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Monday January 22 2018 
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Welcome to Falmouth Wheelers



 The OGIL peloton at Poldhu

Rides group meeting 
Wednesday 24th 7.00pm Woodlane

All members are welcome to come along if they have any input about rides, routes etc

Any ideas for Pathfinders or even trips away welcome.

Message from the Chancellor. 

Club subs are now due £10 please pay at this months meeting so she doesn't have to chase you.

Woodlane membership is also due, please pay this as it keeps the club going and means we don't 

have to pay for meetings if we're all members. 



New event;  Party Evening at Tremayne hall Mylor 3rd Feb

Bring a plate of food and your own drinks, Summer Wine will provide the music

All we ask is £5 a head which will go to a charity chosen by the band.

If you wish to attend or require more details contact Don Morris


There will be a 10 o'clock ride from 10th Dec to the end of February. 




Latest News

It’s what Sundays are for.
Jan 21, 2018, 5:41 pm

It was the day after Piers Morgan stole Amanda’s bike.* It was also mild but damp, and no reason why only 6 Wheelers turned up for the 9 o’clock ride today. Sylvia announced that she had a job list as long as her locks and so would be content with a hours ride, whilst the rest of us considered a route that would get us to Chiverton Cross for the demonstration about lack of cycle transit through the proposed A30 interchange. There would be an 11am photocall. Robin had made his suggestions and we were on the way before I “just checked to see if I had the right date”. I did have the right date, but this was not it. It is next week. A revised route was agreed, to take us to Portreath via Bissoe. Phil3 and myself did our best to bring Robin, Trevor and Amanda down to OGIL speed, by tactically lagging behind a bit and also to keep Robin on the flatter route, avoiding Rose Hill at Porthtowan.

The Atlantic café was busy, very busy; a larger group would have not found tables; but the service remained good and Robin was only half way through his entertaining and incredibly interesting theory and practice of woodburner operation, when our orders arrived. Conversation moved on to laptops and tablets, the usefulness of maps, and even mention was made of whom the next Club Chairman might be.

We had avoided Porthtowan Hill but could not avoid Portreath hill, turning left at the top and making our way back across to Pool and Piece, where we turned right to take us up into Four Lanes, then across to Stithians. The lure of the Seven Stars tugged at Robin and Amanda, and finally Trevor, leaving Phil3 and myself to make our way back through the Halvasso floods alone. 38 miles for me. Dean

* In the interest of avoiding being sued I would like to point out that like many of the things I write about in these reports this may not have actually happened in the way that it appears here. But he still looks like a "twat".

Hail Seizure
Jan 18, 2018, 5:41 pm

Wednesdays ride was a real pleasure, apart from the gale force wind, and the hail storm that is, but the former quietened down by the time we got to Miss Molly’s and we went through the latter just after Crane garage, so no too bad. However, it was probably the weather forecast that put off some of the regulars; at seven only half of the previous weeks compliment. Kiwi Dave, having a day off from planting out the spring bedding, and Phil1 were waiting at Union Corner and Phil3, Mike2, Raymondo and Paul were loitering at the other place. With no dissent over the destination we were soon on our way again. Miss Molly’s allows a certain amount of variation in route depending on the weather but once we had battled through the needle pricking hail storm the sun made a valiant effort to brighten our outlook on life. At times it was almost warm, so a middling route was chosen; Bolenowe, Troon, Barripper, Penponds, Roseworthy and Roskear. Dropping down into Bolenowe Phil3 suffered a minor mechanical; his chain tied itself into knots and jammed the mech, but this was soon sorted. The café was quieter than usual and the window table was just the right size. It was warm, comfortable, the food was good, as usual, and like the waitress, everything was “beautiful”. In such circumstances wheelers are tempted to discuss future cycling aspirations, and Wednesday was no exception. Trevor should be looking forward to a record entry for the 200K audax this year. Finally, when Phil3 scraped up the very last of his hearty mega breakfast, we were on our way again and the weather held off until we got home. 37 miles for me. Dean

Sustainable Transport Conference Plymouth
Jan 12, 2018, 3:02 pm


I write as co-chair of the Plymouth Cycling Campaign to invite you to Plymouth Cycling Campaign’s free event (registration required)and hear from a panel of experts about how cycling could revolutionise how we travel from our homes to work or school.

Find out more from the experts about the Government’s policy, what motorists think, our city council and how a properly designed cycle network can benefit our city. 

Speakers include

      Gary Streeter, Member of Parliament for South West Devon,

      Neil Greig, Policy and Research Director IAM RoadSmart

      Rosemary Starr, Transport Smarter Choices Manager, Plymouth City Council,

      Paola Spivach, Head of Design and Engineering, Sustrans South,

See Plymouth University Webpage for more details and booking: https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/whats-on/sustainable-transport-conference

Or follow this link for speakers: https://plymouthcyclingcampaign.co.uk/sustainable-transport-conference/sustainable-transport-conference-speaker-profiles/

Graham Wilson

Event Organiser

Plymouth Cycling Campaign

Web: https://plymouthcyclingcampaign.co.uk/

Tel:  01752 691183


10 0'clock ride 6th Jan
Jan 11, 2018, 4:06 pm

It was pretty cold and icy on Sunday so I was pretty glad that I had arranged to meet a new rider at HQ at 10 and not at 9.

It was around 12 or 13 of us that left HQ for Porthleven with the lovely Hideaway Café as the designated stop.  It was so cold that I can’t remember everyone that was with us, though I know there was Caroline and Victor and Sheila and Liz, oh and Sonjia.  There was also 2 of the Helston boys.    I know I sat next to Nick  who was on his electric bike along with Don Morris on his electric too. Maria was the new rider and then there was me.

There was a little discussion as to whether we should have gone Halvasso way but it was too late Liz was already on her way to Gweek and I caught her up outside Fred’s house.  We had a cheery chat with Carol and went on our way.

In Gweek we turned right up the hill and left at Pemboa.  Bringing us out at Sainsbury in Helston.  We weaved,( or is that ‘wove’) our way through the Penrose estate and it was lovely to see so many people walking and kids on their bikes and scooters and an occasional horse, or was the horse there the last time we went this way.

The café was a welcome sight and with plenty of room for us all we ordered.  I managed to eat part of Sonjia’s bacon sandwich before I was brought my order of a bacon bap.  – I said it was cold!!

The way back was quite hilly and I was glad that we opted not to go up the hill to Releath.  We carried on and ended up at Porkellis and Carnkie Hill where we were caught up by Red Leader and a few others.  They had also been to Porthleven but to the café on the other side of the harbour.

We were all glad to be home and I know that it took me a while to warm up.  We didn’t encounter any ice which was good and just that hour later does make quite a difference to the temperature.  It’s been a good decision to offer the 10 o’clock start as well as the 9 o’clock start.


A Crafty wait for cake!
Jan 11, 2018, 2:00 pm

With a sunny and dry forecast for the day it was no surprise that fourteen Wheelers arrived at the ‘other place’ for a ride to Mullion. Fred, Mike C, Simon, Keith and I were waiting there until a peloton from Falmouth arrived- Phil C, Ian, Richard 2, Kiwi Dave, Kath, Emma, Amanda, Dean and Dave Spargo. Destination agreed... The Crafty Slice at Mullion.
Off we went, for the third Wednesday running, down to Gweek, where Admiral left us, along Gweek Drive to Trelowarren and on to Goonhilly Downs. It was a long haul from Traboe Cross, past the still unlevelled manhole where Amanda had her accident to eventually join briefly the Lizard Helston road before turning off to Mullion.
We were warmly welcomed as we made our choices and paid, noticing that, unusually, we significantly reduced the average age of the customers! Our numbers were back up to fourteen when Jan arrived to join us.
There was along wait before the coffee and tea came and an even longer one for cake, toast and diddlers (small cooked breakfasts). It was then time for another coffee to finish our meal, a 1 hour 18 minute stop, still well short of the record of 1 hour 38 at Miss Molly’s a few years ago.
Suitably refreshed we pedalled home. Simon has a deflation at Poldhu so Fred stayed with him and we carried on to Culdrose where Amanda and Emma left us to return through Gweek. We carried on to Helston, Wendron and Crane Garage.
A thoroughly enjoyed ride with a great bunch of people.... as you can see from the photo!
46 miles for me
Phil S

Wednesday Jan 3, Forecast : Gales and heavy showers…..yup, that’ll do!
Jan 5, 2018, 1:30 pm

Not put off by fallen branches blocking the road and the prospect of a bit of light cranial damage, 6 stalwart Wheelers met up and after a brief deliberation set off for Helston boating lake via Tre-lowarren and Cury, Phil C on point, followed by Phil S, Mike, Keith, Dave and Paul.

Conversation was light and the concentration heavy, nothing to do with the company but all down to the 50 mph winds. All credit to those pros in the peloton when there’s a cross wind, it took all our efforts not to end up in a chatty heap of clip ons and lycra!

Normal levels of chat were restored once inside the cafe. Phil C recounted his travels in New Zea-land several years ago, including some off-roading in a hire car, which apparently didn’t go down too well with Avis! Mike Capone, of Chicago gangster fame, told us of his recent trip to the Canary islands, where he met up with a distant Italian relative in Tenerife (name of Don Corleone I be-lieve!) and a bit of business was conducted, allegedly concerning a shipment of heavyweight over-coats!

Phil S was also conducting business. Having discussed the relative merits of DIY versus bike shop maintenance, Phil listed his recently acquired specialist tools and I believe is trying to recoup his outlay by starting a “Rent a Spanner” website, do I get commission for this promotion Phil?

Meanwhile, Keith was entertaining the ducks and swans on the boating lake, with his cycle helmet, which pleased all parties as it floated, not unlike a model boat really! I told you it was windy, O how we laughed!

Keeping note of this hyper-activity was Dave, not a regular OGIL rider and I guess never will be after today!

Nothing exceptional to report on the way home, just the usual scatter.

40 miles for me.


Mousehole Harbour Lights Ride 29/12/2017.
Jan 1, 2018, 3:34 pm

After cycling over to Goldsithney under a threatening sky with the weather forecast predicting horrific high winds and torrential rains  of biblical proportions, I expected to be the only idiot who thought it would be a good idea venture out on such a night and turn up for this our seventh annual pilgrimage to see the harbour lights at Mousehole.

While sitting at the Crown Inn with a glass of overpriced ale in hand I was secretly hopeful that no one else would be foolhardy enough to join me so I could sneak home before getting too wet, but I was soon joined by Bernie & Simon and a text from Robin informing us that he was mending his second puncture that evening and that he had sent Big Jim on to join us, so it was a surprise to see Robin arrive ten minutes ahead of Jim who even though being a good Cornish lad had somehow got himself lost.

Leaving Goldsithney just after six o’clock the five of us got underway to ride to Mousehole in what was now becoming heavy rain so it was no wonder that by the time we got to Marazion, Bernie had the commonsense to turn around before catching pneumonia. Forgoing the usual coastal path route the four of us pushed on in the driving wind & rain towards the lights only stopping for Robin to inflate his still punctured front tyre and to check the closing time for the fish & chip shop in Newlyn.

 The harbour lights as usual were an amazing sight and with three of us diving into the Ship Inn to take shelter from the elements where we were surprised to find in such a packed pub seating for all of us. The clock was now running to see how long it would take Robin to permanently repair his tyre. Well common consensuses agreed that repairing a flat within the time it takes to queue, order and drink two pints was indeed a new Club record.

Leaving the splendour of the lights behind we hurried back to Newlyn to sample some of the best fish & chips available in Cornwall, and where we were also able to find seats to eat our supper. Leaving the warmth of the chippy it was back the way we came only pausing at the top of Marizion to say good night to Simon who returned to his car, while the remaining three speed up the A394 to Helston where we stopped in the Blue Anchor for a final drink before Robin & Jim left to return to Falmouth.

Thanks for everyone who braved the weather and hopefully with better conditions next year more club members will be able to join us, so make a date in your diary - leaving The Crown Inn, Goldsithney at 6:00 pm. Friday 28th December 2018.

Helston Trev

Time for one last ride
Dec 29, 2017, 9:31 pm

Lots of opportunity to go out on a bike this week so I was not too surprised about the low turnout for this morning’s OGIL ride, the last of the year. Phil1 and Kiwi Dave at Union Corner and Keith and Phil3 at Halvasso turn. Trevor was there too but was heading north, whilst we had our sights set on Helston boating lake. It was a cold morning, made colder by the strong headwind and regular hail showers, which stung the ears. The route was so well ridden that even I can remember it; Gweek, Trelowarren, Cury, Helston, and the wind steadily backed so that it remained pretty much head on all the way, there and back.

The birds gave us a cheery welcome at the café and I rewarded them as usual with a bag of duck food. Though everyone, except Phil3, thought that they deserved a cooked breakfast our stay was not overly long and so it was up through the town, out to Wendron, and back along Jim’s hidden lanes. Phil1 announced that he needed a few more miles under his belt so carried straight on at ChezJim’s, whilst the rest of us turned back to Halvasso and the short ride home. In spite of the heavy rain overnight there was less flooding than I expected but lots of debris on the roads. 36 miles for me. Dean

The Boxing Day Ride
Dec 29, 2017, 5:47 pm

This year boxing day was on the 26th of December which coincided with a Tuesday. This being such a good turn out for a festive ride was envisaged, however this was not the case o.k. it was wetish o.k. it was windyish and well maybe a trifle on the cold side but hey it is December. Well David Spargo, Robin and yours truly waited for a while thinking perhaps the others had over slept but alas no-one else turned up so the three wise men followed yonder star or they would have done if they could see it. The modest route was Mawnan Smith via Meanporth hill a favourite of many the wheelers! Through the delightful little lane coming out at High Cross Garage where the “P” fairy made a visit to Robin. Oh what joyish odes he did sing out. David and I duly set about giving him unsound advice on the best way to go about repairing the problem. Of course it was on the rear wheel and Robin was a bit confused as to how to get the wheel off as it had Shimano gears on his chosen bike for the day. I not sure whether it was the by now irritating rain the rather bright orange gloves that he had put on or just a general feeling of pissoffishness that often occurs on these occasions but eventually the quick release was released and the wheel removed the same as would be done with the Campagnolia that Robin favours (all sounds a bit Greek or is it Italian to me). After a very swift inner tube change and discussions on tyre sizes a riveting conversation that I am sure the Ladies of the club and a lot of the male members would have thoroughly enjoyed!! We continued to Lamanva, Union corner down to Penryn round Castle Point stopping at the what was once the Duchy Hotel to study the rather strange building practices that are taking place. David then took us on a magical mystery tour through the back lanes tracks footpath and steps of Falmouth arriving eventually at the Boslowick inn at 12.00 noon having ridden 18 miles. Sonjia had just driven up with the mince pies so 4 of us entered the inn for a festive drink. Jo and her son Robert arrived from the Gym. He was home for xmas and told us of his travels with B.A. By the time we left it was raining rather hard so the roads were washed lovely and clean.

So folks don’t forget next year to join us in the joviality of a Boxing Day Ride


Ride Report, Sunday 17 December
Dec 19, 2017, 3:24 pm

Riders, Dean, Mike2, Sylvia, Fred, Richard, Paul, Phil S, Victor, Caroline.

Long riders, Amanda, Ian, Ben, Robin, Jim.

After a brief chat about the shade of Phils tan and whether it was all over or just spray on Strictly Style Tan, the talk changed to possible destinations for todays ride.

The long ride was going to Portreath. So was the intermediate ride. On different routes. Not a very good turn out for either ride, only 5 on the "long" and 9 on the "shorter".  We headed out through Budock usual route to Halvasso then over to Bolenowe and down to Troon, Tehidy. Arriving at the Atlantic the longer riders already seated, many tables were reserved for lunch, so our 9 had to split up, some in the front on the comfy sofas and the rest out back..talk on the comfy sofa centred around what we would be having for Christmas Day Lunch, carnivore or herbivore options. As we waited for our drinks and food to arrive, many people were turned away as no room at the inn. We were lucky.  As the two groups left, some up The Hill, us up toward Redruth all the way to the top of Lanner Hill.  As we neared Stithians it was mentioned that we could pop in for extra hydration, almost making up for missing Roastie Ride. Four out of our nine headed in to the very cosy Seven Stars, and who should be there but 3 of the long riders, the pub was busy with lunches so we chatted at the bar, about who could be press ganged into being new club chairman. When we got to sit at a table I am afraid the talk sank to an all time low, I cant tell you what is was about as I am sure it would be censored anyway.. Then Fred told us about his Duke of Edinburgh escapades when he was a lad.. Comparing it to what Ian's son is doing for his DofE. As we left the pub to head home in the rain a favourite club saying sprang to mind, the one about "you never regret going", A quick ride home

Mileage for us 40 miles. Would love to know "long" ride mileage.


No events scheduled today.

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