route out. Home for a very welcome hot shower.

Phil 3
34 soggy miles for me....you just never regret going!

Hey, it’s good to be back home again.*
Sep 20, 2017, 11:00 pm

I paid a visit to the tip yesterday and didn’t see any bikes I recognised in the skips, so thought there would be more of the FWEF, the Falmouth Wheelers Expeditionary Farce, on this morning’s ride. Just the new slimmed down Fred, who we met on the other side of the road just after Lamanva. Mike 2 and Andrew hailed the Union Corner contingent, Mike, Ian, John, and myself, at Argal crossroads, and, whilst I pretended not to see them, the other two stopped, so I had to join them. Andrew was on a sit down strike about having to cycle all the way to Halvasso turn and as we refused to join in, he went home again. Ian had gone on to tell those at the other place, hence why Fred, followed closely by Paul, Phil3 and Simon, was coming the other way. They had already decided on a destination for the morning’s ride, Tehidy, which seemed just about right as Mystic Meg suggested it would start raining at 1pm. She was only 3 hours out, as the first drops were felt as we left Troon, bound for Barripper. Several stopped to don waterproofs but having the advantage of my Altura Night Vision weatherproof jacket, available from Evans Cycles, I could push on.

Emma had turned up again at Union Corner but still not being confidant that she could keep up with us youngsters, went off on her own. We were fated to remain an odd number of cyclists, or should that be a number of odd cyclists. Whichever way we seemed to be the centre of attention when we walked into Tehidy café. The weather meant sitting inside but two table were available, and pushed together accommodated all nine of us. Fred’s new phone was the main talking point.

It was still raining when we came away, taking the usual route back past Moll’s, along the cycle track to St Euny, Carnkie, Piece, 4 Lanes and Stithians, then separating as we do on the way back to Falmouth. With impeccable timing I arrived home just as the rain stopped. 40 miles for me. Dean

*John Denver.

Huff & Puff (not necessarily in that order).
Sep 20, 2017, 10:12 pm
After Saturday's rain the weather was set fair for this annual event. Despite many riders missing due to the French holiday/challenge and the Coast and Clay sportive we had fifteen Wheelers turn up at Stithians watersports cafe.
I'm afraid to say two other Wheelers, not mentioning any names, failed to support this event and went and did their own thing! I don't want to go on about this but shame on you. As I said I'm not mentioning names, you know who you are Amanda and Phil 2. Oops!
This year electric assisted bikes entered for the first time including Bob's trike which I prefer to call a car! It is a powerful beast and so is the trike!
I won't bore you with the format but the normal shenanigans of working out the pairings took place similar to herding cats on a bad day! Eventually we were ready for the off with the faster riders turning left from the entrance and slower ones to the right, hopefully meeting somewhere on the circuit and returning from whence they came.
The 1st pair back together were our esteemed chairman Simon and his partner Bob. Bloody fix I hear you cry! Runners up were Phil 4 and our revered president Mr Don Gunner and in 3rd place Raymond and Barbara. All received prizes of vouchers of various denominations to spend at the cafe.
Next year I'll be ramping up the prizes to attract more participants. 1st prize will be a weeks stay in Ponsanooth courtesy of Fuller's Hotels.com and the runners up will get 2 weeks!
We had electric bikes in each of the first 3 places and if the trend for elecricket bikes continues they maybe in a separate section, next year, along with mobility scooters.
I'm afraid health and safety has reared its ugly head and judging by the age and state of some riders we will be having St. Johns ambulance in attendance next year and just in case there will be a hearse on standby!
I look forward to running the Huff and Puff in future as it's an event any member of club can participate in and with those mind boggling prizes up for grabs I expect a better turnout next year.

Coast to Coast Sportive
Sep 17, 2017, 7:33 pm

 Apologies for not taking part in the Huff and Puff today, but you can't be everywhere at once, and Paula, Sheila and I went over to St Columb to tackle the 44 mile ride in the Coast and Clay Sportive, which is very well organised, and raises funds for three worthy causes...The weather was lovely (thank goodness!) although very wet roads and some mud and debris made things a bit more challenging than last year.  There were plenty of tough hills and fabulous views.  Twice, other riders admired our blue FW jackets and made admiring comments about the design - they certainly help fly the flag for Falmouth!  Altogether a great ride, and for Paula, it was only one week after she finished her LEJOG.'      Liz      


Hill Climb 2017
Sep 16, 2017, 10:59 pm

With half the Wheelers away in foreign parts and the chairman’s texts to the defending men’s champion getting lost in the ether the turnout was still surprisingly good – seven riders.  This included Caroline, defending women’s champion and new kid on the block Teresa.

No traffic chaos at the waterside start of Weir Hill this year, just a boat being turned round on its trailer through the riders waiting for their start.  Times were faster this year according to Trevor’s Swiss made stopwatch, with both the course records for the men and the women being broken, this despite the absence of some of the Wheeler’ top climbers. 

Our thanks to Hilary for providing some excellent burgers and hot drinks afterwards as the results were announced at her kitchen table;

Women   1.  Teresa    -  3:56  CR

                2.  Caroline -  4:17

Men        1.  Chris        -  2:25  CR

               2.  Trevor     -  2:40

               3.  Ian           -  2:54

               4.  Simon     -  3:00

               5.  Jim          -  3:38

Thanks also to Parky for timekeeping again (and for showing us the restored donkey whim).  Despite the invitation no electric bikes showed.  




C'est si bon, OGIL say this in France
Sep 13, 2017, 11:04 pm

What is blue at one end, yellow at the other and red in the middle? Todays OGIL “peloton”. That is Simon and Mike 2 at the front, me in the middle and Mike and John following up the rear. Today was National Cycle to work day but there was little evidence of this, just the usual lady cyclist we meet along the road towards Treverva, so where were the half a million bikes that have been bought under the bike to work scheme? Not many to be seen on our ride today, and that’s for sure.

Simon said he had given some serious thought to today’s route but I think he just picked up the subliminal messages I had been giving out “Helston boating lake”. Not very awe inspiring, I know, but wait and see.

Whilst waiting at the other place, Emma came along but we were unable to persuade her to join us. Another new bike, Emma? Well, that’s just 499,999 to account for.

I felt quite confident pulling out on to the main road at Longdowns for the little climb up to Crane garage. You see I have bought a natty little bar end mirror from Evans Cycles. It’s a sturdy little thing, said to have been designed by BMW, doesn’t flap about like some and being flat doesn’t make the traffic appear further away than it is. I can recommend it.

Simon’s plan was for us to go via Porkellis, follow the Mince Pie ride in reverse across to Truthall halt, the railway is looking very smart, and instead of then turning to Helston, take a loop round to Breage before dropping back to the lake. This, of course, took us through Sithney, past Auntie Gills. There was a sign in the window saying “Open” but thinking that this was most likely left since the weekend, or earlier, Simon suggested that as it was early doing the loop but calling in again and if definitely closed drop down to Helston. If the loop wasn’t exactly new roads it was certainly roads done in the opposite direction than usual, which means “up” and with the more than pleasant surprise, on returning to Sithney, of seeing that there were cars in the car park and the café door was definitely wide open. And just in time as the rain had started.

We couldn’t have received a better welcome. No eggs on toast today but “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, the portions as generous as the welcome. I had thought that Trevor and Gill (was this her second or third return from retirement?) were only opening on Sundays but it seems that she has been open every day but Mondays, and will continue for another two weeks.

Unusually, the rain had gone over by the time we left and we made our way back to Falmouth in the sun. Simon found us some more hills along the way to make up for those of us not attending tonight’s hill climb. 37 miles for me. Dean

No events scheduled today.

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